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Ancient and Accepted Rite
Reprinted 1999
Amendment Lists No 1 dated September 1994
No 2 datedFebruary 1996
Rule Page
Preamble 2
Honorarymembership 4
Conduct ofbusiness 5
Degrees ofthe Rite (Appendix A) 6
General 7 11
Concordat (AppendixB) 8 11
BranchCouncils 9 11
Districts and Groups 10 11
InspectorsGeneral 11 12
District and Group Recorders 12 12
Leviesin Districts and Groups 13 13
Dispensations issued by IGs 14 13
Precedence, Formation andWarrants 15 13
Custody ofWarrants 16 15
I I Ownership of Warrants &
Certificates; Badges 17 15
Loss etc. of Warrant or Certificate 18 15
Return ofWarrants & Certificates 19 16
Rule Page
General Requirement 2 0
Formand Content (AppendixD) 2 1
Discussion of religionor politics 2 2
Despatch of Summons 2 3
Quorum 2 4
Cancellation 2 5
Forbidden days 2 6
EmergencyMeeting 2 7
Officers 2 8
Elections 2 9
Enthronement 30
Enthronement report 31
Enthronement cettificate 32
Residence 34
Proposal 35
Qualifications 36
Ballot, adverse 37
Preliminary requirements:
Perfection or Affiliation 38
fromForeign MasonicPower 39
Particulars on Summons 40
Registration ofJoining Member 41
Limit on numbers to beperfected 42
16 Commencement ofMembership 44 ClearanceCertificates 43
Lapsed Elections 45
PresentingBy-lawsand Rules 46
16 Presentingof Intermediate Degrees
Booklet and 18 ~ Ritual 47
18 Subscriptions and Arrears 48
18 Treasurer-duties 5 1
19 Vouchersetc 5 2
Auditorsand accounts 5 3
2 0 SubmissionofReportsetc 5 4
2 1 Minutes 5 5
2 2 Reporting Membershipchanges 5 6
2 3 Annual Return 5 7
2 3 Change ofaddtess 5 8
2 3 Annual dues 5 9
2 4 Arrears 60
2 5 Payment 61
2 5 Cessation of Membershipof Order 62
2 5 Degrees fromother Jurisdictions 63
2 6 MasonLcmisconduct 64
2 7 Duty to report, enquiryandappeals 65
2 7 Attendance at irregular meetings 66
2 7
2 7
2 7
2 8
2 8
2 8
2 9
2 9
Disputes 67
Talks and Papers 68
Irregular Meetings 69
Eligibility 70
Requirements for Meetings 71
Recommendation 72
Recommendation andConferment 73
Titles 74
Clothing (Appendiir C) 75
Application ofCraft Constitutions 76
A - Degrees of Rite
B - Concordatwith Sister Jurisdictions
C - Clothing andRegalia
D - Forms (NewChapter)
E - Forms (Candidates)
5 0
5 6
1. (a) In these Rules the words listed in column one
belowhave the meanings set out against them in column
twounlessthecontraryappearsfromthe context:
The three documents commonly so
called and stated to have been
executedon the first day ofMay 178 6
The Supreme Council of Sovereign
Grand Inspectors General of the
Thirty-third Degree of theAncient
and Accepted Rite of Masonry for
EnglandandWales and its Districts
and Chapters Overseas instituted
and established in the year 18 45 in
conformity with the Grand
A body established as such by the
Supreme Council to exercise
specifically delegated powers in a
definedpart ofits jurisdiction.
The headquarters of the Supreme
The Rite
Degree(s) of the
The Ancient and Accepted Rite of
Masonry as established by the
Grand Constitutions.
Degree(s) listedin AppendixA.
A degreeof theRite fromthe19th to
the33rd both inclusive.
Sister Jurisdictions
Inspector General
Inspector General
The Riteinsofaras it is controlledby
theSupreme Council.
A Chapter authorised by the
Supreme Council to confer degrees
of the Rite from the fourth to the
eighteenth on duly qualified
Masonic Power
A Sovereign masonic body
acknowledged as such de facto by
theSupreme Council.
A Masonic Power whose centre of
government is located outside
Englandand Wales.
Accepted by the Supreme Council
as conforming with the principles
for full recognition adopted by it
fromtime to time (Used of Foreign
(When usedofa MasonicPower) the
area and masonic units owing
allegiance to a Masonic Power and
that Power itsclf.
Inspector General
The Supreme Councils for Ireland
and Scotland.
A memberoftheRite upon whomthe
SupremeCouncil has conferredthe
A Brother appointed by the
Supreme Council to thecharge and
supervision of a District or Group
as Inspector General and regularly
installed as such (oi Inspector
General Designate in Charge to the
extent of his authority); where no
such appointment hasbeen made 01
a Chapter is ranked as unattached,
the Grand Secretary General or any
other personappointedto act in that
The Inspector General having such
charge and supervision in a
particular District or Group
Sent to higher authority through
any subordinate authority e.g. an
Inspector General.
Includesconstitution anddedication
except wherethe context precludes
such interpretation.
Amember ofa Chapter other than an
honorary member, a Serving
Brother, or anelectedOuter Guard.
6 77-
Join, rejoin
Regular Meeting
The regular conferment of the
eighteenth degree ofthe Rite.
Theacceptanceinto one jurisdiction
of a Brother originally owing
allegianceto another.
Become a member of a Chapter
beingalready amember oftheOrder
(join) or having been previously a
member of the relevant Chapter
These Rules asamended from time
to time.
Anauthoritygivenby the Supreme
Council or (where so authorised) by
an Inspector General or competent
masonic subordinate authority, to
dispense with anyrequirement of
A meeting of a Chapter held at a
placeandon a dateauthorisedby its
by-laws andby theseRules.
A properlyauthorised meeting of a
Chapter other than a regular
Prescribedby theSupreme Council.
(b) IntheseRules a reference to a District or Districts
shall be read as including a reference to aGroup or Groups
unless thecontrary is stated.
2 . (a) The Supreme Council was regularly
establishedby theNorthern MasonicJurisdiction ofNorth
America in conformity with the general system of
government of the Rite and on terms which restricted its
membership to Christian Freemasons.
(b) TheSupremeCouncil hassupreme andunfettered
authority in all matters telative to the Order within its
jurisdiction including without prejudice to thegenerality
ofthe foregoingthe rights to amend, delete, addto or grant
dispensations from these Rules, to make and enforce
regulations in regard to procedural or administrative
matters, to prescribe fees and dues, to prescribe or amend
rituals, ceremonial and procedures in, anditself to confer
in extenso or by patent anyof the degrees and ceremonies
of the Rite, to give procedural directions in anymatter to
be determined by itself or an Inspector General and to
delegate any of its authority and powers either generally
or for a specific purpose or purposes and withdraw or
modifyanysuch delegation.
(c) The SupremeCouncil actsasacorporate bodywith
a corporateseal and all property vested in or held in trust
for it is held for thebenefit ofthe Order but the Supreme
Council alone has power to deal with any such property
andmay do so in anywaywhichin itsunfettereddiscretion
is for the good of Freemasonry It also has the exclusive
right and power on behalf of the Order to negotiate and
enter into treaties and other arrangements with other Masonic Powersandto specifywith whichsuch Powers it is
from time to time in amity or has any particular
(d) The Supreme Council does not interferewith, or
militate against, the authority of theUnited GrandLodge
of England or Grand Lodges recognised by that Grand
Lodge to govern the first three degrees of Symbolic
3. Election to membership of theSupreme Council is in
the unfettered discretion of the Supreme Council. The
number of Memberswill not exceednine unless anduntil
theSupreme Council otherwisedecides.
4. The Supreme Council may at its discretion elect as
HonoraryMembers ofthe SupremeCouncil distinguished
membersof theRite. AnHonoraryMembermay beinvited
to attend the whole or part of anymeetingof theSupreme
Council but shall not havetheright to votethereat.
5 . The conduct of business by the Supreme Council is
within its unfettered discretion but is subject to such by-
laws as it may from time to time prescribe anyor all of
which may by the affirmativevote of at least six members
at a regularly organised meeting be suspended for a
particular purpose
6. The Supreme Council administers all the degrees of
the Rite. It authorises its Chapters to confer on qualified
candidates the 18 th Degree in extenso and the 4th to the
17th Degree by name only but no Chapter oi member of
the Order other than a Member of the Supreme Council
mayotherwise conferor attempt to conferor demonstrate
any degree of the Rite unless pcrniittccl to do so by
7. The Supreme Council controls all matters affecting
relations with other jurisdictions and MasonicPowers and
no member of the Order is entitled or allowed to enter
into discussions or communicate with any such
jurisdiction or Power about theaffairs of theOrder unless
specifically authorisedbytheSupremeCouncil so to do.
8 . In certain matters relating to the conferment of
degrees andthefoundingofChapters overseasthe Supreme
Council has entered into a Concordat with the Sister
Jurisdictions whichis setout in AppendixB.
