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September 2009 - Issue 26 Handbridge Church

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Born on 2nd May 1975: Footballer and fashion icon David Beckham
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Let us create the perfect cake for you!

Our imagination never stops.

Our cakes always surprise!
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What did the policeman say to his stomach: Your’re under a vest
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WELCOME to the September

edition of the Overleigh
Roundabout . In this month’s 14 26
edition we’ve got loads of features
from across the area, including
the Westminster Park Impact
Day, Queen’s Park High School
news and more pictures from the
St Mary’s Community Nursery
opening .
If that’s not enough we’ve got
our popular podiatry column, 28 30
gardening advice and a recipe
from the Grosvenor Pulford .
Publisher Talkabout Publishing
We hope you enjoy the magazine
Contributors Simon Dangar, Jane Bryant,
Peter Colhoun and Leigh Myers
Jon White
Talkabout Publishing Ad Design Kelly Kane
Print Delmar Press

Note: This month there are jokes Sales Lynne Bradley & Karen Schroder
instead of facts on the bottom of
the pages! Production Jon White
& Distribution

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Did you hear about the two silkworms who had a race? It ended up as a tie
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What’s red and sits in the corner? A naughty strawberry

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 SALTNEY featured on national television
last month in a report on places with a claim
to fame.
The feature on The One Show, on BBC 1
explained how half the area is in England
and the other half in Wales. This led
to confusion about council tax and bin
collection, among other matters.
Uni to buy County Hall
PEOPLE in Handbridge fear that the area
will lose its identity if more students move
in as a result of the University of Chester
taking over County Hall.
Cheshire West and Chester Council is to
sell County Hall to the university and move
across Nicholas Street, into the recently
completed iconic HQ building.
Twenty objections have been received
by the council, mainly from Handbridge
residents. Their main worry is that
Handbridge will become more like Garden
Lane, with family homes turned into student
One objector even said that Handbridge
could become a ‘student ghetto’.
However, council leader Cllr Mike Jones
said: “Whichever way you look at this
decision, it is a good one for city and
university, simply because each benefits
from the other.”

Vivacious Kitchens
Practical, beautiful and versatile kitchens -
designed to suit your budget and taste.
Excellent range of contemporary and
traditional styles.
Free home consultation and design

Tel 01244 345182 or mobile 07778 376726


What’s the difference between a bogey and Brussels Sprouts? You can’t get kids to eat sprouts
Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 7

‘Beware doorstep lenders’  

says credit union chief
Do you realise that some doorstep lenders
charge up to 545% APR on loans. one finance
company, has agreed, according to a report in
The Guardian on 28th July, that some of its
customers have been charged annualised inter-
est rates of up to 545%! They reported profits
for the first 6 months of 2009 at £53.1mill, up 
This prompted the charity `Barnardo`s ` to call 
on the office of Fair Trading to to investigate 
the practices of lenders that `prey on the poor`. 
They cited an
example of a 
loan calculation
of £500 over 23
weeks, the total 
repaid would be
£747.50 – an
interest rate of 545% 
There are several 
`doorstep lender` com-
panies with thousands of customers in Cheshire 
West, calling on people and offering personal
loans to people who have few other choices.
If you are paying off a loan and you are un- 
happy with the amount you have to pay back,

there is an alternative. West Cheshire Credit
Union exists to provide small, lo-cost loans to

people who live or work in the West Cheshire
area. The most a credit union can charge, by law,

is 2% per month, equivalent to 26.8% APR, a
massive difference with any current doorstep
credit business.

`Many of our customers have taken out a loan
from us to pay off a doorstep lender, and then
they save a lot in future interest payments` said

John Dearnley, Marketing Director of West 
Cheshire Credit Union. If you have a current 
loan with a doorstep lender, the sooner you join 
the credit union and pay it off with a lower-
cost loan, the more you will save. This has to 
be a sensible move, to join call 01244 399006 
or use the website, to download an 
application form.

Custard in one ear, jelly in the other. Sorry, I’m a trifle deaf!
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‘You can have emotional freedom’

emotional freedom technique or eft, is a powerful self help tool which enables us to overcome
any form of negative emotion or limiting belief e.g anxiety, phobias, lack of self confidence etc.
When we are born our unconscious response system is almost a clean sheet and as we develop we learn
to respond, we learn to walk, talk, read, etc. We are not born with a fear of flying, spiders, lifts, nor are
we born lacking in confidence or suffering from exam or driving test nerves and we are definitely not
born with cravings for chocolate, crisps or alcohol. all of these negative emotions are learned responses,
negative programming of our unconscious.
By using eft any negative emotion that has been learned – can be un learned, quickly, easily and
eft works through focusing on the emotion you want to remove and gently tapping meridian points
(it has been described as ‘emotional acupuncture without the needles’)- the results are both amazing and
immediate. eft is both gentle and powerful, is easily learned and very often will work when nothing
else will.
due to its powerful and immediate results, the popularity and use of eft is growing rapidly; it has also
been adopted for use by specialist branches of the nhS.

Have emotional freedom
Negative emotions and limiting self beliefs can cause
much unnecessary suffering and prevents many people from
enjoying the happiness and peace they deserve in their life.

