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Case study 5:


The Kundiman Communications Corporation (KCC) is a local company with more than 2,000 persons in its payroll. The companys top management is composed of the President, VP for Marketing, VP for Operations, and the VP for Administration. A member of the staff, Engineer Lorenzo de Guzman, an electronics engineering graduate, has just received an order from his immediate superior, the VP for Operations, to head the newly built telecommunications facility in Antipolo, Rizal. So far, he is the only company personnel identified with the new facility. He was given three months to make the facility operational. Engineer de Guzman appraised that for the Antipolo unit to operate, it will require the services of a number of persons skilled in the various activities that will be undertaken. As he has been working with KCC for ten years (five years in the field and five years in the head office), Engineer de Guzman is familiar with many aspects of the firms operation. Some of the supervisors and three of the key officers are his friends. Engineer de Guzman felt that the various trainings KCC provided him had really prepared him well for the technical aspects of his new job. His exposure to the different units at the head office will also be useful in some ways to the administrative aspects of his position. However, his trainings and experiences have not provided him with the expertise to recruit qualified persons to occupy the various positions that will be created. To begin with, he does not even have the information on the number and nature of the positions to be created. As he was inspecting the building in Antipolo where he will hold office, Engineer de Guzman wondered if he could convince top management to transfer some of his acquaintances in the head office to his new assignment. Engineer de Guzman knows that his next promotion will depend much on the success of the new facility under his direction. He thought that if he could only get the right persons, his job would not be too difficult. With this in mind, he pondered on what his first move must be. PROBLEM What will be Engineer de Guzmans first move considering: I. II. The facility must be operational in three months; He has not the expertise in recruiting qualified persons that will occupy the positions that will be created; He has no information on the number and nature of the positions; There are 2,000 employees working in the head office; 1



He needed services of a number of persons skilled in the various activities that will be undertaken; and He plans to convince top management to transfer some of his acquaintances in the head office to his new assignment.


OBJECTIVE To make the new telecommunication facility operational after three months ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION i. ii. iii. Take short-term trainings offered on staffing; Adopt the organizational structure of the head office for the positions that will be created; Avail of services offered by a professional recruitment firm ; and

RECOMMENDATIONS Engr de Guzman should hire a human resource manager, someone who knows how to do the job well and someone whom he can work with efficiently. Step 1: Human resource planning Forecasting: Monitoring method There are currently 2000 persons under the employ of the Kundiman Corporation. The number is large enough for the company to remain stable even if there would be layoffs. And since the organization is about to operate another facility in three months time, these employees are good source of skilled personnel. Step 2: Recruitment For the executive positions: Propose to top management the transfer of some of its personnel from head office to the new facility so that: i. The time it would take the new facility operational will be attainable, having a number of skilled personnel working for the new facility; ii. There will be enough supervisors or managers to provide trainings for the new employees that will be hired; and iii. Some underutilized employees will be promoted; and 2

iv. The corporation will save money for the training of entry-level personnel. The specific positions shall be for supervisors and for the human resource management unit respectively. For entry-level personnel: The company can rely on printed advertisements, or recruitment drives in schools for this matter. Step 3: Selection Since some of the organizations current employees may be qualified to occupy positions higher than the ones they are occupying, it is highly suggested that they be prioritized in the recruitment and selection. Plus, the management can be assured that the loyalty and dedication of these workers will remain with the company. Step 4: Induction and Orientation After the selection of qualified applicants, induction and orientation step can be provided by the human resource management unit. Step 5: Training and development These too can be performed by the HR unit but with the supervision of Engr de Guzman. For nonmanagers: the on-the-job training is highly recommended. By this time, the management should have a number of skilled personnel transferred from the head office to supervise the new employees training without hindering the operation of the new facility. For executive positions: these persons need not be oriented with the whole aspect of the operation anymore as they have been working in the head office before. Perhaps only a little adjustment period is necessary to make them familiar with the new working environment. Enhancement training could also be provided but not all at the same timesupervisors should check the performance of the new employees under them. Case studies are recommended here. Step 6: Performance appraisal Those who performed well in the first six months will be considered regular employees of the new facility. This entails stability in the workplace. Step 7: Employment Decisions Those who poorly performed the jobs assigned to them, or have health problems may not be considered by the facility as its employee after six months of rough training. Step 8: Separation The termination of an employee shall be based on their performance rating and health. 3