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ONE Simple Explanation of Operation.....................................02 1.1 Front Pane ..........................................................02 1.2 Rear panel .............................................................02 1.3 Remote Control .....................................................03 TWO Menu Introduction................................................................04 2.1 Start-up Screen ........................................................04 2.2 Media Center Menu .................................................04 THREE Setup Menu....................................................................05 3.1 Audio Settings.................................................................05 3.2 Video Settings...............................................................06 3.3 Changing Network Settings..............................................07 3.4 Changing System Settings.................................................12 3.5 MISC...............................................................................13 FOUR File Browser Menu.......................................................14 FIVE IMS......................................................................................19 SIX File cope.................................................................................20 SEVEN System Upgrade.........................................................22 EIGHT BT and Samba..................................................................24 NINE Browse the files via network................................................29 TEN About UPnP Network............................................................32 ELEVEN Hard Disk Installation diagram.......................................34

Simple Explanation of Operation

1.1 Front Panel


1.2 Rear panel

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1.3 Remote Control

Key Function
POWER button: Press the power button to turn on or turn off the M210 Device SETUP button:To access the S etup Menu, that you can directly to change system settings. EJECT button:To eject a DVD from the DVD Loader. Number buttons:To input the number or character MENU button: On the DVD playback, Press to return to the DVD navigation menu. On the BD-like file playback Press to return to the simple BD menu. INFO button: During video playback, press to show the files detail information. HOME button:To view the main menu. Refer to The Media Center Menu for more details. RETURN button:Return to the previous menus. Navigational buttons: Use for control the media player more easily VOL + / - buttons: Press to increase or decrease the volume. Next/Prev buttons: In the File browser, use to page up and page down In the BD/DVD playbackuse to switch next and previous chapter In the Media file playbackuse as switch next and previous file. In the Photo slide showuse as switch next and previous file. PLAY button: Press to play or pause STOP button: Press to stop playback FR(FAST REWIND) button: Press to fast rewind the current playback. Press repeatedly to select faster rewind speeds. AUDIO button: Press to select an audio track on a media file. SUBTITLE button: In the media files playback mode: Press to enter the subtitles menu to change the subtitle track, size, color and position. Dvd playe r modePress to select a subtitle track on disk file FF(FAST FORWARD )button: Press to fast forward the current playback. Press repeatedly to select fast forward spee ds. SEARCH button: During video playback, Press to pop up the search menu MUTE button: Press to mute audio or resume REPEAT button: Press to repeat one file, or you could also set a number of files, which you would like to repeat it one after another. Bookmark button: During video playback, mark the current position. TITLE button: Press to show HDD or DVD Title List.(only valid in DVD playback) ZOOM button: Press to zoom in/out when playing back photos or Video programs Photo Zoom level: 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x. Video Zoom level: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x,8x Aspect ratio Button: Press to select the mode among of 16:9, 4:3Letter Box , 4:3 Pan Scan TV MODE button: Press to switch among of 4805767201080i1080p. COLOR buttons: Reserved key, different function on different menu page.


Menu introduction
2.1 Start-up Screen
Turn the power of the media player ON, and immediately will display the booting screen.


2.2 Media Center Menu

Press to enter the Media Center Menu.

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Setup Menu
The Setup Menu allows you to configure audio, video, network, photo and system settings. Select Setup from the Media Center of the remote control to enter the menu. or press the button

3.1 Audio Settings

Press and on the remote control to select the Audio tab from the menu bar.

(1) Night Mode Select to turn Night Mode on and off. (2) Digital Output S/PDIF (Sony/Phillips Digital Interface Format) carries digital audio signals between the player and the amplifier devices, such as a home theater with surround system. The HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a compact audio/video connector interface for transmitting uncompressed digital streams. RAW data is the original digital stream of the audio and it will provide a better quality. LPCM is the default setting, and provides 2 channels audio output.


