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Volume XVII | Issue 15 June 2, 2009


The Olympian asks why nothing was done A look at the discrepencies in ASOC protocol. Online exclusive investigating the decision to
sooner and who is to blame. Page 4 Page 4 allow Himesh Bhargo to run for office.

Bowers “I’ve never before been fearful of my life. My life has

changed and my life with my family has changed. This is
elected as very difficult.” - Toni Hartsfield, ASOC adviser officers
president ineligible,
Editor in Chief
After qualification
problems, election issues In the midst of issues
and a repeat of voting, regarding the Executive
Olympic College students Council, one council
have chosen their leaders for member was missing and
the 2009-2010 school year. another was ineligible for
Jonathan Bowers won his position.
the presidential race with Council President David
49 percent of the 247 votes. Hammrich said he found
Second in that race was out part of the way through
current Treasurer Bryan the quarter that his financial
Davis with 34 percent, aid had been lost. Because
and Derek of this he was unable to pay
Martinez tuition and remain enrolled
received 8 in his classes. According
percent of to Toni Hartsfield, director
the votes. of Student Programs and
Nine percent leadership development,
did not vote the Executive Council
immediately convened to
for president
address the situation and
at all.
agreed to allow Hammrich
PHOTO BY TED COPELAND to retainthe position as long
Corbin and Himesh Bhargo Prison and politics. Suspended vice president of judicial affairs appears before a Superior Court judge May 22. as he got the problem fixed.
ran uncontested in their

Student leader pleads not guilty

“There’s always the
races for vice president of possibility that the student
communications and vice government will make
president of judicial affairs exceptions or give people
respectively. Corbin received
83 percent, with 17 percent
not voting. Bhargo received
to harassment, threats to bomb grace,” said Hartsfield.
According to Hammrich,
he had no idea and had
80 percent of the votes, with BY ALEX VINCENT Vannett by MacLennan, the ban from campus been attending classes.
20 percent not voting. AND CHRIS CARTER was issued after it was deemed that Vannett’s Hammrich said he did not

For vice president of actions “materially and substantially interferes draw a paycheck while
Shelton campus, Shawnie t the end of an election gone wrong, with the personal rights or privileges of others he was ineligible and the
Balmer won with 45 percent an Olympic College student leader or the educational processes of the college.” problem has been fixed.
of the votes. Ashley Brand was arrested May 21 and remains in The letter of suspension details two voice mails Vice President of
received 40 percent of the the Kitsap County jail on $50,000 bail. in particular left by Vannett where he allegedly Communications Ryan
votes, and 15 percent of the Joseph Vannett was arrested and charged indicated that there would be a “blood bath” Shotwell is no longer on
students did not vote. with threats to bomb and harassment following at the following week’s OC Board of Trustees campus and is currently
The vice president of a series of altercations revolving around the meeting as well as a threat to “blow OC out of in Oregon, according to
Poulsbo campus position recent spring Executive Council elections. the water.” Hammrich. According to
remains open at this time. Vannett, vice president of judicial affairs, was MacLennan said that the college did not file Hartsfield,
Votes were counted elected to office in the fall. charges against Vannett and that the Bremerton Shotwell
and re-counted by Toni Police Department made the decision to take resigned
The morning before his arrest, Vannett was
Hartsfield, head of Student Vannett into custody after conducting interviews verbally
called into a meeting with Vice President of
Programs and leadership on and off campus. and gave
Student Services Rick MacLennan and Safety and
development, David the council
Security Supervisor Rocky Wallace to discuss According to police reports, Vannett was
Hammrich, Executive “ s o m e
his conduct on the Shelton campus on May 20 arrested after students and faculty came forward DAVID HAMMRICH
notice.” She
Council president and and threatening messages left on the voice mails with threats made by Vannett toward Toni
said she was unsure as to
students at large Aileen of several college personnel. Hartsfield, director of Student Programs and the exact date he had left.
Arsenio and Monica Vannett was issued an emergency summary leadership development, and other members of “Verbally he gave us a
Robinson. suspension and escorted off campus immediately the college campus. date but I am kind of waiting
following the meeting.
See Election Page 3 According to the suspension served to See Arrest Page 3 for him to put it in writing,”
said Hartsfield.

May 27 May 29
May 20 May 22 9 a.m. - Vannett appears before a 3 p.m. - Jon Bowers
May 18 -Voting takes place on Olympic College’s Shelton campus.
-Vannett visits the Shelton campus for a forum and is overheard 3 p.m. - Vannett
Superior Court judge and enters a
plea of not guilty to charges of threats
elected as president. Shawnie
Balmer elected for the sec-
-Student government elections allegedly threatening to, “blow OC out of the water” and that appears before a to bomb. Vannett’s trial date is set for ond time as vice president of
UNUSUAL begin for the 2009-2010 officers.
The Bremerton campus is first.
“Toni (Hartsfield) should be shot.”
-Vannett and the Executive Council disagree over the legiti-
Superior Court judge
for a “preliminary
July 13.
-OC begins second round of elections.
Shelton. Bhargo and Thelma
Corbin win their positions
POLITICS macy of the election. appearance.” Bhargo reinstituted on the ballot. unopposed.

A look at the
-Election continues on Bremerton campus. 9:30 a.m. - Vannett is escorted off campus and issued 9:19 a.m. - Vice President of Stu- 11:56 a.m. - MacLennan sends
events leading -Joseph Vannett disqualifies vice president of an emergency summary suspension generally given when dent Services Dr. Richard MacLen- out another e-mail to campus
communications candidate Himesh Bhargo after an individual is deemed to be a “percieved risk.”
to the second reading evidence of ineligibility in the May 19 -Hammrich convenes a Judicial Review Board to rule on
nan sends out an e-mail to students
apprising them of the situation.
releasing Vannett’s name and
including information pertaining to
edition of The Olympian. Bhargo’s ineligibility, as well as election changes.
election and his ban from campus and campus
Vannett alters the remaining ballots to reflect the
5:49 p.m. - Vannett is booked into the Kitsap County May 26 events.
the arrest of a jail after being arrested on threats
-ASOC President David Hammrich responds with
to bomb and harassment charges. May 28
student leader an e-mail overuling Vannett’s decision and alerting
candidates that the ballots are “tainted.”
May 21
May 19
2 OC News June 2, 2009

Campus News Briefs Poppo will begin meeting with members of

Shelton’s staff and faculty in the coming weeks.
on OC’s Web site.

