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Determination of silver

Normally, The materials of silver accessories divided into S925, 990, 999 and Tibetan silver.

925 Sterling silver

Thai silver

The S925 represents the je elry hich incl!de 92.5 percent p!re silver and ".5# alloy, by the ay, only a minim!m of 92.5# p!re silver can be mar$eted as silver. %y the ay, Thai silver is classified as S925 silver, beca!se it also incl!de 92.5 percent silver, even it loo$s old, they are &ot very pop!lar today ith the thrivin& retro trend. The alloy of 90# silver and '0# copper is often $no n as coin silver. %eca!se most (nited States silver coins are made of it. Ag 99.9 Tibetan Silver

)n the same ay, fine silver !s!ally mention *+& 99.9 * ,indicate the je elry incl!de 99.9 p!re silver, b!t it is too soft to !se in je elry. Tibetan Silver is the name &iven to the metal !sed in ,e ellery, -en!ine Tibetan Silver contains 92.5 # silver, and it.s e/pensive, b!t there are some !nscr!p!lo!s spec!lators sellin& items that act!ally have 00# or less silver content.

Wear silver could save your life

There is a s!rvival s$ill i anna share ith yo!. )f yo! p!t on a pair of silver earrin&s or somethin& else and then yo! &ot on a plane that crashed in the ilderness that $noc$ed o!t the ater system. )f yo! fo!nd ater and soa$ed yo!r earrin&s in it, the silver o!ld $ill bacteria and ma$e it safe to drin$1 So, the silver may save yo!r life. )t mi&ht so!nd ridic!lo!s, b!t a recent medical research has revealed some interestin& health benefits of earin& it. %eca!se silver ion &ot very stron& sterili2ation ability,it is &ood for healthy, j!st li$e crystals are believed to have healin& effects.

Silver jewelry
Silver je elry are very pop!lar ith the p!blic, 3eople !sed to thin$ that it.s only bea!tif!l or precio!s metal, b!t there fe people $no that the bactericidal action of silver are. +ct!ally it can be !sed as tool of poison4testin&, people have been !sin& it for a lon& time to test poison. + recent st!dy sho s that there is a lot of contamination fo!nd in &old metal, the chances of contamination in sterlin& are practically none. So, it act!ally helps in maintainin& &ood health.

Determination method for genuine silver in your silver jewelry

Look The hi&her the p!rity of the silver je elry, the li&hter the color of it. Normally, the tr!e silver accessories are mar$ed ith S925. Weigh Silver proportion is '0.5, and it.s denser than copper and al!min!m. Compare The 5oths hardness of silver is 2." hich is softer than copper b!t harder than lead and tin. So yo! can test the hardness on the s!rface ith a pin, if there a li&ht mar$ as left, that o!ld be the silver. Listen Ta$e coin for e/ample, )f yo! listen caref!lly hen tossin& a silver coin, it p!rer pitch than pin or al!min!m coin. +nd copper coin sharp and short. ill rin& at a tr!er

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