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Instant Manifestation
Posted: October 30, 2008 in instant manifestation, manifestation, secret of secrets

Do you need a MIRACLE???

Thats right you can completely change your life THIS instant.

Im not kidding and Im not selling anything.

Need an example to boost your faith? How about the ingredients for a whole physical universe manifested in between 1033 and 1032 seconds

fast enough for you?

That has to be considered instant thats the amount of time it took for all the ingredients for our universe to pop into the third dimension.


Well, you may say, that was an act of God or something and not me!

Not true, the essence of energetic consciousness that expanded into three-dimensions is the same essence as you but you have intelligence and self-guided willpower.

What keeps me from realizing this and that things are always fluctuating in and out of three-dimensional form?

Not being able to see the repetition of conscious energy in patterns appearing as formsand the human tendency to organize patterns into routine blinds us to the fact that EVERY-thing is continuously popping in and out of existence in fact stillness is another illusion at every level.

You want to be happy right NOW? You want to feel joyful and peaceful right NOW?

Do you only want people who are happy and supportive in your life?

Here is the greatest secret about existence any intelligent being can know:

Existence is ENERGY and the language of


Every part of existence signals the whole by the variation of its portion of energy and the whole unified field/self of existence continuously reorganizes itself by its overall impulse (expansion-contraction) plus the input of its parts.

See The Eternal Cycle for more. This means that the moment you change your overall vibration or energetic resonance the rest of existence INSTANTLY responds.

This means if I want to be happy and experience JOY I make a decision to feel that energy from within myself right NOW and focus on the images that trigger that feeling.then reality will read and follow my cue attracting people

with the same vibration, and objects and events that align with my subconscious focus.

So I have to make a decision at this point to feel the energy of joy regardless of the current circumstances and STAY in this energy. Why?

Because I like this energy and enjoying this energy is the end result of any circumstances in the past that triggered me to create the feeling.

I can create this energy this instant and the elements of existence will INSTANTLY begin to align with my new resonance.


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Existence is an energetic unified field which is constantly reorganizing itself according to its primal nature (expansion right now) plus the input of all its parts and their individual magnetic resonance. THE ETERNAL CYCLE

Some of the parts (thats you and me) have evolved objective consciousness and intelligence. This means we are able to adjust our individual resonance by thought and will fueled by our emotional energy.

Manifestation at our level of intelligence is still about attraction and not creating a three dimensional pattern or form from consciousness or subtle energy instantly, STILL there is a secret that can help you attract the elements of your choice within 1 to 15 minutes. I know Ive done it more than once.

You must replace your root belief and idea that effects the effectiveness and speed of your ability to attract the objects, people, and events you desire into your space.

What is this final secret for INSTANT MANIFESTATION? And what is your root belief and the foundation for all other thoughts and beliefs effecting your energetic resonance?

YOUR IDENTITY who and what you think you are effects everything else energetically.


If you believe you are a primate or mammal with a certain name or Homo Sapien symbol it will short circuit any attempt you make to attract other patterns and keep you stuck in the three-dimensional Newtonian interpreted world of space-time and so-called solid objects.

How many times a day do you think or say I energizing and reinforcing the image of you as a primate? A human in a world of people and solid objects?

Think about it when you think or say I what is the image/pattern that you create?

This pattern is the foundation for the rest of all your thoughts and actions and defines your true power and what you can do with it.

All things are possible when you think and act from the deepest truth of who you are YOU ARE CONSCIOUS ENERGY you are existence. You as energy are able to adjust your true energetic form to attract any other pattern whether it appears as an object, person, or event.

No you dont have to give up the human form or the character you are playing in your current expression but if you want to manifest instantly and fast getting clear on your true identity and power clears your resonance for quick results.

INSTANT ENLIGHTENMENT No Need For Meditation Just GET OUT Of Your Body
Posted: January 22, 2011 in Abraham-Hicks, Buddha, Buddhism, enlightenment, evolution, how to evolve, instant enlightement, meditation

Meditation is relaxing and healing balm for our bodies when you need to take a step back from the primate hustle but there is a quicker and more direct way to know your true self and I can give you this experience right now.

I want you to notice HOW IT FEELS when you pay close attention to your keyboard and look it over from end to end.

Notice the energy of your awareness moving as you do this.

Now close your eyes and move this energy around in your head this energy or awareness that seems to reside there that you can control at will.

This conscious energy or awareness is the REAL you.

