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A Service To All Saints Of Britain

INTRODUCTION The writing of services for Western Orthodox Saints was first encouraged, in modern times, by the recently glorified St. John Maximovich, while he was archbishop of Western urope for the !ussian "hurch #broad $see %lessed John the Wonderwor&er 'latina( St. )erman of #las&a %rotherhood, *+,-, pp. ++.*/01. This service was composed in response to a re2uest by St. John3s successor, #rchbishop #nthony of 4eneva, when he was in 5ondon in October, *+-6. 7t is modelled on the Service to #ll Saints of !ussia. The land of %ritain produced Saints to the glory of 4od for an approximately *///.year period, from the apostolic age to the 8orman "on2uest in */66.-/, when the traditions of %ritish Orthodoxy were overthrown, the relics of many of the saints were destroyed, and !oman "atholicism was imposed on the %ritish peoples at the edge of the sword. #ccording to a prophecy of the nineteenth.century 4ree& Saint #rsenios of 'aros, the "hurch in the %ritish 7sles will not prosper again until her native saints are again venerated. This service is therefore offered as a humble mite towards the rebuilding of the "hurch of "hrist in the %ritish land. 7t was blessed for use in the !ussian Orthodox #utonomous "hurch by the )oly Synod on September 9, 0///. #t the same time the :east of #ll Saints of %ritain was set for the Third Sunday after 'entecost, as was announced in Suzdalskiye Eparkhialniye Vedomosti, 8 */, #pril.8ovember, 0///, p. 0( ;On September 9, 0///, in the city of Su<dal, in the Synodal )ouse, there too& place a session of the )ierarchical Synod of the !ussian Orthodox "hurch. The following were present( the 'resident of the )ierarchical Synod, his minence =alentine, #rchbishop of Su<dal and =ladimir> "hancellor of the )ierarchical Synod of the !ussian Orthodox "hurch, his 4race Theodore, %ishop of %orisovs&oye and Sanino> Members of the )ierarchical Synod of the !ussian Orthodox "hurch( his 4race Seraphim, %ishop of Su&humi and #b&ha<ia> %ishop #nthony, =icar of the Su<dal ?iocese. ;The following 2uestions were examined( the glorification of the holy women of ?iveyevo and the veneration of lder Theodosius of the "aucasus, and also the petition of the parish in 4uildford $4reat %ritain1 concerning the day of the memory of the nglish saints. ;The participants noted that in our age of growing apostasy, when amidst many believers who are under the influence of the Moscow 'atriarchate, arguments continue in connection with the glorification of the )oly 8ew Martyrs of !ussia, the holy ascetics, both men and women, of the *+th century and beginning of the 0/th century have been undeservedly forgotten by many !ussian people. #mong these are the holy women of ?iveyevo, the beginning of whose veneration as saints was laid already by St. Seraphim of Sarov. 7t was decided to prepare materials for the glorification in the ran&s of the saints of the women of ?iveyevo( the first abbess 8un #lexandra, Schema.8un Martha, 8un @inokinaA )elen, 8uns @monakhiniA

"apitolina, upraxia, #bbess Maria, %lessed 'elagia, %lessed 'aras&eva, %lessed 8atalia, and also to compose a service and a&athist to the holy women of ?iveyevo. ;7t was also decided to establish a day for the commemoration of all the saints who have shone forth in the %ritish 7sles on the Third Sunday after 'entecost. The saints of the %ritish 7sles were glorified in the period before the "atholics separated from the "hurch. They were glorified both by many miracles and by the incorruption of holy relicsB 7n the course of time heresy, having become enthroned in the %ritish 7sles, rooted the Orthodox teaching out of the consciousness of believers and strove to destroy the memory of the holy 4od.pleasers of ancient times.C

March 20 / April 2, 2002. St. Cuth ert, ishop o! "indis!arne, #atron o! the En$lish %rthodo& Church.