If you suffer from:- Then EFT will

v Stress or Anxiety, a Phobia, remove them
v Fears, results of Trauma for you
v Lack of Confidence Quickly,
v Low Self Esteem Easily and
v Driving Test Nerves Permanently.
v Fear of Public Speaking Many Issues
v Feelings of Grief, can be
v Anger, Jealousy,Cravings for food or Alcohol, resolved in just
In fact any unwanted Negative Emotion ONE session.

For further information, to book an appointment or consultation

or simply for an informal chat about how EFT can help YOU,
contact Eddie on 0151 200 2247
Practices in Handbridge and Ellesmere Port

EFT will set you free

Two peanuts walk into a pub - one gets a-salted
Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 9


Saighton Grange, Chester CH3 6EN

Aldford School 3 - 5.30pm
(age 4 - 11)
Abbey Gate College 5.30 - 8pm
Thursday 24th September 2009 (age 11 - 18)

We look forward to seeing you when you will have the

opportunity to meet our pupils and teachers
We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that aims to meet
all the needs of our pupils, providing an education for life.
• Excellence in Pastoral Care
• Wide range of extra-curricular activities
• Outstanding Music Department
• Strong academic results
• New Sixth Form Centre
• New facilities in Art, Science, Design and Technology
For further details please contact Admissions 01244 332077
or email for a prospectus.

Home & Garden

Specialists in Plumbing
and Building Construction
q Plumbing q Heating
q Bathroom refits
q Underfloor Heating
q Fencing q Patios
q Block Paving q Brick Walls
q Decking q Gardening
q Clearance q Building repairs
q Building Renovations
Competitive Rates
Prompt friendly service

Call Ian or Ben

07912 556680 or 07590 432952

Two cannibals eating a clown. One says: “Does this taste funny to you?”
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Secure Leisure Vehicle Storage
v Indoor storage facility
v Secluded location
v CaSSOA members
v Electric gate entry
v Single entry point access
v Management living on site
v Fully concreted floors
v Security lighting
v Vermin control
v Fire extinguishers on site
v Battery charging facility
v Tyre pressure checking facility
v Electrical caravan mover

Hatchmere Storage is an indoor leisure vehicle storage facility

conveniently located in Delamere Forest, between the towns
of Northwich, Frodsham and Winsford.
Please contact Lindsay on 01928 787878 or 07920221551

Two oranges went into a pub. One says to the other: “Your round”
Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 11

What do you call two rows of cabbages? A dual cabbage way

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Teams look forward to the new season

LAST season ended well for Westminster Park FC with the Under 10s Lions finishing top of
their group and playing in their age group finals at the Chester City stadium and Under 14s
Warriors team being awarded the leagues Fair Play Award.
This award reflects the ethos of the club which is to promote football as a positive and
enjoyable experience. The club also ran a ‘Pay as you Play’ scheme that attracted more
than 80 children in Reception, Y1 and Y2. As well as encouraging young children to enjoy
football the scheme has helped the club to establish new teams for the coming season.
At the July AGM the club agreed a new constitution and elected a new committee. The new
constitution is a first step for the club to apply for FA Chartered status which we plan to do
in the coming season. The new committee includes the election of a new chairman, Peter
Williams who has been involved in football as a player and a coach for most of his life, and
the appointment of a senior coach, Kevan Hearn to help develop the standards of football
within the club.
Anyone interested in joining our growing club, as a player or volunteer, should contact the
club secretary Tracy Sheedy on 01244 680544 or All
volunteers are subject to a CRB check and are given full training. For more information see
our website


CHRISTLETON Parish Hall is the
venue for the next meeting on
Wednesday 16th September, 1pm,
when Lois Gill, from Clitheroe will
be demonstrating ‘My World’. Visit for
more details.

CHESHIRE West and Chester
Golden age of Broadway Council are about to write a new
CHESTER’s own musical theatre group will be chapter in the long history of the
performing their version of 42nd Street this month. city’s Roman Amphitheatre.
With the continued absence of a theatre in the Over £300,000 has been set aside
city, Chester Musicals are staging the show at by the council to fund a programme
The Brindley, Runcorn, Cheshire, from 15th - 19th of improvements designed to
September. increase the drawing power of the
42nd Street is a great big smiling, sparkling, tapping, internationally - renowned ancient
back-flipping production with songs such as“Lullaby monument.
of Broadway,” “We’re in the Money,” and “You’re And the project- undertaken
Getting to Be a Habit With Me. in partnership with Chester
Tickets available from 0151 907 8360 or via Renaissance - will also enhance the appeal of Britain’s largest
 Joel Merry and Laura Roberts - heading for The amphitheatre as an open-air
Brindley performance venue.

Man walks into a pub with a battery charger. Barman says: “Don’t you start anything in here”
Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 13
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Solar power cuts fuel bill

Year 11 students Sophie

Day and Danielle Rees
were awarded ‘Students
of the Year’ for Health
NEW solar panels have been unveiled at the school.
and Social Care and
The Eco-Committee has been successful in securing a
Co-operative Green Energy for Schools Scheme grant Beauty at West Cheshire
for £10,000 to install a solar photovoltaic system. The College . They were
government’s Low Carbon Building Programme matched chosen out of 150
this amount to provide an installation worth £20,000. The students from different
solar panels provide a large scale renewable energy project schools in the area .
and are already contributing directly to providing electricity
for the school.

