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IIT Ropar Ph.

d, Deadline over, IIT Bhubhaneshwar no data available, companies : he following companies opted our
students for summer internship during 2011, Inc. Ambuja Cement Allcargo lobal !ogistics !td. C"# $%&ech#a mb' $$ (")*+ ammon India !td. ," Infrastructure e-n, 'ilti, !iechtenstein 'industan ,otors I." Itas/a India 01t. !td. #ational Instruments #$C '$! .2stem &echnologies #a2a/ 0ower .2stems 0ower&ech Consultants 0arr2s .ugar Industries .cott 3ilson &e%as Instruments &ata ,otors !td. &C. ")4 &ata C"! &'-"#&-# &-,A.$&&I &otal $n1ironment &o2ota 5er1e Consulting 3*, Construction 3arwic/ ,anufacturing roup 6eus #umeri% II& '2derabad 7 The Placement Cell at IITH was established in the

ear !"#" with the prime ob$ective o% providin& career opportunities to the students. The %irst &raduatin& batch '(.Tech !"")*!"##+ has activel participated in this ear,s campus placements. Thou&h ,a small &roup o% &raduatin& (techs '!- re&istered students+, the placement season has seen an overwhelmin& response %rom the industr with ." companies re&isterin& %or placements. Internships %or B.Tech/s also witnessed the same euphoria. 0o admission data is available.1round -" companies in total. Collaboration with $apan. IIT 2andhina&ar Ph.d 3ast date:) april !"#! start earl phd pro&ramme IIT Patna: (arch 1pril Ph.d. advertisement Iit ra$asthan : chec4

IIT MAndi : MS,

The importantorganizations/ Institutionswithwhomcollaborationshave beenfinalized/ underprogressin respectof IIT Mandiare as follows:1. Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden - MoU signed for exchange of faculty and students, and collaboration in research.


IT University, Copenhagen, Denmark - exchange visits of students and faculty.


Stuttgart University and the TU9 Institutions, Germany - MoU signed for exchange of faculty and students, and collaboration in research.


Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland - joint research in atomic and molecular physics.


University of Western Ontario, Canada - discussions in progress.


India-UK Advanced Technology Centre - participation in research on next generation networks

No placement Data Available.

IIT Indore : Ph.d . no placement data

IIIT Allahabad excellent placements, high 40 lac, avg : lacs, ms, phd, mtech, !ees high"doc#,last date !or ph.d . $ march IIIT %abalp&r mtech, ph.d.colloboration 'ith (apan, )* companies IIIT +anchip&ram : ph.d., , companies IIIT -'alior : )$.. highest pac+, /T012 n P2.d 3or both, it4s o'n entrance test IIIT"Int4l# 25drebad : 6'n entrance test, excellent placement, 2igh !ees" )+ per sem#. Ph.d, /7: *0 lacs highest pac+age google, avg salara5 arnd lacs IIIT"Int4l# 8angalore: /7, Phd, /Tech: 1ond&ct o'n entrance test b&t 'aiver !or good -AT0 scorers, excellent placements, !ee is high IIIT"Int4l# P&ne: I-N69, Ph.d, /7, /tech, excellent placements, I8/, Nasscom IIIT"Int4l# 8h&vanesh'ar: associated 'ith 8P9T, /tech, Ph.d. IIIT 8asar"Int4l# : :-9+T, II70: P&ne: /7, Ph.d. in /athematics"N28/ exam is comp&lsor5#

II70: Thir&: Ph.d. in /aths"-AT0# II70: /ohali: Ph.d. in /aths"-AT0# April 0* $0)$ last date