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The QuestBridge National College Match (NCM) is a binding program done in lieu of other Early Decision, Single-Choice Early
Action, and Multi-Choice Early Action programs. The NCM program is appropriate for students who are sure that at least one of
the QuestBridge partner colleges is a first choice for them. Guidelines for the NCM are as follows:
Applicants to the NCM may rank up to eight colleges in order of their preference. Final rankings must be submitted online
via the Application Management page by October 14, 2013 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. By ranking colleges, students are
stating that they want to be considered for admissions at the colleges they have ranked, and that they will definitely enroll if
matched with any one of those colleges.* Students selected as finalists will have the opportunity to re-arrange the order of
their college rankings by November 5, 2013, but they will not be able to add colleges to their rankings.

QuestBridge NCM applicants may file Regular Decision applications at other colleges, but only with the understanding that
these applications will be withdrawn and no new applications will be initiated if they are matched with one of the Quest-
Bridge partner colleges.* It is a violation of the regulations of this program to file an Early Decision, Single Choice Early
Action, or Multi-Choice Early Action application elsewhere.**

Should a QuestBridge NCM finalist violate the binding provision of this program, the college has the right to withdraw their
offers of admission and financial aid from the candidate. The college may also inform other schools of the violation.

The Match Agreement Form must be signed by the applicant, the applicants parent or guardian, and the applicants high
school counselor in order to affirm that they fully understand the provisions of the QuestBridge NCM agreement. The
deadline for uploading or faxing in this document is October 14, 2013 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.
I am a candidate for the QuestBridge National College Match (NCM) and agree to abide by the rules described above. My
rankings for the QuestBridge NCM program are correctly represented on this page and in the Rankings section of my
Application Management webpage. I have not submitted any other Early Decision or Early Action applications. If matched
with one of QuestBridges partner colleges, I will enroll at that college and will immediately withdraw all applications from
other colleges.*
*Being matched at MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Yale is not binding. You will not have to withdraw other applications if matched
with one of these schools. You are not required to attend if matched.
Parent/Guardians Signature Date
Acknowledgement of Binding Nature of National College Match
2013 Match Agreement Form
2013 National College Match
Applicants Name:
Applicants College Rankings:
You may not change rankings by writing on this form. Rankings may only be submitted online, through the Application Management webpage.
**Even if you only rank the non-binding schools listed above, it is still a violation of the regulations of this program to file an Early
Decision, Single Choice Early Action or Multi-Choice Early Action application elsewhere. Please visit for more information.
Caffey, Joel; DOB: 02/05/1996; Ref: 768096533
matchagreement 10/14/2013 18:25 1/1
Joel Ahmad Caffey
Massachusetts Institute of Technology California Institute of Technology
Yale University
Princeton University
Stanford University

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