3.2 Video Settings

Press and on the remote controller to select the Video tab from the menu bar.

3.2.1 Aspect Ratio:Including Pan Scan 4:3/Letter Box 4:3/16:9/16:10; 3.2.2 Brightness:User can setting brightness based on own favorite 3.2.3 HUE:Setting HUE on own favorite. 3.2.4 Contrast:Set ting contrast based on own favorite. 3.2.5 Digital Noise Reduction:On / off for selection. 3.2.6 TV System:Setting TV system, change video output configure, HDMI AUTO/ NTSC/PAL/480P/576P/720P 60HZ/1080I 50HZ/1080I 60HZ/1080P 50HZ/1080P 60HZ 3.2.7 1080P 24HZ:1080P 24HZ on,if the movie is 25f/s,the unit will switch to this mode, after playback,system will come back to original settings.

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3.3 Changing Network Settings

Select the Network tab from the setup menu

3.3.1 Wired Lan Setup Select to set the Network Setting. Before using the Network functions, please check following items: 1. Connect the M210 to Network first 2. Enable NetBIOS of TCP/IP protocol on computer. 3. Shut down your PCs firewall. 4. Please share the folders which you wish to browse in your PC Press Press and to select DHCP (AUTO) or FIXED IP (MANUAL).

to confirm.

DHCP DNS(AUTO) Use DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to set the IP address automaticlly . Press to confirm. FIX IP (MANUAL) Using Fixed IP, it is required to enter followings. IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway. For further assistant to above settings, please contact to the network administrator.


to enter the IP address Press

to confirm

3.3.2 Wireless Setup Before configuring the WLAN settings, please check the following Make sure the WLAN USB Adapter is connected to the USB HOST port Make sure there is a wireless router or an AP (Access Point) on the network, or your PC is equipped with a wireless network adapter/card; Make sure your player is in the effective range of the W LAN Select a Profile Name

Press and to select. Press the ENTER button to the next step. Press Play button to direct connect. Press the RETURN button to go back.

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Get Connection Mode There are two connection modes: Infrastructure (AP) mode and Peer to Peer (Ad Hoc) mode

Press the UP / DOWN button to select items.

Infrastructure (AP)
Infrastructure mode is used to connect computers with wireless network adapters, also known as wireless clients,which connect to an existing wired network with the help of wireless router or access point

Get SSID Name

System will search for an existing SSID (Service Set Identifier) auto. And select the access point you wish to access from the SSID list.



Note: In the Security list, WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) means the network is encrypted, i.e. an encryption key is needed to access the network. NONE means it is an open system network. Select Open System if the network is not encrypted. Otherwise, select Shared Key (WEP) or WPA Key to enter the encryption key

Select SSID the system will get the IP address automatically. The test will take for a while, please be patient to wait.If the test is ok, the network information will be displayed

Peer to Peer (Ad Hoc)

Peer to Peer mode, which is also called Ad Hoc mode or computer-to-computer mode, is used to connect wireless clients directly together, without the need for a wireless router or access point.

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Ad Hoc Setup Set the Wireless SSID, Wireless Security, and Host IP for the Ad Hoc connection.

Press ENTER button to enter. Press RETURN to return. Note: Both the player and your PC need to use the Ad Hoc mode, share a common SSID, and be put into the same IP range Select PLAY button to confirm and the next step.

If the test is ok, the network information will be displayed Helpful tips: The Wireless Network Card for USB is optional and not all wireless Network cards that can be used for this player are sold on the market. It only supports the model as Realtek RTL8187B and Realtek RTL8191SU. Please consult with your sale agent when you wish to make the best use of this product.



3.4 Changing System Settings

Press and on the remote controller to select the System tab from the menu.

