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A B C Intake cum Bank Approach pump protection bridge house

D Raising main 8910m intake to wtp

E F Deori Khursuru Junction junction point point 350 450dia. dia. 17.92km 17.11km

G 75kl 3nos.

H 100kl 5 nos.

I 125kl 9 nos.

J 150kl 10 nos.

K 175kl 2 nos.

L 200kl 5 nos.

M 225kl 2 nos.

N 250kl 3 nos.

O 300kl 1 no.

P 100NB from MBR to ESR 50000m

Q R S T U V 150NB 200NB 250NB 90HDPE 110HDPE 125HDPE from from MBR from MBR from ESR from ESR from ESR MBR to to ESR to ESR to Village to Village to Village ESR 14860m 8280m 214553m 55529m 21314m 57165m

WW 140HDPE from ESR to Village 15784m

X 160HDPE from ESR to Village 8050m

a) i 2

EARTH WORK Earth work in excavation (including stacking of excavated earth within a distance of 100M from the excavation area) in the following types of Soils / Ferrugeneous rock Ordinary soil ( silty / sand / sandy clay ) upto a depth of 3.5M. below average existing ground level. Earth work in Backfilling and plinth filling with all lifts and at all locations with earth from temporary stacks of excavated spoils within a lead of 50 m or from borrow pits from selected areas. The material shall be free from lumps Disposal of surplus earth/ rock by truck upto a distance of 3.0 km (from the stacking area where the excavated earth is stacked for the activity of SL.NO 1) including reclaiming from the stacked pile and spreading / leveling the earth / rock in the Extra rate over Item No. 3 for disposal of surplus earth / rock beyond a distance of 3.0 KM. Upto 5 . 0 KM . CONCRETE WORK Mixing , placing , compacting and curing Cement Concrete of following types and grades with all leads , for all types of structures and foundations upto a depth of 6.0 M & height of 10.0 M. from adjoining ground level including all necessary activities. Plain Cement Concrete with 40 mm or 20 mm down aggregates . MIX : ( 1 : 2 : 4) MIX : ( 1 : 3 : 6 ) Supplying, mixing and applying 50 mm thk. Nonshrink Flowable Concrete Grout (1:1:2) with admixtures as per specification for grouting Anchor bolts, pockets, base plate etc. at all locations (Min. Grade-M 30). Plasticizer Admixtures shall be GroutexL/Ferrogrout or equivalent and conforming to IS: 9103. Reinforced cement concrete with 20 mm down graded aggregates M 15 M 20 M 25 M 30 SHUTTERING / FORM WORK Supply ,fixing ,and removing water resistant plywood and/or steel shuttering with necessary supports including cost of wire nails, tie rods (if required any,).Supports, scaffolding / Staging & walkways and all height etc. Plain Shuttering to walls, columns, counter forts, slabs, beams , foundations , rafts, etc. Circular/Curved shuttering of water tanks etc . Cum. Cum.



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Cum. Cum. Cum.

c) i) ii) iii) iv) 6

Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum.

a) b)

Sqm. Sqm.

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BRICK WORK Supply, construction and curing brick masonary work (one brick thick and above). Common burnt clay brick shall conform to IS: 1077. Burnt clay fly ash bricks and fly ash lime bricks shall conform to IS: 13757 & IS: 12894 respectively. Min fly ash content in fly ash bricks shall be 25%. All such bricks shall have a min compressive strength of 75 kg/cm2 at all height 250 thk. Brick work ( 1 : 6 ) PLASTERING WORK Laying cement-sand plaster with water proofing compound over concrete/ brick surface at all locations , heights and depths with curing , necessary scaffolding , walkways and light chipping of concrete surfaces as required . 18 mm thick (12mm 1:6 + 6mm 1 : 4) in two layers on external surfaces . 12 mm thick (1 : 6) on internal surfaces. Average 6 mm thk. in ceiling ( 1 : 4 ) FINISHING SCHEDULE O/A 40mm thick mosaic concrete (1:2:4) bedding REINFORCEMENT WORK Taking delivery from MBE stockyard , transporting ,cutting ,bending ,placing in position and binding reinforcement rods of all diameters and lengths with contractor's own 18 SWG annealed iron wire including making and fixing. Reinforcement shall be TMT conforming to Grade Fe 500 with min. elongation of 14.5% as per IS:1786 except noted otherwise. For Ribbed Torsteel / deformed bars / mild steel bars at any height & depth. WATER PROOFING / SEALING / INSULATION Supply & laying of waterproofing treatment on concrete roofs as under : Roof water-proofing to be done with high solid content liquid applied elastomeric water proofing membrane 1.5mm thk. with separate wearing course as per ASTM C-898. Polymerised mastic shall be applied with primer coat over the roof to achieve smooth surface. Wearing course consisting of 25mm thk. PCC (M-15) cast in panels of size 1.2 M sq. max.and reinforced with 0.55mm dia. galvanised chicken wire mesh & sealing of joints using sealing compound/ elastomeric water proofing membrane shall be provided on top of membrane.Pathqways of 1000mm width, for handling of materials & movement of personnel shall be provided with 22mm thk. chequered cement concrete tiles as per IS: 13801. a min slope of 1:100 shall be maintained on roofs. Cum.

i) 8

a) b) c) 9 a) 11

Sqm. Sqm. Sqm. Sqm.