Manufacturing program seeks students

Poppo to run Shelton campus Phi Theta Kappa inducts new members The new OC manufacturing technology program,
Due to recent administrative rearrangements with- Olympic College’s Beta Gamma Eta chapter of Phi which started this spring, is looking for students for
in Olympic College, the position of administrative Theta Kappa inducted more than 30 new members in summer quarter.
oversight at the Shelton campus was due to be vacat- a ceremony held May 22. The new program has no prerequisites and is only
ed effective July 1. Dr. Richard MacLennan, vice president of student a two-quarter long program, which would put sum-
Dr. Kim McNamara will leave her position as direc- services, was the key speaker at the event. Math profes- mer applicants into the job market by Christmas.
tor of the Shelton campus to take over for Dr. Gina sor Donald Robertson, who is the club’s adviser, also The first quarter of the program requires 12 credits,
Huston in Student Development Services. Effective spoke at the event. Robertson, a native of Scotland, and the second requires 15.
July 1, Dr. Kristin Poppo will assume the administra- peppered his speech with phrases in Gaelic. Classes are held at West Sound Tech and include
tive oversight for Shelton. Phi Theta Kappa is an international academic many hands-on skills as well as work-related soft
Huston will be taking the position of dean of Social honor society for students who have achieved at least skills that are in demand by employers.
Sciences and Humanities. a 3.5 GPA. The club focuses their time on academics as Several local companies are offering internships to
Poppo was hired in Summer 2008 as the director of well as community service. The next event coming up program participants.
OC Poulsbo. She will retain the Poulsbo position and for Phi Theta Kappa will be Relay for Life. For more information on the program, contact
lead staff members will be designated at a later date For more information on Phi Theta Kappa go to Chris Gallagher at (360) 475-7676 or cgallagher2@
to cover for her when she is off site. their page which can be found under the club section

Campus Calendar BY BRIGID LOHMAN

Friday in the BSC at 11:30 a.m.
Registration begins for new
students for summer and fall. June 14
Commencement ceremony
Saturday at the Kitsap Sun Pavilion at 2
Weekend final exams and p.m.
June 18
June 8 Spring quarter grades avail-
Weekday final exams and able.
instruction begin.
June 22
June 8-10 Weekday classes begin for
Bookstore buy back begins. summer quarter.

June 10 June 23
End of spring quarter. Board of Trustees meeting
Graduation breakfast at 8 in College Service Center 5th
a.m. in Bremer Student Center floor conference room.
North and South Conference
Rooms. June 26
Last day to register for classes
June 12 except for continuous enroll-
Graduate Celebration for ment classes
graduates of the Shelton cam- Last day to request an 80 per-
pus at 8 a.m. in Shelton. cent refund for withdrawal
Year end student celebration from classes.

Do you feel the smoking shack previously located outside the Tech building was an eye-sore?

“ ”“ ” “ ” “ “ ”“ ”
As a smoker, I don’t agree Yes, I think it was a good No, at first I didn’t even real- Yes, because as a non-smoker Yes, but it’s ironic that they No, but I understand that

that it should have been move, but the new location ize it was a smoking shack, I can respect the rights of moved it right outside the gym. they want to make the
wasn’t because when you’re smokers, but it shouldn’t be
moved, let alone moved to done working out, you don’t but rather a sheltered sitting courtyard more presentable
outside of the gym. want to walk through a area. the first thing you see as you for visitors.
smoking area. step on campus.

Timothy Billings Sidney Evans Devin Rouse Andrew Newill Jessica Jordan Shantel Craig

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June 2, 2009 OC news 3

Council at odds over bylaw College increases security presence

interpretation in election In wake of Vannett’s arrest, Bremerton police placed on campus
from Arrest Page 1 was formally charged. was done for over six
step after calling off the first election.
from Election Page 1 The board voted unanimously to redo
In an e-mail sent May months, and when he
“There were threats 22, MacLennan said that was ready to make his
The second round of voting saw a the election based on Hammrich’s about me and threats the college has made problems known, he
higher turnout than the first where explanation of the events that transpired about the college,” said an effort to increase was jailed,” said Cheryl
only 129 students voted. regarding altered ballots and Davis’s Hartsfield. “People were visibility of security on Vannett. “It has been
This election came after the first change of candidacy. The same board pretty concerned about campus and to have the nothing but lie after lie.”
round of voting was thrown out due voted Bhargo eligible to run. me, and concerned in presence of at least one The members of
to “tainted” ballots and trouble with The three mandatory students at general.” Bremerton police officer. the board denied to
election accountability. large also decided unanimously against According to one A text message alert comment without their
Himesh Bhargo, who ran for the allowing candidates to change the office police report, Ashley was sent out May 26 legal council present.
position of vice president of judicial they were running for after the election Brand, then-candidate from MacLennan’s office “I’ll let the dirt come
affairs, was disqualified May 19 by then- had begun. for vice president of updating students and out in court,” said Cheryl
Vice President of Judicial Affairs Joseph When these discrepancies came OC Shelton, stated that staff on Vannett’s status Vannett.
Vannett. Vannett cited a section of the out at the May 26 Board of Trustees Vannett had said, “Toni in court as well
Associated Students of OC constitution meeting, Gina Huston, dean of student should be shot,” during as the increased
and bylaws stating that a student must development, advised Hammrich that his election visit to the s e c u r i t y
have completed a minimum of 10 credit a legal Judicial Review Board had to satellite campus. His presence on
hours and have a minimum GPA of 2.7. have not only three students at large threat was allegedly campus.
Bhargo is in his first quarter at OC. and the Executive Council president in heard and reported by Va n n e t t ’s
After declaring Bhargo ineligible, attendance, but the adviser as well. at least one other student mother made
Vannett altered the ballots, removing According to Hartsfield, she was not present on the campus. an appearance
Bhargo and replacing presidential present at the review. “I’ve never before been at the May
candidate Bryan Davis into the running “I was home for personal safety fearful of my life,” said 26 Board
for the vice president spot. reasons,” said Hartsfield. “I was involved Hartsfield. “My life has of Trustees
“He did it and then I found out,” said in the sense that Dave (Hammrich) and changed and my life with meeting on
my family has changed. behalf of her
“I am not going to back down unless This is very difficult.” son.
The court set a trial “I want
forced to.” date of July 13 and an something
omnibus hearing date done because
ASOC President David Hammrich of June 17. Vannett’s bail these charges
on allowing Bhargo to run for office remains set at $50,000 are not right,”
after being lowered from said Cheryl
Toni Hartsfield, adviser to the ASOC. I had a conversation.” $100,000. Vannett to the
“By the time I found out, he had already Huston also advised Hammrich via Class B felonies carry board.
contacted the candidates.” e-mail and again at the board meeting a maximum of 10 years Vannett said
According to Hartsfield, she had that Cheryl Bateman, state assistant in prison and up to a that her son was
made a note on Bhargo’s election attorney general, had reviewed the $20,000 fine. falsely charged,
paperwork calling attention to how constitution and bylaws and determined Vannett was set to and jailed
long he had been at OC and there were that Bhargo was ineligible. appear in court for because he
different interpretations of the bylaws. “What is the level of autonomy that arraignment May 26, was preparing
Hartsfield said she left the decision the ASOC enjoys,” said board member but was removed from to come
up to Hammrich, Vannett and Vice Alice Tawresey after being presented the courtroom before forward with
President of Communications Ryan with the information at the meeting. going before the judge information on
Shotwell. The council, however, ultimately after complaining of illegal actions
“I guess I made an assumption that makes the final decision. medical issues. Vannett within the PHOTO BY TED COPELAND
when they went ahead with the list, I “If ASOC decides not to do that appeared in Superior college. Waiting. Joseph Vannett waits to go before a
said ‘well here’s the final list and there (disqualify Bhargo) they are going Court Wednesday and “ N o t h i n g Superior Court judge for arraignment May 26.
was no disqualification,’ I’m assuming against their bylaws,” said Huston. “I
they were going to talk about it,” said
Hartsfield. “I’m assuming they worked
left it to the hands of ASOC.”
Hammrich expressed concerns Students will now pay more for classes
it out.”
State board adopts measures to raise tuition 7 percent
about the “shades of gray” within the
Hammrich responded May 20 saying governing documents and stood by his
that the election was compromised. decision to allow Bhargo to run.
“With the changing of the ballots, “I am not going to back down unless BY CHRIS CARTER indication, tuition will likely rise again
that compromises day one all together forced to,” said Hammrich. Managing Editor in fall 2010, according to Martin.
for the simple fact that the people The second election was conducted In between revenue forecasts, the
who voted on Monday, did not vote by Hammrich and started May 27 Students registering for summer administration is preparing to release
on the same ballot as the people on with all the candidates in their original and fall quarters will find themselves final budget recommendations to the
Tuesday,” said Hammrich in an e-mail positions. Some candidates are not
reaching deeper into their wallets to institution’s trustees for adoption.
to candidates. “I regret to inform you pleased with having to run a second
of this but all of the current ballots time. pay for classes. Martin and her staff, as well as the
have been deemed ‘tainted,’ therefore “I will win this election twice if I With the authorization from the college’s budget committee, have
they will be thrown out, and I will be have to,” said Jon Bowers, the front- state legislation and an adoption organized and drafted a set of
extending the election from Wednesday runner in the race for ASOC President, by the State Board for Community guidelines for the college to consider
through Friday of this week to allow after the results of the first elections and Technical Colleges, tuition was as it moves forward into a financially
the Bremerton campus student body to were invalidated on May 20. increased by 7 percent. In-state uncertain biennium.
revote.” Bowers was elected as the 2009-2010 residents taking a full-time load of The guideline includes a look at
A Judicial Review Board was called ASOC president with 49 percent of the 15 credits can expect to pay $973.70 frozen and eliminated positions as
by Hammrich May 21 to decide the next vote Friday. per quarter, up from $910. Per credit well as the cost of running various

