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An A-Z Index of the Windows XP command line

ADDUSERS ARP ASSOC ASSOCIA A A RI" # c "OO C$% "RO&S A CAC)S CA)) CD C-A.%E C-/DS/ C-/. $S C-OICE CIP-ER Clean1gr C)EAR1E1 C)IP C)S C)US ER C1D CO)OR CO1P CO1PAC CO1PRESS CO.3PR CO.VER COP4 CSCcmd CSVDE DA E Dcomcnfg DE$RA% DE) DE)PRO$ DE) REE De,Con DIR DIRUSE DIS/CO1P DIS/COP4 DIS/PAR D.SS A DOS/E4 DSADD DS7UER4 DS1OD EC-O E.D)OCA) ERASE E8I E8PA.D E8 RAC Add or list users to/from a CSV file Address Resolution Protocol Change file extension associations One ste! file association Schedule a command to run at a later time Change file attri#utes Edit &indo's #oot settings %et domain( #ro'ser and PDC info Change file !ermissions Call one #atch !rogram from another Change Director* + mo,e to a s!ecific $older Change erminal Ser,er Session !ro!erties Chec0 Dis0 + chec0 and re!air dis0 !ro#lems Chec0 the . $S file s*stem Acce!t 0e*#oard in!ut to a #atch file Encr*!t or Decr*!t files/folders Automated cleanu! of em! files( rec*cle #in Clear memor* lea0s Co!* S DI. to the &indo's cli!#oard2 Clear the screen &indo's Clustering Start a ne' C1D shell Change colors of the C1D 'indo' Com!are the contents of t'o files or sets of files Com!ress files or folders on an . $S !artition Com!ress indi,idual files on an . $S !artition Connect or disconnect a Printer Con,ert a $A dri,e to . $S2 Co!* one or more files to another location Client+side caching 5Offline $iles6 Im!ort or Ex!ort Acti,e Director* data Dis!la* or set the date DCO1 Configuration Utilit* Defragment hard dri,e Delete one or more files Delete . user !rofiles Delete a folder and all su#folders De,ice 1anager Command )ine Utilit* Dis!la* a list of files and folders Dis!la* dis0 usage Com!are the contents of t'o flo!!* dis0s Co!* the contents of one flo!!* dis0 to another Dis0 Administration D.S Statistics Edit command line( recall commands( and create macros Add user 5com!uter( grou!226 to acti,e director* )ist items in acti,e director* 1odif* user 5com!uter( grou!226 in acti,e director* Dis!la* message on screen End localisation of en,ironment changes in a #atch file Delete one or more files 7uit the current scri!t/routine and set an errorle,el Uncom!ress files Uncom!ress CA" files

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$C $I.D $I.DS R $OR /$ $OR /$ $OR $OR$I)ES $OR1A $REEDIS/ $SU I) $ P $ 4PE %)O"A) %O O -E)P iCAC)S I$ I$1E1"ER IPCO.$I% /I)) )A"E) )OCA) )O%EVE. )O%O$$ )O% I1E 1APISE.D 1"SAcli 1E1 1D 1/)I./ 1ODE 1ORE 1OU. VO) 1OVE 1OVEUSER 1S% 1SIE8EC 1SI.$O 1S SC 1U.%E 1V

