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Things that are always true. Things that happen all the time, repeatedly, often, sometimes, never, etc

Things that are happening now. Things that are happening around now.

The sun rises in the east. She often wears blue. I play football.

The sun is not shinning today. Shes wearing a blue dress. Im playing a lot of tennis these days.

1. Look at the pictures read the clues and write sentences with often and now.

( play football / skate) He often plays football, but now he is skating

( go out / study) ____________________ ____________________

( listen music/ watch TV) ____________________ ____________________

( run/ swim) ___________________ ___________________

(Write /read) _______________________ _______________________

(bath / shower) ________________________ _________________________

(teach/ paint) ________________________ _______________________

2. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense (present simple or present continuous).

Ginny is a swimmer. She _______________ (go) swimming four or five days a week. She usually ______________ (get up) early and ________________ (practice) before school. At weekend she often ______________ (swim) in competitions. Her dad _______________ (take) her in the car, and she ________________ (not get) home until late. Today its Saturday, But Ginny ____________________ (not swim). Shes at a party. Her friends _____________________ (laugh). They ____________________ (eat) sandwiches at the table. But Ginny ___________________ (not sit) with her friends. She ___________________ (dance) with a boy. Its a good party.

3. Choose one of these verbs from the box to complete each sentence. Use the present simple or the present continuous.

Wear sleep make study develop watch think write boom not get on

My children __________________ very hard because they have an exam at school tomorrow. Look at that skirt that Lizzie _________________. Isnt it beautiful? _____________________ (you) in the notebooks during the class? Dont disturb John. He____________________ a big football game on TV: Compaq is an American Company. They _______________ computers. ___________________ (he) that I am suitable for the job? Things are really great. Our business ____________________. Arthur must be really tired. Look! He ________________ like a baby on the sofa. I __________________ very well with my new boss. HP __________________ a new advance type of printer.