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Cutting Edge Sports Training for Extreme Performance. By: Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD.

ere in the States we like to think of ourselves as being on the cutting e ge, lea ers in all en eavors an ahea of the game in a ings. !his attitu e may be true in some things but it is efinitely not true in S"orts #e icine. !y"ically $mericas ivory towers orts me an e%ercise "hysiology are &' to (' years behin Scan inavia an )astern )uro"e in their theory an a""lication. $ e%am"le the to" te%tbooks in e%ercise "hysiology on the evelo"ment of strength an "ower are from Scan inavia hysiologists. *omania+s former national weightlifting coach was scoffe at by $merican aca emics when he escribe the trainin chni,ues he an the -ommunist Block in general utili.e to buil their gol me al "owerhouse teams. !hey i not scoff f ng. /n trying the techni,ues out, mostly in attem"ts to iscre it the )astern Blocks metho s, low an behol it turne out th ey worke 0 !he *omanian coach now hea s u" the 1S /lym"ic Weightlifting !eam0

ost of the "owerful 2ron -urtain com"etitors were relatively small an "oor countries. How coul these nations with their sma ne "ools ho"e to com"ete against the "owerhouses of genetic variety such as the 1S with it+s huge racial mi% an the Sovi nion with it+s hun re s of nationalities. !hese large nations coul custom fit a genetic ty"e to a s"ort. !he smaller countries h work with what they ha . What mi% of things i the likes of *omania an )ast 3ermany o to "ro uce athletes of such su"eri ility4 !he answers were threefol : !rue strength training, "lyometric "ower training, Systemic en.ymes.

hat o we mean by true strength training4 Strength is the ability to a""ly force. #ost of what "asses for strength training in t est to ay is sim"ly mo ifie bo ybuil ing an as *ussian strength coach Pavel !satsouline says bo ybuil ing is the worst thin at ever ha""ene to weight training. Bo ybuil ing works with mo erate resistance with mo erate numbers of re"etitions, in ve rict movement with the aim of "ro ucing muscular hy"ertro"hy. Hy"ertro"hy is efine as an increase in the si.e of an e%istin ructure. Bo ybuil ers use techni,ues that balloon out si.e with out "ro ucing significant gains in strength or "ro ucing streng at is a a"table to s"orts "erformance. 2+ll e%"lain how that works in a bit.

ue strength training uses very heavy weights, few re"etitions an they o something unthinkable in bo ybuil ing 5 they cheat. her wor s they use their whole bo y to hel" "erform the lift. !his is not the reci"e for safety in commercial gym settings whe orries about in6ury liability run ominant over "erformance "hysiology. Neither is it the reci"e for a bo y buil er+s kissab autiful bice"s. But whole bo y involvement is the reci"e for functional strength. Skill movement in s"ort, ance or any activi volves the whole bo y never one 6oint at a time. !raining only one 6oint solo without synergistic involvement of the rest of th o y "ro uces strength that has little transference to real movement uring "erformance. When involving the whole bo y streng am"lifie into "ower 7strength over time8. Pro"er strength training oes not "ro uce a lot of hy"ertro"hy 7bloating8. 2nstea o uces a change in muscle known as hy"er"lasia where a muscle bun le s"lits an becomes two or more overla""ing musc un les. !he result is not the bloate , soft, easily lost si.e of the bo ybuil er but "lywoo strong ense muscles with lastin eable strength.

ere again we have one of the ifferences between )uro"ean s"orts science an the 9anks: "hysiologists here on+t believ y"er"lasia ha""ens in humans, in )uro"e hy"er"lasia been a given for &' "lus years an they+ve a 6uste their training metho cor ingly with great success.

otice the ifference in si.e between bo ybuil ers an /lym"ic weight lifters. !he smallest /lym"ic lifter is consi erably strong oun for "oun than the biggest bo ybuil er es"ite the si.e ifference is. $lso accor ing to stu ies one at two se"ara lym"ics, the weight lifters are the secon most fle%ible an balance athletes there 7the gymnasts are the first. Watch o ybuil er move 5 fle%ibility an balance are efinitely not strong "oints of their training an being8. ;eel the ifference in t uscle. Show muscle feels oughy to har s,uee.e, like the muscles on a ystro"hic chil . Now s,uee.e the arm of an /lym"

ter or "ower lifter. Soli steel covere by flesh. Show or "erformance4 Posing or movement4 ;or which shall you train4 ! hysiological law of training s"ecificity eman s that one has to con ition the muscles against the loa s that the s"ort will eman om them. Bo ybuil ing is a non contact s"ort. Strength training get you rea y to "erform, to e%cel an to strive.