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Supplying ,mixing and placing 50 mm.thick Damp proof course (M-20) using 10 mm. down graded aggregate including a water proofing compound followed by two layers of bitumen coating 85/25 grade as per IS:702 @ 1.7 kg/sq. M. Supplying , mixing and applying CICO or equivalent, a water proofing compound in underground structures as approved by Engineer-in-Charge.
Snowcem outside of building (Water proof cement based paint) Supplying, providing, jointing and fixing in position as per approved method, PVC water Stop



e) f)




150 mm wide x 6 mm thk . 230 mm wide x 6 mm thk . PAINTING WORKS Supplying and applying all primer and paint to internal / external surfaces of buildings , grills , doors and windows , etc . at all locations with necessary scaffolding , finishing materials etc . all complete . Two coats of oil - bound distemper of approved make and shade over coat of whiting on internal walls after necessary surface preparation as per IS:428. Epoxy paint on inside surface of OHT

i) ii )





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DOORS / WINDOWS / VENTILATORS/ FENCING/ MS GATES Supplying and fixing Mild Steel / Aluminium doors , windows , rolling shutters and fabricated gates etc . including grouting of pockets. Steel doors having double plate flush shutters with minimum thickness of 45 mm and conforming specifications as given in Cl. 4.06.00 of Tech. Spec, Sec.- VI, Part-B, Sub-Section-IIID-01, Page 17 of 61. M. S . Rolling shutters made out of bright cold rolled annealed 75 x 0 . 9 mm SM laths with 75 mm rolling centres all complete as per IS :6248 1979 (maximum size 4.0 m wide x 3.5m height . ) Chain link Fencing of PVC coated G.I. chain link of min. 8G (incl. PVC coating) of mesh size 75mm and of height 2.4 M above toe wall with a 600mm high glavanised concertina at top, such that total height of 3.0 M of fencing above toe wall is achieved. The dia of steel wire for such fencing shall not be less than 12G. MS Gate SANITARY WORKS / DRAINAGE WORKS / MISCELLANEOUS WORKS Supplying and fixing following sanitary wares and pipes including specials . Toilet Blocks as per IS:1172,IS:2064 & IS:2065. Each toilet block shall have fittings/fixtures as mentioned in Cl. of Tech. Spec, Sec.- VI, Part-B, SubSection-IIID-01, Page 19 of 61. The common toilet area shall have FFL at 15 mm below the FFL of surrounding area. UPVC R.W.D commer pipes with usual fittings. 100 mm dia Supplying, Fitting & fixing of Medium Class 32 NB M.S pipes for hand railing as per IS:1239. with toe & knee rails, toe guard plates. All handrails shall be hot dip galvanised at the rate 610 gm/sq.M. Top rail shall be about 1 M from platform level and pipe posts shall be more than 1.5 M apart. STRUCTURAL WORKS Structural steel shall be of tested quality. Mild steel of Grade 'A' (upto 20mm thk.) & Grade 'B' (more than 20mm thk.) shall conform to IS: 2062. High Strength Low Alloy Steel (HSLA), if used, shall conform to IS: 8500. Chequered Plates shall conform to IS: 3502 (Steel shall be supplied free by MBECL) Sqm.






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a) 17 a) 19 20 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

Fabrication & Erection works MT ROAD WORKS Providing 50 thick screed over RCC slab Sqm. Plinth protection(P.C.C 1:2:4) in OHT/Sump area Sqm. Sand filling including compaction as per NTPC Cum. specification 1000mm dia bored pile - 18m long (including concrete Nos & reinf) Empty boring of pile RM Structure for Pipe & Cable Trestle/rack MT Foundation for above + Pedestals + Culverts M3 Design Engg Lot Dewatering / Sheet piling Lot Survey Lot Soil test Lot Room having attached WC and bath in OHT/Sump Sqm. area. Islanding by depositing earth in layer from shore as/dwg. And removal of the deposited soil after construction of well and approach bridge Well sinking 8.5m diameter as/IRC code including all equipment (crane, grabber etc.) and depositing the excavated soil from well to the side slope of island. Boulder pitching of size 600mm or in iron crate. TOTAL: cum





Transformer substation area wiyh fencing Administration buildinginclusive of SCADA room sqm sqm

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