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com/bbc-words-news-1312-transcript-video/ Austerity for Chinese New Year: China has banned TV and radio adverts which encourage extravagant gift-giving ahead of Chinese New Year, which begins this weekend. Expensive watches, go d coins and a coho are a!ong the ite!s that are affected, according to the state !edia.

"uring Chinese New Year it#s co!!on to give gifts to bosses and officia s as a wa$ of gaining favour. %ut now the authorities have announced a ban on advertise!ents that have been encouraging peop e to give luxury ite!s. &n a state!ent, the authorities said these radio and TV ads were spreading 'incorrect va ues( and creating a 'bad socia ethos(. )ccording to reports, the ban re ates to pro!otions which suggest products are '!ust-have ite!s for superiors(. &t#s the atest !ove b$ China#s eader, *i +inping, to tr$ and cut down on govern!ent extravagance and corruption. )t !an$ officia occasions, ban,uets have been banned or scaled back, red carpets are out, and the f ora arrange!ents are no onger there. China#s new generation of eaders are keen to disp a$ a !ore frugal ad!inistration in the face of growing pub ic anger over officia corruption. -enior officia s have repeated $ warned that corruption poses the greatest threat to the ru e of the Co!!unist part$.

China green industries: Chinese state !edia sa$ the govern!ent is tr$ing to tack e po ution caused b$ the countr$#s fast econo!ic deve op!ent. )ccording to the state-run news agenc$, new !easures are being introduced to encourage the countr$#s green industries. ./ )ugust /0.1

China is the wor d#s biggest polluter. %ut toxic smog in its cities is increasing $ generating enor!ous pub ic anger. Now the authorities sa$ the$ want the green industries to have a turnover of !ore than 2300bn b$ /0.4. The$#re offering tax breaks and subsidies topromote growth and innovation within the sector. &t#s the atest !ove b$ the govern!ent to curb po ution. 5ast !onth, the authorities ordered hundreds of stee , paper and eather factories to shut down production ines that were causing high levels of po ution.

Chinas language challenge: China#s 6inistr$ of Education has said that !ore than 700! Chinese are unab e to speak the nationa anguage 8 6andarin. The ad!ission fro! officia s ca!e as the govern!ent started another push to unite China in ter!s of anguage.

&t#s one of the !ost widely spoken anguages in the wor d. %ut a third of China#s popu ation are unab e to speak 6andarin. )nd according to officia s, !an$ of those who speak the anguage do so bad $. China is ho!e to thousands of dialects and severa minority languages. &n the southern province of 9uangdong, Cantonese is wide $ spoken. :or decades, the ru ing Co!!unist part$ has pro!oted 6andarin in an atte!pt to unite the !ost populous nation on earth. %ut govern!ent efforts have been hampered b$ the sheer size of the countr$ and a ack of invest!ent in education, particu ar $ in rura areas. )nd despite the benefits of having a billion plus peop e speaking the sa!etongue the govern!ent#s po icies have ong been contentious 8 particu ar $ a!ong the countr$#s ethnic !inorities. &n /0.0 there were protests in Tibet over the use of 6andarin in schoo s.

Hotel living: ) ;ong <ong hote has so d individua roo!s to be used as ho!es. &t#s one of the wa$s residents are tr$ing to cope with soaring housing prices, which are a!ong the highest in the wor d.

The hote suites are cheaper than apart!ents in ;ong <ong. ;undreds of peop e lined up for hours to bu$ a unit at the )pex ;ori=on ;ote this week. &t#s not c ear whether investors can ega $ ive in the suites but bu$ers are sti eager !oice of Hong "ong man# The developer had lawyers look at it thoroughly so Im not worried. !oice of Hong "ong woman# At these prices the hotel suites are cheaper to buy than public housing. The hote was ab e to se a 1>0 of its suites in two da$s 8 a sign there is a de!and for affordable housing. ;ong <ong#s ow interest rate has attracted hordes of !ain and Chinese investors. &t pushed ho!e prices to record highs ast $ear. : ats cost an average of ?-2.7,000 per s,uare !etre in centra ocations. 6an$ residents fee the$ can no onger afford to bu$ apart!ents. ;ong <ong peop e cope b$ renting makeshift ho!es on rooftops, whi e others !ove into so-ca ed cage ho!es 8 hutches !ade fro! wire-!esh, stacked on top of each other in a tin$ roo!. The govern!ent#s efforts to cool down propert$ prices have not worked. -o ;ong <ong residents have to be creative in finding space to ive.