1. Language menu: select the OSD language you may need here: Simple Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/ English / Japanese/ Russian / Spanish/ Dutch/ Italian/ French / German 2. Text decoding: setting subtitle language: Simple Chinese/Traditional Chinese/ Western/Turkish/ Center European/ Greek/ Cyrillic/Hebrew/SE European//UTF8 3. Login Control: for the installation of the BT download software, whether using IE login prompt to enter a user name and password. 4. BT and SANBA: Before this option is available, first you must format the hard disk. 5. system update: Press ok for upgrade the system from flash disk or other storage device. 6. Time: setting correct time by figure keys. 7. Parental control: setting password for access. Initial password is 0000 8. R/RW Auto play: setting DVD ROM turn on or turn off automatically. 9. Angle mark: on/off; 10. HDD format: HDD format. Pls notice never power off during formatting. Otherwise hdd cant be format. 11. Restore default: Recovery factory settings.

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3.5 MISC
Press and on the remote controller to select the MISC tab from the menu.

5.1 Resume play: Users can continue watching the movie from the last stop segment. 5.2 Slide sequence: setting playback interval, there is 2sec/5sec/10sec/30sec/1minute/2 minute 5.3 Transition effect: Cross fade/left to right/top to bottom/waterfall/snake/dissolve/strip left down/all effect shuffle for selection. 5.4 Ken burns: display the picture with the burning effect. 5.5 Music background: Store music files and picture files into the same folder, therefore while the pictures are being shown the music background will be played. 5.6 Screen Saver: setting on/off for selection. 5.7 Movie preview: Before playback, user can preview movie in advance. On/off for selection.



File Browser Menu

Select the Movie, Music or picture tab from the Media centers main menu to browse the movie, photo or music stored either on a HDD, USB Card reader or NET.


Maximum hard disk support to 2TB

4.1 All
Under this mode, all files that belong to this player will be listed. For selecting the file you wish to play, please press OK.

4.2 Music
Select audio files with arrow keys of remote control, there is a bottom bar for display file info, press ok for playback.

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4.3 Photo
1. Select the picture you want to view, press ok for full screen display. 2. To quickly browse all pictures please press the yellow button of remote control, press ok for full screen display.

Notice: 1. When picture playback is in full screen mode, system will automatically adopt to slide License Notice and Trademark Acknowledgement. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories 18 show with background music which is from the same folder. 2. During slide show, user can switch to last or next picture by press previous and next keys. 3. Rotate picture by left/right key. 4. Zoom out or zoom in picture by press after zoom in, user can move picture freely



4.4 Movies
Select which you want to browse, press ok for full screen play.

1. During playback, press zoom button for zoom out or zoom in 2. During playback, press time seek button for special timing play by timing search or pull the schedule bar. 3. During playback, press audio button for audio track switch 4. During playback, press subtitle button for subtitle selection and adjusting 5. During playback, press info button for checking file detail information

4.5 Browsing network

You can playback the multimedia files, which are shared on the local area network (Ethernet or WLAN). Before viewing the following, please make sure that you have read Changing Network Settings and made the right settings. When selecting NET in the local network there are two ways. One way is to browse through workgroup; the other way is to browse through My Shortcuts.

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1. Browsing through Workgroup You can choose the workgroup from the workgroup list which your PC belongs to, find your PC name, and press the ENTER button to confirm Then select the shared multimedia file that you want to browse. Notice: 1. While browsing high definition video files (resolution up to 720p / 1080i / 1080p) via Ethernet or WLAN, the video might be buffering. It is normal due to the limit of network speed or signal strength(WLAN). 2. Due to different network conditions, sometimes the workgroup might not be accessed or shown in the list. And then you need to use My Shortcuts to browse shared files 3. Use the network stream the media file, some of 1080P files may not play smoothly.



4.6 File Edit Menu

select the file or folder, press green color key to display the Edit tab

1. Return, return back to main menu. 2. Rename, select rename item by up/down button, rename screen will display

3. Select alphanumeric by up/down/left/right buttons, <- is for delete, -> is for insert, finally select ok for confirm. 4. After rename, select ok for confirm; if you want to cancel, press return. 5. Delete file, select files which need delete, press ok key from remote control for confirm; if not, pressreturn.