College ‘mainstay’ dead at 61

tuition is increasing by approximately programs on campus.
$5 to more than $80 for the first 10 The president’s cabinet has reviewed
credits. the items and responded with their
BY ALEX VINCENT Monday, and shortly Wainwright was quick- Seeing the bottom line, the college concerns and comments.
Editor in Chief thereafter she and minded and inventive. is expecting to yield approximately “They (budget committee) worked
her family decided to Cameron also said $651,000 from the tuition hike, really hard all year long,” said Martin.
Olympic College discontinue her dialysis Wainwright had a very according to a draft budget reduction “In their recommendations they
English professor and to “let nature take its strong voice in the work plan for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. The tied back directly to the priorities of
former faculty union course.” of the English department draft was presented to the college’s guidelines.”
president Dr. Jana “She’s been a real and the SSH division. Board of Trustees at their May 26 After a financially straining year
Wainwright passed mainstay of the college “She was never
meeting. that included six layoffs, Martin said
away Thursday due and the division for quiteintimidated by anyone
The SBCTC met May 5–8 to discuss that the next year might bring some
to complications from some time,” said Palm. she thought was not
budget items and tuition. Although normalcy.
diabetes. Cameron remembers being mission-centered,”
the board adopted a resolution to “If the state budget stabilizes it will
Wainwright said Lawrence.
had been at Wainwright increase tuition for the following year, look like a more traditional process

OC for 17 years was a force to the group did not attempt to make (next year),” said Martin.
and served as ANA AINWRIGHT be reckoned any decisions on the latter half of the For now, Martin said that the
biennium. administration is standing by to see
A PRIL 20, 1948 - M AY 28, 2009 with during
her time as the According to OC Vice President of what the financial forecast has in store.
union at one faculty union Administration Barbara Martin, the The next forecast is to be reviewed
time. She was president. state board will likely vote to adopt a by the state’s Economic and Revenue
one of the first professors Wainwright as welcoming “She was a staunch measure similar to next year’s when Council Friday.
at OC to work with online all students with open supporter of academic more information about the economic “We certainly will pay attention to
learning options. arms. and faculty freedom,” climate is known. any economic landscapes released,”
“She was deeply “She loved teaching,” said Cameron. “She was If the board’s history is any said Martin.
dedicated to the said Cameron. “She loved an advocate for learning
educational work of the working with students in and liberty.”
college. She had been the class and individually. Lawrence remembers
president of the faculty She was a mentor to a lot Wainwright as being
union in the 90’s,” said of students.” an across-the-board
Dr. Thomas Cameron, Cameron said he had supporter for all people
fellow English professor known Wainwright at OC.
and long-time friend of for 33 years, ever since “She was a champion
Wainwright. they were colleagues in for so many other
According to Dr. graduate school in Texas people at OC, students
Edward Palm, dean in 1976. Wainwright and faculty alike,” said
of Social Sciences and was instrumental in Lawrence.
Humanities, Wainwright bringing Cameron to According to Palm, the
had been ailing for OC as a faculty member, family has not planned
quite some time from according to Randy a traditional memorial
the affects of diabetes. Lawrence, former vice service and asks that in
Palm said her death was president of instruction. lieu of flowers, donations
sudden because he had “Jana had a short list be made to the OC
thought she was doing of real friends, and I was Foundation. An on-
better. lucky enough to be on it,” campus memorial service
Palm said Wainwright said Cameron. will be held Thursday in
developed an infection According to Cameron, Art 103 at 3 p.m.
4 Editorial June 2, 2009

2008-2009 ASOC: epic fail

Letters to the Editor
must be typed and 300
words or less. Writers
must include name, ad- BY THE OLYMPIAN STAFF No official minutes or other form of the clashing personalities and individual
dress, phone number and
record exists from the review board, whichdiscrepancies, she can be held accountable

e-mail address for verifi-
aking into account the recent was held without Toni Hartsfield, direc- for the continuing failure of the group to
Letters may be sub- actions and inactions in behalf tor of Student Programs and leadership deliver consistent results.
mitted to The Olympian of the Olympic College student development present. The constitution The student administration told The
in person or by e-mail government, this page strongly supports states that the adviser is to be present dur-
Olympian in the fall quarter that the
to olyeditor@olympic. an internal investigation into the entire ing such proceedings, thus rendering the Associated Students of OC constitution
edu, including “Letter to department of Student Programs. review void. was outdated and was going to be rewrit-
the Editor” in the subject The original spring election that began Through our coverage of the student ten to accommodate new rules and regula-
line. Letters may also be May 18 and was subsequently suspended government, it is obvious that the stu- tions as well as to improve clarity.
submitted through The and scrapped marked the third consecutive dents serving as representatives of the Apparently an entire year was not time
Olympian’s Web site at election riddled with errors and contro- students and who vote in matters of great enough as the government is referencing versy for OC’s student the same con-
The Olympian reserves officers. In spring 2008, “If anything, the outgoing administration should be an ex- stitution consis-
the right to edit, condense a ballot issue forced a ample for future leaders to closely examine their actions tently in their
or reject any letter.
recount that took lon- efforts to justify
About Us ger than the stated time and communication strategies to avoid the blatant and ig- their actions as
frame of 24 hours, a vio- norant breaches of student government conduct that have the year comes
The Olympian is an lation of the constitu- occurred this year.” to a close.
award-winning student
tion. The establish-
publication of Olympic
In the fall, a candidate ment of the OC
College. It is published
was disqualified following an election pro- importance, including that of the budget, food bank system should be applauded, as
every two weeks during
the fall, winter and spring tocol violation. This spring, Vice President lack the knowledge and training to carry well as the effort put into helping the com-
quarters and online year- of Judicial Affairs Joseph Vannett arbitrari- out their duties. This falls squarely on the munity volunteer services with donations
round. ly disqualified a candidate after a review shoulders of the student programs depart- during the holiday months. However,
The Olympian is a pro- of his eligibility and proceeded to alter the ment heads, the adviser and the general this year failed to yield any considerable
gram of student services remaining ballots to reflect the change. cohesion of the elected and hired officers, accomplishments.
and is funded by student Executive Council President David which has consistently shown itself to If anything, the outgoing administration
activities fees and adver- Hammrich decided he had the ability dissolve at the slightest bit of tension or should be an example for future leaders to
tising revenue. to declare the candidate able to run for scrutiny. closely examine their actions and commu-
The Olympian wel- office without going through the proper This should be evident seeing as the nication strategies to avoid the blatant and
comes all student and channels including a judicial review and current president’s student status has been ignorant breaches of student government
staff contributions and Executive Council approval. in limbo for most of the quarter and until conduct that have occurred this year.
Hammrich was not reprimanded for his only recently was he officially reinstated On a commuter campus with an already
decision. He did however eventually hold as a student, one vice president was miss- dismal student life atmosphere, we should
a review board to settle the matter after the ing in action, another is in jail and a former at least be able to count on the elected
Editorial fact wherein the three mandatory students treasurer was fired after allegations relat- students and their adviser to keep what
Board at large voted unanimously to allow the ing to the misuse of funds.
candidate to run.
little spirit we have from dwindling into
While Hartsfield cannot be blamed for nothing.
Editor in Chief
Alex Vincent

Managing Editor
Political sabotage, controversy and strife
Chris Carter
the council has proven it cannot. posted. body was not informed of the
It, over the course of the year, Furthermore, Bhargo’s review decision once it was made. A
Editorial Staff
has violated at least 18 sections consisted of Hammrich giving cover up? No, probably not. A
Kathy Bray
of the constitution. the mandatory three students at lazy oversight on the part of the
Matt Fields
Although members of the large a series of issues to vote on council is more likely. Or per-
Aaron Gould
administration continuously related to the suspended election. haps they considered the ineligi-
Ted Copeland
claim they were unaware of any Hammrich asked the students bility of the student body presi-
breach in protocol, saying they whether or not Bhargo, who was dent to be none of the student
simply weren’t aware of what deemed ineligible by the vice body’s business. Had anyone
BY CHRIS CARTER the constitution said. However, president of judicial affairs mid- been informed of the meeting,
Staff Managing Editor some of the violations occurred race, should be allowed back we might know the reason.
repeatedly throughout the year. into the race. Although the stu- The recent elections also serve
A Judicial Review Board was dents voted unanimously that as another example of blatant
Contributing Staff convened at least twice this year. his candidacy should be rein- oversight. Section four of Article

Vincent Duerme rticle five of the pream- I say at least twice since one stated, the integrity of the board two states that the polls must
Kevin Doucette ble to the Associated of the council’s most repeated was thrown out the window. be open for one day. Both the
Brian Foley Students of Olympic infractions is failure to announce The board cannot vote in favor of “tainted” election, so called
Ethan Warner College constitution states that and post the dates and times of an illegal action. The Bremerton by Hammrich himself, and its
Zac Halls “any elected council member special meetings. City Council can’t vote to allow slightly more successful second
may be removed from office for The constitution and bylaws citizens to use marijuana rec- version consisted of two days of
Cartoonists dereliction of duty or truancy…” state that the board must include reationally even if it is unani- voting on the Bremerton cam-
Steven Guest This seems exceptionally appli- the student government advis- mous. pus.
Brigid Lohman cable now as the outgoing stu- er and invite the accused or Similarly, according to Fingers cannot be pointed at
dent government administration reviewed to attend. In the review Hartsfield, the council met to any one person for the train
Communications leaves behind a trail of bad deci- of former Treasurer Greg Wood discuss Hammrich’s student sta- wreck that is this year’s student
sions and negligence. by the board, Wood was barred tus after he was found to be inel- government. Individually the
Marketing Director I have covered the Executive from the meeting. In both Wood’s igible to continue in office and students and their adviser have
Jon Miller Council extensively since the fall review and the recent convening decided as a collective group their strengths and weaknesses.
elections and have witnessed it to discuss Himesh Bhargo’s can- that he should keep his post. Unfortunately, their weaknesses
Adviser both grow and dissolve. didacy in the spring election, Since when does the council slipped through the cracks more
Michael Prince For any agency to operate the adviser, Toni Hartsfield, was get to override its own constitu- often creating a sight so painful
successfully they must abide by not present. Additionally, offi- tion without an amendment on a to watch, yet you are unable to
rules and regulations, to which cial minutes were not kept or whim? Furthermore, the student avert your eyes.

Main line:
(360) 475-7690
Have nice summer, see you all next year
Editor in Chief: choose to remain on the outside. It doesn’t Community Colleges tournament. This
(360) 475-7691 matter where you were during the events was the first time in nine years that the
this year, or the amount of involvement team had made it, and the hype was real.
Managing Editor: you have, it was hard to be out of the loop A rooter bus transported students to
(360) 475-7690 during what I would consider a news- games, products supporting the team were
heavy year. distributed and a level of support for sports
Advertising: Historic elections culminating in the that is normally unseen at OC occurred.
(360) 475-7694
inauguration of the first black president Tee shirts proclaiming, “the hype is real”
brought a new aspect to black history. still make appearances around campus.
Staff e-mail: BY ALEX VINCENT Students on campus came out in droves The Executive Council has kept us here Editor in Chief to celebrate, commiserate and possibly get at The Olympian on our toes all year long.
their photo taken with a cardboard cutout We continue to strive to bring you, the
As the school year comes to a close, we, of the new Mr. President. community of OC, the best possible prod-
The Olympian as students, have an eventful year to look Let us not forget the pain and suffer- uct that we can offer.
Olympic College back on. ing of the budget cuts felt not only here at We received some modicum of vali-
1600 Chester Ave. Students is a broad term because, while Olympic College but around the commu- dation this year when we won first
Tech Building 101 we are all here to further our educations, nity, the country and the world. place in the General Excellence category
what we want to get out of our experi- Ultimately, in the microcosm of OC, the at the Washington Community College
Bremerton, WA 98337
ences here varies greatly. result was the loss of six members of our Journalism Association awards. Even so,
College is what you make of it. I may small community, a loss I am sure no one we want more. We want to be the best,
The Olympian have started college about seven years will soon forget. and we need your input to do that. Let us
is a member of the later than your “normal” college student, In the midst of the budget problems, our know, tip us to things you feel are impor-
Associated Collegiate but I will not let that prevent me from campuses continue to grow. Not only has tant.
enjoying myself, being visible on campus enrollment continued to rise, but the phys- We will be working away over the sum-
and getting involved in as much as I can. ical campuses are growing. Bremerton has mer posting online updates to continuing
That mantra may not be for everyone. a new building that changes every day and stories, including Joseph Vannett’s trial.
We are also limited by time and other com- a plan for more parking. The Poulsbo cam- Also, watch for a special summer edition
mitments outside of school. I understand pus is also preparing to undergo expan- of The Olympian.
that. sion. So, to end with a cliché memory of
While there are some students here that Our men’s basketball team made it childhood yearbooks, have a nice summer,
throw themselves into college life, others to the Northwest Athletic Association of see you next year!
JUNE 2, 2009 FEATURE 5

Illness forces long-time ‘favorite part of the year’

professor’s retirement
By Vincent Duerme Japanese characters. The Math and
Contributing Writer Engineering Club had a dunk tank
complete with an air-powered cannon
Olympic College showed its that shot tennis balls at the tank’s
appreciation of its students with the target. The cannon was designed by
By Matt Fields college’s annual Student Appreciation engineering students with additional
Staff Writer Day Thursday. help from the welding department for
Events were held on all three the tank.
After teaching at campuses, with OC Poulsbo holding “I would say it’s been a success,”
Olympic College for 31 their event Monday. said Aaron Nugent, member of the
years, professor Arthur Activities in Bremerton included Engineering club. “We’re so happy
Wicks is leaving his inflatable obstacle courses and sumo to do this for OC. People have really
prestigious tenure after wrestling, door prizes, free items, video been enjoying it, and we’ve even had a
developing a serious game tournaments, stand-up comedy few professors volunteer to go into the
health problem. and dance performances, a barbecue tank.”
Wicks, 65, was and much more. Standup comedian Debbie Wooten
diagnosed with a case of OC Shelton featured an “Aloha” performed in the BSC, filling in for
transient global amnesia theme, with a free barbecue catered originally scheduled performer
earlier in the quarter by Rosemary’s Catering. OC Poulsbo Adam Ace who was recovering from
and lost his ability to featured a barbecue and chili cook appendicitis. Despite the unexpected
teach. Substitutes were off. The event was organized and change in performers, the OC audience
sponsored by the OC Bookstore, the greatly enjoyed Wooten’s performance,
located to cover his
ASOC, the OC Recreation Department, and had her performing to a full house.
classes. According to
the Multicultural Center and various The event also had many free
Wicks, the condition,
student organizers. giveaways available. The OC Bookstore
while temporary, has “It’s something that we’ve pretty provided free notebooks to students, the
affected his memory and much put on every year,” said Spencer Boeing Employees Credit Union had an
health and as a result he Stark, recreation and athletic specialist information booth complete with free
will be going into early at OC Bremerton, and one of the bags and key chains, and cartoonist
retirement. organizers of the event. “It all goes Tom “huf” Hofstedt of Tacoma drew
Not letting things slow towards thanking the students for all free caricatures of those who wanted
him down, Wicks already they‘ve done.” one.
has a number of plans for In addition to thanking OC students, “I absolutely love it. It’s my favorite
his post-OC life. the event also served as a venue for part of the year,” said Tammy Bong, an
“Two summers ago I various clubs at OC to fundraise, and OC student who was standing in line to
wrote a book,” said Wicks. showcase the talents of club members. get a free cartoon caricature done. “I’ve
“Last summer I revised it. The International Club provided the been going here for the past two and a
I’m still not happy with opportunity for people to have their half years, and I look forward to it every
it, when my head clears name written in Chinese, Korean or time.”
a little bit, probably next Photo by Aaron Gould
month, I’m going to give Strength in numbers. Approximately 14,000 students have
it a final revision, then been in Wicks’ classroom in his 31 years at OC.
I’m going to spend the
fall traveling.” we were there in ’07 to noted for his
After spending the fall refurbish it. So that class unconventional teaching
visiting friends in Prague hasn’t taken place now methods. According
and Amsterdam, Wicks in two years and with me to Wicks, he has only
said he plans to go to New gone it probably never flunked three students
Orleans in early 2010 for will again.” throughout the course of
an extended length of One of the professor’s his entire career. The three
time. According to Wicks, more noted classes went students were apparently
the purpose of this trip by the title Rock ‘N collecting GI Bill money
would be to spend time Roll-Music and Ideas. and never showed up to
with his daughter, who According to Wicks, it class. If the students had
has lived in the city since was the first college level been given a discontinued
1992. While down there, rock and roll class in the attendance-passing mark,
Wicks plans to volunteer world. what Wicks generally
in local schools, many of “I got the idea for it bestows upon pupils in Photo by Ted Copeland

which are still struggling when I did graduate this scenario, they would Oh, inverted world. Amanda Wearstler rides the Gyro Tron during student appreciation day.
following Hurricane
Katrina almost four years
studies at Oxford,” said
Wicks. “I attended a
not have been able to
collect their money. Children the focus at family appreciation day
ago. lecture on Bob Dylan. “I have a hard time By Matt Fields day was low, with only three children
According to Wicks, When I started here about thinking about myself Staff Writer present after almost an hour of the event
his incumbency at OC four years later, the rock having a style in the being open. The group of people grew
began on Sept. 14, 1978. and roll class was one of classroom,” said Wicks. As a special commemoration for following the delivery of pizza.
During his time here he the first things I started “The main thing for me Olympic College students and their The highlight of family appreciation
has taught a number working on.” is the material, I love the family members, student organizers day was a performance by the Brothers
of disciplines such as One of Wicks’ material and I just try to arranged a family appreciation day that from Different Mothers, a juggling
English, Geography and retirement projects put it across any way that took place on Saturday. comedy duo who hold two Guinness
History as well as a variety includes finishing a book I can.” The event, which was spearheaded World Records and have performed
of specialty classes. about his now deceased Although he may no by Student Organizer Sheryl McKinley, on NBC television’s “America’s Got
featured a number of events, most of Talent.”
Wicks is responsible brother who had Down longer be teaching at OC,
which were targeted towards children. The duo gave a spirited performance
for structuring and Syndrome. the wisdom ushered from
According to Arts and Entertainment that included such acts as juggling pizzas
professing the popular His parents, who the mind of Wicks will
Coordinator Christina Waugh, festivities and incorporating kids from the small
OC creative writing class. were involved with continue to diffuse from included a bouncy house, a large audience into various tricks and stunts.
In the fall, professor Ian civic activism, refused the hearts of his students. inflatable twister board, bubble station, “They did some really good juggling
Sherman will be taking to place their child in an “The greatest pleasure free pizza and beverages as well as a acts,” said ASOC Vice President of
over the endeavor. institution and instead of OC has been the special performance from juggling act Poulsbo and volunteer Thelma Corbin.
“I have been in galvanized a number students,” said Wicks, Brothers from Different Mothers. “They interacted with the crowd which
the creative writing of relatives and fellow “14,000 students over McKinley distributed advertisements was nice, and it was good seeing the kids
classroom since winter activists into forming 31 years and I don’t for the event to the YMCA and OC get involved with them as part of the
quarter 1979,” said Wicks. an establishment where think I have had a bad Child Development and Family Center act.”
“I’ve had almost 5000 all handicapped people experience with a single two days prior to the event. According Family Appreciation day was a great
students in it and it was could get an education. one, although I’m not sure to Waugh, while on her way to deliver opportunity for OC to give back to the
just a delight.” The Northwest Center all my students would ads to the Boys and Girls Club and local community that unfortunately was not
From the stretch of for the Retarded was say the same about me. If elementary schools, McKinley ended up taken advantage of by enough people.
time between 1987 and founded, and still exists someone still remembers heading to the Emergency Room as the “I think we could have had more
2007 Wicks taught a today, although the title me next June, I will be result of a back injury. people,” said Corbin. “For the people
summer study program has been altered to just happy with that.” Turnout to the family appreciation that did show up it was fun.”
in Wales. The program the Northwest Center.
was terminated when the “So my brother,
University of Wales closed though he never spoke
the building granted to never wrote and never
OC for renovations. really did anything, was
“The building was rather important in a lot
built in the 1840’s and of people’s lives,” said
nothing had been done Wicks. “So I put together
to it since the First World a brief biography of his
War,” said Wicks. “They struggle.”
closed it down after Wicks is prominently

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6 Around campus June 2, 2009

Welders race Campus concert a ‘collective failure’

in global baja
By Alex Vincent According to Miller, although the evening after
Editor in Chief the event he was not sure he wanted to continue the
tradition, he said he felt better about it the next day

The third annual The Young and the Indie concert and plans to repeat the event next year.
and barbeque invaded Olympic College’s Bremerton Miller called this year’s show a “collective failure”
campus May 23, showing a smaller crowd than on the part of the organizers given that the planning
previous years. started very late. The Olympian was unsure if it
The event was put on by The Olympian, and had the financial means to produce the show this
featured local bands Mal de Santo, Steelscape, Total year, and had all but decided against it until the last
By Brian Foley Wreck, Cuntry Cuntroll and Irony. The concert was minute, according to Miller.
Contributing Writer held in the Bremer Student Center. Regardless of the poor turnout, the show gave the
“I thought the music was of higher talent,” bands an opportunity to play in a venue they would
A group of Olympic College welding students said Johnny Hassett, member of the OC custodial not normally perform in.
built and raced a miniature baja vehicle, which they staff and second time attendee. “I especially liked “I had never seen a performance at a college before
competed with at the Washougal Motorcross Park Steelscape.” and it was great that I was a part of it,” said Bell.
Prior to the concert, which started at 6 p.m., a free
May 7-10.
barbecue was held in front of the Bremer Student
The race, which took place at the 1.5 mile track Center for any and all interested people.
in southwest Washington, consisted of 95 teams “The free barbeque before the concert was great,”
competing from schools from all over the country said Hassett. “It is very rare that there will be a free
as well as two teams from South Korea and another venue with free food.”
from Saudi Arabia. “I think out of the three Young and the Indies I
The competition was only open to students have participated in, this year’s event was the least
currently enrolled in school, and the majority successful for a few different reasons,” said Jon
Miller, one of the event’s organizers.
of teams were from four-year technology and
Miller cited several reasons for the smaller crowd,
engineering schools. OC was the only community including a late start to planning; inability to get the
college participating in the event. venue on the preferred day and not having a major
“It was crazy to see how many teams were there headlining band.
and where some of them were coming from,” said Joel “A Saturday show was definitely not as effective
Atteberry, an OC student and the lead manufacturer as a Wednesday or Friday show,” said Miller.
of the vehicle. “It was really awesome.” Everett-based band Save the Disorder was signed
Out of the teams that came to Washougal, Wash., on to headline the event, but backed out just days
before due to conflicting schedules.
65 actually competed in the race, and OC finished
“Not having a major headlining band definitely
56th. There were several individual awards given contributed to not bringing in a big crowd,” said
to teams based on various components related to Miller.
the manufacturing process, OC finished 31st in cost Regardless, those that did attend enjoyed the show.
efficiency and 24th in design. Hassett said the event “totally rocked.”
“The people that did attend the show were still
very satisfied with it,” said Miller.
“There’s more to us shop Some band members did express disappointment
people than just welding in the small crowd.
“Towards the end it kind of died,” said Sean Bell,
plates and working at the drummer for Irony. “Unfortunately, we were the last
band to play, so we didn’t have a lot of people to
Shipyard. We’re talented in a gather around, but it was still enjoyable. Honestly, if Photo by Aaron Gould
we had more people I wouldn’t mind playing again Play that funky music. Bremerton-based instrumental
lot of ways.” because I don’t like playing to a blank audience.” metal band Steelscape performs at The Young and the Indie.

-Joel Atteberry

“It was a really good show for us since it was

our first year involved in this competition,” said
Graduation speakers chosen
Atteberry. “We researched last year’s winning Breaking away from tradition, this year’s commencement will feature two speakers
vehicle to get an idea of what we wanted to do, and
we went from there.”
By Alex Vincent get up and speak if I was chosen,”
The race itself took four hours, and when teams Editor in Chief said Erickson.
would stop to check on their vehicles or to fuel For Fujimura, his selection came
back up, the drivers would alternate. At one point As the end of spring quarter as a surprise because he had not
during the race, the team rolled the vehicle coming looms on the horizon and Olympic known he had been nominated.
out of a turn and had to stop for a mandatory safety College’s annual commencement “It was a surprise, I didn’t know
inspection. ceremony draws near, speakers what to say, I was frozen on the
“Usually it’s a 30-minute inspection when you for the event have been chosen to phone,” said Fujimura.
roll it, but the judge was so impressed with our represent the student body. Nominators had many
welding that they sent us on our way immediately,” This commencement is a nice things to say about the
said Atteberry. particularly important one, as it candidates they supported.
Nate Farmer, Laddie Cox, Erik Potter, Robert marks the first graduating class According to Larsen, Fujimura’s
for OC’s Bachelor of Science in recommendations said he had
Hartloff and Atteberry all worked constantly to
Nursing program. Because of a “keen sense of humor” and a
ensure the construction of the racer was completed
this, two speakers were chosen “bright future.” Of Erickson, Larsen
before they had to bring it to Washougal.
instead of just one as in past years. said she was recommended for
Al Kitchens, the shop director, and Ron Raty, Representing the graduating class being a “leader in the workplace,
technical design instructor, helped make sure the will be Jonathan Fujimura, and classroom and community.”
students built the racer correctly. representing the nursing class will For both speakers, this
“Al helped with all the manufacturing and be Megan Erickson. graduation is a repeat
welding,” said Atteberry. “Ron was just a second “This is the very first one, so it’s performance.
eye to make sure nothing broke or was flawed.” a big deal,” said Dianna Larsen, Erickson graduated from OC’s
Jonathan Fujimura
The team started planning on making a racer to dean of Enrollment Services and associate degree in Nursing
compete with in November, and the registration Registrar. program in 2000. “Pretty much a whole
deadline was looming Dec. 22. They completed the The speakers had to be “It was good to be back,” said community got us here,” said
recommended for the position by Erickson. “It was nice to have Erickson. “Pretty much everyone
registration three days before the deadline, and ran
someone at OC. Fujimura said he that experience coming into the graduating can give back.”
into problems immediately.
was told he was nominated by program.” According to Larsen, the process
“After we finally got registered and got our from recommendation to selection
multiple people, including Penny Fujimura graduated from
engine, we realized that the engine had a broken had several steps.
Morse, transfer adviser. Geri Olympic High School on the same
mounting point,” said Atteberry. “We then had to First, a selection committee
Babbo, associate dean of Nursing, date in the same location just
wait until February to get a new one, and it became nominated Erickson. one year ago. He has worked his reviewed the recommendations.
a mad scramble to get everything assembled.” “I actually got an e-mail way through his associate degree From there, the students’
Atteberry said the last couple weeks of construction from Geri Babbo asking if I was quickly, sometimes taking as many transcripts were reviewed,
were hectic just trying to finish on time. nominated, would I be willing to as 35 credits in one quarter. they were interviewed and the
“I was here from about 8 a.m. until about 10 or “He is graduating in four selections were made.
11 at night the last two weeks leading up to May 7. quarters,” said Larsen. “It’s highly According to Larsen, both
He said Nate and Laddie would get off work and unusual.” speakers are president’s scholars,
come straight here, too. Even Al had to stay and Both students said they were which means they have a
keep the shop open late for us, and we worked right slightly nervous about their cumulative GPA of at least a 3.9.
speeches. Erickson said she will There were several things about
up to the moment we loaded up and had to leave for
likely get more and more nervous the candidates that stood out to
Portland. It was hectic.”
as the ceremony approaches. Larsen.
To fund the SAE Baja racer, the team received For Fujimura, it was his
“I’m not much of a speaker,” said
$4,500 in sponsorships from OC, and an additional emphasis on how important it is to
Fujimura. “The most important
$1,000 and various supplies from EJB Services in have an international perspective.
thing and the best way to go about
Bangor, where Farmer and Cox work. Briggs and it is to be true to myself.” “They’ve spent practically his
Stratton also donated the engine to the team. Fujimura said he did not feel he whole life going back and forth to
In all, OC spent approximately $6,000 putting the was the best person for the job. Japan,” said Larsen.
racer together, while competing schools spent as “I don’t have to work. I don’t According to Larsen, Erickson
much as $30,000 to $50,000. have to raise children. I don’t is well regarded by her peers and
The team as a whole recognizes that they were a have to support a family. I have has spent more than 180 hours
part of something very unique, and may have set a whole bunch of privilege,” said mentoring OC students.
themselves up for a special career down the road. Fujimura. “She always volunteered to
“This is my goal,” said Atteberry. “This is what I Because of this, Fujimura said he mentor OC students,” said Larsen.
plans to “talk about everybody’s “She was elected by her peers to
want to make a living at. Everyone but Eric wants
journey.” the RSN to BSN student faculty
to make a career out of something like this. There’s
Erickson said she plans to speak governance committee.”
more to us shop people than just welding plates and The 62nd OC graduation
about how she, and the rest of the
working at the Shipyard. We’re talented in a lot of ceremony will be held June 14 at
graduates, can give back to their
ways.” the Kitsap Sun Pavilion at 2 p.m.
Megan Erickson communities.
JunE 2, 2009 AROUND CAMPUS 7

Summer weather brings optimism to construction

By Kathy Bray panels along the west side of the
Staff Writer building.
“You can see it really good from the
The new Humanities and Student CSC, and every time you look at it, it
Services Building is nearing its January is a different color’” said Blankenship.
2010 completion date and with that “This is in contrast to the brick, similar
faculty and staff are choosing offices to what they have on the Sci-Tech, we
and color schemes while the project almost mirror that building when we
coordinator said he is optimistic that are done.”
summer weather will lead to a finished The emergency generator will be
roof and reopening of the Student Entry on site soon said Blankenship and
and Advising Center entrance. that will service the CSC and the new
OC faculty and staff got to humanities building. He said a number
personalize their individual offices in one priority is reopening the walkway
the new humanities building recently to the SEAC entrance, which should
by choosing fabric for their office happen “in a couple of weeks.” In order
furniture and accent wall colors. The to do that they have to raise the ground
process began with a furniture fair Photo by Ted Copeland level up two feet. He said Monday, the
held with the intent to narrow down Teamwork. Epigmenie Pastor (left) and Carlos Moreno (right) work on laying down tar for clock tower will also be raised two feet
the color and fabric options. the roof of the new humanities building. The roof constuction involves several tar layers. and re-anchored into place.
Director of Procurement Diana Lake next few weeks. first floor,” said Blankenship who said According to Blankenship, the plaza
said she worked with the designer, “They have had some fun with it helps to keep the building warm for will be one of the final projects. He said
Rice Fergus Miller, to find a common it,” said Lake about staff and faculty when they do mudding and taping, the contractors will be doing all of the
decorative theme, established by the reactions to the process. “Most people “that is going to help it dry faster. underground work for the lighting
choices at the fair and from there they know what they like when it comes to Summer time sheet rocking is good.” soon and they are getting ready to pour
came up with a narrowed selection for colors and fabrics so it’s nice they were Ongoing projects for the new the foundation for the wall seating.
staff and faculty to choose from. given the choice.” building include rough end plumbing “We are going to try to get most
“We just had to narrow it down,” said Blankenship said the contractors, and electrical. Blankenship expects of that done this summer when we
Lake, “you want to have it somewhat Pease & Sons, Inc., are 50 percent done rough end plumbing to continue have less students here. It’ll be quite a
limited, so it does still coordinate.” with the roof and should be completely for another month and rough end bit different than it was before,” said
According to Capital Projects done with it this summer. Window electrical will continue for the next Blankenship. “We won’t have as much
Coordinator Ken Blankenship, faculty frames have been set for the exterior two months. He said Interior framing lawn, it will be more of a collective area
members pick out their offices based on the south side and Blankenship said is almost complete, ductwork is 90 for the students.”
on seniority. the contractors will be working their percent complete and exterior framing One of the major things Blankenship
Lake said they hope to have the final way around to the north and putting is 99 percent complete. said students in the fall can expect to
drawings for the offices complete with plastic up along the way to keep the According to Blankenship, the see is “Hopefully, we will have quite
who will inhabit each room and their weather from blowing through. contractors are working on the brick a bit of that front entry opened up,
individual color choices within the “We have started sheet rocking the veneer and placing the exterior metal weather pending.”

Golf team finishes season 7th in NWAACC tournament

By Brian Foley game Sunday in Auburn sour on Monday as the their mediocre opening Championships at and tied for 20. Schienfeld
Contributing Writer and make a run at leaders team tried to improve round performance with Veteran‘s Memorial Golf shot a final of 151, Myers
Bellevue Community on their opening day a 314. They closed out the Course, which left their a 157, Brad Guzman a 159
The OC men’s golf College and Community ranking, but stayed right tournament with a 627, coach optimistic about and Jordan Swanberg a
team played through College of Spokane, head where they were and finishing in the middle of next season. 165.
unfriendly weather coach Daryl Matheny said only gave up one stroke the 11-team tournament “We’ve got a lot to look Matheny said that he
conditions May 3- the team continued to from their previous team in Auburn. forward to next year,” felt all his players put in a
4 in the Green River make the same mistakes round. Ben Nelson led the said Matheny. “These kids great season, but Nelson
Tournament, and had they have all season. Matheny said he felt Rangers, as he shot 76-76 played hard all season, in particular shined
beautiful conditions “It was like our that the weather had for a total of 152, tied for and they’ll get better.” brightest all year.
for the NWAACC tournament in Spokane,” little impact on his team’s 8. Tim Myers also had two While OC finished “I would have to give
Championships in Walla said Matheny. “We had performance. solid rounds, shooting seventh out of the 11 player of the year award
Walla May 17-18, as some good tee shots and “The weather was 77-81 for a 158. Ajandra teams who entered, to Ben Nelson,” said
they finished 6 and 7, stayed on the fairway, marginal, but it was Singh’s best round was a Nelson and Singh showed Matheny. “It was a tough
respectively. but our chipping and pretty nice overall,” said 78, and Joel Schienfeld’s promise for next season. decision because all of my
Despite the good our putting has got to get Matheny. “We were sixth was a 77. Nelson finished with kids had what I thought
weather that allowed the better.” after Sunday, and finished The team was fully a 73-71 and a final score was a great spring but
team to crank up their The weather did turn sixth for the tournament, prepared to improve of 144, placing him 15 Ben has really put the
so the weather didn’t where they had been overall and 10 strokes time in and it showed in
impact us much.” struggling all season as away from the individual his performance. He is
OC shot a 313 as a team they traveled to Walla title. Singh finished with as dedicated to school as
on Sunday, and followed Walla for the NWAACC a 73-73, shooting a 146 much as his golf game.”

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8 SPORTS June 2, 2009

Cummings, Quint spring players of the quarter

BY KATHY BRAY on scholarship. BY KEVIN DOUCETTE real vocal guy, he always did what he
AND KEVIN DOUCETTE Quint said her sister Jackie Quint, Contributing Writer was told and was a role model for the
who is also a pitcher, is her idol for the younger players.
Star pitcher Erika Quint has helped sport. The Rangers baseball team has had “He led by example, he worked his
lead the Olympic College Rangers Even though her sister is five years their share of ups and downs this season, butt off in the weight room, you know
softball team to the Northwest Athletic older than Erika, she talked about but like any team in sports there is one he wasn’t real vocal but he did what was
Association of Community Colleges always competing with her sister while player who stands out among the rest asked of him and never complained,
tournament this year, taking third using growing up and then laughed at her and for this season it was sophomore and he helped out the rest of the guys,”
quiet leadership, hard work and an own contradiction. Jesse Cummings. said Parker.
absolute drive to win. “I always wanted to be like her, but When head coach Ryan Parker was Next season, Cummings will attend
This season, Quint was again named then I wanted to beat her,” Quint said. asked which player stood out among Clark College in Iowa, where he
to the Quint started playing softball at five the rest he said,”that guy is Jesse was given
N WA A C C years old after watching her dad, John Cummings,” without hesitation. an $1800
first team Quint, coach her sister. Cummings was named to the scholarship
and was “I saw her playing the sport and Northwest Athletic Association of to play
also an thought ‘Oh, I want to play too,’ so my Community Colleges North Region baseball.
N WA A C C dad kind of just took over and coached second team and also this season led Clark is a 4A
first team me,” said Quint. the Rangers in both runs batted in and school and,
tournament She said her experience from high batting average. unlike OC, 4A
player. Since school to college is completely different, “He has a knowledge for the game schools use
coming to “it’s a lot more hard work. In high school and he knows what needs to be done, aluminum
OC, Quint you don’t practice as long, you don’t he has a passion for the game and wants bats.
said she really work as hard, it’s a total change.” to win and hates losing,” said Parker. “I think
feels she She said a weakness for her as a Jesse Cummings is a sophomore who he will do
ERIKA QUINT has grown player is that she is a quiet leader. She graduated from North Kitsap High great,” said JESSE CUMMINGS
a lot as a player. She attributes this to prefers to lead by example. School. Parker. “He is going to play in a good
her softball coach Jessica Cabato. Quint As for strengths, “I am a really hard Cummings said he has a passion for league in Iowa and he will get an
led the team for batting average this worker. I love the sport so much and I the game and has been playing as long aluminum bat back in his hands and his
season. always want to win.” as he can remember. Cummings said power should really go up.”
“She definitely made me a better Cabato said she is really going to his success this season came from hard Cummings said he believes in his
pitcher, and a better infield and hitter,” miss her next season. work. freshman teammates and knows they
Quint said, “so I guess all around she “It’s going to be hard to replace her,” “I always did what I needed to do can do well next season. With a team
made me a better player.” said Cabato. “I am looking, but I don’t and I worked hard, I led by example leader like Cummings, next year’s
As a sophomore pitcher at OC, know if I can, she led the team in batting and showed what you should do,” said sophomores will know what needs to
Quint will be moving on to Western average and pitching for a couple years Cummings. be done to be leaders.
Washington University. Quint signed … I know whatever she does with Parker said he really liked how “I want to tell the guys good luck,”
her letter of intent to attend WWU to softball, school and beyond, she is Cummings led by example on and off said Cummings. “You guys can turn
continue her education and play softball driven and she will do very well.” the field, and although he was not a this thing around.”




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