9. The Supreme Council may in any case in which it
considers it right so to do establish a Branch Council to
act in specific matters on its behalfin a defined part of its
jurisdiction. Such a Council shall act in all respects only
in accordance with the authority delegated to it and the
regulations laid downby the Supreme Council and shall
render such reports, returns and fees to the Supreme
Council as maybe required. TheSupremeCouncil has full
power to modify, abrogate or otherwise change the terms
of anysuch delegation andto dissolveanyBranch Council
and shall not be bound to assign anyreason for any such
10. The Supreme Council may divide its jurisdiction
or any part thereof into Districts or Groups and appoint
Inspectors General to the charge and supervision of any
such District or Group.
11. (a) From a date not earlier than that of his
Patent of Appointment and until installed in his office a
Brother appointed to be an Inspector General may be
authorisedby theSupreme Council to exerciseall or some
of the powers of an Inspector General pending his formal
installation. A Brother so authorised shall be known as
Inspector General Designate in Charge. Any such
authority may be suspended, revoked or modified by the
Supreme Council at any time. Unless so authorised an
Inspector General Designate has no authority to exercise
any powers conferred by these Rules on an Inspector
(b) An Inspector General is expected to visit the
Chapters under his charge and supervision from time to
time andto transmit to theSupremeCouncil by31 July in
each year a report in the prescribed form on the state of
those Chapters, and other matters of general interest to
theOrder in hisDistrict or Group.
(c) Unless otherwise directed by the Supreme
Council, an Inspector General has the powers and duties
specified in these Rulesor whichmay fromtime to time be
delegated to him by the SupremeCouncil either generally
or for specific cases and in particular to investigate (in
manner hereinafter described) any case of masonic
misconduct which comes to his notice in his District or
12 An Inspector General may appoint a District or
Group Recorder to assist him in the routine duties of
administration of hisDistrict or Group and shall transmit
to the SupremeCouncil thenameof theBrother whom he
13. AnInspector General mayraisean annual levyfrom
the Chapters in his District or Group not exceeding the
amount authorisedeachyear for everysubscribingmember
of each Chapter under his charge. This money shall be
used only for theadministration expenses of the District
or Group andof anyBranch Council to which theDistrict
or Group belongs Anaccount shall be kept of the money
receivedand expendedand an audited statement madeup
to 30 June in each year shall beforwarded to the Supreme
Council to arrivenot later than thefollowtng 31 July
14. An Inspector General is empowered to issue the
following Dispensations in the prescribed foim, a copy of
anysuch Dispensation beingsent to the SupremeCouncil
together withanyprescribedfee:
(a) to changethe dateofa regular meeting other than
an Enthronement Meeting,
(b) to change the date of an Enthronement Meeting
by up to 2 8 dayseither side of the regular date;
(c) to hold an EmergencyMeeting;
(d) to hold a meeting if fewer than five qualified
Brethrenare present;
(e) whereauthorised under Rule 30(b).
15 . (a) Chapterstakeprecedence according to thedates
oftheir warrantsunless theSupremeCouncil otherwisedirects.
(b) No Chapter may be formed under the Supreme
Council or within itsjurisdictionotherwise thanby authority
12 13
of a warrant granted by the Supreme Council. Brethren
wishing to form a Chapter must transmit a Petition to
establish the same to the Supreme Council on the
prescribed form. The Petition shall be signed by at least
six members ofthe Orderowingallegianceto the Supreme
Council. All Petitioners must be subscribingmembers of
a Chapter and three of them at least must reside in the
immediate vicinity of the place where it is intended the
Chapter should meet.
(c) Awarrant for a Chapter will include authorityto
hold a Lodge of Perfection, a Council of Princes of
Jerusalem, and a Lodge of Knights of the East and West.
Thedegrees of the Rite fromthe4th to the 16th inclusive
will be conferred by name only as follows: 4th to 14th
inclusive in the Lodge of Perfection; 15 th and 16th in the
Council of Princes of Jerusalem. The 17th Degree will be
conferred in accordance with the prescribed ritual in a
Lodge of Knights of the East and West. The 18 th Degree
will be worked in full in accordance with the prescribed
ritual andconferred in theChapter.
(d) The form of Petition for a warrant is set out in
Appendix Dto these Rules. Requests for the formshould
be transmitted to theSupreme Council.
(e) Oncompletionof theformii shotild bctransmitted
to theSupreme Council with theprc8 ciibecl fcc.
(f) A Chapter which has bceii in tinintcrrupted
existence for not less than onc hundred yeats and has held
at least one meeting in each of those years may transmit
an application to the Suprcrnc Counell lor a Centenary
Warrant andfor permission for uS siihscilhing membersto
wear a CentenaryJewel provided that IfI n thc opinion ofthe
Supreme Council it is just so to do a Chapter may be
deemed to have met in a year or years of that period
notwithstanding that for good cause shown it was unable
so to do.
(g) The Centenary Jewel shall be of the prescribed
(h) Theprescribed fee for anywarrant must be paid
before it can be issued.
16. The Sovereign of theChapter is responsible for the
safe custody of warrants issued to the Chapter and for
handing them to his successor when enthroned or to the
17. (a) All warrants and certificates issued by the
Supreme Council remain the pioperty of the Supreme
Council and must bereturned to it on demand or when so
requiredunder theseRules.
(b) A Chapter wishing to adopt as its device a badge
other than that of the 18 th Degree shall first transmit the
proposed design to the Supreme Council for approval. A
Chapter shall not use any design that has not received
approval fromtheSupreme Council.
18. (a) Should a warrant be lost, destroyed, become
illegible or be irremediablydamaged the SupremeCouncil
may authorise the issue of a Warrant of Confirmation for
which, unless the SupremeCouncil orders otherwise, the
prescribed fee shall be paid in advance. Ifa lost warrant
shall be found or restored the Warrant of Confirmation
shall forthwithbe returnedto theSupremeCouncil.
(b) Should anycertificate issued to a Brother by the
SupremeCouncil be lost or destroyedan application for a
replacement may be transmitted to the Supreme Council
who mayauthorise the issue of a replacement for which a
fee maybe charged. Iftheoriginal certificateis later found
thereplacementshall forthwith be returned by theChapter
orBrother to theSupremeCouncil.
19. (a) If a Chapter shall cease to meet the
Sovereign or anyperson havingpossession of anywarrant
issued to theChapter by the SupremeCouncil shall return
it to theSupreme Council.
(b) Any person who resigns from, ceases to be a
member of, or is expelled from the Order shall forthwith
return any certificate issued to him by authority of the
SupremeCouncil to the SupremeCouncil
(c) The Supreme Council may at any time and
without giving a reason require that any warrant or
certificate issued by it and remaining its property under
these Rules be returned to it by the person having
possession of thesame.
2 0. EverynewChapter shall be consecrated (whichunder
these Rules includes its constitution and dedication) in
ancient and solemn form by a member of the Supreme
Council, or by a Brother nominated by the Supteme
Council for that purpose, and no Chapter shall be
considered as regular or entitled to exercise the powers
confei redby itswarrant until it has beenso consecrated.
2 1. (a) A Chapter shall as soonas practicable after it
hasbeen consecratedapproveby-lawsfor itsgovernance and
transmit two copies thereof to the Supreme Council for
approval. Pending such approval or disapproval the by
laws submitted shall be of full force and effect but any
modifications or alterations required by the Supreme
Council as a condition of approval shall be brought into
effect bytheChapter forthwithand ifso ordered shall take
effect retrospectively.
(b) Theby-laws ofa Chapter must includea statement
of: the dates andplaceof itsregular meetings, the amount
or method of deciding the amount of the annual
subscription to be paid by each member and the fees for
Perfection, affiliation, joining and rejoining; the meeting
at which the Sovereign, Treasurer, Outer Guard and
Auditorsshall be elected; andtheEnthronement Meeting.
(c) By-laws shall (unless otherwiseauthorised by the
Supreme Council) be in the form of the Model By-laws
(set out in Appendix D), as amended from time to time, a
copyofwhichwill accompany notification that thePetition
for a newChapter has beengranted.
(d) The fee for Perfection or affiliation shall be not
less than 10 or the equivalent overseas and shall include
an element to cover the cost of a copy of the Rules and
should normally also allow for presentation of copies of
the Intermediate Degrees booklet and the 18 th Degree
(e) Every new member must pay the appropriate
subscription and entrance fee or other fees on the dateon
which he is perfected or affiliated or becomes a joining
(f) A Chapter may by its by-laws allow the services
of its Recorder to be deemed a satisfaction of his annual
16 17
(g) No alteration of or addition to the by-laws of a
Chapter shall be made unless notice of the terms of the
proposal has been included on the summons convening
themeeting at which it is to be discussed and not less than
two-thirds of the members present vote in favour thereof
or of someamendment thereof. No alteration or addition
(other than an amendment concerned onlywith changes
in feesor annual subscription) shall become effectiveuntil
approvedby the Supreme Council.
2 2 . The discussion of religion or politics in open
Chapter is forbidden andrenders anyparticipant liableto
2 3. The summons for anymeeting of a Chapter shall be
despatched to each member at least fourteen clear days
before the dateof themeeting and at the same time a copy
shall be despatched to the relevant Inspector General.
