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1. A solution of copper (II) chloride is electrolyzed. Observe the two electrodes. Equation: u l! (aq) u (s) " l!


$efore: lear blue liquid After: Oran#e brown %etal and bubbles for%in# &ype: 'eco%position o(idized) l* reduced) u !"

!. +inc %etal and iodine solid are %i(ed and react in the presence of water (water is not a reactant) &eacher de%o Equation: +n (s) " I! (s) +nI! (s) $efore: +inc powder in clear water with Iodine ball shaped solids After: ,iquid turns yellow and iodine solids lose shape and brea- up and turn dar-er &ype: .ynthesis o(idized +n reduced I! /. +inc iodide solution is electrolyzed. In a petri dish0 dissolve a s%all a%ount of zinc iodide in !1 %, distilled water. Electrolyze the solution with the cor- with ! pins and the battery. After observin#0 add in / drops of starch solution. Equation: +nI! (aq) +n " I! $efore: yellow liquid with zinc iodide inside After: white substance for%s around tips of pins. &ype 'eco%position o(idized) !I!" reduced) +n!* 2. .odiu% %etal is added to water. &eacher 'e%onstration Equation: 3a (s) " 4!O (l) 3aO4 (aq) " 4! (#) $efore: lear liquid with #rey %etal After: lear liquid with bubbles for%in# around %etal. 5etal turnin# color

&ype: .in#le replace%ent O(idized 3a 6educed: 4"

7. 5a#nesiu% %etal is added to hydrochloric acid. .and a piece of %a#nesiu% %etal. In a %ediu% size test tube0 add ! c% of hydrochloric acid and the %a#nesiu% %etal. 8se your fin#er to close the top of the test tube while your partner li#hts a wooden splint. 9uic-ly place the burnin# splint into the test tube without touchin# the liquid. Equation: 5# (s) " !4 l (aq) 5# l! (aq) " 4! (#) $efore: lear liquid with #rey %etal After: $ubbles for%ed at the top0 %etal cannot be seen any%ore &ype: .in#le replace%ent O(idized: 5# 6eduction: 4" &est for 4ydro#en #as: 5a-e the reaction occur in a test tube and place a thu%b over the tube. :lace a lit splinter at the top of the test tube and re%ove your thu%b. If it causes a pop sound then hydro#en #as is present o%bustion reaction for hydro#en #as: !4 " 1 ! heat !4!O ;. 4ydro#en pero(ide (4!O!) deco%poses. Add so%e drops of potassiu% iodide solution to about !c% deep hydro#en pero(ide in a test tube . Equation: 4!O! (s)" <I (l) 4!O(l) " O! (#)" <I(s) $efore: =ellowish brown liquid After: white foa% appearin# at in the test tube

&ype: deco%position &est for o(y#en #as :lace a lit wooden stic- at the top of test tube0 if it #lows bri#hter then o(y#en is present. >. .olid copper (II) carbonate is heated and one of the resultin# products is bubbled throu#h li%ewater. (&eacher 'e%onstration). Equation: u o/ (s) heat uO(s) " O! a(O4)! " O! (#) 4!O(I) a O/ (s) $efore: #reen powder and clear solution After: $lac- powder with a white0 chal-y precipitate.

&ype: 'ouble replace%ent &est for carbon dio(ide #as :ut it throu#h li%ewater0 and if the li%ewater turns chal-y then carbon dio(ide is present.