e%t the -ommunists ha to evelo" an a vances way of turning the strength their techni,ues evelo"e into "ower. !rainin owly teaches you to move slowly. While slow "erformance is initially nee e to learn the "ro"er "erformance of a skill, "racti ust be s"ee u" after learning to insure "ro"er "erformance. #ost s"orts eman e%"losive movements against resistance. !h sistance can come either from gravity 7as in gymnastics8, a me ium 7such as water in swimming8, or an o""onent 7as restling8. )%"losive movements against the weights can be one safely if "ro"er training in its bio mechanics is one before han !his is efinitely one not to try at home boys an girls, unless you+ve got the su"ervision of an e%ercise "hysiologist 7N/! rsonal trainer8 knowle geable in the safety of such techni,ues8. )%"losiveness against weights only "artially buil s the ability o uce "ower. !o fill this nee of s"ort, the )astern Block e%ercise science folks evelo"e Plyometric training. Here in t ates some folks have fancie u" some as"ects of "lyometric training with giant rubber balls an fancy e,ui"ment. 9ou on+t nee y of those.

ets first answer the basic ,uestion as to what "lyometric e%ercise is. Plyometrics are e%ercises that involve an e%"losi ovement of the e%tremities that "ro"el the entire bo y. !he win 5u"s to these movements are usually full bo y an the full bo arns how to coo"erate in "ro ucing great s"ee an e%"losiveness that transfers irectly to a s"ort skill. /ne e%am"le yometric work you may have seen involves athletes .ig .ag 6um"ing over knee high benches si e to si e. !he most commo yometric e%ercise involves 6um"ing u" onto a bench some &' to &= inches high with both feet. !hen the athlete 6um"s ow ain absorbing the ownwar energy on the return then uncoiling it to 6um" u" once again. !he Soviets traine all of their athlet Plyometrics: from the archers to the fencers to the shooters to the wrestlers. !he balance, "recession, anaerobic con itionin "ower evelo"e by this work was useful they foun , for all athletes in all s"orts.

ty"ical ay for a -ommunist block athlete woul go something like this: Stretching, not the slow static mamby5"amby "assive stretching we a vocate here but an active stretching that actually ha si e effect of "ro ucing strength. Progressive *esistance !raining. Strength Work at the afore mentione low re"s an high weights. Plyometric )%ercises Skills !raining. Practice in the actual s"ort. $ itional aerobic or anaerobic con itioning as nee e by the s"ort.

hat is anaerobic con itioning4 )veryone can more or less escribe aerobic e%ercise as working out the heart, lungs to evelo urance. !his escri"tion woul be correct, an we+ll a one thing: in aerobic e%ercise o%ygen is the "rimary fuel the bo y us maintain it+s work loa . 9ou literally burn o%ygen. $naerobic e%ercise on the other han oes not involve long stea y bout ork but short an su"er intense roun s of e%ercise. 2n this ty"e of work o%ygen is either not available to the muscles ue to th tensity of muscular contractions which cut off bloo su""ly or, the work bout over loa s the bo y beyon it+s ability to eliv %ygen to all of the working "arts. 2n this ty"e of work the cells burn glycogen or bloo sugar as their "rimary fuel instea %ygen.

lym"ic ;reestyle wrestling is the best e%am"le of an anaerobic s"ort. ;reestyle wrestlers are the best con itione athletes in all ort both aerobically an anaerobically, as the eman s of their skill are so great. -on itioning for anaerobic ability involves ne less re"etition of e%ercise rills involving one burst of energy after another. $thletes win u" breathless, nauseous, i..y an e number of "recious energy "ro ucing centers of the cells known as mitochon ria 6ust buil an buil . !his increases both t ores of "otential energy as well as the actual furnaces to burn that energy in the cells. !he result longer, stronger more controll able bursts of skill "erformance.

he thir secret was not a training metho but a "hysiological reali.ation as to three rawbacks of intense training. 2nflammatio icro in6ury an immune system e"ression. !hese are the main limiting factors on s"orts "erformance.