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5.1 User can select Network Video/ weather/ rss news from ims; 5.2 select the "Weather" option, press the 'confirm' option. Select region you need to visit that the corresponding weather will be display


If you would like to add the weather forecast to favorite, press the green button of your control remote. If you would like to edit the area, please go to the main menu of the weather forecast, then select the region which you want to edit by pressing the green button of your control.



File copy
1. Select source device first. Access file copy menu, select source device by up/down keys, press right key for next step.


2. Select destination device. Access destination list, press RED color key select target storage device by up/down key, press right key to next step.

2011 KWorld


Notice: if destination is the ash-bin, it means delete file. 3. Select file or folder. Press ok to get file list, press red color key for selection, after that, there will appear mark (tick) before the file, if cancel, pls press stop button , select right to next step. 4. In destination, first press OK to get the folder list, press up/down key to find the target folder. Then, press the right key to go to next step. 5. From the pop-up menu, select copy to start copy.

6. Process of copy.

7. After successful copy, there will appear the notice of File Copy Completed! on the screen. If failure, it will appear File Copy failed!


System Upgrade
How to get the new firmware
To get the latest firmware, pls. visit kworld website:


7.1 How to upgrade: 1. Download new FW named install.img into the root of the USB flash disk; 2. Plug in the USB flash disk into one of USB host ports. 3. Press the Navigation keys on the remote control to enter to setup menu, press ok for access.. 4. Go to the system tag. 5. Find system update

2011 KWorld


7.2 Press OK for upgrading, then it will appear on the screen same as the picture below

7.3 Updating procedure will take about 5 minutes, please keep the power ON during the process



BT and Samba
1.Web management and BT Download To use this function, you need to format the Internal HD in Settings-> System-> Format menu;


8.1 Log in to Web Management Page

Please make sure player is connected to the network, and get the IP address of the player under Setup->Network menu. Tap the IP address (e.g. in the address bar of Internet Explore on your PC. Then you can access the Web server on your PC.

Note: first you go settings -> System -> Login control -> ON or Off., if you press ON you will need to enter the user name and password. The default user name is' admin ', default password is '123'. If the login control is off, you will not need to enter a password and directly log in to your main page showed as below:

2011 KWorld


8.2 Account Management

At Home page, select Account Management into Account Management page. If click Account Management is not into this page, please press ok to Log in.

Login password can be modified here. Please set your own password. Please input password twice and click Enter to confirm.



8.3 Visit Neighbor Web

Click Visit Neighbor on the home page of Neighbor Web. All the devices are displayed here and you can click to visit.

8.4 BT Download
The BitTorrent client btpd is running in daemon (a process running in the background) Mode and you can manipulate the process via the Web server. Click BitTorrent Download on the home page of Neighbor Web, then you will enter the BitTorrent Download page.

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8.5 Add new torrent

Click Add new torrent on the BitTorrent Download page.

Click Browse to upload a torrent file, and click Yes to confirm

8.6 Managing the downloadsr

The BitTorrent Download page also allows you to start, stop, delete a torrent, and set priorities for torrents, you can also view the status of current torrent.

Click Start to begin download. Click Stop to stop download. Click Delete to delete the selected torrent. Click Refresh to refresh the current status. Click the Down arrow to decrease the priority for the selected torrent. Click the Up arrow to increase the priority for the selected torrent.