Com!are t'o files Search for a text string in a file Search for strings in files )oo! command9 against a set of files )oo! command9 against the results of another command )oo! command9 all o!tions $iles( Director*( )ist "atch !rocess multi!le files $ormat a dis0 Chec0 free dis0 s!ace 5in #*tes6 $ile and Volume utilities $ile ransfer Protocol Dis!la* or modif* file t*!es used in file extension associations Dis!la* mem#ershi! of glo#al grou!s Direct a #atch !rogram to :um! to a la#elled line Online -el! Change file !ermissions Conditionall* !erform a command Is the current user in an . &or0grou! Configure IP Remo,e a !rogram from memor* Edit a dis0 la#el Dis!la* mem#ershi! of local grou!s &rite text to the . e,ent ,ie'er2 )og a user off )og the date and time in a file Send email from the command line "aseline Securit* Anal*;er2 Dis!la* memor* usage Create ne' folders Create a s*m#olic lin0 5lin0d6 Configure a s*stem de,ice Dis!la* out!ut( one screen at a time 1anage a ,olume mount !oint 1o,e files from one folder to another 1o,e a user from one domain to another Send a message 1icrosoft &indo's Installer &indo's . diagnostics erminal Ser,er Connection 5Remote Des0to! Protocol6 $ind and Re!lace text 'ithin file5s6 Co!* in+use files 1anage net'or0 resources Domain 1anager Configure net'or0 !rotocols Command+line Ser,ice Controller Dis!la* net'or0ing statistics"IOS o,er Dis!la* net'or0ing statistics 5 CP/IP6 Dis!la* the current Date and ime .ame ser,er loo0u! "ac0u! folders to ta!e Edit user account rights

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.E .E DO1 .E S.E SVC ." S A .E S A .O& .S)OO/UP . "AC/UP . RI%- S PA -


Dis!la* or set a search !ath for executa#le files

PA -PI.% race route !lus net'or0 latenc* and !ac0et loss PAUSE Sus!end !rocessing of a #atch file and dis!la* a message PER1S Sho' !ermissions for a user PER$1O. Performance 1onitor PI.% est a net'or0 connection POPD Restore the !re,ious ,alue of the current director* sa,ed #* PUS-D POR 7R4 Dis!la* the status of !orts and ser,ices PRI. Print a text file PR.C.$% Dis!la*( configure or rename a !rinter PR.1.%R Add( delete( list !rinters set the default !rinter PRO1P Change the command !rom!t PsExec Execute !rocess remotel* Ps$ile Sho' files o!ened remotel* Ps%etSid Dis!la* the SID of a com!uter or a user PsInfo )ist information a#out a s*stem Ps/ill /ill !rocesses #* name or !rocess ID Ps)ist )ist detailed information a#out !rocesses Ps)oggedOn &ho<s logged on 5locall* or ,ia resource sharing6 Ps)og)ist E,ent log records PsPass'd Change account !ass'ord PsSer,ice Vie' and control ser,ices PsShutdo'n Shutdo'n or re#oot a com!uter PsSus!end Sus!end !rocesses PUS-D Sa,e and then change the current director* = r 7%REP RASDIA) RASP-O.E RECOVER RE% RE%EDI RE%SVR>3 RE%I.I RE1 RE. REP)ACE RD R1 S-ARE RO"OCOP4 ROU E RU.AS RU.D))>3 SC SC- AS/S SC)IS SE SE )OCA) SE 8 S-ARE S-I$ S-OR CU S-O&%RPS S-O&1"RS S-U DO&. S)EEP SOO. SOR S AR SU Search file5s6 for lines that match a gi,en !attern2 1anage RAS connections 1anage RAS connections Reco,er a damaged file from a defecti,e dis02 Registr*9 Read( Set( Ex!ort( Delete 0e*s and ,alues Im!ort or ex!ort registr* settings Register or unregister a D)) Change Registr* Permissions Record comments 5remar0s6 in a #atch file Rename a file or files Re!lace or u!date one file 'ith another Delete folder5s6 Share a folder or a !rinter Ro#ust $ile and $older Co!* 1ani!ulate net'or0 routing ta#les Execute a !rogram under a different user account Run a D)) command 5add/remo,e !rint connections6 Ser,ice Control Create or Edit Scheduled as0s Dis!la* . Ser,ices Dis!la*( set( or remo,e en,ironment ,aria#les Control the ,isi#ilit* of en,ironment ,aria#les Set en,ironment ,aria#les !ermanentl* )ist or edit a file share or !rint share Shift the !osition of re!lacea#le !arameters in a #atch file Create a 'indo's shortcut 52)./ file6 )ist the . &or0grou!s a user has :oined )ist the Users 'ho are mem#ers of a &or0grou! Shutdo'n the com!uter &ait for x seconds Schedule a command to run in the near future Sort in!ut Start a !rogram or command in a se!arate 'indo' S'itch User

