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Dynemech Lathe Leveling Jacks and Levelling Mounts

Lathe Machinery Mounts to isolate all Industrial Metal Working Machinery

Lathe machinery is one of the most important machine tool in manufacturing industries. Interaction between motors, pulleys, sheaves, chuck and gears cause vibrations in all CNC lathes and Lathe machinery. Besides, self-excited chatter is a basic performance limitation in the machining of metals in all heavy duty lathe machines, requiring Dynemech Leveling Mounts to optimize performance.

WEDGE ACTION VIBRATION DAMPERS Moreover, Lathe machine tools are liable to deterioration in their performance level with respect to time due to various causes such as wear and tear, ageing, unbalance, looseness of parts etc. and produce a corresponding increase of the vibration level. So, better vibration damping and vibration isolation with leveler anti vibration jacks and vibro mounts becomes imperative. Add to this the high vibration frequencies due to belt tension fluctuations, gear tooth frequencies at the mating gears, defects in bearing and unwanted vibrations due to unbalance rotors. All the vibration related problems are addressed when Lathes are installed on Dynemech Lathe leveling jacks and vibration damping leveling mounts.

No Vibration Transmission-Lathe Machinery Mounts Machine tool vibration in CNC lathes and heavy duty lathes, if uncontrolled, can adversely affect the surface finish, dimensional accuracy and tool life. About 70% of the failures in the machine tool could be due to increased disturbing vibration level of the machine leading to production failures and maintenance issues. Dynemech Lathe leveller jacks and leveler feet for lathe offers economical solutions to such critical and costly production issues.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Fixators and Anti Vibration Mounts Lathes having heavier stands are better at dampening the vibrations. But, even strong, cast iron bases, because of their inherent metallic structures, are not always adequate by themselves at damping vibrations generated during the machining operations. For these Leveling plate for lathes elastomeric leveling jacks , spring viscous leveling mounts or pneumatic vibration dampers or leveling jacks are required. Reducing or damping vibration in a lathe is important for several reasons. It is imperative for more precise machining by allowing greater dimensional control, leading to improved surface finishes on the machined part and allowing faster machining speeds and heavier or deeper cuts. All these attributes can be obtained by precise leveling and accurate alignment of lathes on Dynemech Leveling Jacks and Machinery Mounts. Reduced vibration also increases reliability and tool/machine life and can reduce noise from the machining operation.


Vibration damping can be defined as the capacity of a mechanical system to reduce the intensity of a vibratory process. Dynemech vibration isolation solutions and leveling jacks lead to reduction of intensity of undesirable resonances; acceleration decay(settling) of transient vibration excited by abrupt changes in motion parameters of mechanical components; prevention or alleviation of self-excited vibrations; prevention of impacts between vibrating parts when their amplitudes are reduced by damping; potential for increase in efficiency due to reduced peak vibratory velocities of components having frictional or micro impacting interactions; reduction of noise generation and of harmful vibrations transmitted to human operators and surrounding building structures.

Precision Leveling Jacks for accurate alignment of Long Bedded Lathes The primary effect of increased damping in a structure through leveleing jacks and leveling feet is a reduction of vibration amplitudes at resonances, with corresponding decreases in stresses, displacements, fatigue and sound radiation. DYNEMECH range of anti vibration machinery mounting systems including wedge action leveling jack and machinery leveling shock mounts isolate all kinds of vibration generated in the machinery and also buffer the machine against vibrations travelling from the surrounding environments to the machine itself.

Lathe leveling jacks and leveling mounts Dynemech Wedge Jacks and machinery leveling shock mounts, Series DT are designed for machines which are top heavy or have eccentric motion or machines which must be anchored to the ground. They can be used without insulation plates or lathe rubber pads for precision levelling and alignment in all spatial axes along with centric anchoring. Series DTO with single center hole improve alignment accuracy, rigidity and stability in long bedded machinery both with and without machinery rubber feet. Dynemech Leveling Foot Mounts VHS Series is used for precision leveling and aligning machinery to very strict tolerances and makes it possible to vary adjustments at any time, even under maximum loads requiring only a small hand wrench to adjust.

Dynemech's Lathe Machinery Leveling Jacks DTH Series mounts are designed for Lathe machines which require high height adjustment and critical precision levelling and alignment. They have a large leveling range with sturdy dimensional parameters.

Dynemech Lathe shock mounts TPM Series Mounts have a height of 100mm/150 at mean position to help proper cleaning and repairing under the machine as per TPM guidelines for machine installation by IMTMA. Vibration reduction is possible through assembling respective Dynemech insulation plates.

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