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Washington State University August 24, 2009 Volume 15, Issue 1

Vancouver’s Student Newspaper

Grant received WSUV and

for both science NASA monitor
and math labs Mt. St. Helens
T he M. J. Murdock
Charitable Trust has granted
$220,000 to Washington State
University Vancouver
expanding teaching capabilities
in science and math laboratories.
for { } U sing sensor software
written by a team of researchers
at Washington State University,
a dozen high-tech robotic pods
forming a network built to
operate in hostile environments
This grant will help the WSU are currently being used in hot
Vancouver campus build upon spots inside and around the
three core areas-environment, mouth of the most deadly and
technology and leadership-by active volcano in the continental
allowing students to combine United States.
field and classroom study. Built to operate in extreme
Starting in the fall, WSU temperatures and in treacherous
Vancouver will offer revised terrain, the so-called “spider”
science courses in: environmental network was lowered in mid-
data acquisition and analysis, July by helicopter onto the
microscopy and imaging, and slopes of nearby Mt. St. Helens,
computing. The equipment and where it forms a virtual wireless
software upgrades made possible network of pods that are in
by the Murdock grant will help communication with each other
students improve their ability to and the Earth Observing-1 (EO-
collect and analyze data. 1) satellite, operated by NASA’s
“This grant from the M. J. Goddard Space Flight Center, in
Murdock Charitable Trust will Greenbelt, Md.
allow us to significantly enhance The research project is part
our biology and environmental of a NASA plan to develop a
science programs through sensor web to provide timely
curricular reform and state- data and analyses for scientific
of-the-art laboratories,” said research, natural hazard
Professor Stephen Bollens. mitigation and the exploration
“Introductory and lower-division of other planets in this solar
courses will benefit from bringing system and beyond. It reflects
‘real world’ examples of data the work of a team of engineers,
collected from local habitats into students, volcanologists and
the classroom. Expanding our geologists that includes the U.S.
ability to use new technologies Geological Survey staff at the
is of critical importance in Cascades Volcano Observatory
the instruction and training who designed and built the
of science students. Research spider network’s hardware;
opportunities for undergraduates Washington State University,
are underdeveloped and this where the sensor software to
grant will supplement and make the spider network smart,
complement our new classroom self-organizing and self-healing
curriculum.” was written; and NASA, which
The Murdock grant will allow developed software to make the
WSU Vancouver to continue spiders able to detect events to
to provide well-educated trigger space observations by the
Joe Creager/The VanCougar EO-1 satellite.

Applied Science breaks ground

graduates who will contribute to
economic development in highly Each pod contains a
competitive fields in Southwest seismometer to detect
Washington and state wide. earthquakes, a GPS receiver
The project will be to pinpoint its exact location
implemented by a leadership
team of three WSU Vancouver
Congressman Brian Baird among those to speak and to measure subtle ground
deformation, an infrared sounder
faculty members. Stephen to sense volcanic explosions and
Rup Brar what government is doing right: universities. They benefit
Bollens, Brian Tissot and a lightning detector to search for
Staff Writer not only the students, but also local communities and
Dawn Banker will ensure ash cloud formation. The main
businesses and therefore their success positively influences
all instructional equipment e have big plans for expansion,” stated Hal instrument box is the size and
society as a whole.. Representative Jim Jacks agreed with
and software upgrades are Dengerink, the chancellor of WSUV during the ground shape of a microwave oven, and
Baird’s assessment of the situation and continued to stress
fully implemented into the breaking of the newest addition of the WSUV campus, sits atop a three-legged tripod,
that accomplishing such major tasks as erecting new
undergraduate- and graduate- the Applied Technology Building. Students, professors, which served as the inspiration
buildings was a team effort. Jacks stated that it took six
student curricula, with emphasis faculty, legislators, builders, and designers all gathered on for the scientists to begin
hard years of legislative arm twisting by Tim Probst up in
on developing new laboratory the beautiful day of August 19, 2009 for this memorable referring to the system as the
Olympia for this project to acquire necessary funding. The
exercises that support classroom occasion.. “spider network.” It is powered
Applied Technology Classroom Building was the only new
lectures. Chancellor Hal Dengerink welcomed the crowd and by batteries that can last for at
building project in the WSU system to be funded by state
The M.J Murdock Charitable initiated the event. President Elson Floyd also spoke, least a year.
legislature for 2009-2011 biennium.
Trust was formed with the sole thanking the community, businesses, and the Washington “With these high-tech
It will be located across the St. Helen’s corridor from
purpose of ‘enriching the quality State Legislators who played a key role in bringing this instruments, we can rapidly
the Engineering and Life Sciences building and adjacent to
of life in the Pacific Northwest’ opportunity to the campus. Floyd remarked that urban respond during periods of
the Physical Plant Building. The project is expected to be
according to their web site. The campuses must become stronger partners with the local volcanic unrest to supplement our
completed in 2011 and will house the electrical engineering
Trust typically considers grant communities and mentioned how the addition of this new permanent monitoring network or
degree that will be offered in the future. It’s four stories
requests from anyone who is building reflects this growing partnership between WSUV quickly replace damaged stations
will amount to 56,000 square feet and will include hi-tech
promoting natural science and and the community. without excessive exposure to
laboratories and classrooms that will be environmentally
especially if it involves educating Following President Floyd, Congressman Brian Baird personnel,” said Rick LaHusen,
friendly and energy efficient, in keeping with WSUV’s
students on conducting research. and representatives Jim Jacks and Tim Probst took the an instrumentation engineer with
goal to become more sustainable. The total budget set for
The WSUV laboratories fit the stage. After listening to the previous night’s Health care the U.S. Geological Survey at the
the project is $43.5 million. The teaching and research will
standard preferences to a tee. Reform discussions regarding all that government is Cascades Volcano Observatory,
prepare the students to meet the needs of high demand
doing wrong, Baird lightheartedly joked that he knows Vancouver, Wash.
fields, such as engineering, in the SW Washington area.

{ }
WSUV Student Artists display Two day ROAR WSUV Cycling
earns week long their graffiti Orientation for team takes first
trip to Kenya work in gallery freshman and at ‘Race Across
transfers Oregon’
page 5 page 7 page 8 page 11

Campus quickly expanding

Undergrad building up and running
Katie Wells feature wood ceiling paneling harvested on-
Editor-in-Chief site from a large Douglas fir tree required to be
“This building will finally give us a permanent
M ost returning students have been home for our programs in education,” said
WSU Vancouver Chancellor Hal Dengerink.
anticipating the opening of the Undergraduate
Classroom Building (VUCB). A project that “But most importantly it provides some of
began a year and a half ago was displayed for the additional classrooms that we need to
all to see last week. accommodate our four-year students.”
Following the Applied Technology Classroom The project consists of approximately
building groundbreaking ceremony on Aug. 19, 55,500 gross square feet of space including
guests toured the VUCB. After more than a year thirteen general classrooms of various sizes,
and a half of construction and planning, the two computer labs, and faculty office and
final product was revealed. To truly understand administrative support space for the College of
the concept of the new building, you have to go Education.
back and view the original plans. ...
January 7, 2008 Press Release Construction, which began in January
2008, has provided the University with 13
Continuing to grow as a full four-year new classrooms as well as offices, computer
campus, Washington State University labs, and large lecture hall. Administrative
Vancouver will begin construction in late support for the College of Education will also
January on the new Undergraduate Classroom take up a little of the 56,000 square-feet. The
building. The university awarded the project to Undergraduate Classroom building is WSU
Triplett Wellman of Woodburn, Ore., based on Vancouver’s first Leadership in Environmental
their bid of $16,234,328. Completion is planned and Energy Design-certified project, earning a
for the fall of 2009. The building was designed LEED Silver level distinction under the Green
by Thomas Hacker Architects of Portland, Ore. Building Rating system.
The new building and its surroundings This building was the first of three new
have been designed as WSU Vancouver’s first expansions to the campus; the second being the
Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design Applied Technology building which will open
certified project, earning the LEED Silver level in 2011.
distinction under the Green Building Rating Many classes have been moved to rooms in
System. In addition to continuing the use of the new building, including Political Science,
building materials common with other campus Business Ethics, and Statistics.
buildings, the building’s interior finish will also

You’re a writer? Perfect! The VanCougar is

hiring reporters for all sections. No experience
Please apply online at The computer lab holds more than 70 students. Dan provided guests with tours of the VUCB
after the groundbreaking ceremony. Joe Creager/The VanCougar

8/24 Underclassman Building Official Opening - 9/13 20th Anniversary Auction FSC 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. - 9/24 Meet Accounting Firms FSC 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

2009 I 2010 Campus Reading Project

Fall 2009 Events:

Lecture on animals in popular culture, film, & TV
Close encounters at the Oregon Zoo
Lecture on Ecology & Nature
Panel on faith and religion
Slumdog Millionaire
Magical Realism workshop

Spring 2010 Events:

Survival Day
Travel Café
Mental Health Day

And more... Check out the WSU Vancouver

Campus Read page on facebook!

