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Write a 700- to 2,050-word essay in which you compare and contrast all of the following terms as they relate

to the criminal justice system: Pseudospeciation, social constructions, bigotry s racism, hegemony, and disparity s discrimination! "fter you ha e defined all these terms, pro ide an e#ample of each term within the criminal justice system!

We, as humans face a great deal of things, that we deal with on a daily basis! $hese things or terms, we all deal with! but deal with them in our own and different ways! $he terms that we all deal with and the situations that % will be discussing in this essay are Pseudospeciation, bigotry s! racism, hegemony, social construction, and disparity s! discrimination! % will define each term and gi e you an e#ample of how these terms relate to the criminal justice system! Pseudospeciation Pseudospeciation begins with the fact that cultural differences cause humans to separate into different social groups, with different language, dress, customs, etc! $hese cultural differences are analogous to the formation of different biological species &speciation' Pseudospeciation, according to the (#ford )nglish *ictionary, refers to the tendency of members of in-groups to consider members of out-groups to ha e e ol ed genetically into different, separate, and inferior species to their own! $he term was first used by )ri+ )ri+son in ,-.., according to his biographer, /awrence 0! 1riedman &%dentity2s "rchitect, p! 332'! %n the field of criminal 0ustice, officers ha e to be mindful and respectful towards other cultures and religions to +eep the peace and the respect of the community! %t is easier said than done, and will ta+e a great deal of s+ill and patience to be consistent and successful! %f one religious group disli+es another religious group, then understanding pseudospeciation is e#tremely crucial when dealing with both groups! bigotry s! racism "ccording to our te#t, 4acism is the belief that people are di ided into distinct, hereditary groups that are innately different in their beha ior and abilities! $his also means that groups can be ran+ed as superior or inferior on the basis of those abilities and beha ior! &5urns,200-,pg!,3' "ccording to the free dictionary!com, the definition of bigotry is, $he attitude, state of mind, or beha ior characteristic of a bigot6 intolerance! $his also means that groups can be ran+ed as superior or inferior on the basis of those abilities and beha ior!

%n the field of criminal 0ustice, both of these terms are counterproducti e and negati e, in e ery way! %f you are a police officer and you are a bigot, then to me, it7s the same as being a racist! %t7s li+e when my white friends say to me, % li+e you dude, your cool, 5ut % hate those other 8iggers! %f you are a bigot then you should not become an officer but that7s not always the case! % would respect a racist, before % would a bigot because at least you +now where you stand with a racist! %f an officer is racist then it will show because he would target specific colors of people and treat them unfairly!

1riedman, /! 0! &,---'! %dentity2s architect: " biography of )ri+ 9! )ri+son! 8ew :or+: ;cribner!

http:<<www!thefreedictionary!com<bigotry %;58: -7=007>>7--33 "uthor: 4obert ?c8amara, 4onald 5urns ,copyright @ 200?cAraw-9ill Bompany