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uiaue 0.S. Bistoiy

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!"#$ &'() *#++ ,-.&/ (++ -0 1"& 23#1$ 1"(1 *&4.& $125#&5 $- 0(/6
0nit 1: Biscoveiy of Ameiica (Chapteis 1 & 2)
0nit 2: Eaily Colonial Ameiica (Chapteis S-4)
0nit S: Ameiican Revolution anu the Constitution (Chapteis 6-8, pages 248-279 foi
the Constitution)
0nit 4: Nanifest Bestiny & the Wai with Nexico (Chapteis 1S & 14)
0nit S: Civil Wai (Chapteis 16-17)

7.&/81"#39 +#$1&5 -3 1"#$ $1258 92#5& ,-2+5 :& 1&$1&5 -3 1"& 0#/$1 $&)&$1&/ &'()#3(1#-3; <-1&
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=(/1#,2+(/+8 0-/ =(/1$ -0 ?3#1 @ AB)&/#,(3 C&.-+21#-3 #3 D"(=1&/$ EFGH D"(=1&/$ IJGFIKLM (35
?3#1 N AD"(=1&/$ OEFOKM; P+&($& $1(/1 8-2/ $1258#39 #3 (5.(3,& (35 #0 8-2 "(.& (38 Q2&$1#-3$H
=+&($& +&1 )& R3-*;

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#3.#4,&(. <(=5;>
?3#& @
o Nontezuma II
o Baitoleme ue las Casas
o Compaiing anu contiasting the textbook anu !"& S-239 P&-=+&4$ T#$1-/8 -0
1"& ?3#1&5 U1(1&$ (packet) veisions of Columbus' uiscoveiy of Ameiica
o Afiican Biaspoia
o Slave coues
o Neicantilism

?3#& A
o Bacon's Rebellion - happeneu in 1676
o Inuentuieu seivituue
o B5- )-%& <( ,<=( &5 =,<(= ,== @C 45=53#(% 53 &8( ),6 45$$(4&=/D At the enu
of this packet, theie is a blank map foi you to piactice anu a 1S colonies map
foi you to iefei toonly use this map as the coiiect map (theie is no Naine!).
o }amestown - founueu in 16u7
o }oint-stock company
o Nayflowei Compact - agieement signeu in Novembei 162u

?3#& C
o Stamp Act - 176S
o Sons of Libeity
o Boston Tea Paity - happeneu on Becembei 16, 177S
o Battles of Saiatoga - fiom Septembei 19 to 0ctobei 7, 1777
o Neicenaiy
o Tieaty of Paiis of 178S
o Aiticles of Confeueiation - passeu in 1777
o limiteu goveinment
o iepublicanism
o checks anu balances
o feueialism
o populai soveieignty
o sepaiation of poweis
o iequiiements to be a membei of the 0.S. Senate anu 0.S. Bouse of
o total membeis in the 0.S. Congiess, also numbei of membeis in the 0.S.
Senate anu 0.S. Bouse of Repiesentatives
o name of the Illinois goveinoi - Pat Quinn
o basic subjects anu uates of Amenuments 1, 2, 1u, 1S, 14 in the 0.S.
o the name of the two-house legislatuie in Illinois calleu the ueneial Assembly
o the thiee levels of feueial couits, highest to lowest
o oiuei of succession, as stateu in the 0.S. Constitution, incluuing the ioles anu
names of people cuiiently holuing that iole
o the leauei of the 0.S. Bouse of Repiesentatives, }ohn Boehnei
o names of the two 0.S. senatois fiom Illinois, Naik Kiik anu Bick Buibin

?3#& E
o manifest uestiny
o Ameiican Exceptionalism
o Califoinia golu iush
o suffiage
o Seneca Falls Convention
o 0nueigiounu Railioau
o Seconu uieat Awakening

?3#& F
o The five causes of the Civil Wai:
! Election of Lincoln in 186u
! States veisus feueial iights
! uiowth of the Abolitionist Novement
! Economic anu social uiffeiences between Noith anu the South
! The fight between Slave anu Non-Slave Pioponents
o Robeit E. Lee
o 0lysses S. uiant
o Battle of Foit Sumtei - Apiil 12, 1861
o Battle of Antietam - Septembei 17, 1862
o Battle of uettysbuig - }uly 1-S, 186S
o S4
Nassachusetts Regiment
o Emancipation Pioclamation
o The uettysbuig Auuiess
o Abiaham Lincoln

'85$& ,3%;($ 7AGC %(3&(34(%>
Is the teim "Reuskin" offensive to Native Ameiicans. Why oi why not. uive
eviuence fiom the aiticle that you ieau to suppoit youi answei. (0nit 1)
What is meicantilism. Bow uiu meicantilism play a significant iole uuiing the Age
of Exploiation anu the uiscoveiy of the Ameiicas. (0nit 1)
What uiu the &3,-)#&35( anu "(,#&35( systems uo in teims of powei anu wealth.
Bow uoes that ielate to what is going on in Latin Ameiica touay. (0nit 1)
Compaie anu contiast the climate, iesouices, anu people, #3,+25#39 1"& +#.&$ -0
B0/#,(3FB)&/#,(3$, of the New Englanu Colonies, Niuule Colonies, Southein
Colonies, anu Backcountiy (0nit 2)
Bow uiu }ohn Auams's iole as lawyei foi the Biitish soluieis involveu in the Boston
massacie help set a tone foi the Revolutionaiy cause. (0nit S)
ueoige Washington was the most beloveu Ameiican leauei of his time. What
qualities uo you think maue him such a iespecteu leauei. (0nit S)
Bow uiu the Aiticles of Confeueiation anu the Constitution each caiiy out
uemociatic iueals. (0nit S)
What weie the benefits anu iisks to manifest uestiny in the 0niteu States. (0nit 4)
Was Lincoln an effective leauei. Why oi why not. (0nit S)
In youi opinion, was Lincoln coiiect in ueciuing to go to wai to save the 0nion.
Explain youi answei. (0nit S)

H53I ,3%;($ 753( 6,$,I$,682 ,<5-& EGJ %(3&(34(%>
Who ieally uiscoveieu Ameiica. Who aie "Ameiicans". (Essential questions foi 0nit
Was colonial Ameiica a uemociatic society. (Essential question foi 0nit 2)
What is a ievolution anu was the Ameiican Revolution iauical. (0ne of the essential
questions foi 0nit S)
Boes the system of checks anu balances pioviue us with an effective anu efficient
goveinment. (The othei essential question foi 0nit S) --- Constitution 0nit
At what cost can the expansion of one's nation be justifieu. (Essential Question foi
0nit 4)
Was the Civil Wai inevitable. Think of the majoi causes of the Civil Wai to answei
this question. (Civil Wai; Essential Question foi 0nit S)