What kind of swimsuit would you like to be?

Jake Kleinschmidt
Campus News Editor
Roman Nikulin
“Um one that’s more convenient. What color? Oh it
doesn’t really matter. I don’t know. Green or blue.”

Rebecca Portnoy
“A wet suit because it’s really cold to swim in
the Northwest. I don’t think I’d care [what color].
They tend to come in black.”

Veronica Koskavich
“An itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini.”

Salmon Creek
ANNEX Ave Entrance

GR N3 Disc Golf





O iel



50th Ave Entrance





E E Sp

Firstenburg Family
A Admissions
B Bus Stop
Public Safety/
E Early Learning Center Picnic
C Motorcycle Parking ENGINEERING/
E Bookstore Area Outdoor Sports

D Daily/Visitor Pay Lot



E Emergency Phone
s Fin



M Metered Parking (2-hour limit) Visitor


Center L O O P M


V Visitor Parking (30-minute limit)



Accessible Parking V
3 EN

Art Gallery
G 1 $ D
GR 2

Computer Lab


$ Parking Pay Machine ue

L h Av
O 9t
uEe 2
Information Kiosk O P
v enN
t hA
Cougar Trails NE

8/24 Underclassman Building Official Opening - 9/13 20th Anniversary Auction FSC 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. - 9/24 Meet Accounting Firms FSC 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Back to school survival

Tips for taking on the school year
Jess Davis forego eating for study and/or recreation.
ACE Editor The brain needs food to operate; so that extra
A s summer comes to an abrupt close, many
few minutes of study-time are moot when
neglecting to refuel. Now, “eat anything”
find themselves struggling with the transition
means anything of substance of course. While
back into brutal academics. Trading in lazy
Ramen noodles and Kraft Mac & Cheese is
(yet fulfilling) activities for stressful tests in
still a college favorite for the sake of time and
sheer will and intellect is not something one
economy, instead one might try some fresh
can always accomplish smoothly. You register
fruit and veggies (especially dark, antioxidant
and plan, keeping your eye on the “big picture,”
rich varieties)—And since you are in the great
while your bodies revolt against the thought
Northwest, you had best be sure that what ever
of four hour lectures and essay exams. The
you ingest is hormone, gluten, and pesticide
promise of that elusive degree is your only hope
free or you may be tarred and feathered by the
for making the inevitable transition. Worry not,
for this compiled list of essentials will assist in
*Feathers courtesy of cage-free chickens.
jumping back into the scholarly routine, and
staying there:
you are finally on your own and independent.
The last thing you want to hear is “take your
TAPE—If you haven’t accepted your loans,
vitamin”, “wear a coat”, “be home at curfew”,
registered for classes, purchased books, etc.
etc. Please trust this advice. A multivitamin can
Get it done right away! Putting the “small stuff”
help pick up where your college diet has left off.
on hold can lead to a chain of catastrophic
However, you MUST eat something in order to
events that ultimately costs you more money,
benefit from this pill popping ritual. That is why
and leaves you struggling to keep up in your
they are called “supplements.” Vitamins are not
classes. First, get that pesky student aid out of
meant to replace food. In fact, one will usually
the way; it is the key to completing the rest of
suffer from indigestion and so called “hospital
your required tasks. The staff in admissions is
breath” if they take vitamins on an empty
always ready and willing to help you in any way
stomach…bad news. When you’re choosing
they can. Be patient and prepared as it is fall
your supplement, make sure it has plenty
term, and virtually everyone needs something
of vitamin D, as we are clearly lacking the
from admissions at this busy time. Once you
“sunshine vitamin.” Can’t stand the thought of
complete this step, the rest will fall into place
swallowing a horse pill in one swift gulp? Take
quickly. When it comes to textbooks, check out
the good old Flintstones chewable. Children’s,, or similar web sites that
varieties can often be doubled in dose to fulfill
offer products that are not marked up 500% or
an adult requirement, but be sure and read all
more. Some steadfastly avoid the Bookie in
directions before taking any type of vitamin or
fear that a second mortgage may be required in
supplement. Last, don’t feel too bad about doing
order to afford one more text from the place.
something your parents would approve of!
Even though classes begin today, it is still
possible to spring for overnight shipping while
You heard it through your formative years—“The
still saving money! Also, keep an eye out for a
best driver is the defensive driver.”—and most
future student book exchange right here in the
steadfastly ignored this morsel of elder advice
in favor of fast food and wireless everything,
but be warned: the school year marks not only
COMPUTER GAME— This one is tough, but
the beginning for WSUV students, but the
surviving Fall term means focusing directly
beginning for thousands of elementary, middle,
on the task at hand. It is always best to go into
and high school students as well. This means
something with full commitment, and minimal
two things: 1) an overabundance of barely 16s
distraction. If you have ridiculous ADHD like
braving the road; and perhaps more frightening,
some, you know that even a dish detergent
Katie Wells/The VanCougar 2) an entire army of soccer-moms operating
commercial can suck you in. Before you know it,
vehicles the size of tanks. The best way a Coug
you are watching the Family Feud marathon and
can prepare for this natural phenomenon is to
.5 seconds mentally noting the awful neglect you showed
your poor television while the sun was shining.
leave plenty early, and always drive cautiously.
Remember, that phone call/latte/makeup/etc.
Get TV out of your system, and hunker down for
can wait—hell hath no fury like a mom in a
some good old-fashioned learnin’. Also, make
Take care of all financial aid and book purchases now. sure you finish up that fluff novel you treated
6) BUY SOME SUN—It sounds crazy, but
yourself to over the summer. Edward and Bella
there are actual lights and/or bulbs that can
Put an end to World of Warcraft, romantic novels, and The Office. are sure to be there during Thanksgiving break,
be purchased at your local or online home
and no, reading the Twilight Saga twelve times
improvement retailer that can provide “sunlight”
is probably not healthy. Most importantly, lay
Avoid the blue-box favorite and eat fresh produce. The antioxidants off the video/computer games…especially the
in an otherwise dreary dwelling. They aren’t too
ridiculous in price for a lifetime of use ($200 at
help your brain function. dreaded RPG (for you non-nerds: that stands, and they are clinically proven to
for role playing game). Some see countless
combat depression while boosting energy. Face
hours and sleepless nights spent on games like
You’re never too old for the Flintstones. Make sure to take your Everquest and World of Warcraft. While this is
it: in a land where the phrase “partly cloudy,
chance of rain” is greeted by milky students
daily vitamins with a meal. not a problem in the summer months (woman-
clad in cargo shorts and sundresses, it is clear
repellant effects aside), this will not fly during
that the demand for sun borders on urgent.
the school year. I know it seems like real life,
Beware the soccer moms traveling in athlete-filled tanks. but it is common knowledge that necromancers,
Be warned however, that sun lamps do NOT
provide vitamin D (see tip #4).
A small accident will surely put a damper on a midterm. elves, dwarves, and barbarians have very little
When it comes right down to it, a student need
interest in your world of realistic academic
only take care of him-or-herself. Remember
Release your inner lizard and bask under new sunshine lamps. 3) EAT…ANYTHING—One of the most
why you are here in the first place. Here is to
a bump-free ride through the rest of the school
They boost energy and fight depression. common mistakes a student can make is to

Answer: Here are several suggestions Offer to carry your crush’s’ books to class and of the corporate world and history of the

The SEXpert
on how to attract the fairer sex. Use them in flex the entire time you are holding them. American economic infrastructure always
conjunction; add and take them away, whatever Be confident- There is a pool table in the comes in handy.
it takes. Find the right combination and stick Firstenburg Student Commons where older And if any of that doesn’t work, get rich,
with it. college guys linger, waiting for the chance to wear deer musk and an expensive watch, and
John McNett For starters, take a class where the women prove just how accurately they can place a ball. don’t forget to drive a fast car- that will pull
Staff Writer folk are e.g. cultural anthropology, business, or Intimidating, right? Wrong. Walk right up and them in.
women’s diversity. challenge them to a game. The girls that hang Remember- the women at the university are
Question: “I’m a college freshman hoping Then try this: around will be amazed by your self-confidence a world apart from the girls you knew in high
to grow out of my awkward high school stage. Be active- it doesn’t matter what in, just and even more so by your game. school. They are experienced, well connected,
How do I become a chick magnet for these older active in something. Show off your skills in Be Knowledgeable – girls love it. There’s and have all the men in the United States
girls at WSU Vancouver?” -Ryan S. the dodge ball tournament on campus or work nothing better than wearing a college sweatshirt military to choose from- so stand out and know
out with a hottie in the fitness center. Girls, like with a beer stain on it and talking about the who your competition is.
lionesses in the safari, want a man with muscle. geopolitical effects of fiscal policy. Knowledge