QUEEN’S Park High
School’s Specialist Arts
College held an exhibition
entitled “Twitter” recently..
It showcased students’
work from GCSE and A
level courses plus art work
from staff and the local and
wider community. It included
textiles, painting, drawing,
digital imaging, sculpture,
glass and photography.
The official opening was by To coincide with the exhibition, there was a special
Cheshire senior art advisor, performance from Year 7 students who have been
Pauline Renshaw. working on their own production of ‘Billy Elliott’

How many divorced men does it take to change a lightbulb? Who knows, they never get the house
Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 15

TEL 01244 678413 FAX 01244 676040


What’s the best way to remember your wife’s birthday? Forget it once
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adveRtISement FeatuRe

tHe beneFItS oF HomeopatHy

omeopatHy is one of the two ‘the law of similars’ or ‘like cures like’. This
most widely used forms of medicine law states that a substance that can cause
in the world today because people a disease can also relieve it. For example,
are discovering the benefits of a system of coffee is a stimulant that can cause temporary
medicine that is safe, effective and treats them insomnia. Coffea may be used in minute
as unique individuals. potentised (i.e. homeopathic) doses to relieve
Homeopathy is a complete system of that insomnia.
medicine that treats mental, emotional and Homeopathy can be used effectively by
physical illness. everyone from babies to adults, including
Homeopathic medicines are chosen to treat women during pregnancy. It is safe, non-toxic
the whole person because homeopaths believe and non-addictive. Homeopathy can be taken
the mind and body operate as one, and you alongside drugs prescribed by your doctor and
cannot treat one part of the body without will not interfere with their beneficial action.
affecting the whole. medicines are chosen to find a qualified and registered member
to fit all the characteristics of the patient, so of The Society of Homeopaths look for the
physical disorders are considered in relation to initials RSHom after their name. The Society
the individual’s mental and emotional state. can be contacted on 0845 450 6611. www.
Homeopathy works on a principle known as

Homeopathy: Healthy Medicine

Homeopathy can significantly improve many health conditions such as:
Acne, Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Candida, Colic, Depression, Diabetes,
Digestive disorders, Eczema, Glue ear, Fatigue, Hay fever, High cholesterol & blood
pressure, IBS, Infertility, Menopause and Menstrual problems, Migraine,
Prostate problems, Sleep disturbances, Stress, Thyroid disorders.

Homeopathy is particularly useful if no one can give you

a diagnosis but you still feel unwell.
Homeopathic medicines promote the body’s natural ability to heal.
It is gentle enough for a baby and powerful enough for a man.

Clinics now available in Willaston, Ellesmere Port &

Handbridge in Chester.

Please contact Gill Hayes RSHom

Tel: 0151 200 0960 Mobile: 07552 183880

Receive £10 off the first consultation with this advert

Why wife ran away with my best mate. I was really upset. I still miss him.
Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 17


(part of William & Maurice)
will find the right
solution for you

Our services include:

Fully pumped hot
water systems
Un-vented hot water cylinder
installations (fully certified)
Power shower installation
and upgrades

Eves: 01244 879173

Day: 07980748065

What did the plumber say to his wife when he left? “It’s over Flo”
Forum makes a big impact
OVERLEIGH Roundabout readers may know Jim Moffat, who was a ‘Respect - Taking a Stand’
award winner in recognition for his work tackling anti-social behaviour in Westminster Park.
He was recently invited to attend a national workshop on the subject and as part of this
initiative there was an opportunity to apply for a ‘Small Grant Programme’ of up to £1000 to
benefit a project within the community.
The Westminster Park Forum was successful in their bid for a grant and received £621 to
support their initiative of an open surgery, held in July, where amongst other things:
► residents aired their views on matters of local interest
► issues were discussed with Chris Fox, representative from the local police force
► a Treasure Hunt with prizes was held for children/families
► shed/personal alarms and CCTV were made available for sale and use
► the WPF highlighted its current and past programme and received ideas for new activities
► initiatives were discussed with members of the ‘Low Carbon Group’
► information on the new DeeBee bus service was distributed
Part of the grant money will go towards the replacement of the cycle racks outside the shops
on Five Ashes Road.
The Westminster Park Forum was delighted with the turnout on the day - many residents
stopped to talk and air their views and a useful ‘To do’ list has been compiled for the Forum
Committee to work on over the coming months.
 Forum members pictured at the Impact Day .

How did the robber get into the bank? Intruder window
innovative design, complete construction and planting, working with
Please visit our website to browse our portfolio of gardens
you to create your perfect outdoor living space.

Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 19

The Professional Landscape

& Design Team

• High quality hard landscaping

and planting service

• Bespoke garden design service

• Specialists in natural stone paving

• Original water features and ponds

• Driveways, brick & stone walling

• Work guaranteed to be carried

out to exceptional standards

Tel: 01829 740194

Mob: 07967 043320 Please call us to arrange an appointment on 01829 740194

l Windows l Doors l Fascias

l Soffits l Aluminium/uPVC
l Conservatories l Extensions
l Garage Doors Dee Glass Double Glazing Ltd
Unit A4 Stanlaw Abbey Business Centre,
Ellesmere Port CH65 9BF
Fax 0845 302 3051
Dee Glass - Making Life Brighter

Why did the biscuit cry? Because his mum was a wafer so long
Bring this advert with you
to get 10% off your purchases



