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Letter to Shawn James I've been writing a series of online articles about how the New 52 Flash turned

out badly due to a number of plot holes shoc! stunts and more importantly retreads of what has happened before" #hat $an $i$io told his employees to write their stories as if they were fan fictions" #o ma!e matters worse the $% New 52 Flash is similar to an actual fanfic" #hat fanfic would be &ow I 'ecame (ours based on the cartoon programme )vatar" #he concept of pairing a pyro!inetic with a ice ma!er seems interesting moreso since boith of them lost their mothers and that it could have been much better had the fan author been more s!illed in writing and was informed by the *obert Frost poem +Fire and Ice, -seriously I thin! it should have been titled +Fire and Ice, because of the concept." #he story was derailed by panels clearly copied from a couple of clips from the actual episodes and characters acting out of character at the e/pense of a pairing -see what happened to 'art )llen now that he isn't related to both Iris and 'arry )llen." 0roblems I've encountered in the Flash are1 22Shoc! value -increasing violence and gore in the stories including one character named 3anuel Lago who got !idnapped and then e/perimented on by having him mutilate himself to produce clones." Not to mention that the character of 'arry )llen dates his cowor!er -which is what you would call bad dating and social s!ills practically spea!ing." 22*epetition of a bad Flash plot device involving *everse Flash banishing !illing or assaulting a woman who is related to or is near and dear to the Flash -Linda 0ar! Iris 4est and 'arry's mother or alternately what the %hillblaine did to Lisa Snart who's the sister of %aptain %old." 22) character who used to be related to the protagonist this isn't new as it did happen to Supergirl in the late 5678s and throughout the 5668s e/cept that writers bothered to give Supergirl a different history and motivation in that period" I have yet to see this happening to 'art )llen now that he isn't the grandson of both Iris 4est and 'arry )llen" 22#he writers try to ma!e the character of 'arry )llen move on only by having him dwell in the past and be disappointed in attitude -racing past to history trying to avert his mother's death or avert his friend's ordeal only to have him be constantly reminded of his failure to prevent it from happening made worse by that he ends up fighting his friend 3anuel." 22#oo much character franchising now with Iris having become another Flash temporarily" 4ith 'art not being a grandson of both Iris and 'arry it should have given writers the opportunity to ma!e him into his own character" It's easier to do a derivative character than it is to ma!e an original character or have a derivative character become his9her own hero" Lin!s to this bullshit -if there are any comments at all please read the comments.1 #he Four %olor 3edia 3onitor1 Some e/amples from :eoff Johns' worst wor! on the Flash http199fourcolormedmon"blogspot"com928589879some2e/amples2from2geoff2;ohns2worst"html #he Four %olor 3edia 3onitor1 &ow :eoff Johns ruined the :olden :lider http199fourcolormedmon"blogspot"com9285598<9how2geoff2;ohns2ruined2golden2glider"html

#he Four %olor 3edia 3onitor1 Flash's *ebirth blac!s out http199fourcolormedmon"blogspot"com928869859flashs2rebirth2blac!s2out"html #he Four %olor 3edia 3onitor1 Flash's *ebirth cannot escape dar!ness http199fourcolormedmon"blogspot"com9288698=9flashs2rebirth2cannot2escape2dar!ness"html #he Four %olor 3edia 3onitor1 $% terminates the Flash marriage for sa!e of more 0% http199fourcolormedmon"blogspot"com928559869dc2terminates2flash2marriage2for2sa!e"html #he Four %olor 3edia 3onitor1 $%'s still !ept the premise that 'arry )llen's parents died when he was young http199fourcolormedmon"blogspot"com9285298>9dcs2still2!ept2premise2that2barry"html #he Four %olor 3edia 3onitor1 #he Jo!er is trying to ma!e 'atman ?better? while Snyder and $% have only made things worse http199fourcolormedmon"blogspot"com928529589the2;o!er2is2trying2to2ma!e2batman"html #he Four %olor 3edia 3onitor1 #he lac! of supporting casts is what hurts the 'ig #wo http199fourcolormedmon"blogspot"com928529879the2lac!2of2supporting2casts2is2what"html #he Four %olor 3edia 3onitor1 Nashua #elegraph says nothing about the 'N$ tactics involved in relaunch of the Flash http199fourcolormedmon"blogspot"com928559559nashua2telegraph2says2nothing2about2bnd"html

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