2 4. The presence of at least five brethren is necessary
for the holding of a meeting of a Chapter, two being
subscribing members of the Chapter including the
Sovereign or a Past Sovereign.
2 5 . No regular meetingmaybe cancelled. Every meeting
shall beheld at the meetingplace named on thewarrant of
the Chapter or otherwise authorised in accordance with
2 6. Nomeetingofa Chapter maytakeplace on GoodFriday
or Christmas Day. Should the regular meeting of a Chapter
fall on Good Friday, ChristmasDay, or aPublic Holiday, the
meetingmaybe held on a datenot morethan fourteen days
before or after thedayfixedby theby-laws whichdayshall
bedeemed for all purposestheregular dayofmeeting.
2 7. Provided that a dispensation has first been obtained
an EmergencyMeeting of a Chapter may be called by its
Sovereign or in his absence or non-availabilityby one of
the Generals. An Emergency Meeting may also be called
by the relevant Inspector General who shall at the same
time advise the Supreme Council of his action and the
reasonsfor it, and, in due course, theresult of themeeting.
The business to be transacted shall be stated on the
summons, the reading of anydispensation being the first
item of business after the Chapter has been opened, and
where a dispensat ion has been issued no other business
than that permitted by it and stated on thesummons shall
betransacted. ~4ominutes ofa regular meetingshall be read
at an Emergency Meeting except any relating to the
election of officers where the business includes an
2 8 . Theofficers ofa Chapter are:
First General
Second General
Director ofCeremonies
*Assistant Directorof
*Assistant Recorder
Captain of theGuard
Outer Guard
Offices marked *are optional
The officers rank in the order givenin the above table
those in column one being the senior. No member may
hold more than one office at the same time, save that one
optional office maybeheld in addition to oneother office.
2 9. (a) At its meeting immediately preceding the
Enthronement Meetingeach Chapter shall annually electa
Sovereign, Treasurer, Outer Guard and twoor more Auditors
for the ensuing year. The elections for Sovereign and
Treasurer shall beby ballot. TheOuter GuardandAuditors
shall beelectedbyshowofhands, provided that should the
Chapter resolvethat a subscribing member be Outer Guard
without emolument heshall be appointed by the Sovereign.
Provided that where the normal Enthronement Meeting
would be the next meeting after the Consecration of the
Chapter the Founders may resolve at the Consecration
Meeting that the next regular meeting shall not be the
Enthronement Meetingandifit be so resolvedthe Sovereign
and other officers shall continue in office as ifelected or
appointed for a secondyear andparagraph(c) of this Rule
shall applyas iftheperiod between the Consecration and
the next Enthronement Meetinghad beena complete year
(b) E~tcept in the case of the first election following
the ConsecrationofaChapter no member shall be eligible
for election as Sovereign unless at the date of the next
Enthronement Meetinghe will have served or be deemed
by the Supreme Council to have served as Sovereign or
General in aregular Chapter for a full year.
(c) E,tcept by prior dispensation from the Supreme
Council no brother maycontinue as Sovereign of thesame
Chapter for morethan twoyears in succession, nor be the
Sovereign of morethanone Chapter at the same time.
(d) Prior to theballots for Sovereign andTreasurer the
membersmay beinformedof those eligible for electionbut
no nomination maybemadein open Chapter
(e) The ballots for Sovereign and Treasurer are to be
taken by everymember present who wishes to take part
writing hisnomination on a slip ofpaper; these arecollected
and handed to the Sovereign or member presiding who
declaies the eligible member with the greatest number of
votes to beelected. The Sovereignor member presiding has
a casting votein the event of a tie.
( 0 The Treasurer and Auditors shall assume
responsibility for the duties of their respective offices
immediately after the Enthronement Meeting. TheOuter
Guard shall assumeresponsibility for his duties on being
invested, should he not be present at the Enthronement
MeetingtheSovereignshall appoint a Brother to act asOuter
Guarduntil the Brother nominated can be invested.
(g) If during the term for which he is elected the
Treasurer, Outer Guard (if elected) or an Auditor of a
Chapter dies, becomes unfit or is removed fromoffice the
relevantInspector General shall be informed andmaygive
instructions for the election of a substitute and such
substitute, when elected, shall forthwithassumehisduties.
(h) The Sovereign may appoint a member to fill any
office other than Treasurer, Outer Guard (if elected) or
Auditor which becomes vacant during his tenure as
30. (a) The Sovereignelect shall be enthroned at the
next regular meetingof theChapter following his election
unlessotherwiseprovided in theseRules.
2 0
2 1
(b) Should the Sovereign elect die or be unable or
unwilling to assumethe officeof Sovereign, or should it be
difficultor impracticableto hold theEnthronement Meeting
on thedue dateor in case ofurgencyto enthrone himat that
meeting, the Chapter shall immediately applyto therelevant
Inspector General for directions stating thecircumstances
andmaking anyappropriaterecommendations.
Uponreceivingsuchan applicationtheInspector General
shall either direct (1) that thepresent Sovereignofthe Chapter
continuein officefor a secondyear or (2 ) that the dateof the
meeting be changed and in each case issue the prescribed
dispensation under Rule 14, or recommendto the Supreme
Council oneof thefollowing courses ofactionanyofwhich
requiresa dispensation fromthe SupremeCouncil.
( i) that the Enthronement take place at another
meeting thanthat laid downin the by.lawsof theChapter;
( ii) that anewelection be heldimmediately beforethe
( iii) that aBrother not qualifiedfor election under these
Rulesbe deemed eligible for election andEnthronement.
In such cases the Supreme Council may also direct that
theSovereign enthronedandanyofficer invested by him in
accordance with such directions shall bedeemedtohavefilled
hisofficefor a full year at thedateof thene~~ tEnthronement
Meeting. Theregularityofanyact donein strict accordance
with such instructions shall not thereafter be questioned.
31. The Recorder shall transmit a report of the
Enthronement of the Sovereign to the Supreme Council
on the prescribed form within seven days of the
2 2
32 . A Sovereign canifhewishes obtaina certificatethat
he has been enthroned as such by transmitting an
application to theSupremeCouncil with theprescribedfee.
33. A 17th Degree Brother who has been dulyobligated
as a Serving Brother before the date on which this Rule
takes effect shall be subject in respect of his duties and
privileges in the Order to theprovisions of Rule 2 4 in the
1992 edition of the Rules and Regulations of the Order
unless anduntil obligated in the 18 th Degree. No further
suchappointments shall bemade.
34. It is desirable that a candidate for admission into the
Order should apply to be perfected in a Chapter in the
neighbourhoodwherehenormally residesor where hehasa
placeofbusinessor employment. Wherea candidateseeksto
applyto a Chapter not so situated, heshall first giveawritten
statement ofhisreasonsfor wishing to join theChapter andif
theChapter is satisfied with themthe applicationmayproceed.
35 . (a) A candidate for Perfection, affiliation or
joining shall be proposed and seconded in open Chapter
or by letter to the Sovereign or Recorder but no such
proposal shall be put to a ballot until the relevant
requirementsof theseRules asto qualifications andmatters
preliminary to election have been complied with and
satisfactory replies to enquirieshavebeen received.
(b) Before a ballot may be taken for a candidate for
joining a confirmation as hereinafter required must be
obtained that he has paid all dues to anyother Chapter of
which heis or hasbeen a member; a Chapter whichelects
2 3
such a candidate without having first obtained such
confirmation becomesliablefor thepayment ofanyunpaid
duesthat such enquirywouldhavedisclosed.
36. (a) To be eligible for Perfection in the 18 th
DegreeaBrother must:
(i) be of high moral standing and prepared to sign
theprescribeddeclaration that he professestheTrinitarian
Christian faith; and
( ii) be a MasterMason of at least a years standing at
thetime ofhis election andsubject as hereinafterprovided
havebeeninitiated, passedandraised in a Lodgeor Lodges
under either
(1) theUnitedGrand Lodgeof Englandor
(2 ) a Grand Lodge recognised by it at that time as
regular and situated in a country within the
jurisdiction of the SupremeCouncil or in Ireland
or Scotland.
(3) a Grand Lodge so recognised, he having
subsequently madethe declaration ofallegianceto
the United Grand Lodge of England as required
by theBookofConstitutions.
Provided that in thecase of a Freemason who is or has
been a member of an Irish or Scottish Craft Lodge and
neither is norhas been a member of a Craft Lodgeunder
the United Grand Lodge of England any permission
requiredunder theConcordat printedat AppendixB shall
beobtainedthrough this SupremeCouncil beforeanyother
stepis taken in thematter.
(b) Before his name can appear on a summons as a
candidatefor Perfectionhe must producehis Grand Lodge
certificate or document to the same effect anda clearance
certificate or certificates from his Craft Lodge(s) and the
Sovereign or a Brother authorised by him must have
explained to him fullyand ensuredthat he understands the
nature of the Obligation which he will be called upon to
take, viz: I.T.N.O.T.H.A.U.T.
37. No personcan be perfectedor admitted a member of
a Chapter if, on the ballot, threeblack balls or such lesser
number as maybe specified in the by-laws of theChapter
appear against him. A person so disqualified may not be
ballotedfor again in that Chapter for aperiodof 12 months.
