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Hannah Pratt

441 North Woodlawn Avenue Bloomington, IN 47408 Phone: 317-518-5286 Email:

My objective is to obtain a position that challenges myself as an educator to achieve optimal learning as a classroom community. I am motivated to integrate technology into the classroom and enhance learning while giving students the tools they need to succeed in this ever growing digital world.

Classroom Experience
Parkview Primary School

Fall 2012

I was a student teacher in a Kindergarten classroom for my School of Education Psychology class through Indiana University. I observed and interacted with the classroom for 20+ hours. Fall 2013

University Elementary School

I was a student teacher in a Second grade classroom for my Reading and Writing Cluster through the Elementary Education Program at Indiana University. I interacted and worked with the classroom for two hours every Thursday through out the semester. I also independently worked with a student each week for twenty minutes on reading and writing skills.

Employment Experience

Summer 2010 - Current

I have been a nanny for the same family for the last 4 years. The family I nanny for has 3 young boys. Two of the boys are five years old, while the youngest is four years old. I believe that having this experience has allowed me to grow and understand early childhood development. The skills I have obtained through working with young kids are skills that I will take with me into the classroom.

North Central High School I attended North Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana and graduated with Academic Honors Diploma. Here I earned my general education, and in addition, I took classes earning dual credit towards my college major. Indiana University Will Graduate in 2015 Graduated in 2011

I attended Indiana University for my Undergraduate Degree in Elementary Education, with a concentration in Computer Education Licensure. Here, I took all required and necessary courses for

my major, as well as additional courses for my focus area. I will graduate in the spring of 2015 following my semester of student teaching.

Communications Optimal communication and social skills. Received notoriety from Kappa Alpha Theta through nomination as social coordinator of the chapter. Interpersonal Skills Very compatible with all different types of people. Received positive feedback through co-workers, peers, and educators. Hard-Working Played two varsity sports in High School and kept up a job. Very good at balancing time and staying involved in different activites. Leadership- Naturally have always been a leader. Take charge during group projects, and was captain of my high school softball team. Reliable Very hard time letting people down. Always on top of work and will put in extra effort if needed in situations