9/1 Cardio class every Tue. and Thurs. at 12:45 p.m. in Clark Center room 20 - 9/10 Connections 2009 4 p.m. in FSC to celebrate to diversity
try to compare their trips abroad to mine? Will I
“Kenya is an amazing ever be able to wrap my head around everything,
country; Kenyans are or will the thoughts keep bouncing off the walls
of my over-packed brain?
amazing people.” Our last day in Kenya was spent in Kibera,
which was certainly an experience. The group
-Melissa Boles split up, and I spent the day with Binti Pamoja, a

women’s center for young girls in Kibera. They
his summer, the advocacy group known were putting together an event for the parents,
as ONE held a nationwide competition between so Nora and I helped them set up a bit for that,
colleges and universities. The goal was to raise but mostly we just learned about the program
funds and awareness in an effort to end poverty and asked questions about Kibera. I talked with
and prevent disease worldwide. ONE’s web some girls about what it is like to live in Kibera
site says that “students earn points for their (“You’re born in Kibera, you get married in
school[s] by taking actions that contribute to the Kibera, you die in Kibera”) and some of them
fight against extreme poverty. The actions range talked with me about the 2007 election and the
from increasing awareness among university violence that occurred, which hit Kibera pretty
peers to engaging politicians on key pieces of hard. I heard about 2 and 5 year olds that were
legislation.” raped, girls too young to care for themselves
Of the thousands of student advocates that were having children, and bribes from the
who competed, twenty finalists were chosen police that caused both young women and men
to submit proposal projects for a chance to to do things they never expected they would
participate first-hand as student delegates in do.
ONE’s arena. WSU Vancouver’s Melissa Boles, It’s all I can do to keep myself in Vancouver
an ASWSUV senator, was chosen, along with right now. Certain things scare me; I’m a bit of a
four others from across the country for the Jul. chicken when it comes to traveling and living in
25 to Aug. 2, 2009, trip to Kenya. These five a place that is new to me, but I can feel myself
students were chosen by ONE, according to finding the courage within to be someone
the web site, “based both on their individual that helps the women of the world find their
contributions [during the 2008-2009 academic potential and grow to be proud of themselves.
year] to the ONE Campus Challenge and It’s something I’m learning to do on my own,
through proposals each submitted outlining and there’s no better way to do something than
how they plan to maximize their experiences while holding someone else’s hand. Even if that
in Kenya to raise awareness in their local and hand is on the other side of the world.”
campus communities.” The visit has had a definite affect on her
Boles said that ONE began as a goal to immediate goals. After graduation, she has
influence congress to allocate one percent of the decided to put grad school on hold for a short
United States federal budget to foreign aid. As time and work for a non-profit group such as
of now, the Fed has invested 0.7%. Lately, the the Peace Corps.
ONE campaign has shifted its focus to point out As for the upcoming academic year,
that one person can make a change for one other Melissa’s work as an ASWSUV senator will
person’s life, and that simple act begets more be geared more in the future toward planning
change as it is repeated within and throughout intercultural and international events here at
the community. WSU Vancouver. She would also like to see
As a ONE Student Delegate, Melissa’s more students studying abroad and bringing
unique role on the team was Women and their changed perspectives back to our campus.
Development. You can read more blog entries relating to
The opportunity to travel to other countries, her work as a ONE Student Delegate at http://
she said, should never be wasted. Whether
working, studying, or simply visiting short-
term in a foreign place, “everyone who travels
returns home with a changed perspective,” said “ May you always be maridadi; beautiful.
May you always be the strongest women I have
Boles. Melissa’s stay in Kenya, though short, ever met.
was life-changing. May your voices rise above all of the others.
May you forever give birth without pain drugs
Having also spent time working with her
and continue to be stronger than your white
church in Mexico, Boles is no stranger to counter parts.
humanitarian work abroad. May the water jugs always balance on your head.
“As soon as possible,” said Boles of a time May your babies outlive you.
line for traveling overseas again. May your children be grateful.
May your husband love you; your in-laws
From Melissa’s Blog: welcome you; your community worship you.

Boles volunteers in Kenya

May you never get HIV/AIDS and pass it on to
your children unknowingly.
“I’ve never missed a location so much in my
May you never again have to sell your body for
21 years. I suppose it isn’t just the location, it is food and shelter.
the people I met, the folks I was with, the things May you always look more beautiful working
that I learned. I hadn’t even arrived home yet
and I wanted to turn around and go back.
Helping Africa ONE mission at a time with your hands than sitting behind a desk.
May you always have a smile that brightens a
The last couple of days have been tough for Adam Fox room.
me. Not only have I missed Kenya, I’ve been May you forever live in peace.
Student Gov. Editor
going through somewhat of an emotional roller May your husband protect you, and may you
coaster. I received bad news when I got off the stop grinning. I met such beautiful people and time to do it in. How do I use the things that I know how to protect yourself.
experienced such amazing things; I will never learned and the stories that I heard to get others May you always sell your fruits and vegetables.
plane, and have dealt with other personal issues May you always be kind and willing to share.
forget this trip. involved on my campus? How do I share my

that had me feeling down. Yet, I hit my highs May you always be maridadi; beautiful.
when I think about Kenya, and I can’t seem to I’ve got a lot of thinking to do, and not much experiences without getting upset when people
- Original poem by Melissa Boles

Summer poverty banquet

Awareness of global and local issues
Katie Wells of attendees would eat a three-course dinner, 35
Editor in Chief percent would have pizza, and 50 percent would
T hough a lottery-type drawing does not
simply have bread and water.
While the water line led on, those eating
compare to what some go through for a meal,
pizza began passing their extra food to anyone
the Civic Engagement Poverty Banquet on Jul.
with only bread.
10 brought some to tears.
“That wasn’t what we expected to happen. It
As part of their summer class, students
is really nice though! Everyone was just sharing
from the DTC program produced short films
their food,” said Kendal Mantzke, who helped
to exemplify the poverty issues throughout the
put on the banquet.
world. These films portrayed not only statistical
Not only did the ‘rich’ give to the ‘poor’ in
data, but gave stories of personal struggles
the dinner situation, but many attendees donated
many face each day.
money to both Mercy Corps, and Luepke Loaves
Attendees of the banquet, before viewing
and Fishes. Both of the aforementioned groups
the films, were fed as if from distinct classes
provide service to those more unfortunate in an
with food ranging from multi-course meals to
effort to put an end to poverty and hunger.
bread with water. It was set up that 15 percent
Katie Wells/The VanCougar

9/16 Cougar Networking Night 5:30 p.m. at 4949 SW Macadam Ave. Portland, OR 97239 - 9/23 DTC information night in FSC @ 6 p.m.

