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A00en(i4 B

NOTE is my/our promise to pay at a future time, labor is the backing of both the NOTE and all current funds circulating as currency.

Monetizing or e!"ritizing t#e NOTE t"rn

it into $ !$ # ite%&

'& Dee( o) Tr" t i e!"rit* )or t#e NOTE& Tr" t +$, re-er e r"+e o) e-i(en!e. re/"iring Tr" tee %" t 0ro-e goo( )$it#. )"++ (i !+o "re $n( 0ro0er 0ro!e("re )or o0er$tion &111 2& E !ro, i t#e tr$n )er 0oint 3et,een e++er. 3"*er. Tit+e Co%0$n*. o !$++e( +en(er. ,#ere t#e NOTE i e4!#$nge( )or $ Tr" t Dee( or Dee( o) Tr" t& 5& A++ege( B$n67+en(er. i "e( !#e!6 to e !ro, "n(er intern$+ re/"e t 0ro!e("re& At ti%e o) i "ing $"(it ,i++ e40o e t#$t t#ere i no e-i(en!e -eri)*ing8 $) o"r!e o) %one*9 3) o,ne( 3* 3$n69 !) $t ti%e. or +$ter. o) i "ing !#e!6. $++ o) ,#i!# i $-$i+$3+e $ 0roo) -i$ 0"3+i! re!or( o) !or0or$tion& :& A++ege( B$n67+en(er i "e( NSF (non; "))i!ient )"n( ) !#e!6&

5. Alleged Bank/lender ne er possessed the NOTE until after transfer bet!een seller and buyer, deed for check.""" #. $eed of Trust e%ecuted at closing of escro! is security for the NOTE. &. Alleged Bank/lender later records as sent, NOTE to offset the liability of check."""

<& A++ege( B$n67+en(er re!or( . $"(ite( t$te%ent. #o, !on!+" i-e+* t#$t B$n67+en(er. +o$ne( !re(it. 3"*er !re(it. ,#i!# too6 0+$!e $t e !ro, !+o ing&

=& A++ege( B$n67+en(er (i( not +o$n it o,n $ et . it +o$ne( !re(it. not e-en t#eir . $n "+tr$ -ire $!t. i++eg$+ "n(er +$, $n( reg"+$ting $"t#oritie & A FRAUD. FRAUD IN THE INDUCEMENT. FAILURE OF CONSIDERATION. CONSTRUCTI>E FRAUD. (one in CONS?IRAC@. ISSUE A FRAUDULENT SECURIT@. $n "tter+* -oi( $n( ,it#o"t -$+"e tr$n $!tion& '(.Transfer of Title to registry systems or second ser icer is fraudulent. ''& Dee( o) Tr" t i )r$"("+ent. re "+ting in (e)e!ti-e Tit+e. "n%$r6et$3+e tit+e 3* $++ege( B$n67+en(er or "3 e/"ent 0$rtie & ').Alleged Bank claims abandoned funds after three *+, years. This is double payment and ne er disclosed. A??ENDIA B E$!# o) t#e e t$te%ent i #o,n 3* e !ro, (o!"%ent . T#e B$n67+en(er. or o;!$++e( +en(er $!t $re #o,n $ )o++o, 8 '.Balance sheet relating to the original -loan., sho!s ledgering of the account as re/uired to be reported and open kno!ledge under ') 012 3 )4), 3 +4& and pro ed by '(55 reports a ailable from 671. ). The 4)4 B85 prospect reports sho! filing facts concerning the security issued under the note and $eed of Trust !ithout reporting bases of the deri ati e and notice to original issuer. +. 1ecurities and E%change 2ommission 7eports 1 + A sho! the sale of the -note. and form of item sold. 4. FASB (Fin$n!i$+ A!!o"nting St$n($r( Bo$r() forms ')5, '++, '4(, 5, 55 guides an auditor to the liability side of the bank.s books, e%posing e%actly !here the -money. came from and sho!s !here it !ent and under !hat procedure and instrument. 5. T#e NOTE $ negoti$3+e in tr"%ent )$i+ "n(er t#e Uni)or% Co%%er!i$+ Co(e. 6/9e !ill, if needed, subpoena the records mentioned abo e in order to pro e the points herein.

B& T#ere i ne-er $ re!ei0t gi-en )or t#e (e0o it o) -$+"e. t#e note& C& '2 USC D '<'5 (L) (I) (i !+o e t#$t (e0o it o) $ 0ro%i or* note i !$ # to t#e 3$n6& T#e B$n6 !$ # i %*7o"r !$ #. not t#e B$n6 7Len(er 9 t#e 0roo) i t#e 3og" +o$n 0$0er& <& T#ere ,$ ne-er $ re!ei0t i "e( )or t#e !$ # (e0o it& =& T#e note tr$n )erre( $t $ tr$n $!tion $!!o"nt !re$te $n $ et on t#e 0$*$3+e i(e o) t#e +e(ger9 ,#i+e on t#e +i$3i+it* i(e o) t#e +e(ger. t#e NOTE i "e( 3* t#e 0re "%e( 3"*er73orro,er i o+( $)ter %onetizing 3* t#e $++ege( B$n67+en(er& '& Fir t )"n( tr$n )eror #o+( e/"i-$+ent& $3 o+"te rig#t to t#e NOTE or !$ # "er.

'E=< OID i(enti)ie t#e 0rin!i0$+ i

$eed of trust is re/uired to be registered as e idence of debt. Notes are not so re/uired. S$+e o) "nregi tere( e!"rit* et "0 rig#t o) re !i ion as a property right absolute due to lack of notice that securities !ould be issued !ith the note or $eed of Trust as backing. 2onclusion based on e idence publicly a ailable is that the transaction bet!een buyer and alleged bank/lender is a fraud. The mistake may ha e resulted from standard practice, procedures, application on part of Alleged Bank/lender or, it may not. 6n either instance the predicate facts are result in the issues herein.

