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COURSE OUTLINE January - February 2013 Course Number: Course Title: Instructors Name: DIS 651 Quantitative Analysis in Business Decision Making C. Zopounidis/P. Kalantonis

Course Description The objective of this course is to introduce students to commonly used quantitative techniques that can be used to make effective decisions in a business environment. In this class the focus will be on understanding the techniques, promoting its effective use and interpreting the results of quantitative analysis. The discussion of the extensive mathematical details that underline many of these procedures will be limited. In order words, the focus will be on Why, How and What it means. In many cases, the computer tool that is used will be MINITAB - . One of the key ingredients in making this approach successful is your participation in classroom discussions. Course Schedule
Date Topics

January, 14

Management and presentation of data Measures of Central Tendency and Variability

January, 16 January 21 January, 24 January, 28 January, 31 February, 04 February, 06 February, 08 February, 15

Measures of Variability Special Topics Statistical Inference: Confidence Intervals - Quiz 1 Hypothesis Testing Non Parametric test Sample Methods Quiz 2 Simple Linear Analysis & Multi Regression Models - Correlation Analysis of Variance Times series Analysis & Forecasting FINAL EXAM

Grading: Your grade will be based on: Class participation: 10% Quiz 1: 20% Quiz 2: 20% Final Exam 50% The final grades will be based on the traditional scale: Average Score 90 and above 80 to less than 90 70 to less than 80 60 to less than 70 Below 60 Attendance Policy Class participation is one of the formulating factors of the final grade. It is therefore students participate and keep informed regarding all aspects of strongly suggested that the class (material covered, assignments, etc) themselves. Any absences must be made up by turning in a paper at the day of the final exam of they will have a negative effect on the final grade. Letter Grade A B C D E

Sources (Text Book): Basic Business Statistics, M. Berenson, D. Levine, T. Krehbiel, any available edition. Suggested reading : - Jon Curwin and Roger Slaffer 2002 5th ed. Quantitative Methods for Business decision, Thomson - Anderson Sweeney William, 2002, Quantitative Methods for Business. L. Oaksott (2001) 2nd ed., Essential Quantitative Methods for Business Management and Finance, Palgrave Macmilan, England Mc Clave, Benson, and Sincich, 8th ed. A first Course in Business Statistics