38 . No candidate for Perfection or affiliation shall be
proposed in open Chapter before he has completed and
signed the prescribed form of application. Before a ballot
is taken for his election heshall further completeand sign
the prescribed Petition and Obligation of Allegiance (see
AppendixE). These documents must be transmitted to the
Supreme Council with the appropriate registration fee
immediately following the ceremony; until this has been
done hisnamecannotbe enrolled in thebooks oftheOrder
nor can a certificateofhis membershipbe issued.
39. (a) No Chapter in a territory sharedwith a Sister
Jurisdiction may admit as a candidate for affiliation a
Brother owingallegianceto that jurisdiction.
(b) No Chapter mayadmit as acandidate for affiliation
a Brother owing allegiance to a Foreign Masonic Power
unlesshe is ofhigh moral standing andpreparedto sign the
prescribed declaration that he professes the Trinitarian
Christian Faith andunlessthe Supreme Council is in amity
with that Power and until theapproval of such Power has
firstbeenobtained on application transmitted through this
2 4
2 5
Supreme Council. After the Chapter has been notified by
the Supreme Council that such approval has beengranted
(but not in any circumstances before) the matter shall
proceedas follows:
( i) Before theballot is taken thecandidate shall sign
thePetition andObligationof Allegiance(Appendix E).
(ii) If the ballot is favourable the candidate at that
meeting if present, or otherwise at the first meeting he
attends thereafter (subject to Rule 45 ) shall beescorted into
the Chapter andplaced in front of the altarwhere heshall
be required to read aloud the amended Petition and
Obligationwith r.h. on l.b. He thus becomes a member of
theOrder and of theChapter.
(iii) He shall then beplaced before the Sovereign and
presented with copies of the Rules and of the by-laws of
40. The summons for a meeting at which a ballot for
theelectionof a candidatewill takeplaceshall contain the
following particulars:
(a) Inall cases- thefull name, home address, business
address(ifany), dateof birth andprofession or occupation
ofthecandidateandthenamesofhisproposer andseconder.
(b) In thecaseof a candidatefor Perfection - the name
andnumber of all Craft Lodges ofwhich he is, or has been
asubscribingmember, together with the dateofhis Raising
and the name and number of the Lodge in which it took
place; where that Lodge belonged to a jurisdiction other
than that of the United Grand Lodge of England that
jurisdiction must benamed.
(c) In thecaseof a candidatefor joiningor rejoining
thename and number ofanyChapter under this Supreme
Council ofwhichhe is or wasamember.
(d) In the case of a candidate for affiliation from a
Chapter under another jurisdiction - the name and
jurisdiction of the Chapter in whichhe wasperfected and
thedateof hisPerfection.
(e) When a candidate is not perfected on the dayof
his election, the date of such election shall be stated on
thesummons for themeetingat whichhe is to be perfected.
( 0 A statement, in any case where any special
requirement in a particular case are prescribed by these
Rules, that the particular Rule has or Rules have been
41. Thename of amember joiningfroma Chapter under
this jurisdiction with the name andnumber ofhis present
or previous Chapter must be transmitted to the Supreme
Council on the prescribed form immediately after the
meetingat whichhis election takes place. No feeis payable
to the SupremeCouncil for registrationof suchmembers.
42 . Nomorethantwo candidatesmaybe perfectedat one
43. A proposal for joining or rejoining a Chapter is not
valid unless and until the candidate has supplied the
Recorder of that Chapter with a list of all Chapters under
the jurisdiction of the Supreme Council to which he
belongs or has belonged, a certificate from each stating
that hisdues havebeen paid in full anda written statement
that heaccepts membershipifelected.
44. A candidatefor Perfection becomes amember ofthe
Chapter upon his Perfection.
45. A candidate whether for Peifectionor affiliation not
taking up his election or membership within a year must
be balloted for again beforehiscandidature can proceed.
2 6
2 7
46. A copy of the by-laws of the Chapter and where
appropriate the Rules shall be given to candidates as
(a) To a candidate for Perfection, immediately after
theceremony - both;
(b) To a candidate for affiliation, immediately after
he has taken the ObligationofAllegiance - both;
(c) To a candidate for joining or rejoining, upon
election or at first attendance- by-laws only.
47. A newly-perfected candidate should if possible be
givencopies of theIntermediate Degrees booklet and the
18 th Degree ritual when heis perfected.
48 . (a) Subscriptions are due in advance on the first
dayof aChapters financial year
(b) Membership of a Chapter shall cease on grounds
ofnon-payment ofsubscription ifat theexpiration of one
year anypart ofhis subscription is duebut unpaid.
(c) When a Brother has ceased to be a member of a
Chapter under this Rule he can only become a member
again by regular proposition and ballot according to the
rules for re-joiningMembers and theChapter shall require
payment of the arrears as a condition precedent to his
(d) This rule shall not prevent a Chapter from
proceeding according to its by-laws against any of its
members for non-payment of subscription for a lesser
periodthan oneyear.
(e) When a Brother ceasesto be a member under this
Rule and also when he subsequently pays the arrears of
his subscription noticeof the facts shall be transmitted to
the SupremeCouncil.
49. A Chapter may elect by ballot as an honorary
member anymember of the Order who is worthy of that
distinction by reason of his services to the Orderor to the
particular Chapter and who is, or within the previous
twelve months has been, a subscribing member of a
Chapter. A member so electedandwho accepts the honour
is not liable for entrance fee or subscription but cannot
votein theChapter. Except where theproposal andelection
take place at the Consecration Meeting, a notice of the
proposal to elect an honorary member must appear
(naming him) on the summons for the meeting at which
theproposal is to be made
50. (a) A member who resigns from a Chapter shall
begivena clearance certificate(freeof charge) stating that
all hisfinancial obligations to the Chapter havebeen paid
in full ifsuchbe thecase. Resignation fromaChapter does
not terminatemembership ofthe Order.
(b) Amember wishing to resignfrom the Ordershall
transmit to the Supreme Council by registered post a
written application to do so and enclose with it all
certificates issued to him by the Supreme Council. The
resignation shall take effect from the date on which the
Supreme Council approves the application but if
permission is not refused within three months of
transmissionthe applicationshall be deemed to havebeen
approvedon the expiry ofthat period.
2 8
2 9
51. The Treasurer shall collect all monies due to the
Chapter and shall also make the necessary disbursements
therefrom. Everyitem of receipt andexpenditure shall be
entered in a cash book kept by him for that sole purpose.
He shall maintain an account at a bank or other financial
institution approved by the Chapter. The account shall be
in the name of theChapter and into it all monies, cheques
etc. received shall be promptly paid, and from it
withdrawals may be made under such signature or
signatures as the Chapter may decide. He shall produce
hisaccounts annuallyto the Chapter at theEnthronement
Meeting and before the Sovereign is enthroned, prior to
which he shall haveproduced them, with all vouchers, to
theauditors electedby the Chapter. Immediatelyafter the
Enthronement Meetinghe shall hand over to his successor
the balance, together with all books, cheque books, bank
statements, papers, vouchersandinstructions relating to the
Chapter and sign all authorities and papers necessary to
completethe formalities oftransfer.
5 2 . All vouchers,papers, booksetc relatingto thefinancial
affairs of a Chapter are the property of the Chapter The
Chapter, or, with thepermission of theInspector GeneraL,
theSovereignhas thepower to requiretheir production and
to retain them at anytime.
53. (a) The auditors shall audit the accounts
promptly when submitted to them by the Treasurer and
sign them prior to their production to the Chapter
(b) Acopyof theannual accounts with thecertificate
oftheauditors shall besent to everysubscribing member of
the Chapter andto the relevantInspector General with the
summons for the Enthronement Meeting.
(c) Where accounts are not presented as required by
these Rules the Sovereign shall forthwith inform the
relevantInspector General of theposition andrequire them
to beproducedat thenext regular meeting of theChapter.
54. The Recorder shall promptly submit all reports,
applications, returns, complaints etc., to the relevant
Inspector General by whom they will, if considered
necessaryor ifso requiredby these Rules, be transmittedto
theSupreme Council for information or action.
55. The Recorder is responsiblefor the preparation and
issue of the summons for meetingsof theChapter andshall
keep a Minute Book in which he shall record the
proceedings ofeverymeeting. Theseminutes must be read,
confirmed and signed at the next regular meeting of the
Chapter unless they have been previously circulated in
typed or printed form to every subscribing member, in
which case they may be taken as read unless anymember
5 6. All changes in Chapter membership other thanthose
coveredby Rules 38 (Perfections) and41 (Joining Members)
will be notified to the Supreme Council on the Annual
57. The Recorder shall complete and transmit to the
Supreme Council the prescribed form of (1) the Annual
Return for the year to 30 June for his Chapter and (2 )
30 31
Enthronement Report immediately afier the Enthronement.
The Annual Return (with the Annual Dues) shall be
transmitted to reach therelevant Inspector General by 15
July andtransmitted by himto reach the SupremeCouncil
by31 July.
