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Production Diary

26th September Formation of the group. Each member pitched their individual ideas for the project. Decided on James Zombie apocalypse public information film. Quick brainstorm of ideas for style and substance.

3rd October Each produced a mind map with various ideas. Decided on a airplane safety card style animation. Pitched general concept to the class. First meeting with Meg & Tony.

8th October Collaborated our individual scripts based on survival tips. Compiled a list of the best tips and rewrote them into one script.

10th October Meeting with Tony about the script. Changed a few aspects of the script. Started storyboards for each of the four parts of the script.

11th - 17th October Each person works on their respective storyboard sections ready to start the anamatic.

18th October Scanned all the storyboard images in ready for use in the animatic.

20th October Had the backing music made.

21st October Created a rough anamatic.

22nd October Recorded a rough copy of the voiceover. Synced with the animatic.

24th October Redrew some of the storyboards to better fit with the animatic.

28th October Scanned the new images for the storyboards. Worked on adding the new images into the animatic.

29th October Added the backing track to the anamatic. Final editing before the presentation.

31st October Presentation and anamatic shown to the class.

4th November Recorded all the videos reading for rotascoping, acting out the scenarios in the animatic.

5th November Each made a short test animation from the videos we recoded.

6th November Re- recorded all videos with a higher quality camera so the rotascoping would be easier.

7th November Set out a schedule for the production. Each person to have their respective sections done for three weeks time.

11th - 15th November Started rotascoping our individual sections. 13th November - Decide to use a text to speech converter for the voiceover.

18th - 22nd November Second week of rotascoping our individual sections.

25th - 29th November Final week of rotascoping. Working on the title card images on Photoshop.

2nd December Rough editing of the assets so that they are in time with the voiceover.

3rd December Main bulk of the voiceover synced to the assets. Added in the still images such as the title cards.

4th December Added music to the animation. Also added in the graphical signs and symbols. Final tweaks to the introduction cards and timings. Created credits.