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Maria Kathrina D.

Crave BSN-3C To the Filipino Youth

As I have read the poem of Dr. Rizals To the Filipino Youth there is an intention of Dr. Rizal to let the Filipino youth grow with such nationalism for their motherland and play an important role in the triumph of ones country. It also intended to foresee such youth to defend and love our own country amidst the cruelty and discrimination of Spaniards to us Filipinos. This challenges the Filipino youth to have that sense of courage and faith, to nourish their skills and talent, to learn how to stand up and fight for their right, and most of all to have that kind of genuine love for their country. Through this poem he lets them to realize such potentials of Filipino youth and to bring out the best in them in order to succeed not only as an individual but to succeed with hopes and dreams for our own motherland. Simply speaking, the message that Rizal wanted to convey with us is the means of making peaceful movement to achieve what we want for our motherland. The message this poem tries to convey, To the Filipino Youth is that we, Filipino youth, have transcend ourselves to grow and bloom like a flower with such great honor and dignity, to be proud of oneself and ones country. To be able to play a big part in preserving such nationalistic attitudes that Dr. Rizal wants to impart to us. To have that sense of solicitude to emancipate from those vicious Spaniards. To spread our wings confidently and free to express our own self. As a youth, we have the creative mind and which it is used to help to rise up our country from the oppressive forces that may come. It also tells us that in the poem it wanted the Filipino youth to build up their abilities and use them to help those who are in need. Also, Dr. Jose Rizal challenged the youth through this poem to refine and nurture their talents in the arts, to invigorate and reinforce their knowledge of the sciences, and to look forward and comminute their chain of servitude. This poem is not only directed to the Filipino youth of yesterday but also it has a relevance to the todays Filipino youths. In our modern time, youth has a freedom to express themselves and showcasing their talents in which our country have been well known for. In what I have observed, Filipino youths of today have that courage to voice out their opinion and fight what they think is right and just, whether they go against with higher officials. This is what Rizal envisions but there are certain times that it also becomes the irony of what he envisioned. Some youth would use their capabilities in the harm of others like in the internet scandals or issues. Through this poem I realize how like us youth become an important part in the development of our nation. And how such future of our country depends on us Filipino youths. With this, we must always think that we will be then part of the growth of our chosen niche and thus we will always instill in

our minds that we will be a contributor to the advancement of our country & a great protector of it.