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Knights of Light ©

This is a general flow chart of our Probate process (Proving our “Will”). (as of 4/2013)

The Announcement of Be­living and Sovereign Authority

Inter Vivos Trust , NOT a Testamentary: (The testator is Who is referred to by the Executor, as is DEAD.) The Inter Vivos is an Announcement by the Be‐living, Claiming the estate DURING one’s life time.

The Will and Testament: i.e. Kennedy or Rockefeller Type.

• Declaration of Trust:

• Private IRRVOCABLE Trust

Ecclesiastical Deed Poll: this is confirmation for another authority of your Be‐living status and Given Name.

Knights of Light © This is a general flow chart of our Probate process (Proving our

Correcting the Master File

Knights of Light © This is a general flow chart of our Probate process (Proving our

Here is the foundation of following the IRS’s guide lines, to establish,

within it’s system, the entities proper status for their reference.

Know this: All Commercial infiltrating Quasi­Government agencies keep a master file on virtually everyone. That file is what they all share, probably world wide, and determine what one’s “status” is and what protocols they will engage with anyone. So this is why we set their record straight.

• SS­4’s, IRS form. Used to claim the NAME and Change it’s status different than citizen/resident (1) for Corp, which is done on Line, (2) Foreign Grantor Trust Via Phone call, this is the 98‐xxxxxxx # , then

(3) Estate SSN (Junk and Salvage) which is done on Line establish EINs for each . The (2) EINs are the 45 or 46‐xxxxxxx #s. IT IS IMPORTANT TO DO THEM IN THIS ORDER

8832’s, IRS forms are used to move the three into the Foreign Grantor Trust

They must be faxed or taken to the IRS for File dated Stamps. 1 each for them 1 each for your file.

The A Foreign Grantor Trust is one that has:

1) A Grantor which can not be a U.S. person , 2) A Trustee which can not be a U.S. person , 3) A Beneficiary which can not be a U.S. person .

The OBJECTIVE IS TO show every factual intent that the living man has no semblance of a corporate fiction that might be construed to be a U.S. person. This in part is established by and within the Inter Vivos Trust Therefore:

• Cancel Voters Registration: This removes you from the assumption of the citizen‐ship • Cancel Drivers License: This removes you from the assumption of the Residency

International Driving Permit/ IDP • Transfer of Automobile Titles into the Trust / • Acquiring Foreign Organization Car Plates Revocation and rescission of all presumed Power of Attorney .

Rescission of Contract in your state's Secretary of State office.

• Release of Powers of Appointment / get an Apostille on the documents at the same visit to the secretary of state's office.


• 3520, IRS form, Is a Form for Gathering information on “The Accounts” the countee and Privateers have been pilfering. The activity on the estate that needs to be returned to thee.

• 14039 , IRS form, Identity Theft Affidavit • Claim of Identity Theft:

It has become apparent that my identity has been thieved without my consent and under fraudulent intent . This is evident by the fact that my signatures, finger­prints and hand­prints have been used to the purposes of making securities ventures for private gain without my acceptance or consent under full discloser of intent by the perpetrators.”