16 22 to


30, High Street


01829 733851
Brands include
Sonja Marohn Bleu Blanc Rouge Joseph Ribkoff
Ischiko Kokomarina Hebbeding
Gabi Lauton Sand Didier Parakian
Beate Heymann D.Exterior James Lakeland
Taifun Not Your Daughter's Jeans Gerard Darel
......and more
Don't forget, there is also the original at 50A, High Street, TARPORLEY, Cheshire CW6 0AG
Opening hours of all three shops: Monday to Saturday 9.30 to 5.30 Evenings & Sundays by appointment
Bring this advertRoundabout
Overleigh with you September 2009 21
to get 10% off your purchases

36A, High Street


01829 740555

8th September


Brands include
Moschino Love Paul Smith mainline Gio' Guerreri
Annette Görtz Class Roberto Cavalli Alberta Ferretti Mainline
Issey Miyake Pleats Please Valentino Red Wolford
Save the Queen Fuego
Amanda Wakeley Jenny Packham ...and more

Don't forget, there is also the original at 50A, High Street, TARPORLEY, Cheshire CW6 0AG
Opening hours of all three shops: Monday to Saturday 9.30 to 5.30 Evenings & Sundays by appointment
22 To advertise call 350398



Most of us suffer - at some point at least - from corns and callouses on our feet . We
may soak them in the bath, apply cream to our feet or file them away as best we can.
We probably don’t realise though that we are getting these thickened skin areas for a
As a Podiatrist, I find corn and callous locations of great interest. With the exception of
a very tight and uncomfortable pair of shoes you may have worn as a one-off, long term
corns and callouses tell me exactly where excess pressure is loading on your feet . This
in turn tells me what may be functioning improperly in the way you walk, stand or run .
Let me give you some examples...
If you have ‘low arches’ or flat feet, you may have some hard skin (callous) formation on
your inner heel area, or in extreme cases towards the heel end of your arch itself (where the
‘Navicular’ bone has lowered and rubbed.
If you have an arthritic or ‘stiff’ big toe joint, you may have a corn underneath your big toe
If you have hard skin or callouses in a wide or ‘diffused’ pattern around the middle area of the
balls of your feet, you may have a forefoot twist or ‘supinatus’ caused by feet that have rolled-
in or ‘pronated’ heavily for many years.
If you have corns on the 1st and 5th Metatarsal Heads on the bottom of your foot, you
probably have a very high arch with a rigid mid-foot joint.
How I can help...
The good news is, that we can help in two ways with your corn and hard skin formation.
First of all, we can painlessly remove the corns and callouses with a scalpel. This is a routine
foot care or Chiropody procedure we carry out dozens of times a week. As we’re removing
dead-skin with both corns and callouses, you won’t feel anything, and we can usually remove
all hard skin locations on both feet, in the first appointment.
Secondly, as a Podiatrist, we can assess your biomechanics and corn/callous locations and
give you *Long Term* advice on how to correct your body mechanics to slow down or even
prevent hard skin problems in future. This can be as simple as recommending a pair of
orthotic insoles to slip in your shoes and functionally control or “re-time” the way you walk and
You are welcome to come for treatment by self-referral and self-funding, or you may attend us
in line with your private medical insurance policies.
For appointments in our clinic please phone Val on 01244 682500. We are based at 137
Hough Green, Chester CH4 8JR.
If you would like to phone for a chat with me first - or if you feel your needs would be better
placed as a home visit, please call me directly on 07880 702475.
Peter Colhoun MChS HPCreg, Registered Podiatrist
Chester: 01244 68 25 00 or 07880 70 24 75
PeterColhoun .com

What time do you have to go to the dentist? Tooth hurty

Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 23

My ex boyfriend borrowed money for plastic surgery. I can’t get it back cos I don’t know what he looks like
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Rejuvenation Clinics

Keep your skin looking

naturally beautiful
As we age we all develop expression lines which We have both male and female Cosmetic Doctors and
gradually start to deepen as time passes by. Aesthetic Nurses so you can be sure your practitioner
Thankfully there are a wealth of non-surgical of choice will understand your every concern
treatments available these days to help hold back Our clients are offered a complimentary, discrete,
time by erasing those lines and wrinkles. personal consultation with one of our highly trained
and very experienced Cosmetic Doctors. You will
...the latest techniques ensure all be prescribed a treatment programme designed to
our procedures are performed to the meet your individual needs.
highest standard. After-care information packs and free follow-ups
are provided.
Facial Contours Clinics provide holistic care and
anti-ageing treatments in discrete, local environments.

Effective treatments without surgery

• Muscle relaxing injections to smooth lines and wrinkles • Chemical peels Easy TCA, Unideep, Obagi Blue
• Dermal fillers to soften smile lines • Physician designed skin treatment regimes
• Genuine Dermaroller treatments for facial rejuvenation and (Obagi, Aestheticare, LA Science)
treatment of acne scarring • Hand rejuvenation programme
• Lip augmentation to add volume to lips or erase lip lines • Decolletage rejuvenation programme
• SCULPTRA to restore youthful volume to the face • Medical microdermabrasion treatments
• Sub-Q to augment cheek bones and sculpt jaws • No-needle mesotherapy treatments
• Sclerotherapy to remove thread veins from legs • Referrals for plastic surgery
• Hyperhidrosis treatments to stop excessive sweating • Referrals for cosmetic dentistry
• Neck lift without surgery
• Eye bag removal without surgery
• Acne treatments
• Treatment of sun damaged skin and pigmentation

Call us on: 012 44 6 59 4 26 or visit:

Facial Contours will
Financial advice with Simon Dangar the new
Overleigh Roundabout September 2009
be running facial

rejuvenation clinics from

Chester Smiles dental
surgery from September.
to help you
look and
feel better.
5-7 Overleigh Road,

Fantastic introductory
offers available
m 10% off Sculptra
m £100 off Teosyal and
Radiesse dermal fillers
to smooth out lines and
Exclusive aesthetic creams and medical
plump up lips
skin care ranges recommended for use after
m 10% off
non-surgical muscle
treatments and asrelaxing
part of your
everyday skincare regime
Mineralnotmakeup combine your of
products consisting
facial rejuvenation
pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are
treatments with Zoom
suitable for all skin types
teeth whitening
Super slimming clothing tothat perfect
covers up
the bits new look?
you’d rather hide.

