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WISH, IF ONLY, WOULD RAHTER, AS IF, AS THOUGH A. SUBJUCTIVE and THE FACT a. Present S !" n#t$%e It states for the present time . V = Simple Past Tense To Be = were Example : 1. I wish she were here ( fact = she isn t here! "e wishes I went to the meetin# ( fact : I $on t #o to the meetin#! %. If onl& the& were m& frien$s ( fact :the& aren t m& frien$! If onl& he $i$n t as' me ( fact : he as's me! (. I wo)l$ rather &o) tol$ me the news( fact: &o) $on t tell me the news! *. "e +eha,es as if he were the owner of the hotel ( fact: he isn t the owner! -. She stares at me as tho)#h she $i$n t 'now me ( fact: she 'nows me! !. Past S !" n#t$%e It states for the past time. V = Past Perfect Time Example : 1. I wish she ha$ +een here ( fact : she wasn t here! he wishes I ha$ #one to the meetin# ( fact: I $i$n t #o to the meetin#! %. If onl& the& ha$ +een m& frien$ ( fact : the& weren t m& frien$! If onl& he ha$n t as'e$ me ( fact: he as'e$ me! (. She wo)l$ rather he ha$ +een at home with her &ester$a& ( fact :he wasn t at home with her &ester$a&! *. "e +eha,e$ as if he ha$ +een the owner of the hotel ( fact: he wasn t the owner of the hotel! She stare$ at me as tho)#h she ha$n t 'nown me ( fact: she 'new me! E&er#$se' a. Tulislah bentuk kata kerja yg benar dari kata kata dalam kurung! 1. "e wishes ( +e ! at the part& now %. "e wishes the spea'er (+e! on time at the seminar &ester$a& (. The st)$ents wish the& ( can answer! the teacher s .)estion now *. The man is not $r)n' +)t he acts as if he ( +e! $r)n' -. The& ha,e ma$e man& mista'es/ +)t the& seems to +e happ& as if the& ( not ma'e! man& mista'es. 0. The teacher wo)l$ rather the st)$ents ( st)$&! En#lish serio)sl& this term. 1. The woman tal'e$ to me as tho)#h I (+e! a small +o& 2. he went on sin#in# an$ $ancin# as tho)#h nothin# ( happen! 3. "e wishes he ( can pass! the a$mission test last &ear 14. That &o)n# man wishe$ that he ( ha,e ! a car b. Buatlah kalimat subjunctive berdasarkan fakta berikut. 1. It is not a fine $a& to$a&. 5e wish 66666666666

%. She was ill last ni#ht. "er mother wishe$6666666666666 (. "e $oesn t 'now how to $ri,e. "e wo)l$ rather6666666 *. She $oesn t ha,e a chan#e to as' .)estion. She wishes666666666666 -. "e $i$n t ha,e time to chec' his wor' a#ain &ester$a&. "e wishes6666666666 C. Tulislah fakta kalimat subjuctive berikut ! 1. The little #irl wishes she co)l$ fin$ the wa& home. %. The owner of that ho)se wishe$ he ha$ seen the thie,es. (. Ani wishes she ha$ +een in,ite$ to the $inner part& last wee'. *. The st)$ents wishe$ the& co)l$ ha,e sol,e$ the pro+lems -. Tom an$ 7oe wish the& ha$ eno)#h time to pla& to#ether. (ODAL dan (ODAL PERFECT 8o$al is a part of a)xiliar& ,er+. It can #i,e the a$$itional meanin# of the ,er+. 8o$al is alwa&s followe$ +& infiniti,e witho)t To. A. (ODAL ). Can a. It states A+ilit& She can spea' three lan#)a#es +. Permission 9an +orrow &o)r $ictionar&: *. C+ ,d a. A+ilit& in the past She co)l$ swim well when she was &o)n#. -. (a. a. Permission 8a& I rea$ &o)r +oo': +. Possi+ilit& He /a. #+/e ,ate t0$s /+rn$n1. 2. ($10t a. Past form of 8a& She sai$ that I mi#ht #o home earl& +. Stron# possi+ilit& She mi#ht +e at home to$a&. 3. ( st a. ;ecessit& 5e m)st eat n)trio)s foo$ +. 9oncl)sion "e has +een in En#lan$ for &ears. "e m)st spea' En#lish fl)entl& B. (ODAL PERFECT 1. 8)st < "a,e < V( = ( past concl)sion!

