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rvnimCnmj UUillUlllanon: Nancy Wriiskey, centre, bonny MonK ana nis society jazz tsana, seen recora- the

the Monk band rhythmn section,

ing their video which will be used as a mail-shot to promote their get-together. showed she had lost none of her t<

Ska in split shock

FRONT MAN: Richard Sampson, centre, back with his group Iguana BACK SEAT: Behind drums for Nick Murphy with Dn
Brothers which includes Paul Conneally, left, and Andy Mazzai. Time, pictured with Marc Harriman in foreground

But whacky in nee

L EICESTER skankers
Ska-Boom have split
— but don't worry
they are planning to reform
again next month!
move is not of powers
The brief parting of the ways is
to allow lead singer Nick Murphy
and guitarist Richard Sampson
for keeps of Healers
to concentrate on individual pro- Mgrc Astley ROCK act Thali could have c
jects. with a little help from 1
And it sees the two swopping
roles: Richard taking the front MUSIC friends — The Healers
man's job with his own band, recently.
Iguana Brothers, and Nick tak- The group, whose name is t
ing a back seat — behind the International Musician and from an Indian dish, were fore*
drums — with newcomers, The Recording World Magazine and cancel a series of gigs after ba
Dream Time. an impressive, demo tape have Adam Chappell cut his finge
Nick was quick to quash attracted the interest of record preparing a curry.
rumours about the split being a company talent scouts. Both bands are now gearing u
permanent one. "We are really excited about a series of live dates and Adair
"We have always treated Ska- the way things are going for us GOOD FRIENDS: Above, rock group vov.-sd to stay away from the kit
Boom as a bit of fun and we have but I haven't'turned my back on Thali and The Healers, below. until the tour is over.
always kept ourselves busy with Ska-Boom," said Richard. "I'm going to stick to take-a
other projects," he said. "Some top'music industry peo- from now on. It is difficult to
"It just so happens that things ple are expected to turn up to the bass with a bandaged finger," h«
have started to happen for Rock Garden gig — so watch this Friday Live.
Richard and myself so we space." The band are at the Princess I
decided to take a break to con- "ICK'S: new act includes lotte tomorrow night.
centrate on our separate pro- city recording wizard Meanwhile The Healers are pi
jects." ~m. -a Andy Povall on key- throughout the Midlands ovei
Nick's band will be playing boards, and :.Mark Harriman on next month and venturing into V
their first gig in Leicester at the lead vocals. ' for the first time.
Princess Charlotte next Tuesday, "We call our sound pop-indie Their manager, Nigel Dobson.
while Richard is off to London because it is indie-pop but more the group had built up an imprc
for a show at the Rock Garden. pop than indie," said Nick. following since changing their
The booking was offered to the "The Charlotte gig will only be and musical direction late last y<
Iguana Brothers after a recent our third ever but we are confi- You can catch them at Co
showcase at thejsrestigious Mar- .. dent of scraiKling good." Railway tomorrow. The Royal
TJUW* Clut>7" where they were But wheiT^wUl '-the. -whacky on We<inas<is.i". .. Er.d
voted band most likely to make skankers be back in action? "We Swan In The Rushes a w
the big time. have planned a 10-date tour for row.
Since then, appearances in about a month's time," said Nick.

Dance Albums Top C.D.s City Albums TV Top 10 Top Vide

EastEnders (Thu/Sun) 1. Die Hard 2 (-) Ce
1. Circle Of One - Oleta 1. Innuendo - Queen 19.06
jYou - Madonna . 1. Awesome - Various BBC1 2. Days of Thundei
2. Into The Light - Gloria Adams _2. Circle Of One - Oleta EastEnders (Tue/Sun) 15
[he Love - Estefan 2. VSery Best Of... - Elton Adams BBC1 18.58
3. All True Man - Alexander Neighbours (Fri) 3 LeanOnMe(-)C
I John
O'Neal 3. Awesome - Various BBC1 17.78 4. Internal Affair
I- Nomad 3. Itjto The Light - Gloria
4. MCMXC A.D. - Enigma Coronation Street 18
iur Life - Estefan 4. Wicked Game - Chris (Wed/Sun) ITV 17.58
5. Baby Tonight - Whitney Isaak 5. Total Recall (2) I
Houston 4. Innuendo Queen Coronation Street ITV 6. Wild Orchid (3) C
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MC Hammer Very Best Of... - Elton 6. Neighbours (Tue) BBC1 PG
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Madonna 7. Awesome - Various Into The Light - Gloria 16.66
esThe Hammer 9. Back to the Futi
8. Ralph Tresvant - Ralph Estefan 8. Neighbours(Wed) BBC1 Cert PG
imer Tresvant 8. Dedication - Thin Lizzy.
8. Soul Reflection - Various ....16.62 10. Goodnight Swee
- Xpansioris 9. Now Legacy Begins - 9 Wicked Game - Chris 9. You've Been Framed
Dream Warriors 9. 30 Something - Carter ) Cert 1 5
Baak ITV 16.54
t It - Tribe
10. To The Extreme - Vanilla 10. Best Of.. - Free 10. Free - Rick Astley - 10. Coronation Street Figures supplied b'-
Ice (Fri/Sun) ITV Video. Groby. Le=-
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