Hints and tips on how to look and stay

Facial Contours is at:
looking fresh and youthful.
Pollards, Lower Park Road,
Launch offers available online at
Chester CH4 7BB
C Tel 659426 / 07788673692
Beautiful Nails,
Rejuvenation Clinics
20a Handbridge,
Chester CH4 7JE
Tel 676799
26 To advertise call 350398

Here are some more pictures

from the official opening of
the St Mary’s Community
Nursery School .
Head teacher Ken Jones
passed around the
commemorative cake and
the school’s oldest ex-pupil
received a bunch of flowers
on the day .

What is the best remedy for water on the brain? A tap on the head
Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 27

Architect / Building Plans

q Full Architectural Design & Technical Drawings
Service for Planning / Listed Buildings and Building
Regulations Submissions CHIROPODIST
q Conversions, Extensions and Re-Modelling Projects
Open Monday to Saturday
q Fully Qualified, Experienced Architect
For an initial free, no obligation Nail surgery and orthotics available
on-site meeting to discuss ideas 1A Moorcroft Mews, High Street,
and services contact: Saltney, Chester CH4 8SH
Edward Webb B.A., B.Arch
Tel: 01244 570 765
Mob: 07951 311 116

Domestic cleaning service
 Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one
off cleans
 Ironing
 Home help service Don’t suffer.
 Competitive prices
 Free, no obligation visit
Call for an appointment today.
Please call Jo on
You’ll be glad you did
01244 570 154 or 07801 676261

Architect / Building Plans

q Full Architectural Design & Technical Drawings
Service for Planning / Listed Buildings and Building
Regulations Submissions
q Conversions, Extensions and Re-Modelling Projects
q Fully Qualified, Experienced Architect
For an initial free, no obligation
meeting to discuss ideas
Simon R Dangar Cert PFS, CeMAP. andPrincipal
services contact:
of RSD Wealth Management
RSD Wealth Management, 5th Floor, WaterEdward Webb B.A.,
Street, Martins B.Arch 4, Water Street, Liverpool
(01244) 570 765
Phone 0151 224 8700 email;
07951 311 116
Representing St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

Dentist on a first date says: “That was a nice evening, I will see you again in six months.”

By Leigh Myers

Serves 4

4 pheasant breasts
30g butter unsalted
200g diced smoked bacon
10 shallots peeled and left whole
2 cloves garlic peeled and sliced
20 button mushrooms washed and cut in half
4 carrots peeled and roughly chopped
1 sprig of thyme
1 sprig of rosemary
2 bay leaves
2 tablespoons of flour
200mls dry cider
400mls chicken stock fresh (now available at supermarkets)


1. Melt the butter in a saucepan and brown the pheasant breasts, remove from the pan.
2. Add the bacon and lightly colour.
3. Then add the rest of the vegetables and herbs and cook for a further 2 minutes.
4. Stir in the flour and cook for 2 minutes.
5. Add the cider and the chicken stock and bring up to the boil.
6. Then add the pheasant breasts cover with a lid, turn the heat down and simmer for 30-40 minutes.

To serve:
Serve with mash potato and some roast root vegetables.

Recipe by Leigh Myers, Executive Chef at Nelson (Northwest) Hotels

All queries to

Did you hear about the dyslexic alcoholic? He choked on his own Vimto
Overleigh Roundabout September 2009

How do you keep a fool in suspense? I’ll tell you later

The Wyvern
Church Street
SY14 8NU
Tel: 01948 861124
christianos.indd 1 10/8/09 16:00:20

Gardening by Janet Heath

SEPTEMBER often provides a blaze of colour before autumn takes hold so if you like bright, bold
colours there is a wide range of flowers to choose from.
Shrubs such as Hibiscus syriacus also known as the tree hollyhock because of the shape of their
flowers, are hardy shrubs with flowers in white, pink and blue. They flower for weeks in autumn.
Perovskia Blue Spire is a small shrub with branches of tiny electric blue flowers. It likes a well-
drained soil in sun and provides colour well into autumn.
Bright, bold colours for a damp soil why not try Rudbekia fulgida Goldsturm in yellow and
pair it with Lobelia cardinalis with its purple leaved foliage and red flowers. Heleniums come in
a range of red, yellow, orange and russet colours, are good for the back of a border and give
colour for a few weeks especially if dead-headed. Japanese anemones are great ground cover
with tall or shorter flowering stems in white or pink. They also flower for weeks, well into autumn.
Some delphiniums will flower again in September if their first flush of flowers were removed after
You can dig up and split perennials in autumn and as the soil is still warm they should settle in
well before winter. Try to remember to plant daffodils in September (tulips can wait until October)
for flowering next year.
Lawn repairs can be carried out in September. If you have bare patches in the lawn or want to
sow a new lawn, September is a good time for sowing grass seed or laying turf. Scarify to remove
moss and apply a weed killer to control those tough perennial weeds.
Hedges can have their final trim of the year to leave them neat and tidy over winter.
Autumn ripening raspberries such as Autumn Bliss and blackberries will now be in season and
taste wonderful. Some early season apples will be ripening so if you want to grow your own
dessert apples, consider Egremont Russet, Fiesta, Katy or Greensleeves. They will be ready to
eat in September but will not keep for very long, so just pick them from the tree!