5 8 . The Recorder of a Chapter shall immediately notify
the Supreme Council and the relevant Inspector General
and District or Group Recorder of any change in his
5 9. Every Chapter shall payto the Supreme Council an
Annual Due of such amount as shall from time to time be
prescribed by the Supreme Council in respect of every
Brother who was a subscribing member during anypart
of the 12 months immediately preceding 1 July in each
60. If for two consecutive years Annual Returns and
dues are not duly received from a Chapter the warrant of
that Chapter is liablefor forfeiturebut it maybe reinstated
ifthe Supreme Council so directs and such reinstatement
may be made retrospective; anysuch direction shall not
prejudice the inherent power of the Supreme Council to
revoke thewarrant at a laterdateor dates
61. All payments to the Supreme Council are to be
tiansmitted to the Supreme Council at its Grand East (10
Duke Street St. James, London, SWlY 6B5 ). Postal and
money orders, cheques etc. are to be madepayableto The
Supreme Council 330,
62 . A member of the Order remains as such until his
death or until either his resignation from the Order is
acceptedby theSupreme Council or heis expelledfromit.
63. Except as herein provideda Brother, other than one
affiliated from another jurisdiction, having sworn
allegiance to this Supreme Council shall not receive any
of the Thirty-three Degrees of the Ancient andAccepted
Rite from any other masonic body, unless with the
permission and sanction of this Supreme Council. Ifhe
does he shall be deemed to have been foithwith expelled
fromthe Order under theseRules. Provided always that a
member who has regularly affiliatedfrom or to a Foreign
Masonic Power nevertheless may receive without further
permission from this Supreme Council anyhigher degree
to which hemaybe electedby that Body.
64. In this andthefollowing Rules:
(a) MasonicAuthority meansanyMasonicPowerand
anybody or personactingwith theauthorityofsuch body.
(b) Everymember of theAncient andAccepted Rite
is required to observe the highest standard of moral and
civil behaviour at all times. Failure to do so in anyrespect
constitutes masonicmisconduct. Without prejudice to the
generalityof this provision thefollowing particular matters
constitute masonic misconduct, namely, convict ion in a
criminal court (except wherethe onlypunishment is a fine
not exceedingsuch sum asthe SupremeCouncil shall from
time to time determine,) and failure to obey the Rules of
the Order or a dii ection of the Supreme Council or of an
Inspector General acting within his authority. The
imposition of a sentence of expulsion, suspension or
exclusion by a competent Masonic Authority shall be
conclusive proof of the commission of the masonic
misconduct in respect of which such sentence was
(c) Notwithstanding the provisions of this Rule the
Supreme Council has at all times and in all matters
unfettered power to investigate and take action upon any
suspected or alleged case of masonic misconduct and to
take such action thereon as it may consider to be in the
best interestsof theOrder.
(d) By tradition a Sovereign Tribunal of Grand
Inspectors Inquisitor Commanders 31st Degree is
competent to deal with certain allegations of masonic
offences and appeals; this jurisdiction may only be
exercisedifauthotisedby theSupreme Council in aspecific
case and subject to any limitations imposed in the
authorisation Anappeal against anydecision in such an
authorised case shall lie to the Supreme Council but only
in respect ofsentence and matters of law.
65. ( a) It is the duty of the Sovereign and Recorder
of a Chapter to report to the relevant Inspector General
anycomplaint or allegationofmasonic misconduct byany
member under his jurisdiction or of action taken by a
Masonic Authorityin respect of such misconduct of which
they may becomeaware.
(b) An Inspector General may of his own motion
enquire into anysuspected case of masonic misconduct
by anymember under his jurisdiction and shall so enquire
into any reported to him. He may himself conduct the
investigation thereof or may appoint a committee of one,
twoor threebrethren to investigate andreport thereon and
shall satisfy himself that the Brother or Chapter against
whom the complaint is made has had notice of the
complaint andadequate opportunity to be heard thereon
Ifhe finds theallegation to be establishedhe shall forward
the papers, with his report and recommendation thereon,
to the Supreme Council. A copy of the report and
recommendation shall be forwarded by the Inspector
General to the Brother or Chapter of whose conduct
complaint wasmadeand heor it shall be informedof their
right to comment thereon to the Supreme Council; such
comments must be received by the Supreme Council
within fourteen days of the date on which the copy was
despatched to such Brother or Chapter and shall be laid
before the next meeting of the Supreme Council. After
considering the report, recommendations and any such
comments the Supreme Council shall then, or after such
adjournments as it may think desirable, award such
punishment by wayof reprimand, suspension, expulsion
or exclusion as they shall see fit provided that if the
I Inspectot General deemstheoffenceto beofa minor nature
he may himself reprimand the Brother or Chapter and
report thefacts to theSupremeCouncil. Hemayalsosuspend
the Brother or Chapter pending action by the
Supreme Council.
(c) The Supreme Council alone has power to expel
Brethren or erase Chapters provided that a Brother
expelled by the United Grand Lodgeof England shall be
deemed to have been expelled at the same time fromthis
Order. ABrother resigningfromtheCraft under Rule 2 77A
of the Book of Constitutions of the United Grand Lodge
of England or any similar rule shall immediately be
consideredto haveresignedalso fromthis Order.
(d) A member of the Order who is suspended in the
Craft by the United Grand Lodge of England or a
competent masonic authority acting under powers
conferred by it or who is expelled or suspended by any
other Masonic Power shall be deemed to have been
forthwith suspended in this Order and shall be liable to
such further punishment of expulsion, suspension or
otherwiseas the Supreme Council may determine.
(e) A Brother expelledor resigningor deemed to have
beenexpelledor tohave resignedunder this Rule shall return
hiscertificates of membership of anydegreeof theAncient
and Accepted Rite to the Supreme Council, and the last
Sovereign of a Chapter which has been erasedshall return
the warrant or Warrant of Confirmation and anyother
warrant issuedto theChapter to the SupremeCouncil.
(f) AChapter may be erasedby the SupremeCouncil
at anytime after suchenquiries as it shall deem reasonable
(g) Documents required by this Rule to be sent to a
Brother or Chapter shall be sent by first class post or air
mail addressed (in the case of an individual) to his last
recorded address and(inthe case of a Chapter) to the last
recorded address of the Sovereign or Recorder. The
envelope shall be marked Private and Confidential and
the package shall be deemed to have been delivered in
course ofpost.
66. If a member of the Order be alleged to have been
guilty ofmasonic misconduct by having aided, assisted or
been present at the conferring in an irregular manner of
anydegreeoftheRite(however named), heshall be deemed
to have been the subject of a complaint of masonic
misconduct to theInspector General having the charge of
anyChapter ofwhichheis amember andmaybeproceeded
against accordingly. Any question of jurisdiction as
between InspectorsGeneral in such casesshall bereferred
to the Supreme Council whose decision shall be final and
bind all concerned.
67. Any dispute between members of the Order which
cannot besettledwithin a Chapter andanydispute between
Chapters shall be transmitted to and determined by the
Supreme Council, provided that where all the parties to
the dispute are within the jurisdiction of the same
Inspector General, the dispute may be decided by him,
subject to the right of anyof the parties to appeal to the
68. Except by specific permission of the Supreme
Council no member of the Ordermay give a talk or paper
at anymeetingheld under its jurisdiction or on anyaspect
of the Rite or anyof its degrees at anyother gathering nor
may he cause or encourage thepublication of anymatter
about or connectedwith the Rite or anyof itsdegrees.
69. ( a) No meeting fot conferring a Higher Degree
shall be held except by permissionof the SupremeCouncil.
(b) Attendanceat ameeting at whicha Higher Degree
is or is purported to be conferred, rehearsed or
demonstrated otherwise than with the authority of the
SupremeCouncil or a MasonicPower in amityconstitutes
masonic misconduct.
70. (a) Except by authoritygranted by the Supreme
Council -
(i) no member is eligible to receive the 30th Degree
unless he is a Past Sovereign of the Order, having served
or being deemed to have served, a full year in the Chair of
a Chapter and has been a member of the 18 th Degree for
at least threeyears;
(ii) no member is eligible for election to the 30th, 31st
ox 32 nd Degreeunless heis a subscribingmember in good
standingof a Chapter.
(b) The prescribed form for recommendations for
promotion to a Higher Degree may be obtained from the
relevantInspector General.
(c) Election to a Higher Degree includes election to
all inferior degrees not previously conferred upon the
(d) Election to a Higher Degree does not confer that
or any other degree on the Brother so elected; they are
conferredonlyby theappropriate cetemonial or by patent
andifnot conferred within oneyear ofelection theelection
71. By the Grand Constitutions, no Grand Chapter
of Grand Elected Knights K.H. can be heldexcept under
the immediate supervision of the Supreme Council; any
such GrandChapter held otherwisethan by the Supreme
Council itself shall beconducted in strict accordance with
the terms of the permission granted by the Supreme
Council for holdingit.