Coug’s Night Out Cougar Critique

Essential Guide to Bars and Clubs District 9 (2009)
Matthew Rafano issue through a different light.
in Vancouver Managing Editor The filming was superbly executed to draw
the viewers into the action, with just the right
Jess Davis Rated: R, for bloody violence
ACE Editor and pervasive language amount of camera shake to translate a sense of
Bar Name and Location Bar Features and Happy Hour urgency without overly confusing the viewers
Runtime: 112 minutes
Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy or making them sick. It should be noted that
Back Alley Bar & Grill Six pool tables, Karaoke seven days a week, the film is rated R and can seem very violent-
Release Date: Aug. 14, 2009
6503 E Mill Plain Blvd Seven big screen TV’s. ly graphic, which may deter some audiences.
Box Office: $37,354,308
Vancouver, WA 98660 Happy Hour: M-F, 3-6 p.m. Also, considering the limited budget the movie
Phone: (360) 694.6873
R eleased on Aug. 14, 2009, ‘District 9’ is had, the special effects were well implemented
one of the newest alien science fiction movies and the CG blended with the rest of the scenery
Beaches Waterfront location, Outdoor volleyball.
in theaters. The story revolves around the prob- realistically. The intricacy of the aliens and how
1919 Se Columbia River Dr Happy Hour: M-F, 4-6 p.m.
lems arising from aliens that are stranded on they interacted with the environment lent to this
Vancouver, WA 98661
Earth after their spaceship arrives over Johan- believability. It was also interesting to see the
Phone: (360) 699.1592
nesburg 20 years prior to the events that take stark difference between District 9 and the rest
place during the movie. During these 20 years, of the human populated Johannesburg, which
Blackstone Live music late week, Upscale atmosphere,
the aliens have been forced to live in a slum-like further enforced the idea of the District being
3200 SE 164th St. Full menu during happy hour.
area known as District 9, and as their population an under maintained ghetto.
Vancouver, WA 98683 Happy Hour: M-Sa, 4-6:30 p.m. & 9 p.m.- ‘District 9’ had a solid story that carries with
continues to grow, humans have to decide how
Phone: (360) 253.0523 Close, All Day Sunday
to deal with the situation. The movie follows the it metaphorical lessons for the audience while
story of one human, Wikus van der Merwe and remaining enjoyable to watch. It is creative and
Chronis 50 cent or 6/$2.50 Taco Tuesday night, Two
chronicles the events following his close con- fresh in concept and the acting was well done.
819 Main Street dart boards, Pinball, Golf, Karaoke Th-Sa, This movie was a pleasant watch and exceed-
tact with the aliens.
Vancouver, WA 98660 9pm.
‘District 9’ is a fairly lower budgeted film, ed my expectations. It is a great late summer
Phone: (360) 690.0032 Happy Hour: M-F, 4-6 p.m.
coming in at around $30 million, and featured blockbuster movie to check out.
a star-free cast. However, through crafty viral
Cinetopia/Vinetopia State of the art theatres on-site, Full restaurant,
marketing of tying in multiple web sites into the
11700 SE 7th St Live Jazz and blues in bar and before movies,
story line and seeding the idea to “report non-
Vancouver, WA 98683 Wine tasting machines, Wine class every first
human activities” into the general public, it be-
Phone: (360) 213.2800 Tuesday. Happy Hour: M-F, 3-6 p.m. & 8-10
came a highly anticipated film. Peter Jackson,
well known for directing the Lord of the Rings
trilogy, produced this movie and also helped
Elbow Room Heavy handed bartending, Attentive servers.
with the publicity.
1800 Broadway St Happy Hour: M-F, 5-7 p.m.
Overall, ‘District 9’ has received positive
Vancouver, WA 98663
reviews from critics and viewers due to its cre-
Phone: (360) 694.3552
ative nature and different approach regarding
the interaction between human and alien. Rath-
Irishtown Full menu, Live Irish music on Wednesdays/
er than following the generic survival tale of
11600 SE Mill Plain Blvd # F Rock music on Friday, Karaoke Monday, Two
humans when they encounter aliens, this movie
Vancouver, WA 98684 pool tables, Five dart boards, Big screen TV.
swaps the roles of the races and explores what
Phone: (360) 253.1470 Happy Hour: Everyday, 3-7 p.m..
humans would do to aliens if they had the upper
hand. The entire movie seemed to have a meta-
Oscars Place Three pool tables, One dart board, Shuffle-
phorical focus on illegal immigrants and how
400 NE 112TH Ave board!
the government and public deal with these is-
Vancouver, WA 98684 Happy Hour: M-F, 3-6 p.m..
sues, starting off as a mock-umentary about the
Phone: (360) 256.7175
process of re-housing illegal aliens and gradu-
ally shifting into a survival story of an outcast.
Salmon Creek Brewery and Pub Beer brewed on-site, Laid back atmosphere,
It is an allegorical tale that harkens back to the
108 W Evergreen Blvd. Full menu.
Apartheid allows the audience insight into the Photo courtesy of
Vancouver, WA 98660 Happy Hour: M-Th and Sa, 3-6 p.m..
Phone: (360) 993.1827

The QuarterDeck Karaoke Wed. and Fri; Four pool tables, Two
4300 E Fourth Plain Blvd dart boards, Two Mega Touch’s, Pinball, Golf,
Vancouver, WA 98661 Foosball, WII.
Phone: (360) 694.8016 Happy Hour: M-W, 4-7 p.m..

DJ Dossier: Sarah Richards

Amy Thielen Her greatest influence in her exposure to rock
Staff Writer music is her older brother. Since Richards’
S enior Sarah Richards, whose show is brother is several years older than her, his
musical tastes influenced her at a young age.
fueled by her passion for music, is one of
KOUG Radio’s newest DJs. That passion ex- Today, Richards’ brother is a key com-
tends into her future career plans. As a senior ponent of her weekly radio show. As her
in the DTC program, part of Richards’ major brother currently serves as a soldier in Iraq,
focuses on music media. Richards said, “I dedicate all of my shows to
“I chose to join KOUG Radio because I him in support of his safe return home.”
want to be a music manager,” she said. Richards’ favorite aspect of being a DJ for
Though she had not been involved in radio KOUG Radio can be summed up simply.
prior to joining KOUG, Richards does have “I get to listen to music all the time,” she
technical experience controlling sounds and said.
lights for school theater productions. If you would like to listen to Richards’
Her first show, which aired Monday, Aug. show, it airs every Monday from 12 p.m. to
17, focused on country music and her next 1 p.m., rotating between playing country mu-
show, airing Monday, Aug. 24, will focus on sic and rock music every other week. She
rock music. gladly welcomes song requests via e-mail at
Ultimately, Richards’ favorite genre of mu- as well as at both her
sic is rock because she grew up around it. Facebook and MySpace pages.

Listen to KOUG Radio streaming live on

Attention all DTC Majors and other web site

geniuses, The VanCougar is in need of a Web

If you’d like to make money doing

something you love,

please apply online at

8/28 Farmer’s Market in downtown Vancouver at 5 p.m. - 9/4 Outdoor movie at 23rd and Main St.; music at 7:30 p.m.; playing ‘Raising Arizona’ at 8:45 p.m.

Graffiti in the gallery

Local artists showcase ‘urban’ art
An exhibit of graffiti-inspired artwork is
on display at Washington State University
area galleries. Richard Jule, Andre Simard
and Stacy Smith collaborated on a glass piece
Poetry Place
Vancouver though Sept. 10. The artwork can and are associated with Bullseye Gallery. Paul Twelve
be seen in the Administration building gallery Estrada and Jordan Guy are emerging artists
and in the second-floor gallery space of the from Grant High School. Get up at crack of dawn. Vertical feeling, difficulty breathing.
Engineering Life Sciences building. At the close of the graffiti exhibit, Jenkins, Twelve miles. Twelve miles.
Art collector Nancy Macklin organized the Nichols and Rodriguez will be on campus to Warm-ups, x-country shirt, shoes caked Recognizable houses become rare.
exhibit of graffiti artists for WSU Vancouver. demonstrate their techniques and paint an original with mud. Twelve miles.
The artists she selected work in a variety of large-scale work of art. The demonstration Twelve miles.
mediums: traditional spray paint, fused glass, will be from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Sept. 9 at the Gone are creature comforts, come the
mixed media, and pen and ink. Some of the basketball court on Loop Road. The artists will Stir cream into favorite mug, black and wilderness.
artists used the graffiti tradition of painting answer questions and interact with anyone who white swirls. Twelve miles.
words in bold colors and stylized letters. Others stops by to watch them work. The final piece will Twelve miles. Asphalt disappears, replaced with dust.
used a street-art sensibility in less traditional be displayed at the WSU Vancouver community Muscles protest, forced to stretch. Twelve miles.
ways. celebration, “Connections 2009” from 4 - 6 Twelve miles.
Macklin chose both professional and p.m. on Sept. 10 in the Firstenburg Student Begin to fade into another world.
emerging artists to be a part of the exhibit. The Commons. The demonstration is sponsored, in Hazy existence fills vision. Twelve miles.
artists include: Denario Jenkins, Jeremy Nichols part, by the Associated Students of Washington Twelve miles. Time no longer exists.
and Josue Rodriguez, who show in Portland- State University Vancouver. Descend to worn asphalt road. Twelve miles.
Twelve miles.

Deep breathes, icy to nostrils. Silence.

Twelve miles. Twelve miles.
Never speedy, never sluggish, steady. Silence.
Twelve miles. Six miles.

Majestic, shadowy trees line road. Goodbye remote land.

Twelve miles. Six miles
Pound, pound, never interrupted. Asphalt reappears, steam rises.
Twelve miles. Six miles.


By Caitlin Ribera
Poetry Editor
Salmon Creek Journal
“Look for Salmon Creek Journal Submission Information Soon!”

Jess Davis/The VanCougar

Journalism Boot camp

Saturday, Sept. 12 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
in the Firstenburg Student Commons

Guest speakers include Jeff Mize from The

Columbian and Dean Baker.

Come join us to learn about reporting,

photography, ‘getting the story,’ and
much more.

Open and free to the public.

Please RSVP at vancouged@vancouver. so that we can make sure to get
you a lunch.

