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December 2008 D-2 Exhibit D Engineering Description Susquehanna 500 kV: A 0 !

!-mi"e section o# ne$ 500 kV sing"e circuit transmission "ine #rom %%& E"ectric's Susquehanna 500 kV Substation north to a connection point $ith an existing "ine section that is current"( energi)e* at 2+0 kV but *esigne* #or 500 kV operation ,n this section- tangent an* "ight ang"e structures .ang"es "ess than +0 *egrees *e#"ection/ $i"" be 2-po"e 0-#rame t(pe stee" po"e structures insta""e* $ith three hori)onta""( con#igure* phases an* t$o o1erhea* groun* $ires abo1e the phase con*uctors 0ea1( ang"e structures $i"" consist o# +-po"e stee" structures $ith phases hori)onta""( con#igure* an* t$o o1erhea* groun* $ires abo1e the phase con*uctors 2ne o1erhea* groun* $ire $i"" be an o1erhea* groun* $ire $ith #iber optic cab"es insi*e .32%456/7 the other $i"" be a stran*e* stee" cab"e o1erhea* groun* $ire .320456/ A"" structures $i"" be insta""e* on concrete #oun*ations7 a**itiona""(- some structures ma( be gu(e* 8here $i"" be approximate"( #i1e .5/ structures in this section $ith an a1erage span o# 9:5 #eet 8he propose* structure t(pes are sho$n in %hoto D-2 8(pica" structures in this segment $i"" range #rom :50 to :!5 #eet ta"" A *escription o# the #i1e ma;or "ine segments is as #o""o$s: Segment :: An existing 2! 9-mi"e "ong 500 kV sing"e circuit "ine section- "ocate* bet$een Susquehanna an* a point near %%& E"ectric's Stanton Substation- "ocate* near %ittston- $i"" uti"i)e an existing 2+0 kV "ine that $as initia""( *esigne* an* bui"t in the :!90s $ith tubu"ar stee" 0-<rame structures an* *esigne* #or u"timate 500 kV operation 8he "ine uti"i)es *oub"e-bun*"e 2=!+ A>A? 5=@+9 con*uctors .t$o per phase on :8-inch subcon*uctor spacing/ an* t$o :!A! A"umo$e"* con*uctors #or o1erhea* groun* $ires 8(pica""(- the right-o#-$a( is 200-#eet $i*e 8his "ine section $i"" be reconnecte* at both en*s to pro1i*e the nee*e* 500 kV path 2ne o# the existing o1erhea* groun* $ires $i"" be rep"ace* $ith one ne$ +B #iber 2%45 A =50-#oot section o# existing 2+0 kV "ine current"( connecting the +0-mi"e section to Stanton Substation $i"" be remo1e* Existing structure t(pes are sho$n in %hoto D-2 8(pica" structures in this segment are approximate"( :20 #eet ta"" --------------------------------

Lattice tower
A lattice tower is a framework construction made of steel or aluminum sections. Lattice towers are used for power lines+ of all voltages, and are the most common type for high-voltage transmission lines. Lattice towers are usually made of galvanized steel. Aluminum is used for reduced weight, such as in mountainous areas where structures are placed by helicopter. Aluminum is also used in environments that would be corrosive to steel. The e tra material cost of aluminum towers will be offset by lower installation cost. !esign of aluminum lattice towers is similar to that for steel, but must take into account aluminum"s lower #oung"s modulus+.

500-kV 4a"1ani)e* &attice Stee" StructuresB &attice stee" to$ers are #abricate* $ith ga"1ani)e* stee" members treate* to pro*uce a *u""e*9 ga"1ani)e* #inish 8he a1erage *istance bet$een 500-kV to$ers is :-200 to :-+00 #eet Structure8 heights 1ar( *epen*ing on terrain an* the requirement to maintain minimum con*uctor ! c"earances #rom groun* 8he 500-kV sing"e-circuit to$ers 1ar( in height #rom :=5 to :80 #eet :0 8ab"e C-: *escribes the approximate number an* t(pe o# structures b( segmentst(pica":: height- t(pica" *istances bet$een structures- an* temporar( an* permanent *isturbance areas:2 b( structure 2 : + Structure <oun*ations :: 8he 500-kV sing"e -circuit "attice stee" structures each require #our #oun*ations $ith one:2 on each o# the #our corners o# the "attice to$ers 8he #oun*ation *iameter an*

*epth $i"":+ be *etermine* *uring #ina" *esign an* are *epen*ent on the structure t(pe an* t(pe o#:= soi" or rock present at each speci#ic site 8(pica""(- the #oun*ations #or the sing"e-circuit:5 tangent "attice to$ers are compose* o# stee"-rein#orce* concrete *ri""e* piers $ith a:B t(pica" *iameter o# = #eet an* a *epth o# approximate"( 22 #eet 8(pica" #oun*ation:9 *iameters an* *epths #or the sing"e -circuit structure #ami"ies are sho$n in 8ab"e C-2 :8 8ab"e C-2 <oun*ation Exca1ation Dimensions StructureDo o#0o"es Depth .#eet/ Diameter .#eet/ >oncrete .cubic (ar*s/ 500-kV Sing"e >ircuit - 8angent &attice 8o$er = 22 0 = =: 500-kV Sing"e >ircuit - Sma"" Ang"e &attice 8o$er = 2= 5 = =B 500-kV Sing"e >ircuit - Ee*ium Ang"e &attice 8o$er = 29 0 = 50 500-kV Sing"e >ircuit - Ee*ium Dea*-En* &attice 8o$er:@ = 2! 5 5 8B 500-kV Sing"e >ircuit - 0ea1( Dea*-En* &attice 8o$er = +2 0 5 !+ :! :@ 3Dea*-en* structure6 t(pica""( re#ers to a structure that is p"ace* at a point $here the transmission "ine requires 20 extra support *ue to a sharp change in 1ertica" or hori)onta" *irection 2: 8he 2+0-kV an* +=5kV sing"e-circuit 0-#rame structures are *irect"( embe**e* into the 22 groun* an* *o not require concrete #oun*ations 8he embe*ment *epth is t(pica""( 2+ :0 percent o# the po"e "ength p"us 2 #eet #or 2+0-kV an* :0 percent o# the po"e "ength 2= p"us 5 #eet #or +=5-kV- $hich #or the %ro;ect is expecte* to be bet$een ! an* :2 #eet 25 .2+0-kV/ an* bet$een := an* :8 #eet .+=5-kV/ base* on the structure heights propose* 2B #or the %ro;ect 8he *iameter o# the ho"e exca1ate* #or embe*ment is t(pica""( the po"e 29 *iameter p"us :8 inches 5hen a po"e is p"ace* in a ho"e- nati1e or se"ect back#i"" $i"" be 28 use* to #i"" the 1oi*s aroun* the perimeter o# the ho"e 2! Depen*ing on un*er"(ing soi" an* rock con*itions- the +=5-kV 0-#rames ma( be +0 supporte* b( stee"-rein#orce* concrete *ri""e* piers A**itiona""(- a"" +=5-kV ang"e +: structures $i"" be se"#-supporting .i e no gu(s/ such that the( $i"" require concrete *ri""e* +2 pier #oun*ations 8he #oun*ation *iameter an* *epth $i"" be *etermine* *uring #ina" ++ *esign an* are *epen*ent on the structure t(pe an* t(pe o# soi" or rock present at each += speci#ic site ,# require*- each stee" po"e o# a +=5-kV structure $i"" ha1e its o$n *ri""e* +5 pier #oun*ation