SU"I.AC) Edit file and folder Permissions( O'nershi! and Domain SU"S Associate a !ath 'ith a dri,e letter S4S E1I.$O )ist s*stem configuration AS/)IS AS//I)) I1E I1EOU I )E )IS OUCRACER REE 4PE )ist running a!!lications and ser,ices Remo,e a running !rocess from memor* Dis!la* or set the s*stem time Dela* !rocessing of a #atch file Set the 'indo' title for a C1D2E8E session as0 list 'ith full !ath Change file timestam!s race route to a remote host %ra!hical dis!la* of folder structure Dis!la* the contents of a text file )ist domain usernames and last login Dis!la* ,ersion information Verif* that files ha,e #een sa,ed Dis!la* a dis0 la#el )ocate and dis!la* files in a director* tree Out!ut the current User.ame and domain Com!are the contents of t'o files or sets of files &indo's s*stem diagnostics &indo's s*stem diagnostics II &1I Commands Change file !ermissions Co!* files and folders Comment / Remar0

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USRS A VER VERI$4 VO) &-ERE &-OA1I &I.DI$$ &I.1SD &I.1SDP &1IC 8CAC)S 8COP4 99


Commands marked are Internal commands only available within the CMD shell. All other commands (NO marked with ! are external commands which may be "sed "nder the CMD shell# $ower%hell# or directly &rom % A' (')N. %"mber* htt+*,,,nt,

Dis+lay or chan/e &ile attrib"tes. 0ind 0ilenames.
S*ntax A /e* @ + RI" ? @ attribute A + attribute B ?pathnameB ?/S ?/DBB 9 urn an attri#ute O. 9 Clear an attri#ute O$$

pathname 9 Dri,e and/or filename e2g2 C9CD2txt /S 9 Search the !athname including all su#folders2 /D 9 Process folders as 'ell attributes9 R A S Read+onl* 5E6 -idden 536 Archi,e 5>36 S*stem 5F6

extended attributes9 E Encr*!ted C Com!ressed 5E3G9read+onl*6 I .ot content+indexed ) S*m#olic lin0/Hunction 5IF9read+onl*6 . .ormal 5J9 cannot #e used for file selection6 O Offline P S!arse file em!orar*

he n"meric val"es may be "sed when chan/in/ attrib"tes with 12%,3%4 5& no attrib"te is s+eci&ied attrib will ret"rn the c"rrent attrib"te settin/s. )sed with 6"st the ,% o+tion A '52 will 7"ickly search &or a +artic"lar &ilename. Hidden and System attri !tes ta"e #riority. 5& a &ile has both the 4idden and %ystem attrib"tes set# yo" can clear both attrib"tes only with a sin/le A '52 command. 0or e8am+le# to clear the 4idden and %ystem attrib"tes &or the '9CO'D. : &ile# yo" wo"ld ty+e* A '52 (% (4 '9CO'D. :

$ile Attri !tes ;o" can "se wildcards (< and =! with the &ilename +arameter to dis+lay or chan/e the attrib"tes &or a /ro"+ o& &iles. 'emember that# i& a &ile has the %ystem or 4idden attrib"te set# yo" m"st clear that attrib"te be&ore yo" can chan/e any other attrib"tes. %irectory Attri !tes >

;o" can dis+lay or chan/e the attrib"tes &or a directory,&older. o "se A '52 with a directory# yo" m"st e8+licitly s+eci&y the directory name? yo" cannot "se wildcards to work with directories. 0or e8am+le# to hide the directory C*@%9C'9 # yo" wo"ld ty+e the &ollowin/* A '52 A4 C*@%9C'9 '52 A4 C*=.=

he &ollowin/ command wo"ld a&&ect only &iles# not directories* A

Con&i/"re 5$ (internet protocol con&i/"ration!
S*ntax IPCO.$I% /all Dis!la* full configuration information2

IPCO.$I% /release ?adapterB Release the IP address for the s!ecified ada!ter2 IPCO.$I% /rene' ?adapterB Rene' the IP address for the s!ecified ada!ter2 IPCO.$I% /flushdns Purge the D.S Resol,er cache2

