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Youth Achievement Awards Assistant Coach Apprenticeship Awards for Volunteers in

South Gloucestershire
These awards are recognised by and accredited Scheme
by the awarding body ASDAN. They are designed The Assistant Coach Apprenticeship Scheme is a
to encourage young people to take a more active programme of accreditation and mentoring for
role in the youth work activities that interest them.
sports and fitness orientated volunteers aged 14+.
At the end of the scheme apprentices will be Information on the awards available to volunteers
There are 4 levels of award: Bronze - where young
appropriately qualified and experienced as across South Gloucestershire
people take part in activities, Silver – where
volunteers help to plan and organise activities with assistant coaches/ instructors. The scheme is an
others, Gold – where volunteers take complete excellent starting point for young people and
responsibility for planning, organising and leading adults in the field of coaching. The scheme offers
activities and Platinum – where volunteers take a the chance to develop new skills, build on
leadership or peer education role.
confidence and is the first step on the ladder to
You will be able to set your own challenges that fit becoming a coach. You will gain the training and
your interests, and develop your confidence, qualifications needed to become an assistant
planning and leadership skills as well as many coach or instructor. The scheme costs £140 but
more depending on the challenges you choose. this is refunded when you complete the course.
You will also develop a portfolio of evidence of
your skills and experience which you could use for
college or job applications.

For more information on awards and volunteering

opportunities please contact:
South Glos Volunteering Award
The award has been designed specifically to Carla Thomas
recognise young people’s achievements benefiting Vinvolved Development Worker
other people for young people aged 11-25. Young Young Bristol
people can choose to volunteer for 15, 30 or 50 t: 01454 862227
hours. Young people need to complete a planning m: 07528421460
sheet and then review and evaluate their
volunteering. You will receive an accredited award
from the South Glos Youth Service.
v Thank You Award Young Bristol 100 and 200 hour awards The Certificate in Community
The v thank you award is an award for volunteers This award recognises young people who have Volunteering
who have taken part in a one-off volunteering volunteered 100 or 200 hours of their time. There is a This is a recognised vocational qualification,
experience of at least half a day. The award simple log sheet to complete which will need to be accredited by the awarding body ASDAN. It is
recognises the skills you have gained, the benefits signed by a worker at your project. You can volunteer equivalent to two GCSEs at Grade B. The course
across as many projects as you wish. There is no is delivered by the City of Bristol College but can
of your volunteering for your community and
need to collect any evidence. Just complete your also be studied online.
includes a reference from the project coordinator. hours, and the log sheet.
The award is made up of 5 units:
Preparing to Volunteer (thinking about the skills,
experience and interests you have, and helping
v50 award Duke of Edinburgh Award you to find the right volunteering opportunity),
The v50 Award is available to volunteers aged 16-
The Award is a challenging programme of activities Skills for Self Management (helping you to reflect
25 who complete 50 hours of volunteering in less
which will help you to learn new skills, help others and on where you are at the moment and the goals
than a year. It is designed to recognise and
experience adventure and it will give you a great you would like to set for the future, as well as
celebrate the time and effort you have invested, and
sense of achievement. What’s more many improving skills such as time management),
to show colleges, universities and potential
organisations such as employers and universities take Dealing with Meetings (preparing for meetings,
employers the positive impact you have had on your
a good view of the Award and what it says about the taking part effectively and following up on action
community. To receive a v50 Award you will need to
person who has achieved it. points and issues discussed),
complete a simple log book and collect evidence
Working to Good Practice Standards (looking at
(e.g. certificates, photos, posters, letters,
There are three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold and the policies and guidelines that affect your work)
newspaper coverage, etc.) of your volunteering. for each you complete activities in four sections – and Understanding Needs and Issues (looking at
Service (volunteering) (your current volunteering can your work and how it relates to the aims of the
count towards this section), Skills, Physical organisation and how it makes a difference to the
Recreation and Expeditions. At the Gold level you local community).
vimpact award also take part in a Residential Project. In each section The course involves building a portfolio of
The vimpact is for those volunteers aged 16-25 who there is a wide range of options you can choose from evidence to demonstrate your skills and abilities, it
have already completed their v50. It is designed to or you can find similar activities which interest you. does not involve an exam.
recognise the impact of your volunteering. To The good news is it’s not an exam and you can’t fail!
complete the award you will need to do an
additional 100 hours of volunteering within a 12
month period, reflect on your skills, think about the
impact of your volunteering on the community, the
project and on yourself and tell other people what
you have done. You will need to complete an award
booklet and collect evidence.