72. ( a) A Chapter may recommend for promotion
to the 30th Degree a subscribing member who satisfies
the qualifications set out above and who has been
recommended therefore by a majority vote at a duly
summonedmeetingof Past Sovereignswhoare subscribing
members of the Chapter. The recommendation must be
on theprescribed form, signedby thesenior Past Sovereign
present and transmitted by the Recorder to the Supreme
Council. The relevant Inspector General may add his
comments to the recommendation ifhe so desires. Where
anydifficulty in obtaining theviews of thePast Sovereigns
is experienced the relevant Inspector General may give
instructions as to the procedure to be followed and the
Chapter shall proceed in accordance with his ruling, and
anyresultant voteshall be final andbinding.
(b) An Inspector General may recommend to the
Supreme Council a qualifiedmember for promotion to the
30th Degree of his own motion, but shall statein writing
his reasons for so doing.
31st and 32 nd DEGREES
73. (a) TheseDegrees are conferredbythe Supreme
Council byselection, but membership is strictly limited.
(b) Recommendations for promotion to the 31st and
32 nd Degrees maybe madeto the Supreme Council by the
38 39
Inspectors General of Districts or Groups. Chapters not
in aDistrict or Groupmayalsomake suchrecommendations,
whichshall be in theformof a letter addressedto the Grand
Secretary General, signed by the Sovereign, and certified
by him arecommendation of a majorityof Past Sovereigns
present at a duly summoned meetingofPast Sovereignsof
(c) Only in most exceptional circumstances will the
Supreme Council consider tecommendations for
promotion to the 31st or 32 nd Degrees or Illustrious
Brethren who have served less than three years as 30th
Degree or five years as 31st Degree respectively, but such
service alone is not a qualification for commendation.
Outstanding service to the Orderis essential in all cases.
74. Brethren belonging to the Order are distinguished by
thefollowing prefixes or titles.
Sovereign Grand Commander
(Present and Past)
Lieutenant GrandCommander
(Present andPast)
Other Members oftheSupreme
Council (Present, Past andHonorary)
Other members of the 33rdDegree
Members ofthe 32 nd, 31st and 30th
Members of the 18 th degree
Most Puissant
Most Illustrious
Excellent & Perfect
75. Clothing to be worn by members of the Order
(including any who have affiliated from another
jurisdiction) shall be in accordancewith thesealedpatterns
displayed at ihe Grand East of the Order and which are
described in AppendixC.
76. ( a) Any matter not specifically dealt with in
theseRules shall be governedby theBook ofConstitutions
of Free and Accepted Masons under the United Grand
Lodge of England, so far as such are not inconsistent with
any of these Rules, or any direction which may be given
by the Supreme Council, and so far as they are applicable
to theAncient and AcceptedRite.
(b) In applying this Rule any powers givenby those
Conslirurions to the GrandLodge or to the GrandMaster
shall, so far asnot otherwise expresslyprovidedherein, be
exercisable in this Order by the SupremeCouncil.
40 41
(SeeRules6 and 15 )
1. Entered
by Supreme Apprentice Not worked
Council for
J andWales
2 . FellowCraft
3. MasterMason
4. Secret Master
5 . Perfect Master
6 Intimate
7 Provost and
8 Intendant ofthe
9. Elect ofNine
10 Elect ofFifteen
11. Sublime Elect
12 . GrandMaster
13. Royal Arch of
14. GrandElect
Perfect and
Sublime Master
15 . Knight ofthe
Swordor of
16. Princeof
~ a Lodgeof
of Princes
17. Krnghtsof the Lodte of
I<ntghts ofthe
East andWest j Eas and West
18 Knight of thePelican and
Eagle, andSovereign
PrinceRose Croi,r of
19. GrandPontiff
2 0. VenerableGrandMaster
2 1. PatriarchNoachire
2 2 . PrinceofLibanus
2 3. Chiefofthe
2 4 Princeofthe
2 5 . Knight oftheBrazenSerpent
2 6. PrinceofMercy
2 7 Commander oftheTemple
2 8 Knight oftheSun
2 9. Knight ofSr Andrew
30. Grand ElectedKnight, K.H.
Knightof theBlackand
31 GrandInspector
Inquisitor Commander
32 . Sublime Princeofthe
Royal Secret
33rdand last Degree.
Sovereign GrandInspector
(SeeRule 8 )
The following concordat has been entered into between
the Supreme Councils of England, Ireland and Scoiland
respectingthe conferringofDegrees:
(a) That no private Chapter under either Supreme
Council shall confer the 18 th Degree for a fee of less
than 1000, or upon a Brother hailing from a Sister
Jurisdiction, unless by special permission from the
SupremeCouncil of thecountry to which hisCraft Lodge
belongs. Nor shall a Rose Croix Mason be affiliated to a
Chapier belonging to a jurisdiction other than that in
which hewas perfected without thespecial permission of
the Supreme Council of his allegiance. But any Brother
who has affiliated into a Lodge belonging to another
Constitution fromthat under which hewas initiated, and
has been recorded in the books of its Grand Lodge, shall
be at libertyto applyfor perfection to a Sovereign Chapter
of Princes Rose Croix belonging to the Constitution to
whichhe hascometo belong.
(b) That the30th degree(or Higher Degree) shall not
be conferred on anyBrother unless he is specially elected
thereto by theSupreme Council of his allegiance, and that
no Consisrory abroad shall be heldexcept for the purpose
ofconferringtheDegree on Brethren so elected, andunder
special authority fromthe saidSupremeCouncil.
(c) That a Brother havingsworn allegianceto either
42 43
SupremeCouncil shall not receive anyother degree of the
Ancient and Accepted Rite fromany other masonicbody
without ihe permission of the Supreme Council to which
he has originally givensuchallegiance.
(d) That no Chapter shall be founded in any place
outside theBritish Isleswhere, or in theneighbourhood of
which, there is already a Chapter working under a Sister
Jurisdiction without communicating with the Supreme
Council of that Jurisdiction with a view to obtaining its
approval. In the event of that Supreme Council objecting
to the founding of such Chapter, the Supreme Council of
thethird jurisdiction maybe asked to act as arbitrator and
its decision shall beaccepted asfinal.
(See Rule 75 )
1. No jewels or regalia other than those authorised by
the SupremeCouncil areto bewornwith theregalia o~the
2 . (a) A Deputy or an Assistant Grand Director
of Ceremonies (present or past) weats crossed wands on
thecollarette of hisDegree.
(b) A District or Group Recorder (present or past)
wears crossedquills on thecollarette of hisDegree.
(c) A Sentinel (present or past) wearscrossedaxes on
thecollarette of hisDegree.
(d) A CentenaryJewel, if awarded, is woin on theleft
3. A ServingBrother of theOrder (17thDegree)wears a
plain redribbonor sash fromright shoulder to left hip with
a frog ~orhis sword.
4. Collar A watered red ribbon four inches wide,
embroidered with the emblems of the degree, and edged
with gold, lined with black watered silk, on which are
embroidered ihree red crosses, oneon each side, and one
at thepoint.
Jewel Compasses surmounted by a celestial crown. A
cross within the compasses. On one side of the jewel a
pelican feeding itsyoung; on the other, a white eaglewith
wings extended asifrising in the air; on both sides on the
joint of the compasses arose. The jewel is wornappended
to the point ofthe collar
Mourning - A blackrosette on theapexofthe collar.
5 . The Sovereign of a Chapter is to wear a red enamel
Creek cross surmounted by a celestial crown, suspended
round the neck by a red ribbon whenever attending any
Chapter. Ifhis Chapter hasbeen awardedtheDevelopment
Fund Rose it is to be worn on the apex of the collarette
unless otherwise directedby theSupreme Council.
The Past Sovereigns of a Chapter may wear as a breast
jewel the same cross within a blue garter, on which is
enamelled the name of the Chapter, surmounted by a
celestial crown.
6. Sash - Four inch black watered ribbon, worn from
the left shoulder to the right hip. Upon it in the centreof
the breast the Ancient Order of Heredom K.H., viz: - An
eagle soaring towards the light, holding the Anchor of
Hopein histalons; on theextremity, the redflagofEngland
andWales, bearingthreegolden lions crossedby thebanner
of the Supreme Council, and below a red Teutonic cross.
Thepoint to be fringedwith silverbullion.
BreastJewel (optional). - A patt& cross in red enamel,
thenumber 30 in gold upon the blue enamel in thecentre.
Eagle - A black double spread-eagle, surmounted by a
crown, and holding a sword in its claws, to be worn
suspended round the neck from a blackribbon, one and a
halfincheswide, with a narrowsilver edging.
Mourning - A blackrosette on the bxeast of thesash.
7. Collar - White watered silk four inches wide
embroideredwith the emblems o~the degree, edgedwith
gold lace, lined with white.
Collar Jewel - A patt& cross, as for the 30thdegree, but
surmountedby a celestial crownand thenumber 31 in the
Eagle- As for the 30th degree, but tips of wings and tail
gilt, to be worn suspended round the neck from a white
ribbon oneanda halfinches wide, edged withgold
Mourning - Ablack rosetteon the apexof thecollar.
8 . Collar - Blackwatered silk fourand ahalfincheswide
embroidered with the emblem of the degree, edged with
silver]ace. The lining is p]ain black.
CollarJewel - Asfor the3 1st degree, but withthenumber
32 .