IPCO.$I% /registerdns Refresh all D-CP leases and re+register D.S names2 IPCO.$I% /dis!la*dns Dis!la* the contents of the D.S Resol,er Cache2

IPCO.$I% /sho'classid ada!ter Dis!la* all the D-CP class IDs allo'ed for ada!ter2 IPCO.$I% /setclassid ada!ter ?classidB 1odif* the dhc! class id2

5& the Ada+ter name contains s+aces# "se 7"otes* BAda+ter NameB wildcard characters = and < allowed# see the e8am+les below he de&a"lt is to dis+lay only the 5$ address# s"bnet mask and de&a"lt /ateway &or each ada+ter bo"nd to C$,5$. 0or 'elease and 'enew# i& no ada+ter name is s+eci&ied# then the 5$ address leases &or all ada+ters bo"nd to C$,5$ will be released or renewed. 0or %etclassid# i& no Class5d is s+eci&ied# then the Class5d is removed.
Exam!les9 K i!config K i!config /all K i!config /rene' K i!config /rene' E)D K i!config /release DConD 222 222 222 222 Sho' information2 Sho' detailed information rene' all ada!ters rene' an* connection that has its name starting 'ith E)

222 release all matching connections( eg2 L)ocal Area Connection EL or L)ocal Area Connection 3L

K i!config /setclassid L)ocal Area ConnectionL ES 222 set the D-CP class ID for the named ada!ter to M ES

"Life is a grand adventure - or it is nothing." - Helen Keller Related* 2'O3% A ( Cet domain# browser and $DC in&o D

N9 % A ( Dis+lay networkin/ statistics ( C$,5$! N9 %4 ( Con&i/"re inter&aces# ro"tin/ +rotocols# &ilters# ro"tes# ''A% $A 4$5NC ( 5$ trace "tility $5NC ( est a network connection E1F2G-. ( Hocate m"lti+le +re&erred lo/on servers EI13IDI ( 4ow to block s+eci&ic network +rotocols and +orts. E3131FG ( )se 5$%ec 5$ 0ilter Hists he 5n7,Jon 4oneyball ( 'o"tin/ to harden machines a/ainst attack 97"ivalent bash command (Hin"8!* look"+d (&l"shcache# i&con&i/ ( 5$ con&i/"ration 97"ivalent bash command (O% :!* i+con&i/ , dscache"til ( 1iew 5$ con&i/ , E"ery , &l"sh the Directory %ervice cache

he N9 Command is "sed to mana/e network reso"rces as &ollows* ,ana-e Ser.ices (+T START/ ST'P/ PA0S+/ &'(TI(0+
%ynta8 .E .E .E .E /e* service 9 he ser,ice name as sho'n in Control Panel( Ser,ices o list the basic %ervices* N9 49H$ %9'15C9% o list the running %ervices* N9 % A' 5& yo" try to start a service that is already r"nnin/ yo" will /et this error messa/e* B he re7"ested service has already been started. More hel+ is available by ty+in/ N9 49H$M%C 21I2B ;o" can redirect and 05ND this ty+e o& error as &ollows* N9 % A' alerter 2KL1M05ND B21I2B 50 errorlevel 1 /oto *s"bNalreadyNstarted S AR ?serviceB S OP ?serviceB PAUSE ?serviceB CO. I.UE ?serviceB

&onnect to a file1#rint Share 2%ri.e ,a#3 (+T 0S+

4oin a file share 2%ri.e ,AP3 (+T 0S+ 5driveletter*6 77ComputerName7ShareName 1P+RSIST+(T*8+S N9 )%9 Odriveletter*P @@ComputerName@ShareName\folder \folder! ,$9'%5% 9N *No Make all &"t"re connections +ersistent (a"to(reconnect at lo/in! N9 )%9 ,$ersistent*;es or N9 )%9 ,$*;es Make all &"t"re connections non(+ersistent (reconnect with lo/in scri+t! N9 )%9 ,$ersistent*No