8.7 Settings
Click Setting on the BitTorrent Download page to enter the BitTorrent Setting page.

In the BitTorrent Setting page, you can configure the following settings: Set the maximum download rate. Set the maximum upload rate. Set the idle hours to start the next download automatically. Set the seeding hours to automatically delete the network files from neighbor web. Set to delete the finished torrent files automatically or not. Set the maximum number of simultaneous download tasks.seed

8.8 Network Attached Storage

This product may serve as the network storage device (NAS, Network-Attached Storage). Put it into your family network to make it convenient for you to store and manage the data on LAN. Before using this function, please make sure the network (Ethernet or wireless network) has been connected correctly. Input the \\IP address in the address column of START UP-> RUNNING or on the browser of Windows operating system and then press Enter key on the keypad to access the built-in hard disk on the player from the computer on LAN. E.g., input \\ if the players IP address is192.168.0.195.) With this method, you can access into any partitions on the hard disk of the player, you can manage, copy or store the data in the player on LAN. You can also access the player's Internal HD (samba) by the chapter1.3 Visit Neighbor.

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Browse the files via network

9.1 Browse the files via network
There are three ways to locate media files shared on your local network in the Network menu. One is to browse through My_Shortcuts; the other one is to browse through my Neighbors. And the third way is to browse through workgroup. 8.9.1 Browsing through My Shortcuts My Shortcuts: enter by inputting IP address, users name and the password directly. 1. Share a file on computer and set access permissions for this folder, you need to read the agreement at least. 2. Close the windows firewall.
My_Shortcuts Instructions of Operations

Press the Up/Down keys on the remote controller to select My_Shortcuts from the network menu and press OK key to access.

Press the EDIT button and select Add option to access

After the added item is selected, you will enter IP setting window. Press OK key to set the Net User ID, Net Password, and Specific File Server IP. click Simple Detail to switch between simple and advanced menu. And you can also input the IP address in Specific File Server IP first, then input Net User ID, Net Password, and press confirm or confirm and save to myshortcuts to access.




Instructions of Operations
Press OK key to select the dialog box, it will pop up a visual key board. Use the navigation key to input the characters for setting Net User ID, Net Password.

If there is no Net User ID and Net Password for the shared pc, please input the IP address in Specific File Server IP directly

Select detail to setting Label, Net User ID, Net Password, Domain, Host Name, and Specific File Server IP. Click Simple/Detail to switch between simple and advanced options. Then you can select and play the shared media files on the designated computer.

You can also select modify to modify initial settings. Select delete for deletion and select return to exit.

9.2 Browsing through My Neighbors

The system will automatically search the computer that has been installed with Transcode. If the computer is found, the player will display the computer name in the list for users choice.

Then you can access to the files which you shared on the computer by My_Neighbors.

2011 KWorld


The player will display the computers name in the list for users choice.


Instructions of Operations
Press Up/Down keys on the remote controller to select the workgroup and press OK key to access. Press Up/Down keys to select the computer you want to access and select the media file to be played from the computer directory and press OK key to play.

Helpful tips: The working group or computer will not be displayed in the list subject to different network states sometimes. Then its recommended that you can preview it by My Shortcuts. Browsing from DVD When you connect an external DVD ROM, the system will find the device automatically, and then you can select the DVD item in the browser and find the file to be played.

If you set the R/RW auto-play as in Setup-System setting menu, then when the system detects the DVD-ROM, it will be playing back the disk automatically.



About UPnP Network

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a set of networking protocols defined by the UPnP Forum. The objective of UPnP is to enable devices and/or facilitates at home to connect each other cordlessly, while simplifying the installation of networks at home (data sharing, communication and entertainment), or establishing a corporate setting with simplified network connections through computers or related devices. Once the UPnP is implemented, users can share multimedia files through UPnP Server terminal such as PC or NAS. On the other hand, there are products in the market like Media Player, PS3 and Xbox 360 that are built with UPnP Client terminal. Users can directly open and play files shared on UPnP Server through the network. This Media Player (Model M210) supports UPnP Client function, but it requires WIFI or Ethernet to connect to UPnP Server to make it work. Users will be able to play files on the UPnP Server through Network Streaming.


