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Big Data Analytics

Sheraton, New York 6 December 2013 IDC Analyze the Future Data Analyst 735 SimplyHired 556 LinkedIn 1131 as of Sep 29 2013 Mixed of Statics and Computer science background. Hardware management skill. Big Data Correlation between alignments. Policy reason, business is not ready. Manufacturing where union is not allowing to implement technology. Data model perspective to Data type perspectives. Storage Memory, RAM, CASH, Technology Data Scientist / Business Analysts Decrease Fraud, Lift in Marketing Campaign Filling Hotel Room Experimentation to Production and operations IT LOB: Line of Business Analytics Tasso Argyros , Phd from Stanford Founder of TeraData

Big Data Unstructure Data: an Not 3Vs

Disruption: Technology, Architech Create a Data Culture; Water Fall Model: ? Data Acquisition Data Preparation Analysis Visualization 100 stupid question Water Fall model to Fail Fast Model. Combining lot of data in smart way. Not algorithm Math whiz, PhD in Quantum Physics. Technology Curiosity Java, SQL, Data Culture Strategy: Water Fall Model does not work anymore. Having question and developing way to find answer does not work anymore. Big Data Management 1. Capture 2. Store 3. Refine Hammer is not perfect for pulling the screw. Peter Lee, Tibco MBA Wharton, BS from Harvard Leading visual Data discover platform. 10 Vs of Big DATA

Measurement: Immediacy Mobile KPIs are Data Discovery and Visual Analytics. Visual capability: not just diagnose but to understand. Location Analytics: #1 use-case Mobility, Sensor, Location data transforming all Consumer House Hold Data Target Demographic, Richness and Depth, Location analytics Enterprise Analytics in the Cloud Every single vertical, Event Driven Analytics Inventory Will be low Click stream, Social, BI platform , Analytical Platform. Generate an offer, Correalation and MGM 40 million annual visitors across the barnds. HLife Practical use-case Understand: Customer segmentation analysis, Model: Capture- Understant Model- Event Anticipate- Decide Act ( Automation ) Monitor Event Analytics: - Comedy club availability, her preference

2nd Session with Comcast: Joy Mathew Principal Enterprise Architect, Comcast Big Data is like Green Field to find the unicorn (Data scientist) Smtp is structure i.e email. Text and log file ClickStream analysis: Most active Channel The Visualize tool from aster. Use-case: Comcast Hadoop: helps store various types of data. Analytics: Aster Visualize: Table AU, Business Object, Cognos, 200 hadoop Nodes/cluster 12 Aster cluster Dell, EMC, Cisco, Data quality issue. Gult Groupe: Data Nerd, SQL second Language, Life style website. Different type of persona, Why you wanna come to Gult? Visit behavior, past behavior, recommendation for you??? Which feature is most effective? No Java code, only SQL like query.

SLP- Sales Leading Page PDP Session to Order ratio: AOS Dataware house is TeraData UserID, sessionID, Scoring - Brand - Category HortonWorks Shaun Connolly VP Corporate strategy Hadoops Role in Modern Data Architecute Broader ecosystem, integrate How to build solution, Adoption Map: late majority or Laggard, It lands raw file and analyze later. 40,000 server at yahoo. Apache Hadoop Translating Hadoop technology in mainstream corporate organization. Open Source, Hadoop is interesting Gaining acceptance in the broader ecosystem. ETL Jave .Net, Python, SAS developer Informica _ ETL tools Optimizing instore and mobile experience. Howtonwork/lab Hortonwork/lab/storm : use case YARN: Data procession Engine / Work load Manager Open Stack: Project Savanna

Panel: Architecting for Big Data in the Enterprize Data warehouse: Interaction, context and end result. Add context in your customer journey. Agile approach meaning updating your strategy as you move.

Greg Goldsmith, Director of Technology Alliance, Tibco Spotfire Dan Vesset, Program VP, Business Analytics and search & content Analytics, IDC Royalty program, US census data, Targeting right customer, $3M Use case: 1. MGM 2. Gilt 3. Large Retail When data gets larger analytics has to be in the 5% of the market is Cloud. But faster growing sector. Amazon Rack Space Dell Nexuvue Out-sourcing company, cloud consulting company Adoption curve. Lot of dynamics. Different capabilities. Traditional data warehouse and big data are complimentary, Spotify Largest Hadoop clustering project in Europe Code in Apache technology and Enterprise technology is similar.