9/9 Graffiti-inspired Art Demonstration on basketball court 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. - 9/12 Paint a small wood carving at 4600 SE Columbia Way from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

“What is a Zune?”
this ROAR orientation was
much larger. There was a
asked the crowd when higher number of attendees
the grand prize was and more activities to
announced. occupy their time. With the
“I don’t know. It large amount of students
is like an Ipod.” said attending, there was a
Mason O’Lennick, head greater chance for diversity.
ambassador, as he held up The ROAR orientation was
the prize. split up between freshmen
Even with outside and transfer students so that
temperatures well above the directors could better
90 degrees, the man whose provide them with what
ticket was drawn jogged they needed.
down to the prize table to The freshmen, who also
receive his new Zune. attended ROAR on Tuesday,
The closing ceremony of Aug. 18, experienced more
the ROAR orientation on guidance than the transfer
Wednesday, Aug. 19 was students. Being freshmen,
held at the Amphitheater it is expected by most
on campus. The grassy for them to feel lost and
hill seated over 100 new uninvolved during their first
students following a seven year. To counteract that,
hour orientation session. the directors set up more
All of the attendees ‘get-to-know-each other’
filled out surveys before type games as well as more
the giveaway began. Once interest groups.
the surveys were passed The transfer students’
back in, Michelle McIlvoy, schedules for the day
and later Ambassador resembled a business
Dave, drew raffle tickets meeting much more than
out of a bucket to award the those of the freshmen. Even
prizes. Though much of the though the transfer students
excitement for the prizes did not have the chance
was sarcasm, a few prizes to experience the game
caught attention; one being playing like the freshman,
the new Microsoft Office they were well informed
program. of the opportunities to get
The student who won involved on campus.
the computer software, Displaying their
like the other freshman and involvement on campus
transfer students, had spent during the ROAR
the first seven hours of orientation were the student
her day attending interest ambassadors. Ambassador
sessions, meetings, group Mason O’Lennick was
activities and eating a BBQ especially festive for the
lunch provided by Patrick’s ROAR event. He made
Hawaiian Café.

No one left empty handed

individual name tags for his entire group
The whole point of the ROAR and named them ‘Battalion Six.’ It not
orientations are to help the students only helped his group of freshmen feel
become more comfortable with their like they belonged at the school, but it
surroundings and peers. The ROAR helped them stand out from the other
attendees were able to do both of those
things while meeting with their student
ROAR orientation informed students hundred freshmen as well.
The spirit Mason brought to the group
ambassadors and groups. Katie Wells was present to the end of the event.
Each student was also allowed to attend Editor in Chief
Before leaving the closing the ceremony,
to an interest session. At these sessions, Not only did the students attend he attends said events, but was absent O’Lennick called for his ‘battalion’ to
the resources at WSUV that are available interest sessions and meetings, but they from both the Freshmen and Transfer chant ‘We love college’ from across the
to students were displayed. Some of those toured the school to help with their student ROAR. amphitheater.
sessions included ‘How to walk the walk navigation on the first day of class. Many Michelle McIlvoy, the Student ROAR ended a little after 5 p.m. with
as a new student,’ ‘Activating your student experienced what returning students have Involvement Manager, had spent the hope that the students were informed
life,” “Credit cards: What you don’t know not had a chance to yet, and that is tour all summer helping plan the ROAR enough to tackle their first day at
can hurt you,” and “Marvelous mediums the Undergraduate Classroom Building. activities with Cindy Morical from the Washington State University Vancouver.
and media expressions. Most of the freshmen will have classes Office of Admissions. Together, with the
in the building now that help of ASWSUV and the
there are thirteen more Ambassadors, they put on
classrooms on campus. a two day which provided
With so much to do more than enough
and learn at ROAR, it resources for the freshman
was surprising to some and transfer students to
that Butch T. Cougar learn about.
didn’t stop by. Typically, Compared to last year,

Katie Wells/The VanCougar

9/4 College Colors Day: Wear your crimson and gray and show your spirt - 9/24 Meet the Accounting Firms 6 p.m. in Firstenburg Student Commons

Circle K International
Rup Brar the local community.
Staff Writer Last year, Circle K International provided sev-
S ervice. Leadership. Fellowship. These three words
eral community service/outreach opportunities
to its members; some of which included serving
perfectly depict the spirit Circle K International members.
at the Share House Homeless shelter, Ridgefield
Circle K has been part of WSUV for about three years. In
Bluegrass festival, Walk’n Knock , Wa-Ri-Ki
2007, the club was initiated by Eric Davidson and Katie
camp cleanup, Salvation Army bell ringing pro-
Tuck, as a medium to provide community service opportu-
gram, Over the summer, the CKI participated in
nities to students. From three initial founders, the club has
Relay for Life to raise funds for American Can-
grown to about 20-25 members over the last year.
cer Association. CKI opened this opportunity to
Circle K International is a widely recognized collegiate
both members and nonmembers alike. The group
group nationally as well as internationally. It holds about
raised about $2130 through their efforts. This was
11,000 collegians on more than 500 campuses worldwide.
the second Relay for life for the group.
Circle K International is actually a child of well known
Circle K International offers a great way for
community service group known as Kiwanis club. Circle
students to give back to the local community as
K was first organized by Kiwanis in 1936 as a way to pro-
well as to form lifelong connections that can go
vide opportunity for ambitious young men to get college
beyond one’s college career. As Ramandeep men-
education---by providing financial means through both
tioned, service and leadership is at the core of
scholarships and part time employment. Kiwanis still
this club. Cougars with strong urge to serve are
plays a major part in both organization and finances of
welcomed; even a mild urge can be accepted. All
Circle K International. Ramandeep Brar, the current presi-
are welcomed. Meeting times will be announced
dent of WSUV Circle K, mentioned that WSU Circle K
within the first two weeks of classes and can be
was chartered and sponsored by Salmon Creek Kiwanis
found on a billboard near you. Along with that,
group. Salmon Creek Kiwanis has been actively involved
new members can expect to see the club members
in progression of the club by chipping in with finances and
at the annual club fair later in the year.
providing connections to different organizations within

9/25 Chancellor’s Seminar Series: Health Care Reform: A Moral and Fiscal Imperative by Steven Hill of WA State Health Care Authority; 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Want to join the team

and get in the game?

apply online to be the

Sports Editor
M-Th : 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Sat-Sun: Closed

Ellipticals & Treadmills
Free Weights
Leg Presses, Extension, & Curl
Medicine balls & Yoga mats
Strength bands & jump ropes

Fitness center is free to all WSUV
students, faculty, and staff. Must
sign liability waiver. Bring Fit-
ness Center card each visit.

A certified personal trainer is
available to Fitness Center users
at no cost. Develop a fitness plan,
learn how to use the equipment,
or develop strength for a specific
sport or activity. The sessions are
free. Get fit! Stay fit!

8/27 Open play soccer every Thurs. @ 3:30 p.m. on the sports field - 9/1 & 9/3 Yoga class in Clark Center room 20 @ 1 p.m. - 9/12 WSU vs Hawaii Football game

WSUV cycling team takes all

‘Race Across Oregon’ meets its match
Washington State University Vancouver
Katie Wells finished the 527 mile race in 32 hours and 58
Editor-in-Chief minutes.
W ith over 40,000 feet of elevation on the
‘Race Across Oregon’ has been going on for
12 years. This year’s race was 8 miles shorter
527 mile track, every cyclist competing at the
than last years, but the elevation increase has
‘Race Across Oregon’ had a lot of work ahead
evened out the difference. After a one mile ride
of them. The Washington State University
on a straight road, the rider must begin the 35
Vancouver Cycling Club competed at the event
mile, 4,700 foot ride up Mt. Hood. Although the
this year along with hundreds of other riders.
scenery is great, the endurance needed to make
The WSUV team consisted of Logan and
it up the mountain is enough to keep you focused
Neil Gregory, Caitlin Letts, Shawn Romine,
on nothing but working through the pain.
Broke Sipe, and Tam Tran. With these six riders,
With this race, there is no restriction as
a giant support team, and an incredible amount
to a rider staying on his bike without resting.
of endurance, WSUV took first place.
If a team is conditioned enough, they could
Neil Gregory is the advisor and coach of the
technically ride the whole race straight through
Cycling Club, which has been around for several
without resting. The only rule regarding that is
years. The Cycling club, of which Brock Sipe
that if a rider, driver, or crew member shows
presides, is always riding around on Sundays
any sign of sleep deprivation, an RAO official
for both leisure and exercise. Though it is not
will require that they spend one hour off of their
required of a club member to ride competitively,
most do.
WSUV had no problem taking the
The six members who were named Champions
championship title in almost 33 hours. They
of the ‘Race Across Oregon’ this year have been
had their support group and sponsors to thank
practicing together for quite awhile. In the six
as well as their own hard work. ASWSUV
person division, riders are doing a relay of sorts.
contributed over $1,600 toward the race and
One rider will take on a section of the route
Helen Stewart provided the riders with food and
while the other riders carpool beside the rider.
money as well.