Janet Heath – The Garden Mentor Tel 01244 318258

Who invented hospital gowns? Dr Seymour Bottoms

Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 31

Take conTrol of your finances

HERE at the Clear Debt Group we are
constantly striving towards finding our
clients new ways of managing their
finances, especially in the current
economic climate.
We are therefore proud to announce
the launch of our new Prepaid
Mastercard ClearCash
not a credit card
no overdraft charges
no interest charges
no late payment fees
Poor credit history, CCJs, Bankruptcy?
No problem, everybody qualifies (subject to verification of ID, 18 or over)
The features associated with the new Clearcash icount are numerous
and means it could soon replace your current bank account
For a limited time only, you can purchase this card at the discounted
price of £4.50. This does normally retail at £9.99 so you already know
you’ll be making over a 50% saving!

Once you have your ClearCash card, you will receive:

l your own personalised icount
l compleTe purchase proTecTion package
The only prepaid card who offer this
l access To a unique and exclusive Tool BudgeTmasTer
Helps to plan your budget, manage your bills and track your spending
l free financial healTh check every six monThs
Allows you to identify whether you are paying the correct amount to items such
as loans and utilities
l free educaTion packs
Offering advice on how to save money in the home
l access To discounT shopping siTe
l easy ways To Top up your accounT
Post Offices, Bank transfers, Paypoint locations (17,000 across the country)
l livechaT faciliTy

for further information

on clearcash or to get
your card now visit

Why did the paintbrush feel ill? Because it had a stroke

32 To advertise call 350398

On Saturday 26th &
Sunday 27th September 2009
Come and experience the exhilarating
sport of eventing, where horse and rider
partnerships tackle:
Admire the elegance and
calmness of the dressage.
Awe at the athletic
demands of the show
The final and most exciting
phase in which horse and
rider bravely take on a
course of solid obstacles....

• Share the thrills and spills

from horse trials.
• A great day out for all
the family in the Cheshire
• Trade stands &
Refreshments available.

Car parking £5.00

For further information please visit

“Dad, there’s a man at the door with a bald head.” Dad says: “Tell him I’ve already got one”
Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 33


THE September meeting is on Thursday
17th at 2pm in St. Mary’s Parish Hall,
Handbridge. Mr. Keith Smithies, a National
demonstrator from Rhos-on-Sea will take
“The Splendour of the Season” as his
theme. New members welcome. Visitors On-site servicing & repairs
£4. Call direct on 07970 618392
PAT Testing your electrical appliances
If you want to include your club details
in the ‘Roundabout’ please let us know .

Hoole Baptist Church, All Saints Church, Northgate Church and Queens Street Christian
Centre jointly run three courses every year in Hoole. Over the past 4 years, we have had
over 250 guests on the course.
The next course starts with a city-wide Celebration meal which will introduce Alpha.
This will take place on Thursday 24th September 2009 at the Queen Hotel on City Road.
Doors open at 7pm and the meal at 7.30pm.
The course lasts for 10 weeks and is run by Hoole Baptist Church and All Saints Church.
Please ring 312037 or email for more information.

What is a solicitor’s favourite dessert. Sue it pudding

34 To advertise call 350398

Westminster Park Forum Committee Junior Football: Westminster Park FC
Julie Sams Tracy Sheedy 680544
e-mail Lache and Westminster Local History Group Linda Shuttleworth, 679791
National Women’s Register:
Westminster Park
Christine Westcott, 675431
Community Centre
19 Five Ashes Road, Westminster Park Scottish Dancing
671243 Anne Croall, 676167
Tennis-Glan Aber Tennis Club
Clubs & organisations Sue Britton, 677936
based in Westminster Park
Westminster Park Community Association
Belgrave Badminton Club Gill Williams, 671243
Keith, 671077
Belgrave Pre-School
Group Scout Leader: Sue Jones, 675538
Carol Welch, 671243
Beavers (Wednesday): Christina Dean, 680163
Bowls Cubs (Monday): Francis Hardy, 674571
Bob Cooper, 675204 Cubs (Thursday): Christine Owens, 676691
Bridge Club Scouts (Friday): David Aird, 675063
John Arrowsmith, 682588 Explorer Scouts (Tuesday): Simon Ashton,
0151 512 6458
Network: Kath Kitchen, 379031
Janet Davies, 350370
Friends of Westminster ParK
Paul Makin, 678612 Rainbows (Monday): Pat McGettigan, 677134
Brownies (Tuesday): Jan Hooper, 674701
Healthy Walking Group
Guides: District Commissioner:Sue Fryer, 679945
Mike Lloyd, 680328

