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Note From the Principal

I sincerely hope that all Students, Parents and Staff enjoy our new approach to the CZTIS TIMES, produced collaboratively by Mr. Kennedy. Now, we will increase the frequency to every two weeks, celebrating the growth of students and capturing the happenings occurring daily at school. Field Trips, Art, UN Day, Halloween, Special Reminders and Student Achievement will be featured in an efficient and quick read style. All students are to be congratulated for their excellent gains in confidence and embracing English. Again, well done! Enjoy the NEWS.

STUDENT, PARENT AND TEACHER CONFERENCE November 5, 6 and 7 Parents, teachers and children will discuss progress and set targets for future development.

Visit to North China

Years 3&4 and Years 5&6 went on a ferry trip across the Yangtze river as part of their IPC units on water and rivers. As the ferry set off, bound for north China, the children were able

CHILDRENS DAY November 20 A day to celebrate childhood and raise awareness of issues affecting children around the

CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE December 17 The children will deliver a choral performance of traditional and modern Christmas songs from around the world.

to spot many different types of boats and were able to look at how pollution from nearby industry is affecting the Yangtze. Students and teachers had a great time!

LAST DAY OF TERM December 20 The last day of term will be a half day and children will leave at 11:35 on the school buses. No school lunch will be provided.

We had a great time!


W H AT S H A P P E N I N G I N C L A S S ?

Kinder students know the different centers we have in class and they have learned how they can choose which center they want to go to. Some of the language arts center choices included exploring magnetic letters, exploring letters, making our names with play-dough, name puzzles, word puzzles, and drawing/ writing. Some of our Math centers included exploring pattern blocks, math rod blocks, math cubes, number puzzles, Lego, and lacing cards.

YEARS 1 & 2
Grade 1 is a class full of fun and frolic and we are doing a lot of exercises to improve our speaking, reading, writing and recognizing letters. We also form words from letters weve already learned. Wow, we can read! Grade 2 have followed an interactive story called Jake and Bones and gave Bones a safe place to live. We followed a series of clues, which led us to discover Beegu, an alien lost on earth. We wrote letters to her and helped her get home. We are now discovering a new story, Where The Wild Things Are.

YEARS 3 & 4
Milestone 2 has had a great semester so far and looking forward to more great learning experiences. We started out with the IPC theme of Brainwaves; the focus of the unit is how people learn. Our Second unit Water: On Tap has taught us about where we get water and the importance of protecting and preserving water; Math has been a refresher on place values and now were moving into geometry focused content. English has been a series of short stories and content is focused on re-enforcing fundamental skills in writing verbs, nouns, adjective, adverbs, and pronouns.

YEARS 5 & 6
Years 5 and 6 have had a fantastic time with the IPC so far. During our first unit Brainwaves, we learned about how we learn through our five senses. During our current unit, Go with the Flow, we have explored all things to do with rivers from building bridges to erosion. Weve also been on exciting field trips across the Yangtze River on a Ferry and to a water treatment centre. In English, weve been reading Theres a Boy in the Girls Bathroom and focusing on grammar. In maths weve examined the properties of 3D shapes and have begun to look at algebra.

Some knew a little English. no English. Some knew Students in the ELC room are learning how to become effective communicatorsin English! After reading the book Sandwishes, the class thought it a good idea to make peanut butter and jiggly jam sandwiches. Currently, students are cooking up their own writing about their sandwich creations. Earlier, we read with reading buddies from the grades 7-10. We hope to resume this activity again soon.

Baking club has been an extremely popular extracurricular activity. YEARS 3, 4, 5 & 6 Every Tuesday and Thursday Beginning October 10 Finishing November 19 Children have explored a range of skills including chopping, peeling, stirring, mixing and kneading to bake an array of goodies from biscuits to scones. Students also incorporated a Halloween theme into their baking to make tasty spider cookies. Mmm! YEARS 1&2 Every Tuesday and Thursday Beginning November 21 Finishing January 16


Years 1 & 2 and Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 had a fantastic trip to the zoo to learn more about animals from around the world. While at the zoo, they got to watch an elephant show in which the elephants performed tricks and played football and basketball. They also stretched their legs walking around to get a look at many animals from lemurs to lions. The trip was a great success! KINDERGARTEN Every Tuesday and Thursday Beginning February 1 Finishing March 20

On the 18th of October, the whole school boarded buses and traveled down to Gehu Lake in Wujin to attend the Changzhou annual flower exposition. The weather was perfect and all the children had a great time. The flower displays were colourful and vibrant and the parks were beautiful. What a fantastic day out!


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