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Sattar Buksh Sattar Buksh is the latest addition to the list of cafes opened up to cater to the insatiable Karachi appetite, which is ready to engulf everything as people reach new heights of desperation in the entertainment-starved, terror-stricken metropolis. Sattar Buksh is a new a caf recently opened in Karachi offering fast food and complete meals from burgers to all desi foods found in Pakistan. It is a project of two partners named Rizwan Ahmed Malik and Adnan Yousuf, both have prior advertising agency experience. Criticism Sattar baksh has been criticized because its name and logo are the copy of international coffee chain Starbucks. Sattar Baksh has taken the advantage of making a similar logo and name as Starbucks has. They have created social media buzz in a creative way. Manu The menu, presented in the form of a clipboard, offers entrees commonly found in local cafes such as pastas, pizzas and sandwiches. But in addition to these crowd-pleasers, Sattar Buksh also offers daal chawal, a range of bun-kebabs and even gulab jamun. Starbucks, the famous coffee chain Sattar Buksh riffs on in good humor, is best known for its drinks. Similarly Sattar Bukshs strong suit seems to be its beverages section where one can find everything from lassis to mocha chinos. The Sattar Buksh signature drink, for instance, is a variation of cold coffee and while it might not be as frothy and thick as frozen beverages typically found at coffee places, it is a delicious thirstquencher in its own right. Meanwhile, the curiously named Load shedding is a red-hued concoction that is by equal measures spicy, salty and minty. Although highly refreshing, especially during Karachis summers, the fizzy drink is not for the unadventurous.

Marketing Sattar Buksh has created the social media buzz very cleverly. Sattar Buksh accumulated lage crowds long before it was ready to operate on full capacity. These unique ideas made the brand already famous and their customers are readily made. The large, black twisted moustache, which often sparks the famous Punjabi saying mooch naie tey kuch naie, peeps out to the public from the caf. An interesting thing they have used is the logo which is similar to Starbucks which has created curiosity in customers minds. Their name is also a copy of famous coffee chain Starbucks and as in logo the logo font you can see the style is also similar. No doubt Sattar Buksh has created itself as a unique brand. They are diverse in ther menu and offering and service as well.