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8 February 1952


Some Recent Publications Mainly Technical
"The Night Sky 1952." Times Publishing Co., Ltd., London E.C.4. Price 2.s 6d. A S T R O - N A V I G A T O R S may like to see their stars less mathe** matically treated, as they are in this compact booklet. Clearly printed on card pages, it is a presentation of the monthly star maps which will appear in The Times during the year, together with appropriate observations from the paper's Astronomical Correspondent. "Parachutes," by W. D. Brown, M.Sc. Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, Ltd., Pitman House, Parker Street, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. Price 40s. C O far as is known, this is the first book to have been published O devoted entirely to parachutes. The author has been head of the British Parachute Section of the Royal Aircraft Establishment since its inception in 1942, and he traces in this very comprehensive work the history of the parachute from its infancy to the most modern developments. Detailed explanations of parachute aerodynamics are given, together with those factors which influence design, choice of materials, types of pack, methods of development and methods of testing. "Modern European Helicopters," by A. H. Lukins, A.R.Ae.S. George Ronald, 2, Alfred Street, Oxford. Price 3s 6d. H E author believes that aviation and politics are developing in parallel so fast that fixed-wing aircraft will soon be little more than guided missiles, with few civilian applications, and that it will be left to helicopters to cope with a growing public demand for short-range air services. His book shows how far European manufacturers have gone towards providing the necessary helicopters; and the picture is not inspiring. Admktedly, the book went to press too soon to include the Bristol 173 and the Ariel III; but of the eight.major types which Mr. Lukins has described and illustrated, only three are in production and two of these are of American design. Modern European Helicopters is a rather thin three-and-sixpence worth, but contains quite comprehensive data on the major types described in the body of the book, plus some excellent pencil drawings of historical European helicopters. "Airplane Aerodynamics," by D. O. Dommasch, S. S. Sherby and T. F. Connolly. Pitman. Price 40s. H I S book, which was first published in the U.S.A., began as a compilation of material covered in lectures delivered during the academic phase of the course at the Test Pilot Training Division of the United States Naval Air Test Centre. In the instruction of pilots who already had some association with recent types of naval or military aircraft, it appeared desirable to go beyond the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and dynamics, and to include in a single text such subjects as compressibility, modern control-system requirements, hydrodynamics, and others of current concern in the test programme. Although the text in its original inception was intended to reveal the methods of aeronautical engineering and was specifically addressed to pilots who were not aeronautical engineers, its emphasis on the relationship between academic theory and flight experience is believed to be particularly appropriate in any circumstances. T h e book is designed with the fundamental purpose of creating an understanding of the " h o w " and "why" of modern aerodynamics : it is intended for students having a background in physics, mathematics, calculus, mechanics and dynamics. Although it is not, therefore, a treatise on mathematical methods, nor a handbook, the mathematical approach is used as necessary to ensure appropriate understanding, and sufficient practical data are given to ensure an integrated picture. "Aeromodeller Annual 1951," Model Aeronautical Press, Ltd., Allen House, Newarke Street, Leicester. Price 10s. H E contents of this annual underline some significant trends in the aeromodelling world. Among these tendencies, increasing complexity of models is to be expected; this is more than parallelled by full-size aircraft. Remarkable, however, is the atmosphere of internationalism and organization which now pervades the whole sport. T h e book names an aeromodelling governing body for every major country in the world, and also reports a number of international contests, in all of which Great Britain has at least held her own. All these contests are now flown by models built to the most strictly controlled specifications. Certainly, this annual is not a catalogue of toys; rather do its pages read like a scientific report. Particularly noteworthy is the immense recent development in radio-control equipment, almost any desired unit now being available direct from maker's stocks. Great progress has also been made with control-line models and a special chapter deals with the superb multi-engined scale reproductions which have appeared at many public displays. Further progress is apparent with rocket propulsion units; these were accorded one page in the 1950 edition, but now have a chapter to themselves. Reciprocating-engine enthusiasts, will find a section analyzing bench-test performance of available piston-engines.

"Pipe Resistance," by T. E. Beacham, B.Sc, A.C.G.I., M.Inst.C.E., M.LMech.E. Published by E. and F. N. Spon, Ltd., 15, Bedford Street, Strand, London, W.C.2. Price 18s. VEN in the aircraft industry, piping requirements are generally met by rule-of-thumb methodsan unsatisfactory state of affairs, since any pipe-flow equation contains a number of variables. This book is intended to provide a simple and accurate means of estimating pipe resistance for the flow of various liquids, It will be found simple to use, the pressure-loss being read direct from the appropriate resistance diagram. "British Standard Handbook No. 13Mechanical Tests for Metals." British Standards Institution, 24 Victoria Street, London S.W.i. Price 17s 6d. N E of the first tasks of the B.S.I, was to formulate a suitable series of standard tests for metals. Since that time a great number of B.S. mechanical-test specifications have been issued, together with a number of standard applications. T h e y have now been collected to form this new handbook, which should be of considerable use to industry and technical colleges. T h e tests are divided into suitable sections, each quoting the relevant British Standards, and can be selected with the aid of an excellent index.

"Protection and Electro-Deposition of Metals." Published for the D.S.I.R. by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London. Price 30s (postage is id). H E third volume of selected Government research reports, this new book contains reports, mostly unpublished previously, on work carried out during the war by M.AJ?. and M.o.S. T h e first part includes twenty reports dealing with the protection of steel and magnesium alloys, polishing of aluminium alloys, the study of intercrystalline attack and the operation of corrosion tests. Research into electroplating problems is covered in thirteen remaining reports. T h e use of zinc, nickel, cobalt, aluminium and selenium protective coatings is discussed, together with methods for determining the constituents of plating solutions, particularly in regard to traces of impurities. Chemical and magnetic tests of the coating thickness are described, and one report gives details of adhesion tests for use during inspection of plating.

"Yachting World Annual, 1951-52" (Incorporating The Yachtsman's Annual). " Yachting World," Dorset House, Stamford Street, London, S.E.I. Price 305 (postage is). H E graceful sport of yachting, in which aerodynamics and hydrodynamics are so perfectly blended, is covered in all its aspects by this well-known annual. T h e new issue includes a complete record of all yachting activities of the 1951 season, together with a detailed survey of recent designs from the leading architects. Photography is superb throughout, while the plans of new craft are of the quality familiar to readers of the annual's parent journal. "Motor Cycle Sport in Pictures." Published by The Motor Cycle, Dorset House, Stamford Street, London, S.E.i. Price 3s 6d (postage 3d.) ; or from booksellers. E A R I N G the sub-title Action Photographs of British and International Racing, Trials, Scrambles and Speedway Events, this book of 9 J in. by 6f in. photogravure pictures would make an inexpensive and sure-to-please birthday present for all young motor-cycling enthusiastsand for older ones also. By its very nature, motor-cycle sport is "photogenic," and the quality of the 60-odd pictures reproducedmany of them taken by The Motor Cycle staff photographersbears out this assertion.