ll athletic training "ro uces inflammation. #uscles, ten ons, ligaments, bursa, "eriosteum all react to har training by swellin becoming "ainful. !he more of this accrues the less intense the athlete will "artici"ate in the training. #icro in6uries ha"" ery ay in skill an con itioning e%ercise. !hese tiny in6uries are not enough to si eline an athlete but they accumulate an oner than not become a macro in6ury eman ing rest. /ver an above the la"se in training, both micro an macro in6uri o uce scar tissue 7fibrosis8 which limits the range of motion in the limb an creates the "otential for further in6ury.

he one as"ect unrecogni.e until the >'+s was that intense training sche ules lowere the bo ies immunity. )very ay of ha aining is followe by two to three ays of immune su""ression. When an athlete tags too many ays of training together witho e,uate rest then the immune system in goes into stee" ecline to the "oint where in some athletes, such as marathoners, it ies o l together. !here is now even a "rofessional 6ournal for immunology issues an s"orts me icine. What armament i the 2ro urtain countries use to combat these three ea ly foes to "erformance4

hrough the ?'+s an into the >'+s they trie to use -ortico Steroi s, against the inflammation. !hese rugs ha nasty si e effec ch as water weight gain, eath of bursa 7the tissues that lubricate the articulation of muscle to bone8, weakening the ten on treme moo swings none of which are con ucive to high level athletic "erformance0 !he issues of fibrosis an immune syste "ression they ha no answers for. !hen came the late >'+s an everything change .

the constant search for substances to im"rove "erformance the )ast 3ermans took notice of a "re"aration that was gaining fav n the other si e of 3ermany.

his "ro uct was use by "hysicians to naturally re uce inflammation, eat away at fibrosis, an mo ulate immune function. 7@8. 2 m"onents were alrea y a""rove for use in bo%ing to re uce brain swelling ue to "ractice or matches. 7&8. When the "ro u as teste it sur"asse all e%"ectations as an inflammation controller. What+s more it ke"t micro in6uries from becoming mac 6uries an ate away at the limiting fibrosis of ol er in6uries. 7(8. When an athlete was in6ure , use of the "ro uct cause th hlete to heal faster than was ever seen before.

se of cortico steroi s coul be ro""e . #oreover the to%ic non steroi al anti5inflammatory rugs 7NS$2D+s8 such as as"irin u"rofen an the rest coul also be ro""e saving the athletes from facing the great killer of young s"ortsmen 5 ki ney failur he combination of ehy ration an NS$2D use is the single largest cause for athletic eaths. During one New 9our #arathon e late @AA'+s an 2bu"rofen manufacturer gave out sam"les of their "ro uct before the race. ;our runners ie at that maratho om ki ney failure0

hat was this "ro uct whose use was classifie as a state secret in most of )astern )uro"e 5 Systemic )n.ymes. !hey were buyin through from com"anies in the west an secreting the su""lement across their bor ers.

he 2nternational /lym"ic -ommittee banne cortico steroi use in @AB=. #ost of the )astern Block countries i not even blin eir athletes were alrea y off the anti5inflammatory rugs an "erforming har er, healing faster, staying healthier an maintainin eir ranges of motion all through the use of safe an research "roven systemic en.ymes.

here will be some who+ll scoff an say that all of the )astern Blocks s"orts greatness came through the use of anabolic steroi ot so0 /ur athletes use the same o"e: so why were the -ommunist ki s that much better4 7!he one "lace where Soviet an ast 3erman rug science i e%cel was in covering u" rug use8. !he /lym"ic athletes themselves calle the /lym"ics in $tlan e Human 3rowth Hormone 3ames.

he 2/- seems im"otent to sto" rug use because s"ectators come to see recor s shattere . Without rugs such s"orts as cyclin

ee skating an track an fiel woul be boring events where this years times an istances woul be no better that the last gam those not much better than they were in the C>? an C>D games0 !he result woul be a ro" off in viewers an a ro" off onsorshi". !he bribing scan al concerning the 1tah winter /lym"ics has one more than anything else to show that t lym"ics are no longer about the glory of amateur s"ort: it+s all about the glory of money for the "romoters, the hosts an th otential winners. 2n this vein the 2/- has nothing to learn from the WW; about the link between money, "romotion an rformance: the 2/- wrote the book0

you are into e%treme "erformance, over oing an "ushing the envelo"e of human "erformance then take hee of what they hin the Berlin wall. !he -omra es got it right0 Now (' years later we nee to catch on. Nuff sai .


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oviet training techni,ues can be learne about by rea ing the works of *ussian coach Pavel !satsouline. His books are availab om Dragon Door "ublications at www. ragon .

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