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English-Grade 8 I. Speech Improvement Directions: Group the following words according to their sound.

Put your answer on the box. /r/ /r / /ar/

bert farm her

car hurt brow

mar choir far

par run urge

burn search dirt

II.Grammar Idioms. Substitute a word for the idiom in each sentence. Write the word at the end of the sentence. !. "he test is a piece of ca#e. $. %e always changes his mind. %e is a bit of a loose cannon. &. ' will tal# to her when pigs fly. (. "hese slippers are a)ailable dime a do*en at Di)isoria +ar#et. ,-. .esterday/ out of the blue/ a cousin whom ' didn0t #now called me. , . '0m sure that you will bring home the bacon after that contest. ,,. Going out with bad friends put you in hot water. ,1. "hat dri)er is a bull in a china shop. ,2. "his problem is no big deal. ,3. Students li#e to build castle in the air during their class. III. Identification Grammar and Literature Directions: 'dentify the following sentences. Write your answer on the space pro)ided before each number. 444444444,!.5 phrase that says one thing but actually means something 6uite different. 444444444,$. 7iterature of 5frica represents the 4444444and determination of indi)idual men and women. 444444444,&. Words that consists of a )erb and a participle. 444444444,(. Short stories with animal characters that teach lesson. 4444444441-. "he body of obser)ances/ customs/ beliefs/ traditions/ and legends of ancient and extinct people and present8day primiti)e people. 4444444441 . "he second language of the people of the world. 4444444441,. Simply a collection of images that are placed in specific order to tell the progression of e)ents/ emotions and concepts.

44444444411. Photo essay that focuses on a central theme and present photos rele)ant to that theme. 44444444412. "ells a story through a se6uence of e)ents or actions. "hey may follow an in di)idual or acti)ity o)er a period of time and presents this story in chronological order. 44444444413. "he principal form of 5frican poetry. 4444444441!. School of thought among 5frican poets who refuse to be assimilated into the culture of their coloni*ers. 4444444441$. "he most difficult form of literature to define because it is an expression of human emotion. 4444444441&. "he story about the origin of things. 4444444441(. "raditional story explaining some phenomenon. 4444444442-. "erms that are used for certain groups of people in the 9.S/ is a word or phrase that substitutes an offensi)e or suggesti)e word. 4444444442 . "he most intense point of the story or the turning point in the story. 4444444442,. 'ntroduces characters/ setting/ time/ weather/ etc. 44444444421. "he end or outcome of the story. 44444444422. "he point of a story that starts the rising action. 44444444423. "he point that leads to the conclusion. IV. Literature Enumeration. :numerate the following statements. 2!82& "hree di)isions of fol#lore according to George 7aurence Gomme0s 2(83, ;inds of experiences that can be gained through reading literature 31833 "hree examples of fol# narrati)e 3!83$ "ypes of photo essay 3&8!- "hree examples of euphemism used in different country.

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English-Third year I. Speech Improvement Directions: Go o)er the passage. 'n four columns/ list down the words with the aspirated /t/ sound ?column @/ the unaspirated /t/ sound ?column ,@/ the /d/ sound ?column 1@/ and the /dh/ sound ?column 2@. ( ! points" A "he wise man is he lo)es and re)eres God. 5 man0 merit is in his #nowledge and his deeds/ not his color/ faith/ race or descent. Bor remember/ my friend/ the son of shepherd who possesses #nowledge is of greater worth of a nation than the heir of the throne/ if he be ignorant. ;nowledge in your true potent of mobility/ no matter who your father or what your race may be.C <;halil Gibran<

II. Voca#ulary Directions: Dhoose the letter of the word on the right that would best suggest or imply the meaning of the word on the left. 4444444 4444444 4444444 4444444 4444444 4444444 4444444 4444444 4444444 5 . Piety ,. "in#er 1. Dilettante 2. :ntice 3. Firtuoso !. Ghytidectomy $. 5stronomer &. "rope (. Dhlorofluorocarbon = a. dabbler/ amateur b. attract c. a conscriminate d. repairE putter e. air surrounding the earth f. de)outness g. toxic element in atmosphere h. a scientist who studies the hea)enly bodies i. operation in)ol)ing the s#in and the muscle underneath it H. consists of one word where the similarity between two obHects is implied and not described in detail.