Media Player: UPnP Applications

LCD TV UPNP Server Projector



M210 UPNP Client


Note book

USB/Memory Card External HDD Camera HD-DVR NAS

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Additional Tips for UPnP Server and Player Setup For Windows Media Player
Check option in LibraryMedia Sharing or Media Streaming. This will run the execution process that will handle UPnP server. Note: It works independently and doesnt need to run WMP (Windows Media Player) but you do need to access to it for all media library management. Note: Windows Media Player can act as UPnP Server and Player (However, latter only if used on Vista) For more information, please refer to Microsoft official website that has FAQ on media sharing.

For XBMC Media Center

Previously known as Xbox Media Center, this software has become a massive open source with multiple media applications. It can act as UPnP server, player and renderer. To enable the server, go to Setting > Network > UPnP and add the content that you want to share.

For viewing the content, please add your UPnP share as the source when choosing a media file for playback.



Hard Disk Installation diagram


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End-user License Agreement Please read this agreement carefully before using the product: Please ensure: (1)Do not dismantle the product for improper purposes. (2)Do not read and refresh the firmware of the product by improper means. (3)Do not conduct inverse engineering and disassembling for related software and codes of the product (4)The product and this license agreement can be transferred to a third party who accepts the terms and conditions of the agreement. When you transfer the full or part of the product to a third party, the license agreement for you to use the product terminates automatically. How to use this user Manual: Please read this user manual carefully before using the product. The content of the manual as well as the hardware and software of the product have been processed with intensive care. No responsibility is assumed for any direct or indirect losses arising from hardware damage, program damage, file loss or system breakdown due to improper operations. As you have carefully read this agreement, it is ensured that the terms and conditions have been fully understood and will be strictly followed. Precautions Please carefully read and pay close attention to the following before using the product: (1)Do not expose the product to rains or damp environments to prevent fire or electric shock. (2)Do not expose the product to moisture, dripping or splashing in order to reduce the danger of fire, electric shock or product damage. Safety Instructions (1)Use the original adapter for the product, and do not share an adapter with any other devices. (2)Do not place the power cord and plug of the adapter near heat sources. (3)Do not dismantle and repair the adapter and its power cord. (4)Do not open the enclosure of the product to ensure your safety. Please ask trained professionals to conduct maintenance if necessary. Maintenance Tips (1)The product is of complicated and sophisticated structure, so only trained professionals are allowed to open the product to prevent damage from happening. (2)Do not dismantle components of the product on your own .The warranty mark will be invalid automatically if you dismantle and repair the product on your own. (3)Please contact our local warranty department to arrange for maintenance if necessary. To replace devices or accessories, please select the original ones designated by the manufacturer.



This Users Manual is for specific product, and all its contents are processed with due care but are not ensured fully correct. We assume no responsibility for any loss arising from use of this manual. The right to interpret all contents of this Users Guide belongs to the company. The manual is subject to change without notice. This Users Manual is not authorized to any party and no reproduction or copy, in part or whole, of the manual in any way is permitted. KWorld Website:

Technical Support Thank you for reading this manual. If there is any further inquiry, please contact us at The information contained in this documentation is for reference only. The text, images and charts of this documentation have been processed with intensive care and we have been dedicated to ensure the accuracy and completeness. However, the content of this document is subject to change without notice and no liability nor responsibility is assumed for any loss or damage arising from any kind of misunderstood, improper uses of the hardware, software, and documents. KWorld Computer Co., Ltd. 6/F, No. 113, Jian 2nd Road Jhonghe Dist, New Taipei City 23585 Taiwan (R.O.C.) @ 2011 KWorld Computer Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. All KWorld trademarks and logos are registered trademarks of KWorld Computer Co., Ltd. All other trademarks and logos presented in this material are the property of their respective owner. KWorld Computer Co. Ltd. reserves the right to revise the specifications mentioned above. No part of this documentation can be copied, reproduced or distributed in any kind of print or electronic forms without legal permission.

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