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Yoga for better health Kailash ch sabat-7207884783 Still yoga finds opposition from many quarters like Cricket PsudoSecular politicians Allopathic Bhakti cult Even struggle in yoga organizations Zyms However different organizations feel satisfaction on account that their organization is the best one

If you follow reiki the features are Psychology-that diseases follow ones mental state. Chakra activation. Distance healing Crystal usages Listening to Music Movement of pranic energy And not much importance to pranayam

Ramdev Baba-Patanjali
Ayurved Pranayam Anuloma viloma on short cycles up to 15 minutes Kapalbhati for 10-15 minutes
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Vastrika Push ups of many varieties-ans zymnastic Yoga postures Agnisar and nauli

Ambika yoga Kutir Mumbai Udiyan Long breathing pranayams specialization up to 2 hrs duration Agnisar Badhapadmasana Control of prana bayu-Prana ,apana ,samana etc Bayusay-and vajroli Sarvangasana Mahaveda Sankhaprakshalan and Surya namaskar Dwipada sirasana Kandhapidasana Ashiwini Mudra Supta usthrasana and sputa dhanurasana Ambika has 100 branches in Maharasthra and in Canada and Australia also.Group demonastration and a student demonastratin postures with candle on agyachakra is very rare performance around. Divine life society society Uthit padasana Karma yoga ,Gyana yoga theory Old sadhak following Shirshasana Bhagwat gita Marital art type exercises. Guru like god Chidananda Chidananda Chidananda pahimam Shivananda Shivananda Shivananda Rakshamam GGM,Hyderabad. Total fitness exercise.All joints opening of all body parts Micro yoga-Eye Hand exercise Leg movement Air chewing Head /shoulder movement
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Yoga jugging Waist rotation PT exercise Knee rotation Merudandasana Aswini mudra Baithak on different foot positions Manthan kriya Upside jumping

Also Dynamic yoga Kapalbhati Suryanamaskar Sankha prakshalan And Dhouti kriyas like eye cleaning,tratak,Sutra neti and Jaladhouti,vastra dhouti Parvatasana and upward stretchings

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Once I proposed surve sir in Ambika why dont we open branches in all state capital in India.But sir told we are thinking and Ambika has not developed its Ayurvedic potentials and books mainly published in Hindi or Marathi only. In Gandhi also I proposed a monthly magazine and Pranayam classes.GGM has only 3 branches with around 500 student turn out daily as explained to us. All organistions claim that their set of exercises are the best for health practices.Not only claim but lakhs of people have been cured and benefitted from them. So it may be concluded that consistency performance and trying for perfection is the key factor for success in all the different ways leading to better health for body and spirit. An article by Kailash Entertaining India since last 12 years

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