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Alloy-TiC-Steel Bonded Titanium Carbide Alloy


Modern wire rod mills often reach an exit speed of over 100 m/sec.
This high speed causes several problems on roller guides, roller breakage, bearing
failure, short groove life, etc. Guide rollers rotate at an approximate speed of about
30,000 r.p.m. Since their failure function is to guide the rod, they are exposed to
temperatures of 800 - 1,000℃ and high physical stress.

Moreover, they are subjected to extremely high instantaneous acceleration from rest
position to rod finishing speed. Because they come into contact with abrasive slags, the
surfaces tends to pick up impure materials.

Its lightness helps reduce loads / impacts on bearings, thus increasing their life and
consequently saving maintenance / operation cost. Besides, it is slightly magnetic, thus
minimizing the material pick-up.

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Alloy-TiC-Steel Bonded Titanium Carbide Alloy

Advantages of Alloy-TiC® Guide rollers with the finest TiC

- Finest rounded grains for better lubrication and local friction mode.
- Less wear on roller grooves, hence high output of the mill.
- No breakage / galling / chipping of rollers during rolling.
- Less stock removal per re-grind, hence longer life.
- Uniformity and stability of the finished products.
- High resistance to oxidation and less material pick-up on surface.
- Reduced risk of bearing breakage and failure due to low density.

The performance of Alloy-TiC® Guide Rollers on several rod mills has proved the
clear superiority of titanium-cabides over traditional materials.

Alloy-TiC® Guide Rollers are supplied ‘grooved’ with lapped surface.

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Alloy-TiC-Steel Bonded Titanium Carbide Alloy

Chemical Composition & Mechanical Properties (Alloy-TiC SH45)

Component (wt %)
TiC(vol %)
Cr Mo C Fe
45 10 3 0.85 bal

Material Alloy-TiC T.C Tool steel

Matrix High Speed Steel Co-Ni Fe
Hard phase TiC WC Fe3C

Manufacturing Casting &

Powder metallurgy Powder metallurgy
process Milling

Hardness Tempered 68 ~ 72 55 ~ 62
68 ~ 76
(HRC) Annealed 45 ~ 48 20 ~ 30
Density(g/cc) 6.45 ~ 6.50 14.0 ~ 15.0 7.9 ~ 8.5
TRS(Kgf/mm2) 180 ~ 190 200 ~ 230 60 ~ 100

Compressive strength
3,500 ~ 3,800 3,200 ~ 4,200 2,000 ~ 2,700

Machinability good impossible excellent

Life(Times) 20 ~ 30 20 ~ 30 1

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Alloy-TiC-Steel Bonded Titanium Carbide Alloy

Application Details of Alloy-TiC

- Roller guide roller of steel mill

- Polishing disk, capstan roll
- Forming, Sizing, Seaming, Measuring and various rollers for Pipe and Tube
- Aluminum Extruder dies and guide dies for insulated electric wire and core
- Underwater pelletizer cutter knife & die plate
- Kneader screw & paddle
- Non-ferrous metal hot forging dies & punch
- Various parts demanding corrosion, heat and wear resistance and excellent
toughness compared to Cemented carbide

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