9/16 Open Gym Basketball @ Alki Middle School; 1800 NW Bliss Rd, Vancouver, WA 98686; 8 p.m. - 9/22 Indoor archery $5 at 7:30 p.m. @ Archery World

A Word with the Prez No Summer of Legislative Affairs, is looking for students
interested in participating and organizing
Catching up Nick For ASWSUV rallies and events on campus, and providing
testimonies in Olympia.
Michael Hatch and Robert Chu ASWSUV’s legislative branch, the Senate,
Matthew Rafano Another really exciting new venue that Nick PR Director and Senate Pro-tempore has also had an unprecedented level of activity
Managing Editor
ASWSUV student body president Nick
wanted to share with me is the “PB&J Club.”
This was briefly mentioned by PR Director
W elcome to a new year, fellow cougs! As this summer. The Senate has elected their
internal leadership, passed three pieces of
you’re adjusting to all your new classes, you
Ferderer is a busy man. He has been preparing Michael Hatch, and Nick was able to clarify may rest assured knowing that your student legislation, and has established several goals
for the upcoming school year throughout the what this reoccurring event will entail. Starting government has been working through the for the year.
summer, becoming acquainted with his new on Sept. 10, this club will be begin meeting summer to prepare for the coming months. One of the Senate’s goals is to further
position and beginning to implement the plans outside of the Firstenburg Student Commons Nick Ferderer and Nicole Mousleh, your encourage student attendance and participation
he outlined during his campaigning last school from noon to 1:30 p.m. biweekly to enable student body President and Vice President, ran at Senate meetings. This is an opportunity to
session. It was great that he was able to set aside students to mingle with ASWSUV staff and on a platform of communication, leadership, bring your questions, comments, concerns,
some time and I was able to catch up with his a featured school administrator in order to and sustainability. As such, the new ASWSUV objections, or praise to student government.
ambitions for the upcoming year. increase communication between students and web site has been overhauled to include more The Senate passed two Bills and one
First of all, President Nick informed me that the leadership. During this time there will also effective ways of communicating with us, Resolution. Resolution 19.001 dealt with
his vision of what he wants to accomplish as be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches provided voicing your opinion, or even suggesting budgetary issues that ensured the legislative
president has not altered from his initial platform. to provide a more informal, conversational events; a recurring “PB&J Club” will highlight process was followed and that multiple people
Rather, his time in office through the summer has atmosphere. For the first “PB&J Club” meeting, school administrators and encourage feedback had input on the final outcome. Bill 19.001
allowed him to refine the three focus pillars of Nancy Youlden will be the guest administrator and questions from students; a new position has allocated funds for a student trip to the Oregon
his presidency: leadership, communication, and that will be mingling; other potential guests may been created within the Executive Staff with the Zoo that complements this year’s campus book,
sustainability. By concentrating on these three include parking services personnel, Chancellor specific purpose of developing leadership on Yann Martel’s The Life of Pi. Bill 19.002 gave
interconnected ideals, President Nick hopes to Hal Dengerink, academic affairs personnel, campus; and sustainable efforts have been made funds to the campus Art Committee, which will
improve the student life and experience here at Dave Smith of campus planning, and hopefully which includes deploying glass recycling bins feature community artists creating graffiti art
WSUV. many more. I believe this is a great way to get to around campus. These are just a few ways your that will be donated to the campus.
He mentioned how the past three months in know leaders around the campus and am looking student government is setting a new standard Perhaps most importantly, the Senate has
office has allowed him to see how ambitious he forward to the first meeting. President Nick is for student life. elected their internal leadership. The Senate
can be in achieving his core goals. He believes also super-excited about seeing the outcome to The Executive Staff, a group of students Chair Pro-tempore this year is Robert Chu. The
that sustainability continues to be important and this new improvement to communication and hired by ASWSUV President Ferderer (and Senate Secretary is Melissa Boles. Finally, the
may have even grown now that he sees what can leadership. approved by the Senate) to perform specialized Senate Standing Committee Chairs are Emily
be done to improve the schools sustainability President Nick will remain busy throughout tasks, has been working since July to plan Shaw (External Affairs) and Kevin Guzman
firsthand. President Nick has pushed for and we this school year as he continues to serve the events, organize for student representation (Finance). This team of leaders will engage the
will be seeing recycling bins for glass around students of WSUV and strives to strengthen in state and federal legislation, and ensure all Senate for an unparalleled level of productivity
the campus starting the first day of class. Also, his three core principles. And remember that he WSUV students are provided with a unique and and service.
many prizes and giveaways, like the frisbees has an open door policy and if you ever have engaging experience. You are encouraged to stop by the student
that will be flying around campus throughout any questions or want to say hi, he encourages Janine Johnston, Activities Director, has government offices in the Firstenburg Student
the first week of class, are made from recycled everyone to come by his office, located in the already planned and budgeted many events Commons to broaden your student experience.
materials and are themselves 100% recyclable. Firstenburg Student Commons Office Suite. for the coming year, which include monthly In addition, visit our web site at ASWSUV.
There are many ideas that President Nick has to Also, be sure to check out the upcoming “PB&J bowling nights at Crosley Lanes, the upcoming com to learn about the latest upcoming events,
continue along the route of making this campus Club” meeting. Back-to-School BBQ, a Cougars & Cowboys passed legislation, your student representatives,
more environmentally friendly. dance, and other activities. Peter Sterr, Director and more!

&&5 :0 6 3
%& /5

45 6
visit us to fill out an application



9/1 Back to School BBQ 11 a.m. The Quad - 9/2 Back to School BBQ 11 a.m. The Quad - 9/10 Free Bowling Night 9 p.m. Crosley Lanes




Student Association Campus Chapter!


Tuesday, Sep. 1
Wednesday, Sep. 2
vi e

1n 1t:h0

s i c

i e quad

C  ' B J S
$MV #2UP


9/16 Coffee Culture - 9/18 & 9/19 All-Campus Tailgate morning WSU Pullman - 9/22 Cougars & Cowboys 7 p.m. VFSC
The VanCougar
The Rant by Typewriter

The VanCougar is a student-run

B ottled water… Why are we paying for
something that we could get at home just by
newspaper serving the students, faculty lifting the tap and filling up a re-useable bottle?
and staff of WSU Vancouver. Copies Aquafina is Coca-Cola’s so thirst quenching
of The VanCougar are available free of brand of water. Now, I don’t know if you’ve
charge every other Monday during the
school year.
ever tasted it before, but it leaves a taste so bad
in your mouth, that even Coca-Cola won’t even Kara Goodwin: Step by Step
use it in there carbonated beverages. And why
What do you do after you graduate from
are bottled water plants putting the nutrition Global Nutrient Export from Watersheds
Katie Wells facts of water on the side? (Global NEWS) model, which Harrison is
How did Dick Cheney manage to shoot his college but still don’t know what you want to do working on with UNESCO’s Intergovernmental
Managing Editor friend, Harry Whittington when they were duck with your life? Oceanographic Commission.
Matthew Rafano hunting. All the hunters are supposed standing When Kara Goodwin graduated from Bryn Her work on the Central Valley as a test basin
in a line, right? I still can’t understand how Mawr College a few years ago, she knew for the larger Global NEWS model can be used
Adviser Dick managed to confuse the 77 year old man she wasn’t ready for graduate school. (She’d to point out areas where management should
Dean Baker in shocking orange for a small bird. And Why realized as a sophomore that her original pre- focus in regions with limited monitoring.
did the victim apologize to Dick anyway. med major wasn’t what she wanted.) Kara will finish her M.S. by the end of
Advertising Manager I now know why car salesmen get a bad rap. “I wanted to work in environmental science, the spring 2010 semester. She doesn’t know
In my 7 weeks of being one at a local Vancouver and I was interested in biogeochemistry, but what she’ll do next, or where she’ll go, but
Ben Ryan
lot, I realized that people just want to be left I didn’t know how to get into it,” she says. she believes the M.S. will give her plenty of
Campus News Editor alone and not pressured into buying a car. If they “So I took some time off, and then I found opportunities.
want help they will come and ask for assistance. an internship with the Student Conservation “I’m pretty open about where to go from
Jake Kleinschmidt
Not be thrown out to be fed on by the nearest Association.” here, but I think I can go as far with this degree
ACE Editor shark that comes lurking to your car door before She worked at the Fire Island National as I could with more schooling.”
you get out of their car. Plus knowing what the Seashore, monitoring threatened and If Kara were to offer advice to undergrads (or
Jess Davis
other car salesmen say about a customer really endangered shorebirds and helping evaluate anyone) uncertain about a career, she’d remind
Feature Editor makes me think that most cars salesmen are dirt deer populations for the USGS and Humane them that it’s okay not to know when you start
bags trying to milk you for everything you’ve Society. The internship provided only housing where you’ll end up. And she’d tell them to be
Danielle Tanner
got and giving you an almost insulting amount and a small stipend, but she loved it. willing to start with a short-term, low-paying
Student Involvement Editor for trade-ins. “I was close to home, I was living on the internship.
beach, I went out every morning and evening to “I had to work for nothing for a little while
Randeep Shergill
count deer, and I got to see places most people

Riddle me
to get my foot in the door. And that time in the
Student Government Editor never even know are there.” field gave me experience and confidence---and
Another internship, with the Cary Institute something to put on my resume.”
Adam Fox
of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY, let
her focus on biogeochemistry. “I’d found that

