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SHIISM - Taqiyyah. Taqiyyah is one of the fundamental and inseparable tenet of Shiism. In reality, taqiyyah is a 'blatant lie'.

The importance of taqiyyah is clearly laid out in the Shiism main texts. One of them, as narrated by al-Kulaini: Abu Umar al-A'jami said that Jaafar as- Sadiq a.s. said to me, "Dear Abu Umar, verily nine tenth of the religion is based on taqiyyah and there is no religion to those who do not practise taqiyyah, and taqiyyah is on everything except in matters regarding liquor and brushing two "khufs". (al-Usul Min al-Kafi, vol 2, page 217). The gist of Taqiyyah is as what was mentioned by Imam Jaa'far As-Sadiq to Sulaiman bin Khalid, "Dear Sulaiman! Verily, you are in a religion when those who conceal the facts of the religion will be honoured and those who expose it will be disgraced by Allah."(al-Kafi, vol 2, page 222) ISLAM - Honesty and trustworthy are two important traits in Islam and indeed they are the core of Islamic teaching. The Messenger p.b.u.h. said, "There is no piety in those who are not trustworthy" (Narrated by Imam Muslim). The act of taqiyyah among the Shiites is the reason why our early religous scholars refuse to accept news or stories from the Shiites. Imam Shafie said, "I've never seen a group of people who are more liar than the Shiites." (Al-Kifayah, page 49, as-Suyuti, Tadrib Ar-Rawi, vol 1 page 327) *********************************************** SHIISM - The Quran Has Been Corrupted. The Shiites, especially their scholars, who are the backbone of their ideologies, believe that the Quran that we have today has been corrupted and infiltrated. One of them, Sayyid Ni'matullah al-Jazaari used to say, "The Shiites leading scholars have agreed that according to a authentic (in fact, "mutawattir") hadeeth that, it is crystal clear that the Quran has been corrupted." (An-Nuuri At-Thabrasi, Faslu al-Khitaab, page 30). This ideology is well recorded in more than two thousand narrations by the Infallible Imams. ISLAM - Islamic scholars concur that the belief that the Quran has been corrupted is an act of apostacy. Ibnu Qudamah said, "There is no difference of opinion among the Muslims on the apostacy of those who refute al-Quran, be it one surah, one verse or a word." (Lam'ah al-I'tiqad, Chapter- Al-Quran is the Word of Allah, vol 1, page 17) *********************************************** SHIISM - Temporary Marriage (Mut'ah). Temporary marriage (mut'ah), in essence, is adultery in the name of religion. Mut'ah is a form of marriage contract in absence of 'wali' and witness, for an agreed duration with a little bride price (mahar) with no obligation, sustenance, inheritance and all other matters which prevail in normal marriages (al-Kafi, vol 5, page 286). Surprisingly, in a mut'ah marriage, the bride is need not to be inquired whether she is somebody's wife or not. This type of marriage is purely to satisfy human animalistic needs and lust. A man can marry even as many as a thousand women at one time (Wasaailu As Syiah, vol 14 page 480). It is said that Muhammad Al-Baqr narrated on the mut'ah that, "The women are not counted as one of the four wives, they are not divorced and do not inherit. They are merely 'loaned' properties." (al-Kafi, vol 5 page 284). To the Shiites, those who do not recognize mut'ah as allowable (halal) is considered as non-believers. It is reported that Muhammad AlBaqr narrated that, "Not amongst us, those who do not believe in raj'ah and do not consider that mut'ah is permissible (halal)." (Man La Yahduruhu al-Faqih, vol 3, page 458). ISLAM - Temporary marriage that is being practised by the Shiite is, in fact, a form of adultery and prostitution. It degrades the women to the lowest level! That is why it has been categorically forbidden by the Prophet p.b.u.h. through authentic hadeeth and also from the sayings of the Companions which include Sayyidina Ali himself. Sayyidina Ali r.a. narrated that, "Indeed the Messenger of God p.b.u.h. has banned the mut'ah (temporary marriage) on the Battle of Khaibar and forbid from eating domesticated donkey." (Reported in Ibn Majah and al-Nasaa'i)


1. By participating in bussines and religious expositions especially those are organised by Islamic bodies. They encourage the local entrepeneurs to establish trade ties with Iranian counterparts. 2. Introducing distorted historical facts in the education institutions' text books by portraying the Companions as power hungry, tyrants, untrustworthy, greedy etc 3. By deceitfully ammending the books written by the past great Islamic scholars e.g. adding the phrase 'a.s.' after the name of Sayyidina Ali and other Imams. 4. By actively participating in radio and tv programme either as guest speakers or caller to the radio or tv stations. 5. By distributing propaganda materials in the form of leaflets and books at public areas. Souvenier items such as bookmarks, key chains, calendars and greeting cards are inscribed with Shiite's phrases and catchword. 6. By sponsoring or encouraging Malaysian students to further their studies in Iran. 7. By Iranian students studying in local public and private universities. 8. By infiltrating into Islamic organizations and political parties. 9. By establishment of quran learning, memorization and religous centres. 10. By producing movies and films which denigrate the Companions. 11. By converting sunni men and women to Shiism by marriage. 12. By introducing Shiism ideologies in the mass media. 13. Active in cyber world such as participating in debates and forums 14. By infiltrating Shiism ideologies and doctrines in literary works (such as novels) and through cultural shows. SHIISM SYMBOLS


" Know the Shiites figures. They are renowned novelists and writers, leading political figures, student leaders, professors and lecturers in tertiary institutions. " Arm ourselves with the authentic Islamic knowledge - Bear in mind that Shiites will use sources of Ahlus Sunnah origin, which have to be checked on their existence or the true intepretation of the quoted texts. " Watchful of your and your children's friends and acquaintance - Avoid befriend any Shiites (especially foreigners such as from Iran or Iraq) " When debating the Shiites, be cautious of their claims and statements as they are highly likely lie to you (practicing 'taqiyya') " Beware of so-called Islamic books, as some of them are authored by the Shiites; They may contain distorted facts.
-3The pictures during deviant Shiites celebration of the 10th Muharram (Ashura)