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LENS 1. An arrangement of an object, a lens with a focal length of /= 30 cm, a flat mirror and a tray is shown in figure. A flat mirror is turned through 45 with respect to the optic axis of the lens. At what height 'h' from the optic axis should the bottom of a tray filled with water up to depth d = 20 cm be placed to obtain a sharp image of the object at the bottom ?

(a) h = 0.62 m (b) h = 0.85 m (c) h = 0.25 m (d) h = 1.25 m 2. Two similar piano convex lenses are Liquid placed with their convex surfaces in contact and the space between them is filled with a liquid of refractive index 1.7, as shown in figure. The focal length of piano convex lens is 25 cm and radius of curvature of the curved surface is 12.5 cm and is made of glass of refractive index 1.5. The focal length of the combination is:

(a) -31.25 cm (b) -42.05 cm (c) -37.73 cm (d) -52.65 cm 3. An object O is placed at 8 cm infront of a glass slab, whose one face is silvered as shown in the figure. The thickness of the slab is 6 cm. If the image formed Q 10 cm behind the silvered face, the refractive index of glass is :

(a) p = 1.8 (b) p = 1.2 (c) p = 1.5 (d) p. = 1.3 4. Figure shows, a glass prism. ABC (refractive index 1.5), immersed in water (refractive index 4/3). A ray of light incident normally on face AB. If it is totally reflected at face AC then :

5. A beam of light consisting of red, green and blue colour is incident on a right angled prism as shown in the figure. Light of red, green and blue colour travel in prism with velocities respectively 5/7, 20/29 and 2/3 times that in the air. The prism will:

(a)separate all three colours from one another (b) not separate even partially any colour from the other two colours (c) separate the blue colour partially by transmission frotr. red and green colours (d) separate the part of the red colour from the green and the blue colour 6. A drop of liquid is spread on the hypotenuse of 30-60-90 prism as shown and a ray of light incident normally on face AB of the prism. If the refractive index of liquid is 1.3, then the refractive index of prism, so that total internal reflection take place, is : A

(a) 1.2 (b) 1.4 (c) 1.3 (d) 1.5

7. A small pin fixed on a table top is viewed from above from a distance of 50cm. The distance that the pin would appear to be raised if it is viewed from the same point through a 15cm thick glass slab held parallel to the table? Refractive index of glass = 1.5. (a ) pin appears raised by 5.0 cm. (b) pin appears raised by 15.0 cm. (c) pin appears raised by 1.0 cm. (d) pin appears raised by 10 cm.
8. Two plano-convex lens each of focal length / are placed as shown in figure. The ratio of their focal lengths is:

(a) 1:2:3 (b) 1: 1:1 (c) 1 : 2 :1 (d) 3 :2 :1 9. When a thin convergent glass lens (n1 = 1.5) and has power of + 5.0 D, is immersed in a liquid of refractive index n2;, it acts as a divergent lens of focal length 100 cm. The value of n2 is: (a) 4/3 (b) 5/3 (c) 5/4 (d) 6/5