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The Second American Revolution

Thesis Statement The Civil War may also be termed as the second American Revolution in terms of the political, social and economic chan es that occurred durin the !ar"

Introduction American Civil War !as fou ht bet!een #$%# and #$%&' The !ar be an because (resident Abraham )incoln, elected in #$%*, !as very persistent on preservin the +nion, !hich !as threatened by the issue of slavery' The North !as ro!in rapidly in !ealth and population, and it !as clear to the Southern slave states that the North !ould eventually be stron enou h to carry a constitutional amendment abolishin slavery ,-aust, p' ..&/' The Republican (arty had been formed in #$&0 to oppose slavery' Conse1uently, !hen )incoln became (resident, seven states seceded, formed the Confederate States of America and elected 2efferson Davis as their (resident' 3n #4 April #$%#, Confederates bombarded -ort Sumter in Charleston harbor, one of only t!o federal properties in the South to remain in +nion hands5 this mar6ed the start of the Civil War ,Sam, p' #4/' The Civil War affected the moral, political, and social ideolo ies of the people of +nited States of America' Different theories perceptions e7ist on the chan es and

impact of the Civil !ar' This paper presents several ar uments in the favor of the thesis statement'

Discussion The Civil !ar is also termed as the second American Revolution by many historians' The reason is attributed to the economic, social and political chan es that occurred after the !ar !as over' The !ar has resulted in some si nificant economic chan es in the post !ar society' The difference in the perception of northern and southern democrats also affected the economic scenario of the post !ar society' The overnment in the north tried to ma6e chan es in fiscal policy' They allocated money from the state bud et !hich !as specially set aside for charity to improve the livin conditions of blac6 people' 8o!ever, the conservative southern people didnt carry out measures for the emancipation of !omen and for blac6' Wealthy slaveholders !ere the leaders !ho had privately o!ned lar e land holdin s' 8o!ever, the final victory !as for the people of south' ' North !as dependent on the south because the ma9or crops such as tobacco, su ar cane, cotton and rice !ere produced in South' 3ne ma9or chan e !as the success of the industrial capitalist in capturin and usin the state for the purpose of stren thenin their economic position ,-ord, p' &#$/' The chan es in the tariff, public land, ban6in , railroad, and contract labor le islation !ere the ma9or indicators of the economic revolution' (rohibition on traffic6in and abolishment of slavery !ere other revolutionary chan es durin the !ar' This !ar !as a fi ht for the ri ht of freedom' The southern democrats !ere in favor of slavery, !hereas the northern party !as a ainst it ,2ohnny, p'&0/' 8o!ever, the victory

of Abraham )incoln brou ht freedom to the estate and created the concept of e1ual ri hts for the blac6 slaves' The concept of e1ual ri hts !as promoted !ith three ma9or amendments in the +'S' constitution providin same opportunities and votin ri hts to the blac6 and !hites' The Reconstruction Acts, !hich !ere also a si nificant part of this fi ht, made the South ive e1ual political ri hts to blac6s' The main ob9ective of this act !as to uarantee e1ual social and political ri hts of the freed slaves' The radual disappearance of the institution in the northern states created many supporters of slavery for fear that the ro!in influence of abolitionists could lead to any time the federal overnment to ta6e action adverse to institution they defended' :n a nutshell, both the ethnicities !ere entitled their ri hts; ho!ever, the difference in the philosophy and attitude of the north and south still e7ists in some states of +'S'

Conclusion :t can be concluded that the Civil War may also be termed as the second American Revolution in terms of the political, social and economic chan es that occurred durin the !ar' The civil !ar initiated as a result of numerous causes' Slavery and crystalli<ation !ere the main reasons of this !ar' :nitially, slavery !as practiced all over the country as natural, than the rest of the America, !here the institution !as !idespread' The term second American Revolution !as first used by Charles and =ary >eard, seventy years bac6 !hen they !ere discussin the impact of the American Civil !ar' 3ver the years, different people have vie!ed this term in different perspective' 8o!ever, the ma9ority consensus is in the favor of the ar ument on the basis of the political, social and economic chan es that occurred durin the !ar' The Civil !ar is responsible for the chan e in political po!er bet!een North and South' The post !ar period e7perienced a

si nificant increase in the industrial capitalism' (eople relate it to the American Revolution due to the post !ar revolutionary chan es' 3ne of the ma9or results !as the abolishment of slavery in the South' =oreover, it !as a revolutionary stru le for the people !ho survived the !ar'

Residents of the south consider their revolt as a revolution a ainst the tyrant era of the North' :n a nutshell, the civil !ar may be termed as the second American Revolution because it brou ht revolutionary chan es in the lives of the people !ho survived the !ar' The impact is still evident in different societies !ho believe in the philosophy of discrimination'

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