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Alutec Extrusions Pvt Ltd

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About Us
Alumex is a fully integrated manufacturer of aluminium profiles in Sri

Lanka since 1986. We develop and manufacture aluminium extrusions for an extensive range of applications such as fabrication of doors, windows, shop fronts, curtain walls and other specialized commercial applications. With a vast array of architectural, residential and industrial products made available through our national and retail distribution system, we provide our customers products which always meet International Standards. Alumex enjoys a clear market leadership based on its superior range of products which are unmatched by competition. We belong to the World of Hayleys, probably the most diversified Sri Lankan multinational with multifaceted manufacturing operations and capabilities. Hayleys products are marketed in over 80 countries across the globe ( ( We continuously invest in upgrading our manufacturing infrastructure, technology and are equipped with modern extrusion, anodizing, polished anodizing, wood finish and powder coating facilities. Our in-house capability to produce aluminium extrusion dies using CNC machinery with CAD/CAM technology enable us to constantly provide our customers with unique combinations of profiles. Our well-trained team having over two decades of industry experience are committed to deliver complete satisfaction to our valued customers.

Our Values
High performance in products and services Value creation to our customers and the communities in which we operate Sustainable manufacturing Care for the environment Integrity and openness Diversity and inclusion Educating and empowering our people Teamwork Entrepreneurship

Alumex Facilities Die Shop

Our die shop has the latest equipment capable of producing dies of intricate profiles and has the services of experienced local and expatriate die engineers. With AutoCAD designing capabilities, the die shop is equipped with sophisticated CNC, wire cut, spark erosion, milling machines and

the die shop is equipped with sophisticated CNC, wire cut, spark erosion, milling machines and other die finishing facilities including heat treatment and surface treatment equipment.

Our modern extrusion presses of capacity up to 1850 M/T are capable of extruding any profile up to circumscribing diameter (CCD) 220 mm. The present production capacity is in excess of 12,000 M/T per annum.

Anodizing/Polished Anodizing
Our two anodizing plants have combined capacity of over 6,000 M/T per annum and are capable of coating to a thickness range of 10 to 25 micron. Colour options available are natural, bronze (light to dark) and black. The anodizing and polished anodizing processes impart an elegant appearance to the mill finished material in addition to rendering them more durable and corrosion resistant, while easing cleaning and maintenance.

Powder Coating
The two polyester powder coating plants have combined capacity of over 2,500 M/T per annum. Polyester powder coating, also known as colour coating on aluminum, is a solvent free, durable, factory-applied coating for aluminum substrates. It is a thermosetting coating where the resin cross links after stoved at around 200 C (curing). Powder coating offers protection against adverse outdoor weather conditions. Its mechanical properties can be crafted to meet the varied requirements of customers.

Wood Finish (Woodex)

Our Woodex process offers a range of innovative finishes such as wood, marble and granite to aluminium profiles. The process combines a strong protective coating with decorative appearance. While offering a real alternative to typical architectural materials such as wood, marble or granite, Woodex is with high weather resistant performance and requires minimum maintenance.

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