or N9 )%9 ,$*No Join a &ile share (Drive MA$! ( with a lon/ share name N9 )%9 Odriveletter*P B@@ComputerName@ShareNameB Connect a "ser to their 4OM9 directory N9 )%9 Odevicename M =P Opass"ord M =PP O,4OM9P his re7"ires the "sers 4ome server,&older to be de&ined in AD)C Join a +assword +rotected &ile share (Drive MA$! N9 )%9 Odriveletter*P @@ComputerName@ShareNameO@volumeP Opass"ord M =P O,)%9'* Odomainname@PusernameP O,$9'%5% 9N *NoP 5n the above command ,)%9' can also be s+eci&ied as* O,)%9'*Odotted domain name@PusernameP O,)%9'*OusernameQdotted domain nameP 5n a scri+t# to ma+ a drive and wait "ntil the ma++in/ has com+leted be&ore contin"in/* % A' ,wait N9 )%9 Odriveletter*P @@ComputerName\ShareName his will be a little slower# b"t ens"res that &iles can be read &rom the ma++ed drive. Join a $rinter %hare N9 )%9 OH$ 8*P @@ComputerName@printer#share ,$9'%5% 9N *;9% Join a $rinter %hare ( with a Blon/B share name N9 )%9 OH$ 8*P B@@ComputerName@printer#shareB Disconnect &rom a share N9 )%9 Odriveletter*P ,D9H9 9 +xam#les N9 N9 N9 N9 )%9 4* ,4ome )%9 J* @@Main%erver@)sers@R)sernameR )%9 3* @@Main%erver@Cro"+%hare ,$ersistent*No )%9 @@Main%erver@%hared$rinter

(otes* N9 )%9 command can ma+ a network +rinter to an H$ +ort (&or DO% ty+e a++lications that +rint to a +ort.! b"t this does not add the +rinter to Control $anel ( $rinters. 2y de&a"lt all ma++ed drives have a 1> min"te idle session timeout# yo" can modi&y this with the N9 CON05C command. 5n windows :$ the e8+lorer icon will chan/e to show this chan/e in stat"s# this behavio"r is to im+rove overall +er&ormance. 3indows %cri+tin/ 4ost (12%,3%4! +rovides alternative and ar/"ably better commands* 3sh.Ma+NetworkDrive 3sh.Add3indows$rinterConnection

Create,view &ile,+rinter %hares (+T SHAR+/ 9I+W/ $I:+/ S+SSI'(S 1G

Dis+lay a local share N9 %4A'9 sharename Dis+lay a list o& com+"ters in the c"rrent domain. N9 1593 o see a list o& shares on a remote com+"ter N9 1593 @@ComputerName o see a list o& all shares in the domain* N9 1593 ,DOMA5N o see a list o& shares on a di&&erent domain N9 1593 ,DOMA5N*domainname o see a list o& shares on a remote Netware com+"ter N9 1593 ,N9 3O'S*N3 O@@ComputerNameP Create a new local &ile share N9 %4A'9 sharenameTdrive$path ,'9MA'S*BtextB O,CAC49*Man"al M A"tomatic M No P Himit the n"mber o& "sers who can connect to a share N9 %4A'9 sharename ,)%9'%*num%er ,'9MA'S*BtextB 'emove any limit on the n"mber o& "sers who can connect to a share N9 %4A'9 sharename ,)NH5M5 9D ,'9MA'S*BtextB Delete a share N9 %4A'9 Usharename M devicename M drive$pathV ,D9H9 9 Delete all shares that a++ly to a /iven device N9 %4A'9 devicename ,D9H9 9 5n this case the devicename can be a +rinter (H+t1! or a +athname (C*@Docs@! Join a &ile share (Drive MA$! N9 )%9 Dis+lay all the o+en shared &iles on a server and the lock(id N9 05H9 Close a shared &ile (disconnect other "sers and remove &ile locks! N9 05H9 id ,CHO%9 Hist all sessions connected to this machine N9 %9%%5ON Hist sessions &rom a /iven machine N9 %9%%5ON @@ComputerName Disconnect all sessions connected to this machine N9 %9%%5ON ,D9H9 9 Disconnect all sessions connected to this machine (witho"t any +rom+ts!