Sports Editor
Now Hiring! wildlife studies and biology weren’t for me. Kara Goodwin: Quick Profile
But working on the continuity between biology
Web Editor and the surrounding physical and chemical
environment, I found this was what I was Most influential book: “Ishmael,” by
Now Hiring!
interested in.” Daniel Quinn
Staff Writers 1. A man was to be sentenced, and the judge It was supposed to be a summer internship, Favorite musical group: U2
told him, “You may make a statement. If it is but they kept Kara on for two years. In her last
Louise Wynn, Matt Hunter, Amy Favorite song: Pride (In the Name of
true, I’ll sentence you to four years in prison. six months, the project managers gave her a
Thielen, Rup Brar, Dale Flamm, Charis chance to write a paper about her research. Love)
If it is false, I’ll sentence you to six years in
Jensen, and John McNett prison.” After the man made his statement, the “That was really generous of them,” Kara Favorite comic strip: XKCD
judge decided to let him go free. What did the says. “After collecting the data and organizing
Photographers man say? the results, it was good to follow it through, to Favorite indoor spots in Vancouver/
Joe Creager and Mark Balyshev figure out how to present the work.” Portland area: Amnesia Brewing
2. A man walks into a bar and asks for a Kara found out about an opening in WSUV’s Company (832 N Beech St Portland) and
Location: glass of water. The bartender pulls out a John Harrison’s lab through the Cary Institute
scientist she had worked with.
Andina (“a taste of Peru in the Pearl,”
shotgun and points it at him. The man says,
VCLS 212 thank you and leaves. Why? “And, by that point, I was ready to go to grad 1314 NW Glisan)
14024 NE Salmon Creek Ave.
school.” Favorite outdoor spot in Vancouver
Vancouver, WA 98686 3. You approach two talking doors. One She came to WSUV because of the campus
Phone: (360) 546-9524 area: Saddle Mountain, on a clear day
door leads to the City of Truth, while the other and Harrison’s enthusiasm. “It’s a small
door leads to the City of Liars. You do not community, so you can interact with everyone Philosophy of life: Be willing to take
know which door is which. You are able to ask in the program, and the facilities are much chances, and keep things in perspective.
E-mail the Editor-in-Chief better than on older campuses.”
and Managing Editor:
only one question to determine which door is Advice: Be willing to take temporary
which. The door that leads to the City of Liars In spite of her interning experiences, Kara always speaks lies, while the door that leads to found grad school intimidating. “As an intern,
positions, even though they may
the City of Truth always speaks the truth. You they tell you what to do and how to do it. In be short-term and/or low-paying.
E-mail the Section Editors: want to go to the City of Truth. What question graduate school, you’re more independent. On Experience working on research projects
do you ask to determine which door leads to the other hand, having worked with all those or with scientists and managers is
the City of Truth? people at various stages of their academic
careers gave me confidence.” great on a resume (even if you change
Advertising: 4. A man is lying dead with a backpack on, Kara is working on a computer model of the fields!) and the people you work with face down in the desert. What happened? dynamics of nitrogen transport in the Central will become important resources and
Valley of California. Nitrogen is a problem
in freshwater streams and rivers, where it references as you continue on in your
We are hiring! failed to open causes eutrophication and eventually pollutes career.
We are always hiring. No experience is neces- over a desert, but his parachute estuaries and the ocean. Her model uses the
sary; we will provide all the training you need 4. The man jumped out of a plane
in journalistic style, photography, and digital
print making. E-mail us at vancoug@vancouver. site door of what he tells you. or visit our office in CLS 212 for more
say”. And then you pick the oppo-
to the city of truth, what would he
information. ask the other door which door leads
3. You ask a door - “If I were to
Letters to the Editor
We encourage letters to the editor. Please include stop his hiccups as well.
your full name as part of the letter, and a phone the gun scared him which also help
number or e-mail address for confirmation fol- the water helped him stop it, and
low-up. Letters must be by a student, faculty, or 2. The man had the hiccups and
staff member. E-mail to vancouged@vancouver.
set the man free. contradict his own word, the judge
would make it true. Rather than
Advertising queries have to give him six years, which
Advertising information and rates can be found on years. If it was false, then he would
our web site at it false by sentencing him to four
cougar. E-mail then the judge would have to make
for quotes.
six years in prison.” If it was true,
1. He said, “You’ll sentence me to
Corrections policy
It is our policy to correct errors. Please contact the Answers

9/3 No classes; offices will be closed for Labor Day - 9/7 Last date to change a course from graded to pass/fail - 9/14 Last day to change a credit to audit

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Once you’ve set your mind to do good, keep at it until
you’re satisfied. Persistence and hard work will be the best habits you can develop
this school year.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Feeling sad lately? Allow yourself to look for happi-
Michelle McIlvoy: Student Involvement Manager ness in the faces of your friends, in the beautiful natural places around campus, and in
your own heart.
Birthday: September 14
Personality Traits: Helpful, reliable, committed to Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): You’re halfway between birthdays, a satisfying place to
excellence, intelligent, witty, and practical. look around at what you’ve accomplished--and set new goals for the rest of the year.
Husband’s Sign: Libra What do you want for yourself? How will you reach that?
Compatibility: The Virgo gets along best with
Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. One should Aries (March 21-April 19): It’s not true that Mars is going to be especially close to
try to avoid both Gemini and Sagittarius. Earth this month. And it doesn’t matter, anyway, because what you do know is that
VIRGO your success this semester will be determined by your own hard work.

Virgo (August 23-Sept. 22): Whatever you do, expect those around you to treat you Taurus (April 20-May 20): You may be ruled by Venus, but don’t let your love life
with respect. Don’t let anyone abuse you or take advantage of you. You are worth interfere with your studies. Can you turn one of those “study sessions” into a real
every good thing that has happened in your life so far, and much more. homework fest?

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Your tendency to wait and see may have kept you from Gemini (May 21-June 21): Ah, skeptical Gemini, both feet on the ground while your
taking some bold and worthwhile decisions. Now is a good time to face the future as head is in the skies: Take the advice your friends have for you this semester. Even
an opportunity to enjoy, not a challenge to worry about. free advice is better than none.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21): Just signing up for classes has been a big step. But it’s Cancer (June 22-July 22): Are you worried about compatibility issues? What mat-
only a springboard to fantastic development and experiences you will never regret. ters is the effort you put into any relationship. Be flexible and open-minded, and
Now you’re ready to make the big leap. you’ll find that you’re compatible with just about everyone.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You’re hiding a lot of characteristics that would en- Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): You’re an animal, but not a beast. Your power, which comes
dear you to people, if they could see a little deeper. Don’t wait for those good traits to from your forceful nature and ability to voice your opinions, won’t be diminished by
appear. Let your light shine now! softening a little toward your loved ones. Try it!
Madame L
Staff Astrologist

I ’m addicted to a few things in life. They

Maybe Those Clingers and Haters

include sleeping, playing sports, watching ‘The
Office,’ and reading ‘Texts From Last Night.’

Have you ever been to that web site? It could
Don’t Deserve Health care very well be the greatest invention on earth.
Or at least on the internet. If you don’t know
ello everyone! I’d like to take this time
to welcome everyone back to WSUV! And