Example : The oil was fro=en. It m)st ha,e +een ,er& col$ last ni#ht %. 8i#ht < ha,e < V( ( past possi+ilit&! Example : >an& came late this mornin#/ she mi#ht has misse$ the +)s. (. Sho)l$ < ha,e < V( ( past s)##estion! Example : >ena has an examination to$a& +)t she saw the film last ni#ht. She sho)l$ ha,e +een st)$&in# for the exam. *. 9o)l$ < ha,e < V( ( past capa+ilit&! Example : 8rs. ;anc& was rich/ she co)l$ ha,e +o)#ht a car if she wante$. Exercise I. ?se the ri#ht perfect mo$al to complete the sentence@ 1. Ao)r sister la)#he$ after she tal'e$ with him. "e (tell! somethin# f)nn&. - He must have told something funny %. Ton& has a test to $a&/ +)t he $i$n t st)$& for it &ester$a&. "e ( st)$& ! for it &ester$a& (. Bet& sometimes pla& tennis on S)n$a&. She $i$n t answer the telephone last S)n$a&. She ( pla&! tennis last S)n$a&. *. Beor#e has a #enero)s roommate who owns two )m+rella. Beor#e still $i$n t ha,e one. "e ( len$! one. -. 5e met the chil$ren near the mar'et. The& $i$n t wear their raincoat. The& ( wear! their raincoat +eca)se it raine$ har$. 0. 5hen I wo'e )p this mornin#. The li#ht was on. I ( for#et! to t)rn it off. 0. The $ress &o) +o)#ht is ,er& #oo$ .)alit&. It ( is! ,er& expensi,e 1. The phone ran# +)t she $i$n t hear it. he (is! sleep 2. The spee$ limit is %4 C8 an ho)r +)t 7o'o $ri,es at *4. "e (not $ri,e! so fast 3. Belan ha$ time to ,isit )s +)t he $i$n t ,isit )s. "e ( ,isit! )s

E4PRESSING NECESSITY (UST, HAVE TO, HAVE GOT D. ( st an$ 0a%e t+ +oth express necessit& 1. All applicants / st an entrance exam %. All applicants 0a%e t+ ta'e an entrance exam D. ( st is )s)all& stron#er than 0a%e t+ an$ can in$icate )r#enc& or stress importance 1. 5here is S)e: I / st tal' to her ri#ht awa&. I ha,e an )r#ent messa#e for her. D Ha%e 1+t t+ for informal an$ primaril& spo'en En#lish. HAVE TO and (UST $n t0e ne1at$%e

La#5 +n Ne#ess$t. 1. Tomorrow is a holi$a&. 5e d+n6t 0a%e t+ #o to class %. I can hear &o). Ao) d+n6t 0a%e t+ sho)t ;ote: In ne#ati,e form/ E8)st an$ ha,e toF ha,e $ifferent meanin#s. Go not ha,e to = lac' of necessit& In ( 1! it is not necessar& for )s to #o to class tomorrow +eca)se there is a holi$a&. Pr+0$!$t$+n 7 d+ n+t d+ t0$s8 1. Ao) m)st not tell an&one m& secret. Go &o) promise: E&er#$se I. ?se must not or not have to in the followin# 1. I ,e alrea$& finishe$ all m& wor'/ so I6666666 st)$& toni#ht. I thin' I ll rea$ for a while %. I 66666666for#et to ta'e m& 'e& with me. (. Ao) 666666666666666intro$)ce me to Gr Bra&. 5e ,e alrea$& met *. A person 66666666+ecome rich an$ famo)s in or$er to li,e s)ccessf)l life -. In or$er to +e #oo$ salescler'/ &o) 6666666666 +e r)$e to a c)stomer 0. I 66666666#o to the $octor. I m feelin# m)ch +etter 1. A person 66666666#et marrie$ in or$er to lea$ a happ& f)lfillin# life 2. 7honn&@ Ao) 666666666 pla& with sharp 'ni,es. 3. 5e 666666666#o to the concert if &o) $on t want to/ +)t it mi#ht +e #oo$ 14. Bats66666666666see in or$er to a,oi$ o+stacles. The& can na,i#ate in complete $ar'ness. II. 9omplete the sentences with &o)r own wor$s 1. 9hil$ren m)st not66666666666666666 %. 9hil$ren $on t ha,e to66666666666666666 (. Gri,ers m)st not6666666666666666 *. Gri,ers $on t ha,e to666666666666666 -. 5e $on t ha,e to6666666666666666 0. 5e m)st not 66666666666666 1. 5aiters m)st not 66666666666666 2. 5aiters $on t ha,e to6666666666666 3. I $on t ha,e to6666666666666 14. I m)st not 66666666666666666666