N9 %9%%5ON ,D9H9 9 ,y Disconnect sessions &rom a /iven machine N9 %9%%5ON @@ComputerName ,D9H9 9 (otes* N9 %9%%5ON dis+lays incomin/ connections only# in other words it m"st be r"n on the machine that is actin/ as the server. o create &ile shares the %9'19' service m"st be r"nnin/# which in t"rn re7"ires W0ile and $rint %harin/W to be installed.

,ana-e (etwor" Print ;o s and (etwor" Time (+T TI,+/ PRI(T Sec!rity (+T A&&'0(TS/ 0S+R/ )R'0P/ :'&A:)R'0P
1iew "ser acco"nt +assword and lo/on re7"irements (also dis+lays the machine ty+e ( N %erver or N workstation! N9 ACCO)N % 1iew +assword and lo/on re7"irements &or the network domain. N9 ACCO)N % ,DOMA5N %et the n"mber o& min"tes a "ser has be&ore bein/ &orced to lo/ o&& when the acco"nt e8+ires or valid lo/on ho"rs e8+ire N9 ACCO)N % ,0O'C9HOCO00*minutes ,DOMA5N $revent &orced lo/o&& when "ser acco"nts e8+ire N9 ACCO)N % ,0O'C9HOCO00*NO ,DOMA5N %et the minim"m n"mber o& characters &or a +assword. N9 ACCO)N % ,M5N$3H9N*C ,DOMA5N he ran/e is G(1. characters? the de&a"lt is - characters. %et the ma8im"m n"mber o& days that a +assword is valid. N9 ACCO)N % ,MA:$3AC9*dd ,DOMA5N he ran/e is 1(.FD1G? the de&a"lt is FG days. %et +asswords to never e8+ire. N9 ACCO)N % ,MA:$3AC9*)NH5M5 9D ,DOMA5N %et a minim"m n"mber o& days that m"st +ass be&ore a "ser can chan/e a +assword (de&a"lt T G! N9 ACCO)N % ,M5N$3AC9*dd ,DOMA5N 'e7"ire that new +asswords be di&&erent &rom W8W n"mber o& +revio"s +asswords N9 ACCO)N % ,)N5E)9$3*x ,DOMA5N he ran/e &or W8W is 1(2. %ynchoronise the "ser acco"nts database ($DC and 2DC! N9 ACCO)N % ,%;NC ,DOMA5N 1iew "ser acco"nt details


N9 )%9' O,DOMA5NP Add a "ser acco"nt. N9 )%9' "sername U+assword M =V ,ADD Oo+tionsP O,DOMA5NP Modi&y a "ser acco"nt. N9 )%9' O"sername O+assword M =P Oo+tionsPP O,DOMA5NP Delete a "sername N9 )%9' "sername O,D9H9 9P O,DOMA5NP Add a 3ork/ro"+ N9 C'O)$ /ro"+name ,ADD O,COMM9N *Bte8tBP O,DOMA5NP 9dit a work/ro"+ N9 C'O)$ O/ro"+name O,COMM9N *Bte8tBPP O,DOMA5NP Delete a /ro"+ N9 C'O)$ /ro"+name ,D9H9 9 O,DOMA5NP Add a "ser to a /ro"+ N9 C'O)$ groupname username O...P ,ADD O,DOMA5NP Delete a "ser &rom a /ro"+ N9 C'O)$ groupname username O...P ,D9H9 9 O,DOMA5NP o 1iew# Add or modi&y a local work/ro"+ re+lace C'O)$ in the commands above with HOCAHC'O)$. +xam#les Create a /ro"+ C*@KN9 HOCAHC'O)$ s+"d ,add Add to /"ests C*@KN9 HOCAHC'O)$ /"ests s+"d ,add hen remove C*@KN9 HOCAHC'O)$ /"ests s+"d ,delete C*@KN9 HOCAHC'O)$ s+"d ,delete

(etwor" ,essa-in(+T (A,+/ S+(% Hel# (+T H+:P/ H+:P,S) (etwor" confi-!ration (+T &',P0T+R/ &'($I)<W'R=STATI'(/ &'($I)<S+R9+R/ STATISTI&S<W'R=STATI'(/ STATISTI&S<S+R9+R


