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What Stress does to your body?

Stress is an essential component for the balance in life. We all need a certain amount
of stress but too much is a disaster. How we manage, the stress is the important part.
Some people thrive on stress they seem to work better and others their wheels come

We don’t always recognise what it is doing to our bodies, because if it is continuous

one may become complacent and accept it to be normal.

Let’s look at what it does to the body. When you are in a stressful situation all the
muscles, and body systems go into a spasm. This means that the heart has to pump
even harder to get the blood around the body. The same goes for the intestines, the
peristalsis movement stops and you may become constipated. (This is another subject
all on its own.)

Let’s say you are the type of person that enjoys stress, you work at your best, under
these conditions. What you are doing is using the adrenalin and a hormone cortisol is
released, causing the body to become toxic. Over a long period, your own adrenalin
becomes depleted and the toxins start making you ill. It’s the body’s way of saying I
have had enough. Our emotions cause many of our illnesses as research has shown.

One does not realize how stress and tension affects all the internal organs of the body
see the list below.

Emotional feelings Body Part

Anger at Self Liver
Bitterness Gall Bladder
Sweetness taken away Pancreas
Resentment/hatred Stomach
Fed up about Relationships Bladder/kidneys
Fear Chest/lungs
Self-dislike Lungs/heart
Guilt, lack of nurturing Breast
Confusion Upper Back
Unable to express inner Feelings Mid Back
Insecurity Lower Back
Anxiety Stomach
Anger at other Intestines
Lack of support Lower Back/Hips

As a result of the above the body becomes out of balance now add stress and tension
and this could lead to depression.
Some of the Causes
1. Not being able to say NO
2. Working overtime constantly
3. Working to deadlines
4. Being a single parent
5. Lack of proper nutrition and supplements
6. Over eating or not eating at all
7. Workaholics
8. Repeated negative thoughts
9. Not in the right job
10. To much responsibility
11. Financial problems
12. Marital problems

Physical symptoms
1. Muscle tension
2. Lower back pain
3. Neck and shoulder pain
4. Pain in the neck and shoulders
5. Stomach, IBS (Irritable Bowl syndrome)
6. Diarrhoea
7. Insomnia
8. Shortness of breath (forgetting to breath)
9. Very sore feet
10. Chest pain
11. Heart problems
12. Headaches/Migraines

How to Overcome and Manage the Stress and Tension

There are many ways to deal with Stress without taking any drugs.

Examples are:
1. Exercise by joining a Gym
2. Having a hobby
3. Taking walks
4. Massage
5. Reflexology
6. Yoga
7. Playing sport
8. Listening to relaxing music
9. Meditation
10. Nutrition eating a well balanced diet
11. Supplements, vitamins and minerals

These are a few ideas of how to cope with stress in today hectic life. Why wait for
you body to go into total exhaustion or burnout mode.

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