In fact it is the ESSENCE OF EXISTENCE every thing and every non-thing is composed of this non-substance, or to be more precise, things are just vibrational patterns of this energy .. the ole E=MC thing thanks Albert!

You are now officially enlightened to the truth about subjective consciousness and beingness, your true nature, and the nature of existence ( your diploma is in the mail ).

See The Eternal Cycle for full story. More on Enlightenment and Subjective Consciousness. The Buddhas or awakened ones before us were not fully informed about existence. They saw the transitory nature of three- dimensions and called it an illusion', they realized our essence was awareness, BUT they missed the fact that desire, the instinct to be active, is also part of our essence or beingness and is impossible to erase.

Our journey is not about being holy but being WHOLE not about ascending to heaven but empowering ourselves for JOY and SELF-LOVE right now.

Our journey is not about mans future and his conquest of nature its about knowing our PRESENCE as consciousness.

As a species we are now mature enough to take an unbiased view of existence without the training wheels .. mythology and religion and WE ARE EVOLVING or shifting to an awareness of who and what we always are conscious energy beingness.

The first step is knowing yourself as formless conscious energy and then learning to leave your body perspective and explore other parts of yourself/ourself.

Here are some exercises to help you begin and you can also talk to others already doing it by clicking the Facebook icon below. DO IT! Theres no reason to wait unless youre not ready which is also okay.


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. As consciousness its our birthright, and our intuition as a species is driving us toward the goal allbeit mostly unconsciously. What is the goal? Experiencing our true nature . OMNIPRESENCE.

Thats correct sports fans, existence is a unified unbounded singular presence where all the patterns we know as objects, people, and events take place.

AND YOU are this conscious energy or awareness and as soon as we

get brave enough we will come out of hiding in our separated perspectives and PLAY THE FIELD.

Some of us are doing this RIGHT NOW!


Paying Attention To Your Omnipresence Or Youre Already There You Just Didnt Know It
Posted: January 19, 2011 in Abraham-Hicks, bASHAR, Buddhism, enlightenment, evolution, how to evolve, Lou Majors

In the unified sea of conscious energy or consciousness known as existence, your three-dimensional act of paying attention is actually EXPANDING YOUR PERSPECTIVE to another pattern already within yourself whether it be an object, person, or event.

First of all, the REAL you, this unbounded sea of consciousness, is already omnipresent. Your true presence like a giant mind creating and containing all the images within it, and these images are made by you from the non-substance of your essence which is best described as conscious energy. Yes science, existence is ONE UNBOUNDED UNIFIED FIELD of conscious energy theres only ONE of us here and our ignorance and instinct to explore

patterns within ourself ultimately resulted in intelligence and understanding now giving us our newfound freedom to play.

Learning to feel this action (from a subjective level of awareness), and feel or sense this expansion of your perspective (not really movement) is an initial step to evolving from our primate kindergarten. In our experience as humans, we have already been expanding in and out of the pattern or form weve known as our body, but we saw consciousness as space, time, matter, and separate things; and have only been operating on this primitive three-dimensional level.

Its as if we are trapped in our own dream with no awareness or intellectual idea of WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON and HOW TO ESCAPE FROM IT.

Prisoners of our own ignorance.

Like Platos cave, we peer at the shadows or forms on the cave walls giving credence to their substance as separate things when all the while its all just the play of our consciousness in patterns within itself.

THE ETERNAL CYCLE So during the primate day when you pay attention attach a different idea or knowing to this action.

You are within yourself expanding your awareness and living and operating as consciousness your REAL self

The complete story and beginning exercises to experience your omnipresence here.

Living As Your True Self

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Alana Ra, enlightenment, evolution, How Can I Wake Up

What are the practical changes I can make in my life moment to moment to anchor myself in my true identity?

First let me say that we already are and always are the very thing were seeking to be OUR GENUINE SELF. Every being or soul is already SOVEREIGN already existing in ETERNITY (the now) already attracting the elements of their experience by their energetic RESONANCE so our evolution is really just TAKING OUT THE GARBAGE or programming that causes us to allow and create pain, suffering, and limitations from our ignorance of who and what we already are. If this is new to you see here for more on identity. Here are the major changes youll need to make:

1 FREE YOURSELF FROM YOUR HUMAN IDENTITY AND PARADIGM Who and what we consider our self to be is the root belief effecting every other thought and action. My genuine self is a formless conscious energetic being who is a creator. That is my new root core belief and in perfect alignment with the truth.