If you have managed to listen to the Flock to Town Hall Meetings,” we are still
being told that these concerned citizens (which
what TFLN is, you’ll need to get to a computer
immediately and look it up. The End.
greetings to all the new incoming freshmen and
transfer students as well. For those that don’t
news over the summer, you will probably be polls tell us are in the majority) are dangerous, Next on the agenda would be the fact that I know me, I am Matthew and I am the managing
under the impression that town hall meetings racist misinformed bigots. need to control my impulsiveness a bit more. It editor of this paper.
designed to discuss the health care reform bill But why is this? The answer lies, I think, in is hard to do since I have ADHD, but I really So ROAR was pretty much amazing this
have been hijacked by irrational, loud, violent practically every video of a town hall meeting I should work on it. For instance, on the final day year, with many incoming freshmen and transfer
protesters. These protesters, you will know, have seen. One of the opponents of the health of school last semester, I decided I wanted a students roaming the campus and learning more
are either employed by lobbyist groups or are care reform bill takes the mike and with the bill puppy. Within one hour, I had purchased a black about WSUV. One part that was particularly
being frightened into coming by lies about the in their hand refers to a section that concerns lab puppy from the Humane Society and named awesome was the ending ceremony and raffle
contents of the bill. them. Invariably the congressman will dodge him Tucker. Conveniently, it rhymes with... that took place out in the amphitheater. Although
If you have followed the news closely, you the question, failing to even address the part of yeah. I love my puppy, but he is definitely a it was a bit on the warmer side that day, it was
will know that some of these annoying protestors the bill the citizen has read from. handful. I should learn to think things through great to get out there. And note to self: I must
are “using Brown Shirt tactics” (Rep. Brian Now, if you are a congressman who before just doing them. learn our fight song… GO COUGS!
Baird) and “carrying swastikas” (Speaker of the actually believes that the health care reform Let’s see. Did you guys read the new Ok so something that’s really exciting is the
House Nancy Pelosi). And, if you happened bill is something your constituents will want if ‘SEXpert’ column? If not, check it out. Then, green initiative that our student president, Nick
to be watching MSNBC, you might have been they understand what it really is, you will do when you’re dying to get some valid advice Ferderer, is pushing: Be Crimson. Go Green.
enlightened by Carlos Watson, who explained everything within your power to dispel whatever from our Sexpert, just e-mail us a question. The campus will be trying to implement more
that when opponents at these town hall meetings misunderstandings they have about the bill. We’ll hook you up. environmentally friendly practices, including
call Obama a “socialist,” it is really a code word But Congress knows that there are parts of the Have you ever had a dance party? I did the the addition of glass recycling bins, which I’m
for the dreaded “N word.” health care reform bill that the American people other day in my sister’s car. It was pretty sweet. personally stoked about, considering that I am
Rarely, I fear, has the news strayed so far are simply not prepared to support. I think we should have one at the school. In the an avid SOBE drinker, and last year I had no
from the truth. Apart from raised voices and But why not abandon a bill that your VanCougar office to be exact. I’ll bring a strobe place to recycle my bottles.
some shoving in Miami, the town halls have constituents will not support? light, KOUG will DJ, and you guys just have to Another exciting development here at
been completely free of violence. Unless, of Whether wittingly or not, liberals see show up. Don’t worry, we won’t charge anyone WSUV that has been talked about already
course, the attack on a protester by pro-health themselves in an epic tale of progress; members until we start to get a steady group coming in is the brand new, shiny Underclasspersons
care reform union members in St. Louis is of a world that can be improved and, indeed, and we are resembling something more like a Building. Although it puzzles me that they call
included. And after much searching, it seems perfected if only they try hard enough. With nightclub than a newspaper. it an underclasspersons building while many
that no one has a single picture of an arthritic such an ideology, it is little wonder that liberals The other day in our staff meeting, we went upperclasspeople are taking classes there. Stuff
grandma waving a swastika. are frustrated and angry when they are opposed over crazy dreams. It was entertaining. I learned to ponder…
Despite the best efforts of the media, there by loud blunt people at these town halls? They that the majority of my staff has had a nightmare If you’re looking for extra activities, be sure
is no proof that the crowds showing up at town are unable to convince these stubborn people about showing up to school in their underwear. to also check out the numerous registered school
hall meetings to oppose the health care reform that more government- the agent by which I take that back, they seem to have repeated organizations this campus has going. There are
bill are being funded by lobbyists or insurance Progress can be brought about- will make their nightmares about it. Strange. That reminds me. at least fifty, spanning from a motorcycle club
companies. On the contrary, special interest lives better. Such people, these politicians Yesterday I was finding clothes in my bedroom to a chess club. The diversity of this campus’s
groups who support the reform are openly hiring assume, must be filled with so much hate and and a giant spider came running at my face. I activities ensures that everyone can find the
people to fill the ranks of health care supporters superstition that they are incapable of seeing woke my little brother up and made him kill it right group to become involved with. And if
at these meetings. how much good the health care bill will bring while I was freaking out. there isn’t one that suits you, just keep in mind
According to the Los Angeles Times, an to America. Unabashedly, they brand their Where was I going with this? Oh, right. So that you can always start your own club. Check
umbrella organization called The Fund for the opponents with the most taboo terms of our I used to have nightmares about being stuck out the details at the school’s web site.
Public Interest is hiring people through Craigslist age. on a spider web while a giant purple spider So as classes begin, remember to study hard,
at a rate of 15 dollars an hour to demonstrate for If only they knew history, for in this was coming to eat me. He had a top hat. have fun, and get involved! There are many
health care reform at the town hall meetings. A despicable action they resemble what they most Arachnophobia is the only explanation for why avenues to do such on this wonderful campus
number of unions around the nation have also fear to be called. Like earlier socialists, they in the world that would scare me. and I hope to see each and every one of you
been accused of artificially swelling the pro- have shown that they are willing to use racial This was fun, see you in two weeks! around. Especially at the Back to School BBQ
reform presence at town halls. and class tensions to bring about Progress. (although it is technically a Grill…) on Sept.
And yet, outside the realm of right-wing Given the history of the 20th century, this (919): so I was just driving [around] and 1 and 2 in the Quasi-Quad area wherein the
journalism, these serious errors have largely not should be a sobering thought. I stopped to let a pinecone cross the road Firstenburg Fountain is located. Be there or be
been criticized and have even been supported. because I thought it was a hedgehog. square. And remember: UNLEASH THE
Instead of the headline “Passionate Citizens COUGAR! e4.

9/18 Last date to drop a course without record; after this date, $5 is charged and a ‘W’ appears on transcript - 9/19 Last day to pay tuition prior to 5 percent late fee

Soccer Outdoor Open Convocation 2009

Fall Classes Begin Play @ 3:30 p.m. VADM 129,
8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Cardio Combo, Clark Cardio Combo, Clark

Center 20, 12:15 p.m. Center 20, 12:15 p.m.
College Color Day
- 12:45 p.m. Soccer Outdoor Open
Yoga Class, Clark Show off your Crimson
Yoga Class, Clark Cen- Play @3:30 p.m.
Center 20, 1 p.m. and Gray
ter 20, 1 p.m. - 1:40

Graffiti Art Demo 10

a.m. - 4 p.m.
‘Animals in Popular Soccer Outdoor Open WSU Pullman Vs.
Culture’ Mark Berret- Play @3:30 p.m. Hawaii
tini, VUCB 125, Noon

Cardio Combo, Clark Cougar Networking

Center 20, 12:15 p.m. Night
MBA Info Night, Soccer Outdoor Open
Yoga Class, Clark VADM 129, 6 p.m. Play @ 3:30 p.m.
Center 20, 1 p.m.
Basketball Open Play

Archery Indoor
Instruction, Archery Chancellor’s Seminar Alumni at
DTC Information Series Fall 2009, VFSC, Winterhawks
World, 7:30 p.m. Soccer Outdoor Open
Night, VFSC, 6 p.m. 11:45 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., Opening Night,
Student Cost: $5 Play @3:30 p.m.
$25 7 p.m.
Nonstudent Cost: $10 Basketball Open Play

Basketball Open Play

Exclusive back-to-school savings

for Washington State University-Vancouver students.

> Bring this ad and your student ID
to an AT&T store and mention
FAN #2912971 for offer or visit:

AT&T STORE 6715 NE 63rd St., Vancouver, WA 98685

*AT&T imposes: a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge of up to $1.25 to help defray costs incurred in complying with obligations and charges imposed by State and Federal telecom regulations; State and Federal Universal Service
charges; and surcharges for government assessments on AT&T. These fees are not taxes or government-required charges.

$36 per line Sponsorship Fee may apply when enrolling your account to take advantage of corporate discounts.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Limited-time offer. May require a 2-year agreement on a qualified plan. Other conditions & restrictions apply. See contract & rate plan brochure for details. Subscriber must live & have a mailing addr. within AT&T’s owned wireless network
coverage area. Equipment price & avail may vary by mrk & may not be available from independent retailers. Purchase of additional equipment, services, or features may be required. Not all features available on all devices or in all areas. Early Termination Fee:
None if cancelled in the first 30 days, but up to $35 restocking fee may apply to equipment returns; thereafter up to $175. Some agents impose add’l fees. Unlimited voice services: Unltd voice svcs are provided solely for live dialog between two individuals. No
additional discounts are available with unlimited plan. Offnet Usage: If your voice or messaging service usage (including unltd svcs) during any two consecutive months or data service usage (including unltd svcs) during any month on other carriers’ networks
(“offnet usage”) exceed your offnet usage allowance, AT&T may at its option terminate your svc, deny your contd use of other carriers’ coverage, or change your plan to one imposing usage charges for offnet usage. Your offnet usage allowance is equal to the lesser
of 750 mins or 40% of the Anytime mins, the lesser of 24 MB or 20% of the MB incl’d with your plan, or the lesser of 3,000 messages or 50% of the messages included with your plan. AT&T will provide notice that it intends to take any of the above actions, and you
may terminate the agreement. Monthly discount: Available to qualified employees of companies and/or government agencies and qualified students and employees of colleges/universities with a qualified business agreement (“Business Agreement”). Service
discount subject to corresponding Business Agreement and may be interrupted and/or discontinued without notice to you. Service discount applies only to the monthly service charge of qualified plans and not to any other charges. A minimum number of employees,
minimum monthly service charge for qualified plans, additional AT&T services, or other requirements may apply for discount eligibility. Discounts may not be combined. Offer subject to change. Additional conditions and restrictions apply. If you have a question about
available discounts and/or your eligibility, you can contact your company’s telecommunications manager. Excludes iPhoneTM plans. Copyright ©2009 LG Electronics, Inc. All rights reserved. All materials in this advertisement that feature any LG Electronics, Inc. service
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