Useful Numbers
Age Concern (Cheshire). . . . . . . . 01606 881 668 Northgate Arena. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 01244 380 444
Bus & Coach (Cheshire Bus Info). 01244 602 666 Refuse Collection. . . . . . . . . . . . . 01244 402 477
Chester City Football Club. . . . . 01244 371 376 Samaritans (Chester). . . . . . . . . . 01244 377 999
Chester Fire Station. . . . . . . . . . . 01244 342 145 Cineworld . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0871 2002000
Chester Zoo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 01244 380 280 Vision Support. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 01244 381515
Cheshire West and Chester Council 0300 123 8 123
Cheshire Police . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 01244 350 000
Queen’s Park High. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 981500
Countess of Chester Hospital . . 01244 365 000
Eccleston Primary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 981151
Grosvenor Estates. . . . . . . . . . . . . 01244 684400
Belgrave Primary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 981000
Handbridge Medical Centre. . . . . 01244 680169
Overleigh St Mary’s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 981700
John Lennon Airport (Liverpool). 0870 129 8484
St Clare’s Catholic Primary. . . . . . . . . . . 981110
Lache Health Centre . . . . . . . . . . 01244 671991
Catholic High School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 981600
Manchester Airport. . . . . . . . . . . . 0871 2710711
National Rail Enquiries (Info only).0845 748 4950 Churches
NHS Direct. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0845 46 47 Handbridge (St Mary’s). . . . . . . . . . . . . . 671202
NHS Stop Smoking Service. . . . 0800 169 0 169

Why did the hand cross the road? To get to the second hand shop
Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 35

Community Safety Wardens • Rosemary Conley - 5.30-7pm • Lunches. 12-1
Drop in surgery at Lache • English class - 6.30-8.30pm • Family history + it. 12.30-2.30
Community Centre every • Cyber Centre ECDL CLAIT • Baby Matters. 1-2.30
Monday from 2-4pm lessons. 7-9pm • Credit union. 7-8pm
• Ninjitsu - 7-9pm Friday:
Weekly Community Centre Tuesday: • Exercise 9.15-10.15
Timetable • Fruit and Veg Bags 9am-1pm • Crafts 10.30-12.30
• Tues lunch 12-1pm • Antenatal. 1-3pm
Cyber centre IT
LACHE PARK • Dancing. 5.30-7.30pm Saturday:
Monday : 9.30 -11.30am • Stop Smoking. 5.30-7.30 • Junior Club 10-12noon
Tuesday : 7-9pm • Cyber 7-9pm
Wednesday : 12.45 - 2.45pm
Thursday : 10-12noon, 7-9pm Wednesday: Lache Park Library Times
Friday : 9.30 -11.30am, 12.30- • Maths 9.30-11.30 Monday 2-7pm
2.30, 7-9pm • Cooking 9.30-11.30 Tuesday 9.30am-1pm / 2-5pm
• Cheerleaders - 4.30 - 7.30pm Wednesday closed
Monday: Thursday 9.30am-1pm / 2 -7pm
• Ninjitsu 7-9pm
• 60+ Monday Club - 10am-2pm Friday 9.30am-1pm / 2 -5pm
• Gentle Mobility (50+) 1-1.30pm Thursday: Saturday 9.30am-1pm
• Learning Champions - 1 - 3pm • Fruit and Veg Bags 9am-1pm
• Credit Union - 2.30-3.30pm • English 9.30 –11.30

CHESTER HANDbRIDGE Local Councillors

Cheshire West and Chester Council
Chester Croquet Club St Mary’s Community Nursery Arthur Harada (Con):
Chester Croquet Club meets Old Wrexham Road, 57 Lache Park Avenue
in Westminster Park off Hough Handbridge.Tel 981222 Tel 678679
Green in Chester and is always Rhythm Time Richard Short (Con)
pleased to welcome new Monday morning at St Mary’s 9 Ludwell Close
members of all standards. No Church Hall. Music classes Westminster Park
previous knowledge of the game for babies toddlers and pre Tel 678559
is needed and all equipment will schoolers. Ring Julia on Razia Daniels (Con)
be provided. Players must wear 07789867589 11 The Shipgate, Chester
flat-soled shoes. Tel 312392
Call the club Secretary and
coach, Janet Davies on 01244 Parent & Toddler Groups
350370. Youth & Community Centre
Monday morning (9-11.30am) Hough Green Residents’ Association.
SALTNEY St Mary’s Church Hall Contact Norman Trott, secretary, on
Thursdays 10-11.30am 683540
Come Dancing at Saltney Social Handbridge URC
Club, Ballroom dancing every Tues 10am - 11.30am DODLESTON
Thursday 8.15pm to 11.15pm. Chester Youth Club
Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Quickstep, Overleigh Road Look at the website
Latin and Sequence. Live music Junior 5 -6.30pm Tue/Thurs
by professional musicians Senior 7 - 8.30 Tue/Thurs CURZON PARK
“Sounds Familiar”. Large dance 679559. Learning to play rock
floor. Tel. 01244 671000 instruments 7 -16 year olds Curzon Park Residents’ Association
01745 815200

Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven eight nine

36 To advertise call 350398

Restaurant & Bar

elegant dining
in a stunning,
rustic setting

The perfect venue with space to think & peace to focus

The award-winning Barn restaurant offers its customers variety with an a la
carte menu which changes on average every 3-4 weeks in keeping with the
season and local produce available.
Customers can also enjoy The Barn’s beautiful surroundings over lunch with a
selection of lighter bites, sandwiches and a fine selection of casks and continen-
tal beers and wines.
Sunday lunch menu available from 12noon-6pm, two courses for £15.95
The Barn is situated on Chester Road, Bridge Trafford, just five miles outside
Chester city centre

for more information or to see a sample menu
To make a reservation call 01244 303100

