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Homeopathic HGH
Part of the aging process involves a progressive loss of the ability to regulate cellto-cell[1] signaling within the endocrine system. Homeopathic medicines work by strengthening cell signaling[2] within the endocrine system rather than try to replace complex hormones. T here seems to be a prevailing misunderstanding concerning homeopathic HGH.

While its true, the actual HGH molecule is too large to be absorbed sub-lingually (under the tongue).
Homeopathy[3] does not attempt to have the actual large HGH molecule be absorbed sub-lingually (under the tongue). T he real HGH molecules and the base solution are subjected to a long and intense process of homeopathic succussion and dilution. T his process combines molecular biotechnolgy, homeopathic preparation and bioelectric medicine to create a base solution that is potentiated with the properties and characteristics of the original active ingredient (human growth hormone). T his means the solution has taken on the properties and abilities of the original active ingredient (human growth hormone). Essentially becoming a homeopathic signaling molecule . T hese signaling molecules help to reestablish the cell-to-cell communication in the hormonal system through specif ic pathwayscell receptor sites. T he entire concept of homeopathy strives to persuade your body to working properly on its own by signaling these critical receptor sites.

Homeopathy strives to bring the body into homeostasis (balance) gently and steadily
T he body is designed f or self -regulatory processes homeopathic hgh f ocuses on healthy aging within the conf ines of a persons own self -regulatory processes. Homeopathic hgh provides bio-available signals which attempt to mimic the subtleties of the f eedback loops of the endocrine system. Homeopathy assures saf ety and continual support of the bodys natural processes. Samual Hahnemann, M.D., developed homeopathy in the early 1800s. T he word homeopathy means, like treats like. In other words, a symptom that results f rom taking a substance in its raw f orm can be alleviated by taking the same substance in a highly diluted and properly succussed, or shaken f orm.

Dr. Hahnemann developed the well-known Law of Similars af ter years of observing the interactions between drugs and the body. He identif ied two elements underlying the f undamental principle of pharmacology, i.e., a drug has a physiologic ef f ect on the body and the body reacts positively and negatively to a drug, producing symptoms. Dr. Hahnemann discovered by diluting drugs, serially into homeopathic compounds, he could encourage patients to experience important the positive attributes of a drug without having their associated negative reactions. References: [1] National Center f or Biotechnology Inf ormation. General Principles of Cell Signaling. Available f rom: [2] Biology Arizona Edu. Cell Signaling Problem Set. Available f rom: [3] WebMD. What is homeopathy?. Available f rom: