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120 MINUTES FIRE RATED STEEL HOLLOW SLIDING DOORS UNIPARTING / BIPARTING NON INCLINED MANUAL OPERATED OR MOTORISED Steel Sliding Fire rated doors shall be manufactured in a unit certified for its quality systems by ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Steel Door Shutters: a) The door shall be in Single or Two Leaves, sliding in the direction suitable to site requirement and conditions. The door shall have dimensions such as to overlap at least 100 mm to 300 mm at the top and the two sides of the civil / structural opening depending on overall size of the opening, intend of the door and the locations. For doors having shutter size bigger than 3000 mm in width as well as height the shutter shall be designed and fabricated in form of panels having width less than 2500 each. Such panels shall be a brought to project site in knocked down condition and reassembled at site panel by panel during installation. The doors shall have hangers to be bolted to the guide rollers at top for sliding through tracks. The hangers shall be extended from the door reinforcing structure. The hangers shall be fastened to the sliding trolleys. door shall have two or three low friction (ball bearing fitted) Wheels at the bottom. The bottom wheels shall move on rails fixed on the ground. The bottom & top rails shall have detachable wheel stoppers at the ends to stop the door in closing position and to prevent it from sliding out of the rails at the ends. Each panel shall be fabricated as a reinforced framework made from rectangular/square steel structural hollow sections. The reinforced frame work shall be covered with a pressed steel profiled cladding sheet welded to the reinforced structure at multiple spots. Proper arrangements for fixing of guide rollers and drive wheels shall be made at the top & bottom of the panel with supports extended from the structural reinforcements of the panels. Multiple such panels shall be assembled together to get the final door shutter assembly. The pressed steel profile cladding of the panels shall be nominal 1.0 mm thick to 1.5 mm thick Galvanized steel sheet primed with anti-corrosive steel primer on the face of the panel. All other attachments and extensions and framework like closing & opening Strike channels/ baffles, top baffles, Rubber flaps etc. shall be fabricated from assorted steel rolled sections and sheets in the form of clamps, brackets holders, adapters etc. All steel items shall be duly primed using anti corrosive epoxy primer.







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120 MINUTES FIRE RATED STEEL HOLLOW SLIDING DOORS UNIPARTING / BIPARTING NON INCLINED MANUAL OPERATED OR MOTORISED h) i) Overall thickness of the shutter shall be 66 ( 5) mm to accept standard brands and models of Iron Mongery items. Wicket Door: - A Hinged type small wicket door shall be fitted into one of the panels of the Bi-parting door for through access without operating the whole big door. The wicket door will have to be compulsorily opening out on the overlapping side of the shutter covering the civil opening .( Wicket door should always open away from wall so that it does not obstruct the operation of main sliding door while in open condition. The wicket door panel is advised to be fitted at a location other than at either ends of the bi-parting shutters. Vision panel of suitable size and at suitable locations can be provided for peeping through the closed door when required. Depending on the location and the applications for which the door is installed, The door shall be operable manually or electrically. Electrically driven door shall have drive units with ON-OFF and automatic end stoppage controls. Additional controls for automatic stoppage at the obstruction during door operation it can be available as an optional extra safety control device and demand. The door shall be fitted with suitable arrangements for conversion to manual push/ pull or pulling chain operation, to be able to be operated as an emergency action in case of power failure.

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Sliding Mechanism: a) Each panel will be fitted with maximum two guide wheels at the top and equal no of wheels at the bottom through extended supports from the reinforcing structure of the panels. Proper load bearing support structures or the extensions thereon shall have to be provided by the purchaser for fixing of the bottom rail track and top guide roller sliding mechanism of the door. Hangers and Supporting Rails: The top guide rails shall be a rolled structural section of minimum 75X40 standard channel to guide door slide through track.


Door Installation: a) The civil opening provided for the installation of door should be made available by the customer with its faces properly finished in level of the opening and plane by good masonry work. Proper load bearing structure with suitable foundation shall be made available at the site location by the purchaser for fixing & installation of the sliding rails.

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