4444444,-. 5tmosphere

III. Identification Grammar and Literature Directions: 'dentify the following sentences. Write your answer on the space pro)ided before each number. 44444444444, ."his poem is lament for dead. 44444444444,,. 9sed to tal# about things that can only be happen under certain conditions. 44444444444,1. 5 poem of fourteen lines.

44444444444,2. "his poem is intended to be sung. 't portrays a single emotion. 44444444444,3. "his poem tell a story with musical accompaniment . 44444444444,!. 5 lyric poem that is written with a dignified style. 't is meant to pay tribute to things inanimate and animate. 44444444444,$. "his poem is intended to be sung. 't portrays a single emotion. 44444444444,&. Sonnet which consists of an octa)e ?& lines- and a sestet ?! lines@. 44444444444,(. Sonnet that consists of three 6uatrains ? four lines each@ and a clinching couplet. 444444444441-. 't is a #ind of techni6ue used in literature that emphasi*es the aesthetic and rhythmic 6ualities of language. 444444444441 . "he most problematic of the three main types of conditionals sentences. "hey are contrary to fact or counterfactual. 444444444441,. ;inds of conditional sentences that are commonly used in e)eryday :nglish con)ersation. 4444444444411. ;inds of sentences that express future plans/ possibilities/ or chance happenings. "hey tal# about future time. 4444444444412. :ssay that tal# about medical brea#throughs li#e the ability of scientists to tin#er with human cells in the body. 4444444444413. "he title of the story written by %erbert Goldstone. 444444444441!. "he title of the essay that tal# about how nature0s ad)ertise itself. 444444444441$. "he most dignified and elaborate form of narrati)e poetry and it deals about war and personal ad)enture about hero. 444444444441&. 5c#nowledged to be the most popular form of poetry written in any form. 't deals with sweet/ sad/ and beautiful song about sorrows and Hoys. 444444444441(. Donditional sentences compose of two clauses the44444444 444444444442-. 5nd the4444444444clause. IV. Grammar '. ? - points@ "he words in the box below are often used to introduce the category of a term beibf defined. #ind form condition process member species system type class property characteristics instrument

Domplete the definition below by supplying the appropriate word chosen from abo)e lists. 2 . Democracy is a 4444444444of go)ernment in which the supreme power is )ested in the people and exercised by them. 2,. =a#ing is a 444444444 of coo#ing by indirect heat as in o)en/ a microwa)e or an o)en8 broiler. 21. Drop rotation is the 444444444of planting )arying crops grown on the same area. 22. 5 ruler is an 444444444used for measuring or used as a guide in drawing lines. 23. +yopia is a 4444444444of the eyes where only near obHects are seen clearly and distinctly. 2!. 5 star is a 44444444of hea)enly body that is so far from :arth as to appear motionless and as luminous point at night. 2$. 5n ele)ator is a44444444444 or machine .or apparatus for carrying people up and down a building. 2&. Simplicity is a44444444 of style of ancient Gree# writers. 2(. "he +asa is a 444444444 of non8intellectuals purported to ha)e unenlightened )iews or principles. 3-. 5 priest is a 44444444of the clergy/ who among Datholics is authori*ed to administer sacraments. =. Donditional sentences. Directions: Bind the errors and correct them. Gewrite the sentences. 3 . 'f ' were a teacher of :nglish/ ' will spea# better :nglish. 3,. 'f ' ha)e the time/ ' would go to :gypt. 31. ' will not stay if he was there. 32. Blowers bloomed/ if spring comes. 33. 'f s he had arri)ed early/ she would see the rosebuds. 3!. 'f Ste)en might be free/ '0ll in)ite him. 3$. What happens if ' push the buttonI 3&. %ad you erased the board/ ' would copy them. 3(. 'f ' was Jina/ ' would do the same thing. !-. 'f ' am you/ ' would study hard.

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