. 2 FREE YOURSELF FROM TIME Focus and live only in the always present energy of NOW the unified field. Learn to stay in the NOW which is actually our collective energetic presence and source of power, and away from a time based outlook which traps you by creating a past and future mindset to distract from your ability to focus which is your REAL power.

. 3 FREE YOURSELF FROM AUTHORITY Embrace and use your power as consciousness. Learn to adjust your personal resonance or vibe to create what you want in your space.

Its your uni-verse your creation loose the chains of primate minded hierarches from your mind and energy.

. 4 FREE YOURSELF FROM SPACE Learn to relocate and explore our omnipresence.Learn to come and go from your body and experience our omnipresence by relocating freely anywhere.

. The initial exercises to FREE yourself from space. Exercises To Expand and Evolve

SIX Exercises To Expand and Evolve NOW!

Posted: August 29, 2011 in enlightenment, evolution, evolve, exercises to evolve, human evolution


YES its true if you have the juice the desire to move on to a more complex living experience as an conscious energetic creative mul tidimentional being there are NOW six exercises you can do whenever and wherever you choose to get you there.

Thats right no magic wands no zap you rays from the center of the galaxy to turn you into an amazing being (which is our true identity already), just a series of exercises to help you discover and uncover your true powerful, loving, creative self.

OUr goal is to get a first hand direct experience of your expanded omnipresent energetic self.


Repeat as often as possible


SIT DOWN and relax.

FIRST get a sense of your true self conscious energy usually located right behind your eyes.

THEN using the hand you naturally favor, bring all the fingers together to a point and lightly tap the top of your head until most of your attention is directed to that spot.

NOW while also sensing the normal position of your awareness behind your eyes direct your awareness to the new point where your hand is tapping.

NEXT slowly lift your hand like youre pulling your consciousness out of your head to a point about 12 inches above your head. If its easier with your eyes closed do it. This is about getting the feeling of shifting your perspective I call RELOCATING.

WHEN your energy and awareness are fully focused there remove your hand and try to keep your entire energy and attention there as long as possible even to the point of losing awareness of your body.

When you get good at this you can do it while your physical body is moving. The goal is to get used to leaving and re-entering your body at will.


SIT and pay attention to your breathing as you calmly breathe in and out.

NOW as you breathe out, while sensing your consciousness inside your head, feel it expand to the edges of the scene you are perceiving.

THEN on the inhale feel your consciousness completely retracting with your breathe back into your body.

This exercise is exhilarating and is a blast to play around with.


Instead of going from our body perspective seemingly traveling out and about, we will go to our omnipresent state and go within.

SIT in a comfortable quiet place.

BREATHE in a relaxed manner and continue to relax feeling each part of your body relaxing.

FOCUS on your feeling of awareness usually located in your head region behind your eyes.

CONTINUE to focus on this feeling of awareness until you get completely lost in it and almost completely lose consciousness of your body.

BINGO you are out and from this feeling you can relocate by thinking of any place or anyone or following another feeling.

This works because everything is already this one awareness and when you feel it completely your perspective expands. You literally expand your soul to be the all and then backdoor back in to a specific.


Repeat as often as possible and FEEL your true self.


We learn language by naming and labeling everything we see everything is separate everything is NOT me. This is what were taught.

This exercise is all about bypassing that programming and making a real connection with the truth EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUSNESS EVERYTHING IS YOU.

So live your daily life as always but each person and thing you notice think ( or say out loud if you can )

This is ME

Feel the real energetic connection as you think or say it.


Another exercise to get used to the sense of yourself or presence as the unbounded presence which contains all the patterns you consider your experience.

Go outside for a walk as you look around focus on this statement:

I am looking inside my self walking through my mind as a character in my dream.


We are used to feeling ourself as these individual bodies walking through a space-time continuum of people and things.

This exercise will help break that down and enable you to expand and sense your genuine expanse of presence.

Another walking-feeling affirmation as you walk say to yourself:

I am the container of all existence .. this is all in my mind.

Say it until you get a sense of yourself as the unbounded container of all the patterns/images/forms we know as reality.

These are guaranteed effective tools to help you make the identity shift from you as the primate hominid Joe or Jan Blow to the powerful energetic creative being you are.

Were not adding anything to you were only removing the temporary walls that have hiding your true essence.