Eagle - As for the 31st degree, but with outer feathers of
wings, legs and claws gilt, to be worn suspended round
the neck and from a red ribbon one and halfincheswide
Mourning - Ablack rosette on theapexof thecollar
(Other than SupremeCouncil)
9. Sash - Whitewatered silk fiveinches wideedged with
gold, and embroidered in the same with the emblems of
the degree, viz:- ADeltasurrounded by rays- in the centre
the number 33 in red. To be worn from left shoulder to
right hip.
Sash Jewel - As fox the collar jewel of the 32 nd degree,
but with thenumber 33, to beworn on theright hip at the
crossing of the sash, pendent from a golden and red rose
ona scarlet bow.
Eagle- Asfor the 32 nd degree, but with headsandnecks
gilt andbody and inner feathers ofwings silver, suspended
round the neck from a white collarette embroidered with
gold savethat:
(a) Inspectors General, when installed and while in
charge of Districts or Groups wear the Eagle suspended
froma si]ver chain;
(b) TheGrandDirector ofCeremoniesandhisDeputy
wear the Eaglesuspendedfroma blackoxidisedchain.
Cap - Plain black velvet of the prescribed pattern with
the number 33 within a triangle or, for present and past
Inspectors General ofDistricts or Groups, thesame device
imposed on a circle(all ofgo]d ox gilt metal).
Ring - Aninscribedgold doublebandwornon thefourth
finger of theleft hand.
Mourning . Apurple rosette on thebreast of thesash.
10. Membersof theSupreme Council, present, past and
honorary, wear regaliaas for the 33rdDegree except:
(a) theeagle ofthe33rdDegree hasatriple cross in red
enamel depending from the sword in its claws and is
suspended fromagold chain wornroundtheneck;
(b) thebadgeon the front of thecap is theeagleof the
33rdDegree chargedwith a triplecross in redenamel;
(c) present Members of the Supreme Council wear
in lieu of ihe sash a chain round the shoulders of metal
gilt backed by and with shoulder-knots of white ribbon
~nd suspendedfromit the jewel ofthe degree;
(d) present Members of the Supreme Council wear
the mourning rosette on the chain above the jewel of the
(See Rules 15 and 2 1)
Theformof Petition for aWarrant is as follows:
We, the undersigned members of the Ancient and
Accepted Rite, under the Supreme Council for England
and Wales and its Districts and Chapters overseas, being
anxious to promote thewelfare andextend thegood ofthe
Order, do hereby petit ion the Sovereign GrandInspectors
General 330 in Council assembled to grant a warrant to
open and hold a Lodgeof Perfection, a Council of Princes
of Jerusalem, a Lodge of Knights of the East and West,
and a Sovereign Chapter Rose Croix of H.R.D.M to be
named Chapter, to meet at (full name
and address of proposed place of meeting) in the
City or Town of in the County
And we recommend our Brother to be
thefirst Most Wise Sovereign.
(Here followsignatures andthe recommendations of the
Inspector General of the District or Group where
Chapter by-laws shall be in the form of the following
model by-laws:
1. The regular meetings of theChapter shall beheld on
the(days) in (months) at
NB Givefull nameandaddressofplaceofmeeting
2 . The election of Sovereign, Treasurer, Auditors
and Outer Guard shall take place at the
(month) meeting and the Enthronement
of the Sovereign and appointment of Officers at the
(month) meeting. NB. After Auditors
add, if required, two Junior members to serve on the
Standing Committee.
3. The fees payable for Perfection, Joining, re-joining,
affiliation from another jurisdiction and the annual
subscription (due in advance in (month) ) , shall be
such sums as shall be from time to time determined by
resolution in open Chapter after due noticehas been given
on the summons convening the meeting at which the
resolution is to be considered.
NB. (a) Thefee for Perfection andaffiliation must not be less
than 10 (Rule21).
(b) Any rule regarding countiy or non-dining subscription
should follow here. Specimen: ~4fly member who, for reasons
acceptable to the Chapter, is unableregularlyto attendmeetings
may, on written application to theRecordei andbyresolution of
theChapter, be considereda non-dining memberandshallpaya
subscription of Whendining heshallpaythe Visitors
5 0
5 1
(c) If it is intended that the Recorder should be
exempted, this should be stated thus: The Recorders services
shall be deemedequivalent topayment ofsubscripUon~
4. In theballot for membership ... blackballs shall exclude.
NB. (a) This By-Lawis only necessaiyifa number less than
three is required to exclude.
(b) Any rule to the effect that prospective candidates are
not to be approacheduntil approvedbythe Standing Committee
should be includedhere, ifdesired.
(c) AnyLaws regardingHonoraiy Membership, resignatwn,
or cessation ofmembershipfor non-paymentofDues, shouldfollow
(d) Subscriptions are due in advance on thefirst dayofa
Chapters financial year. Membership of a Chapter ceases on
giounds ofnon-payment of subscription ifat the expiration of
oneyear anypart ofa members subscription is due but unpaid.
Ifa Chapter wishes toproceedagainst a memberfornon-payment
ofsubscription before hefalls oneyear in arrears, then the By-
Law must be worded to conform with Rule 181(a), Book of
Constitutions (Craft). Asuggestedformofwording might be M
memberwho is more than (?) months in arrears maybe liableto
be excludedbyresolution oftheChapter after due noticehas been
servedon himnot less than (7?) days beforethe meetingat which
theresolution is to be considered, andnoticeofwhichis given in
thesummonsfor that meeting
5 . (a) The Treasurer shall collect all monies due
to the Chapter and shall also make the necessary
disbursements thexefrom. Every item of receipt and
expenditure shall be entered in a cash book kept by him
for that sole purpose. He shall maintain an account at a
bank or other financial institution appioved by the
Chapter. The account shall be in thename ofthe Chapter
and into it all monies, cheques etc. received shall be
promptly paid, and fromit withdrawalsmay bemade under
such signature or signatuxes as the Chapter may decide.
He shall produce his accounts annually to the Chapter at
the Enthronement Meeting and before the Sovereign is
enthroned, prior to which he shall have produced them,
with all vouchers, to the auditors elected by the Chapter.
He shall hand over to his successor when elected and
invested thebalance, together withall books, chequebooks,
bank statements, papers, vouchersandinstructions relating
to theChapter andsign all authoritiesand papers.
(b) All vouchers, papers, books etc. relating to the
financial affairsof aChapter arethe propertyofthe Chapter
which haspower to require their production and to retain
them at anytime.
(c) The auditors shall audit the accounts promptly
when submitted to them by the Treasurer and sign them
prior to their production to theChapter.
(d) A copy of theannual accounts withthe certificate
of theauditors shall be sent to everysubscribing member
of the Chapter and to therelevant Inspector General with
the summons for theEnthronement Meeting.
(e) Where accounts are not presented as required by
these by-laws the Sovereign shall forthwith inform the
relevant Inspector General of theposition andrequite them
to beproduced at the next regular meetingofthe Chapter.
6. No payment for other than ordinary purposes shall
be made fromChapter funds without the sanction of the
Chapter by resolution, noticeof whichshall be givenin the
5 2
5 3
Chapter summons, except in cases ofemergency, when the
Sovereign may authorise such expenditure to an amount
not exceeding , but shall report the matter to the
Chapter at thenext meeting.
7. TheSovereign, Past Sovereignsof andin theChapter,
Prelate, Generals, Treasurer andRecordershall constitute
a Standing Committee. It shall meet by direction of the
Sovereign to interviewproposed candidates and to report
on any matter referred to it by the Chapter shall
forma quorum.
NB. One or two junior members to be electedannually maybe
addedto themembershipofthis Committee(see By-Law2 above).
8 . No alteration or addition shall be made to these
By-Laws unless notice thereof has been inserted in the
summonsconveningthe meetingat whichsuch alteration
or addition is to be discussedand not less than two thirds
of the members present vote in favour thereof. No
alterationor addition shall becomeeffective until approved
by the SupremeCouncil.
NB. If model By-law 3 above is notfollowed andfees and/or
subscriptions are set out in that By-Law thefollowing phrase
must be added after a commafollowing .. SupremeCouncil:
... except amendments concerned only with changes in fees or
annual subscription, which do not require Supreme Council
*Adopted at theConsecrationmeeting ofthe Chapter held
*Passed at a regular meeting of the Chapter held on
Signed Sovereign
Recommended and forwarded by 330, Inspector
General (Districtor Group)
*Deleteoneor other ofthese.
5 4
5 5
(SeeRules38 and 39)
FormofPetition andObligation ofAllegiance
I, the undersigned, most humbly supplicate the
Sovereign and E. and P Princes now assembled that
you will be pleased to admit me to your Princely
Order, presenting myself with humble desire to be
I do most solemnly promise true allegiance to the
Supreme Council of Sovereign Grand Inspectors
General of the 33rd Degree of the Ancient and
Accepted Rite for England and Wales and its
Districts and Chapters Overseas, duly, lawfully and
constitutionally established on the 2 6th day of October
A D. 1 8 45 , sittingat its Grand East in London.
