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NOODLES MAKING INTRODUCTION: Noodles are a value added item made from flour.

Amongst processed cereal products in India, noodles have a share of about 45% in terms of output and constitute the largest segment in this sector of the processed food market. Noodles are relatively more popular in the north-eastern region where in some states they are consumed as regular breakfast item. In states like Mizoram, Meghalaya and Nagaland, noodles are popular food item. ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Noodles are more popular in north-eastern region where in some states noodles are consumed as regular breakfast item. The raw material required for making noodles are available in local market. It is widely used by school children as tiffin item, because it takes less time for preparation. MARKET POTENTIAL: The demand for noodles would be mainly from urban areas where there are working couples, and people are relatively more hard pressed for time. Besides, after the launch of Maggi, a popular product, a distant market segment which has emerged is the childrens and school, college going students market. According to a survey, the annual demand for ready-to-serve product is estimated at 4.30 lakhs tones. This works out to a per capita demand of 0.50 Kg. per year. In urban areas in the north-east, the per capita consumption should be higher. Even at the conservative level of 0.5 kg the demand for noodles in a town having population of 3 lakh is estimated at 150 tonnes per annum. The population of major towns in the region varies from about 2 lakhs to 20 lakhs. As such, the demand could range from 100 tonne to 1000 tonne per year. At present, there are a few local units manufacturing noodles and bulk of the demand is being met by leading brands like Maggi. Taking the capacity of a tiny unit at 15 to 20 tonne per year, there is scope for 4 to 5 units in a small town and more numbers of units in larger towns depending on the population. PLANT CAPACITY: A typical unit is envisaged to have a capacity of 15 tonne per year and an annual production of 10.5 tonne on the following basis: Production per day at rated capacity Capacity utilization Average daily production envisaged Working days/year Annual production : : : : : 50 Kg on single shift basis 70% 35 Kg. 300 days 10.5 tonnes.

Noodles may be sold in packs of 100gm weight. On this basis, their annual sales will be 1,05,000 packets. RAW MATERIALS: The main raw materials required are flour, custard powder, refined vegetable oil and their annual requirement is as follows: Quantity Tonne/year Superfine flour Custard powder Refined vegetable oil 13.30 0.14 0.53

Besides salt, permitted colours, preservatives are required as additives. Packing materials include polythene bags, labels and cartoons. All these raw materials are available in the local market.


PROCESS: The major process steps are (A. Dough making by compounding flour and additives. (B. Dough sheet making (C. Strip cutting (D. Measure cutting, curling and casing (E. Packing MACHINERY: The main equipment required for noodle making are (A. Chow Noodle making machinery (B. Measuring, cutting and folding equipment (C. Drying equipment INFRASTRUCTURE: The main infrastructure requirements are i) Covered area : 500 sq.ft. ii) Power : 2 H.P. iii) Water : 300 ltrs/day. LOCATIONS: The following urban centers are suggested locations Assam : Guwahati, Tinsukia, Dibrugarh & Tezpur Meghalaya : Shillong, Tura Mizoram : Aizawl Nagaland : Kohima, Dimapur Tripura : Agartala Manipur : Imphal Arunachal Pradesh : Itangagar, Pasighat. Sikkim : Rumitek, Dentam, Brang, Somgochoo TOTAL CAPITAL REQUIREMENT: The total capital requirement including Fixed Capital and Working Capital is estimated at Rs 1.75 lakh as follows. Of this, project cost comprising fixed capital and working capital, the margin money is Rs 0.44 lakhs. (Rs. lakhs) (A. Fixed Capital: Land and Building On rent Plant & Machinery 0.70 Misc. Fixed Assets 0.30 Preliminary & Pre-operative expenses 0.20 Total (A) 1.19 (B. Working Capital: Raw materials & Packing materials month 0.12 Finished goods month 0.13 Working expenses 1 month 0.04 Receivables month 1.22 Total (B) 0.56 Grand Total (A+B) 1.75 lakh MEANS OF FINANCE: The project cost of Rs 1.75 lakhs may be financed as under: Promoters contribution and equity assistance 25%) Rs 0.44 lakh Bank Loan(75%) Rs 1.31 lakh Total Rs 1.75 lakh OPERATING EXPENSES: The annual operating expenses are estimated at Rs 4.55 lakhs as given below: Raw Materials Superfine flour 13.3 tonne. @ Rs 16000/tonne : Rs 2.13 lakh Custard powder 0.14 tonne @ Rs 48000/tonne : Rs 0.07 lakh Refining vegetable oil 0.53 tonne @ Rs 75000/tonne : Rs 0.40 lakh Preservative, permitted colour, salt etc.(L.S) : Rs 0.12 lakh


Packing materials Polythene bags, labels, Cartoons etc. Utilities Wages & salaries Rent Other overheads Selling expenses @ 5% on sales Interest on Term Loan & Working Capital Loan Depreciation @ 10% Total

: : : : : : : : :

Rs 0.10 lakh Rs 0.12 lakh Rs 0.72 lakh Rs 0.18 lakh Rs 0.15 lakh Rs 0.26 lakh Rs 0.20 lakh Rs 0.10 lakh Rs 4.55 lakh

SALES REALIZATION: The retail selling price of the leading brand Maggi is Rs 10.00 per pack of 100gm. Against this, the selling price of local brands is Rs 5.00 per 100gm packet. The total sales realization for 105000 packets would be Rs 5.25 lakh per year. PROFITABILITY: Based on the sales realization and the operating expenses, the profit at working capacity (70% of rated capacity) would be Rs 0.90 lakh per year. This work out to a return on investment of 92%. The plant would break-even at 70% of the rated capacity. BREAK-EVEN POINT ANALYSIS: (At 70% Capacity Utilization) A. Variable Cost: Raw materials Utilities Selling Expenses Total B. Semi-Variable Cost: Wages & Salaries Rent, Insurance etc. Depreciation Administrative overhead Interest Total C. D. E. Sales Realization Contribution (C A) B.E.P. B/D x % on installed capacity 0.72 0.18 0.10 0.15 0.20 1.35 5.25 2.05 70% (Rs.lakh) 2.82 0.12 0.26 3.20

HIGHLIGHTS: The major highlights of the projects are as follows: Total Capital requirement Promoters contribution Annual Sales realization Annual operating expenses Annual Profit Return on sales Break-Even Point Number of persons employed MACHINARY SUPPLIER: M/s Oriental Machinery Pvt. Ltd. 25, R.N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkatta 700 001 Ph: 22438818

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Rs 1.75 lakh Rs 0.44 lakh Rs 5.25 lakh Rs 4.55 lakh Rs 0.70 lakh 36% 46% 4 Nos.