6/9e !ill, if needed, subpoena the records mentioned abo e in order to pro e the points herein.

6n Appendi% B, 6/!e disco ered that !hole the alleged mortgage !as a fraud from the beginning. 6/9e belie e 6/!e ha e disco ered the core issue is that there is no contract !ith the alleged bank, there is no standing or capacity for the Alleged Bank, its agents and its ser icers because: '. ). 6/9e ha e no contract !ith the Alleged Bank. The Alleged Bank ne er placed on the files of this matter its corporate delegation, nor its minutes authori;ing to enter into a contract !ith me/us. There is no officer identified !ith corporate authority attached or corporate authority to engage a contract !ith me/us. The corporate charter for the Alleged Bank does not authori;e its taking of my/our note to fund an Alleged Bank.s liability, escro! check, e%changed for issuers, my/our note, or obligation to pay at close of escro! on specific time line. The Alleged Bank issued a N1< *non sufficient funds, check to escro! prior to ha ing possession of the assets, NOTE issued by me/us. T#e A++ege( B$n6 !#$rter. t$te +$, $n( )e(er$+ +$, (o not $"t#orize A++ege( B$n6 to +en( !re(it. no %$tter t#e o"r!e o) t#e !re(it& The Alleged Bank charter limits the Alleged Bank to specific acts= all acts outside its legal or corporate authority being ultra ires, of no effect, utterly oid.

+. 4.

5. B&


6n this matter, the payments made by me/us to the Alleged Bank !ere induced under fraud, the illegal acts abo e, !hich oids any claim by the Alleged Bank. The creation of debt by lenders, the $eed of Trust and >romissory Note, payment of or agreement to pay money to the debtor, the Alleged Bank, or to a third party for account of debtor, the Alleged Bank, is not a contract. Assumption of contract being in place for collection process re/uires that the contract be produced= it is ne er produced because there is no contract and the note is not a contract.

T#e !re$tion o) (e3t 3* $ !re(it to $n $!!o"nt ,it# t#e +en(er. Dee( o) Tr" t $n( ?ro%i or* Note. "0on ,#i!# t#e (e3tor. t#e A++ege( B$n6. i entit+e( to (r$, i%%e(i$te+* "!# $ t#e NSF !#e!6 e4!#$nge )or t#e NOTE. (oe not !re$te $ !ontr$!t nor o3+ig$tion& F$i+"re 3* t#e A++ege( B$n6 to 0ro("!e

6/9e !ill, if needed, subpoena the records mentioned abo e in order to pro e the points herein.

3on$ )i(e !ontr$!t i $(%i ion to )r$"("+ent in("!e%ent to 0$rt ,it# -$+"$3+e !on i(er$tion in e4!#$nge )or not#ing 3"t $ (i))erent in tr"%ent& Nonet#e+e . t#e on+* -$+"e i "e( i 3* %e7" . ,#i!# i $3+e to 3e #o,n t#ro"g# t#e A++ege( B$n6 (o!"%ent ,#i!# $re 0"3+i! re!or(. $"(it $n( !or0or$te re0ort . in!+" i-e o) IRS (o!"%ent &
The Alleged Bank appears to ha e failed: to operate under these legal principals, co ered by, 0N6<O7? 2O??E726A@ 2O$E, hereinafter referenced as A022,B the la!s go erning consumer credit and usury, the la!s pro iding of rate ceilings to assure ade/uate supply of credit to consumers= the la!s re/uiring the bank to educate consumers for understanding the terms of credit transactions= the la!s re/uiring the bank to keep so8called lenders honest through competition for credit at reasonable cost= the la!s re/uiring the bank to protect so8called consumers against illegal acts= the la!s re/uiring the bank to keep fair and sound consumer credit practices= to comply !ith <E$E7A@ T70TC 6N @EN$6ND A2T= and the la!s re/uiring the bank to e/uali;e all Eurisdictions. 2onsumers in the abo e conte%t are F<irstName8?iddleName= @astNameG and F<irstName8?iddleName= @astNameG. 6n reality the Alleged Bank, FBank NameG is the consumer of my/our credit, !ho issued that product, t#e NOTE. 0ro%i e to 0$*. re0re enting +$3or $ t#e on+* o"r!e o) -$+"e in t#e $++ege( tr$n $!tion& T#e A++ege( B$n6 (i( not 0ro-i(e t#e goo( . t#e NOTE or t#e +$3or 3$!6ing it. (i( not %$n")$!t"re t#e !re(it re0re ente( 3* t#e NOTE& Nonet#e+e . t#e i "er o) t#e 0ro("!t. t#e NOTE re0re enting re$+ -$+"e. +$3or. i t#e e++er o) t#e NOTE t#ro"g# $ )r$"("+ent in("!e%ent $ o"t+ine( $3o-e. ,#i!# i t#e A++ege( B$n69 FB$n6 N$%eG 6no,ing+* $!te( o"t )or it "nH" t enri!#%ent& The Alleged Bank as outlined herein has no entitlement, no legal protections !ithout production of the contract e%hibiting all the necessary re/uirements of a contract by operation of la!, and is stopped completely from all acts related to my/our home for failing to act in accord !ith all the la!s. No contract, no standing. No standing, no claim. No

6/9e !ill, if needed, subpoena the records mentioned abo e in order to pro e the points herein.

claim, no defense.

6/9e !ill, if needed, subpoena the records mentioned abo e in order to pro e the points herein.