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Community and serviceHow do we live in relation to each other? How can I contribute to the community?

How can I help others? The emphasis of community and service is on developing community awareness and a sense of belongingand responsibility towards the community so that students become engaged and feel empowered to act in response to the needs of others.Community and service starts in the classroom and extends beyond it, requiring students to discover thesocial reality of self, others and communities. This, in turn, may initiate involvement and service in thecommunities in which they live. Reflection on the needs of others and the development of students ability to participate in and respond to these needs both contribute to the development of caring and responsible learners.Students will explore the nature of past and present communities through art, as well as their place in their own communities. Incorporating community and service into the study of the arts encourages responsiblecitizenship as students deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.Sample questions How does art communicate across time and cultures? What use is art in the community and for the community? Do communities need art? Does a community shape art? How can art be used to help a community and individuals? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 22 Developing the curriculumArts guide14 To what extent do people and communities change through art experiences? How are artists viewed by the community? How are communities viewed by artists? What have I learned about art and the community? What would the world be like without art? How can I improve my community through art (school and wider community)? In what way could my community be improved by art

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Community and service How do we live in relation to each other? How can I contribute to the community? How can I help others? The Answer is Respect

I've been looking through the Japanese class of Grade 7, students should be looking for how these answers . In Japanese Class, we learn the content in the textbook, then, we have been working with their skills. Its activities are mainly presentation. Presentation done by individuals, groups and.All classmates. the audience are other G7 students, G5, 6, G3, 4, and next week G2. To these activities, in order to create a service, it is essential to form a community. We have experienced durling working a variety of accident. One person, I want to do this. but ather person said NO. And, they conflict with each other. They say in the end. whatever. But the deadline is looming. We did not know what to do.

At that time, one student said. We should decide on a leader. Everybody accepted the proposal. Other students gave suggestions to classmates. We will divide the work. and have only the same theme. Then We should not complain about each other's expression and.

One rule has emerged. And their works has been completed.

Service is made within the community. Community is created by the rule. Rule is to respect each other. In the trial and error. We might have found one answer to this question. But still do not know the correct answer. I want to ask you again. How do we live in relation to each other? How can I contribute to the community? How can I help others? Respect for each other. This is my answer with G7 sutudents. thank you.