I furthermore ptomise to hold no fellowship or
communication with any masons or bodies of masons
under any other Supreme Council which at any time
have been or may hereafter be established anywhere by
any authority whatsoever, except with such as are or
may then be duly recognised by the aforesaid Supreme
Council and then only with the prior approval of that
I declare that I profess the TrinitarianChristian Faith.
In testimony whereof I sign this solemn promise,
obligation and declaration.
(Here follow the signatures and full names of the
candidate andhis witness)
*delete asapplicable
- seealso Auditors and Treasurer
- (andseeunder Candidate)
Amity, in
Annual Dues
Annual Return
Appeals to SupremeCouncil
- from3l
- fromInspectors General
- Chapters
- members
Behaviour, standard
- SupremeCouncil
- Chapter - seeunder Chapter
- Affiliation
- Foreign Masonic Power
- sharedterritory
- special preliminary
- summons for election
- ballot
- black ball
- preliminaryrequirements
- valid for one year only
1 (a),63
I (a)
5 9.61
65 (b),66,67
35 (b),60
35 ,43,48
29,5 l,53,AppC
34,35 ,38 -40,AppB
36,38 ,39,43
35 ,40,45
35 ,38 ,39,40,43
5 6
5 7
- documents to be givento 46,47
- feespayable for registration 38 ,41
- Foreign MasonicPower, from 39
- forms 38 ,AppE
- Joining, rejoining 35 ,40,41,43,46
- notice to Supreme Council 41
- specialpreliminary requirements 35 (b),43
- summons for election 40
- Membership ofChapter
- Affiliation
- Cessation on non-payment
- Joining
- Perfection
- Perfection
- Intermediate Degrees booklet
- limit on Perfections
- petition
- proposal
- registration
- special preliminary requirements
- summons for election
- Shared Territory, from
- Summons, particularsto bestated on
38 ,39
43,45 ,48
38 ,44,45
38 ,AppE
see under Jewel or Warrant
return of, to Supreme Council
18 ,19,65
- (and see under Warrant)
- Accounts 5 3
- Annual Dues 5 9,60,61
- Annual Return 5 7,60
- Badge 17(b)
- By-laws 2 1,46, App D
- Consecration, constitution l(a),2 0
- Degrees to be conferred by 6,15 , App A
- Discussion ofpolitics etc. barred 2 2
- Disputesbetweenmembers or chapters 67
- Election of SovereignandOfficers 2 9
- Erasure 65 (c)
- Feespayable to 2 1
- Founding, overseas 8
- Meetings l(a),2 2 -2 7
- cancellation 2 5
- emergency 14,2 7
- Enthronement: see under Enthronement
- place 2 5
- prohibited days 2 6
- quorum 2 4
- New: see under Warrant
- Ownership of papersetc. 5 2
- Recommendationfor promotionby 72
- Subscriptions 48 ,49
- Summons for: see under Summons
- Warrant and Certificates 15 -19,App E
5 1 Cheques
Complaints, masonic - Investigations
75 ,AppC
5 8
Concordat with Sister Jurisdictions
Confirmation, warrant of
Conviction in criminal court
8 ,AppB
18 (b)
l(a),2 0
- authority to confei 6
Higher l(a),PartVII,App C
Intermediate 6,15 (c),AppsA,D
- qualifications andrecommendations
- Thirtieth
- Thirty-first andThirty-second
- irregularly received
Degreeceremonies irregularly attended
Demonstrations, unauthorised
l(a),14,2 7,2 9,30
- (andseeunder Inspector General)
- Recorder: see under Recorder
(andseeunder Certificates andWarrants)
service of in disciplinarymatters 65 (g)
ownership ofChapter documents 5 2
seeunder Annual Dues
Candidates: see under Candidates
Chapter: see under Chapter
Officers: see under individual title
- Sovereign: seeunder Sovereign
- change ofdate
- incapacityof Sovereign elect
- report
2 7
2 1(b),2 9,30,App D
- automatic
- certificates, surrenderon
- power of
External Relations
- (andsee Sister Jurisdictions)
ForeignJurisdiction l(a),7
- andseeunder Candidate
Foreign MasonicPower l(a),7
- and seeunder Candidate
- disciplinaryactionby 65 (a)
Grand Director of Ceremonies AppC(9)
- Deputyand Assistant AppC(2 )
GrandConstitutions 1(a)
Group ofChapters l(b),l0
- andsee under Inspector General
Higher Degrees l(a),70-73,AppsA,C
- andseeunder ThirtiethDegree etc.
- attendanceat irregularmeetings 6~,69(b)
- conferring of 70
- disciplinaryaction 69(b)
- election 70
- lapse ofelection 70
- meetingsrequire permission 69
Honorary Members
- Supreme Council 4,AppC
- others 49
Inspector General 1(a), 10-14
- clothing AppC(9)
- Designate in Charge 1 la
- disciplinary powers andduties 65
- disobedience to ordersof 64
- dispensations by 14,30
- disputes, power to determine 67
- electedoffice, vacancy 2 9(g)
- EmergencyMeeting, power to call 2 7
- levy, annual 13
- recommendations for promotion by 72 ,73
- Recorder(District etc.),appointment of 12
- relevant 1(a)
- reports to Supreme Council 11,13,14,65
visitsby 11
Intermediate Degrees booklet 2 1(d),47
Ireland - see under Sister Jurisdiction
Jewel - Centenary l5 ,AppC
- Degrees 75 ,App C
Sovereigns andPast Sovereigns AppC(S)
unauthorised 75 ,App C(S)
- (andseeunder Candidate)
Jurisdiction 1 (a),2 ,7,8 ,l0,l5 (b)
Levy(District or Group) 13
Masonicmisconduct 63-66,69
MasonicPower l(a),7,63,64(a)
(andseeunder ForeignMasonic Power)
- (andseeunder Chapter, Summons,
Higher Degrees)
- Emergency
- Regular
Member ofChapter
- feesandsubscriptions
- honorary
- not payingdues
- resignation
- subscribing
Membership ofOrder
- andsee under Expulsion
Membership,Supreme Council
- Honorary
Misconduct, misbehaviour
- andsee underMasonic misconduct
- duty to report
l(a),2 7
2 1
5 0
38 ,39,43-45 ,48 (b),
5 0(b),62 ,65
App C
Officers ofChapter
- andsee under Chapter, Treasurer, Recorder,
andOuter Guard
- appointment ifoffice vacant 2 9
- duplication 2 8
- precedence 2 8
Outer Guard 2 8 -2 9
Papersabout theRite 68
Past Sovereigns
- meeting 72 ,73
- jewel AppC(6)
Payments to SupremeCouncil, howmade
- and see under Candidate
- seeunder Warrant or Candidate
Politics, discussionin Chapter
- ofChapters
- of Officers
- Chapter
address, changeof
Annual Return
- Enthronement Return
- general duties
- membership changes
minutes ofmeetings
- misconduct, reporting
promotion submissions
- summons, responsibilityfor
- District
- appointment
- clothing
Religion, discussion in Chapter
2 2
15 (A)
2 8
5 8
5 7
5 7
5 4-5 8
5 6,5 9
5 5
2 1(f)
5 5
75 App C
2 (b)
2 2
65 (b)
Resignation fromChapter
- clearance certificate
- returnof certificates
Resignation fromOrder
Ritual, prescribed
5 0(a)
5 0(b),65 (c)
2 (b ),15 (c),2 1(d),47
- seeunder Sister Jurisdiction
Serving Brother
Sister Jurisdiction
Sovereign ofa Chapter
- continuing in office
- custodyof Warrants
- deathetc. before Enthronement
- delayedaccounts, responsibility
- election
- Enthronement
- (andsee under Enthronement Meeting)
- certificate
- misconduct, dutyto report
- morethan oneChapter
- precedence
- qualifications for office
- failure to pay
- payment by Recorder
- to be stated in By-laws
- to bepaid by everynewmember
- whenpayable
App C(2 )
33,App C(3)
l(a),8 ,App B
2 9(c),30(b)
5 3(c)
2 9
2 9(c)
2 8
2 9
48 (b)
2 1(f), AppD(3)
2 1(b), AppD
2 1(e)
48 (e)
- accounts to accompany
5 3(b)
- candidates, particulars
- despatch
- emergency meeting
- honorarymember, proposal to elect
- Recorders responsibilityfor
Supreme Council
- appealsto
- applicationof Craft constitutions
- clothing
- disciplinarypowers
- external relations
Suspension, automatic
Talks on the Rite
Thirty-first Degree
Thirty-third Degree
2 3
2 7
5 5
l(a),2 -6,76(b)
64(d),65 (b),67
App C(l0)
6,70-72 ,74,
AppsB,C(8 )
Transmit, transmission
- assumes office
- books, vouchers etc. belong to Chapter
- death or incapacityof
- duties
- election
- vacancy
2 9(f)
5 2
2 9(g)
5 1
2 9(e)
2 9(g)
Warrant, Chapter
- Centenary
- Chapter ceasing to meet
- custody
- forfeiture (fornon-payment)
- lost, defacedetc
- ownership
- surrender on demand
- Petition for and contentsof
- reinstatement
- surrender
- on demand
- on erasure
15 (f)
l5 ,AppD
65 (e)