,ana-in- (etwor" confi-!ration

o add a com+"ter to the domain N9 COM$) 9' @@ComputerName ,ADD his command is only available &rom the %erver and is best r"n &rom the $rimary Domain Controller ($DC! o remove a com+"ter &rom the domain N9 COM$) 9' @@ComputerName ,D9H his command is only available &rom the %erver and is best r"n &rom the $rimary Domain Controller ($DC! Chan/e the idle session timeo"t (de&a"lt T 1> min"tes! N9 CON05C %9'19' ,A"todisconnect*mm o disable idle timeo"ts alto/ether N9 CON05C %9'19' ,A"todisconnect*(1 Note this may red"ce overall +er&ormance ( see related S2ase articles below. o hide a machine &rom Network Nei/hbo"rhood (by not sendin/ anno"ncements to domain browsers yo" may red"ce network tra&&ic.! N9 CON05C %9'19' ,hidden*yes 2e&ore "sin/ the ,hidden o+tion see E12I1-D Chan/e the comment dis+layed in My Com+"ter (detail view! N9 CON05C %9'19' ,%rvcomment*B;o"r e8tB 2e&ore "sin/ the ,%rvcomment o+tion see E12I1-D Dis+lay or chan/e the 3orkstation %ervice comm"nication device settin/s N9 CON05C 3O'S% A 5ON ,< Dis+lay statistics N9 % A 5% 5C% 3O'S% A 5ON N9 % A 5% 5C% %9'19'


est a network connection ( i& s"ccess&"l# +in/ ret"rns the i+ address.
S*ntax PI.% ?optionsB destination_host O!tions +' timeout +i TTL +, TOS +a +n count +t +l size +f +r count +s count +: host_list +0 host_list destination_host imeout in milliseconds to 'ait for each re!l*2 ime o )i,e2 *!e Of Ser,ice2 Resol,e addresses to hostnames2 .um#er of echo re=uests to send2 Ping the destination host until interru!ted2 Send #uffer si;e2 Set Don<t $ragment flag in !ac0et2 Record route for count ho!s2 imestam! for count ho!s2 )oose source route along host_list2 Strict source route along host_list2 he name of the remote host

A res+onse o& B'e7"est timed o"tB means there was no res+onse to the +in/ attem+t in the de&a"lt time +eriod o& one second. 5& the latency o& the res+onse is more than one second. )se the (w o+tion on the +in/ command to increase the time(o"t. 0or e8am+le# to allow res+onses within &ive seconds# "se +in/ (w >GGG. A s"ccess&"l $5NC does NO always ret"rn an RerrorlevelR TT G here&ore to reliably detect a s"ccess&"l +in/ ( +i+e the o"t+"t into 05ND and look &or the te8t B HB Note that B'e+lyB in the o"t+"t o& $5NC does not always indicate a +ositive res+onse. ;o" may receive a messa/e &rom a ro"ter s"ch as* 'e+ly &rom 1F2.1-I.1.2>.* Destination Net )nreachable. $o!r ste#s to test an IP connection with #in-* 1! $in/ the loo+back address to veri&y that C$,5$ is installed and con&i/"red correctly on the local com+"ter. $5NC 12D.G.G.1 2! $in/ the 5$ address o& the local com+"ter to veri&y that it was added to the network correctly. $5NC 5$NaddressNo&NlocalNhost 3! $in/ the 5$ address o& the de&a"lt /ateway to veri&y that the de&a"lt /ateway is &"nctionin/ and that yo" can comm"nicate with a local host on the local network. $5NC 5$NaddressNo&Nde&a"ltN/ateway .! $in/ the 5$ address o& a remote host to veri&y that yo" can comm"nicate thro"/h a ro"ter. $5NC 5$NaddressNo&NremoteNhost +xam#les
PI.% +n E +' NOJJ Ser,erPJI PI.% +' NOJJ 1*-ost Afind L )ML QQ EC-O 1*-ost found


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)ML AA EC-O 1*-ost not found

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