What’s red and eats rocks? A red rock eater

Contact Ma
01244 6
07989 5
Specialises in:
Specialises in:
l Fitted Kitchens l Wood / Laminate Floors
Fitted Kitchens
l Banisters
Banisters l Replacement Doors
l Extensions
Extensions Conservatories
l And all yourdoors
Replacement joinery and building needs
Wood/Will beat any
Laminate lifke for like quote

Contact Mark on
And all your joinery
and building needs
01244 675437 / 07989 594306

Plastering Services
01244 538510
Make music, be happy!
07949 255359
Musical skills and confidence 07931 980641
for children from 3 years
Deirdre 01829 730247 E-mail Over 28 years experience

Existing doors automated,
any type, including side hinged
All at best prices and service l NO VAT

Storage from £5 per week Existing gates automated
Gates supplied to any design
All at best price and service

Tel 01829 740006

07793 196354
Automated Futures Ltd,
Tarvin, Chester

How do you get a hundred Pikachu on a bus? Poke ‘em on

38 To advertise call 350398

PaIntEr & DEcorator Over 25 years experience in
q Interior q Exterior Colin the l Extensions
q Wallpapering Carpenter
& Handyman. l Garage/ Loft conversions.
q Hand Painted Kitchens
l Conservatories,
q Professional Workmanship Friendly, reliable, tidy. l Doors & Windows in upvc
Tel 07980 125719
or Nantwich 01270 629911
01244 674564 l Kitchens/Bathrooms fitted l Driveways, Patios
All work guaranteed.
Tom Morgan Tom Morgan References available
Van & Man Services
l Light Removals l Courier Services ADVERTISE
Van & Man
Services Contact us on
l Delivery & Collections l Student Moves
l Single Item or Full Loads
l Light Removals 07940 730444
l All Types of Clearance l Courier Services
l Any distance in UK l Delivery & Collections 01978 720388
0784 113 5130 (anytime) £15 A MONTH!
l Student Moves
l Single Item or Full Loads

01244 678082 (6-9pm only) l All Types of Clearance

l Any distance in UK
0784 113 5130 (anytime)
01244 678082 (6-9pm only)
Pure Clean Services (NW) Pure Clean Services (NW)
Window & HEATING
Cleaner Window Cleaner
Over 15professional
Local years experience andin the industry
Local professional and
reliable& maintenance
service of: reliable service
l Bathrooms / kitchens
Reach ‘n’ Wash system
l Boilers / heating systems Reach ‘n’ Wash system
l cleans
Solar hothard
water to reach cleans hard to reach
Landlord’sfascias, signs, uPVC
safety certificates windows, fascias, signs, uPVC
Forinsured: member
free advice of the
and quotes call Terry on Fully insured: member of the
Federation of Window
01244 Cleaners
659236 Federation of Window Cleaners
Phone Phil on 07723498333
07732 569674 Phone Phil on 07723498333
or 01829 260562
Email or 01244 546363

‘I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left’

Overleigh Roundabout September 2009 39

Build Pave & Scape

PK Plumbing & bathrooms

l All domestic plumbing work Email: Web:

Mike Pitt
l Bathroom fitting We specialise in the installation of all aspects
l Radiator valves, sinks and taps of building and hard landscaping and have over
20 years experience

Plumbing andservice
l Fast & friendly Heating Engineer We especially pride ourselves in the construction

l No job too small of natural stone patios / driveways / courtyards,

brickwork and stonework.

Bathrooms, Showers, Tiling, Heating, We have completed installations throughout the

Tel Paul on 01829 262474 / 07894 877207 UK and Republic of Ireland, covering North
Drainage, Guttering, Burst Pipes & more
Wales, the North West, Cheshire, Shropshire, the
Midlands, South of England, Northumbria and
the North of England.

Free Estimates & No Call Out Fee Specialists in:

24 Hour Call Out • Traditional Sett Paving

• Natural Stone Paving
Installation and Maintenance • York Stone Paving
• Granite Setts
All Work Guaranteed • Sandstone Setts
EXTENSIONS • Clay Paving

For a Friendly andLOFT Professional

• Block Paving
• Brickwork

Call: 01244 344180

• Extensions
• Landscaping

or Mobile: 07837 472340

ARCHITRAVE SKIRTINGS • Ground works & Drainage

Take a look at our new website

ROOFING/JOINERY for examples of our work

TEL: 07832 295092 / 01244 380320 Call 07971 583 615 or 01978 311025

Mike Pitt
Plumbing and Heating Engineer
Bathrooms, Showers, Tiling, Heating,
Drainage, Guttering, Burst Pipes & more
Free Estimates & No Call Out Fee
24 Hour Call Out Installation and Maintenance
Call: 01244 344180 / 07837 472340

I was so ugly as a baby that my mum fed me with a catapult.

Pos ter s £10
�te d • M ounte d • Framed

Banners £15�


• Mesh
PVC • Roll Up • Pop Up

Canvases £25
Create works of art from your favourite pics

full colour
• Brochures from
• Invitations
• Promotional

T 01270 251422
No. 1 The Quantum | Marshfield Bank | Crewe | Cheshire | CW2 8UY