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mily velayudhan T.K Velayudhan, M., 2011.Competency mapping of the employees-a study. International conference on information communication and management, vol.16. Competency mapping is a strategic HR framework for monitoring the performance and development of human resource in organizations. Regardless of whatever happens to the future of software in India, the people who are outstanding in their performance will continue to be in demand and will keep rising and for this the human resource of each organization should develop the competencies, which they have in order to compete with the highly competitive market. Their competencies where studied in depth to bridge the gap of the lacking competency which would help the employees to outshine which would help the organization to lead its goal through its objectives.

Shruti ahuja Ahuja, S., 2012. Competency Mapping At Managerial Level In Special Reference To Hotel Clerks Amer, Jaipur, A Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research, vol.1 (1). The competency framework serves as the foundation for all HR applications. As a result of competency mapping, all the HR processes like talent induction, management development, appraisals and training yield much better results. In this paper it is been elucidated existing competencies in the targeted group and gaps between required and existing competencies, identify the training and development needs of individual. Managers were interviewed with the help of questionnaire to identify gaps between existing competencies and required competencies. This study reveals suggested training program and incentive plans for the employees.

MRS. B. R. CELIA*; MR. M. KARTHICK** Celia, B.R. & Karthick, M., 2012. Competency Mapping Of Employees In The Power Sector With Special Reference To Chennai, International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research, Vol.2 (1). A competency profile can include core competencies, which identify those core values that all staff members should demonstrate, managerial competencies, relevant for management positions and functional/technical competencies that are specific to functional areas. Competency is the ability of an individual to perform a job properly. Some scholars see competence as a combination of knowledge, skills and behavior used to improve performance; or as the state or quality of being adequately or well qualified, having the ability to perform a specific role. The study has revealed that the competency level of all the departments are correlated and has been suggested that peer group training could be conducted , recognition & rewards may be given to the employees on performance `and continuous measure an competency may be enhanced to improve employees skills. Hence these measures that are fundamental factors to competency would obviously lead to enhanced performance of companies.

S. BALAJI*; D. VIMALA** Balaji, S. & Vimal, D., 2012. A Study On Competency Mapping In Adecco Service Organizations, Chennai. Asia Pacific Journal Of Marketing & Management Review, vol.1 (3). Competency may be defined as an ability of an individual to do a job properly. Competency Mapping is a process of identifying the gap of an individuals performance or job related skills in order to fill those gaps through effective training. The primary aim of this Study is to identify the difference between the performance of Employee of Adecco Service Organization at Chennai and the secondary aim is to identify the competency gap of employee based on the 11 dimensions taken for Competency Mapping.