VESPERS #t "ord, ' ha(e criedB four verses of the Sunday, then of the Saints( Tone 1( Come, let us praise the Saints o! )ritain* holy Monks and +uns, ,ierarchs and #rinces, Martyrs, ,ieromartyrs and -onder.orkers, oth named and unnamed. /or y their deeds and .ords and (arious $i!ts, they ecame truly holy, and 0od has $lori!ied e(en their tom s .ith miracles. And no. as they stand in the presence o! Christ -ho $lori!ied them, they pray earnestly !or us .ho .ith lo(e cele rate their radiant !east. Tone 2( -ith eauti!ul chantin$ let us praise the di(inely .ise holy ,ierarchs o! )ritain, ri$ht adornment o! the Church o! Christ, cro.ns o! the priesthood, models o! piety, un!ailin$ sources o! di(ine healin$, channels o! spiritual $i!ts, ri(ers a undant in miracles $laddenin$ the land o! )ritain .ith their !lo., !er(ent helpers o! pious Christians, !or .hose sake Christ su dued the uprisin$s o! enemies and esto.eth on us $reat mercy. Tone 8( Earth e&ulteth and hea(en re1oiceth, % holy monastic /athers, as .e praise your la ours and spiritual stru$$les, your moral coura$e and purity o! mind, !or ye .ere not de!eated y the la. o! carnal nature. % holy company and di(ine army, ye are truly the stren$th o! our land. Same tone( )lessed, di(inely2.ise #rinces o! )ritain, shinin$ .ith %rthodo& .isdom and radiant .ith the ri$htness o! the (irtues, ye illumine the $atherin$s o! the !aith!ul and dispel the darkness o! the demons. 3here!ore .e honour you as partakers o! un!ailin$ $race and untirin$ $uardians o! your inheritance. Most lessed Martyrs o! Christ, ye $a(e yoursel(es up as (oluntary sacri!ices, and ha(e sancti!ied the land o! )ritain .ith your lood, and illumined the air y your death. And no. ye li(e in the hea(ens in the un.anin$ "i$ht, e(er prayin$ !or us, % seers o! 0od. 4e enli$htened the hearts o! the !aith!ul .ith your (irtues, % ri$hteous Martyr2 5in$s o! )ritain. /or .ho .ill not e amazed on hearin$ o! your in!inite patience and humility, your meekness and $entleness to all, your merci!ulness to those in sorro. and su!!erin$, your speedy help to those in trou le, the calm ha(en you .ere to those at sea, and 0odspeed to tra(ellers. 4e eauti!ully anticipated e(ery need, % .onder!ul Saints. And no. ye ha(e een cro.ned .ith un!adin$ cro.ns y the hand o! the Almi$hty 0od. #ray that our souls may e sa(ed. 0lory6 Tone 5(

7e1oice, .onder.orkin$ holy ,ierarchs o! )ritain. /or ye are the !irst o! all our intercessors .ith the "ord, leaders o! %rthodo&y and $uides to the true /aith. 7e1oice, e(ery place and land and city that has reared citizens !or the hea(enly 5in$dom. 3hese Saints ha(e appeared as li$hts !or our souls, they ha(e shone spiritually .ith the $lo. o! miracles and .orks and portents to the ends o! the earth, and no. they pray to Christ !or the sal(ation o! our souls. )oth no.6 Dogmatikon of the tone. % 8oy!ul "i$ht. Prokeimenon( 3he "ord is 5in$6 !eadings( $*1 Isaiah D9.+.*D> $01 Wisdom 9.*.+> $91 Wisdom E.*E.*6.9. Litia. Tone 8: 7e1oice .ith us, % all ye choirs o! Saints and An$els, and let us e spiritually united. Come and let us chant a son$ o! thanks$i(in$ to Christ our 0od. /or ehold, a countless host o! our kinsmen .ho .ere .ell2pleasin$ to 0od standeth e!ore the 5in$ o! $lory, and intercedeth in prayer !or us. 3hese are the eauty and pillars o! the %rthodo& /aith. 3hese $lori!ied the Church o! 0od y their stru$$les and the sheddin$ o! their lood, y their teachin$ and y their .orks. 3hese stren$thened !aith in Christ y si$ns and miracles. 3hese shone !rom all parts o! our land, and stren$thened the %rthodo& /aith there. And they emulated the Apostles and penetrated to other lands. Some adorned deserts and cities .ith holy monasteries, and li(ed the an$elic li!e. Many su!!ered insults and in1uries !rom the sons o! the .orld and e&perienced a cruel death. And many undertook other la ours o! e(ery kind. And all pray to the "ord to deli(er our country !rom ad(ersity, ha(in$ $i(en us an e&ample o! patience and the su!!erin$ o! hardship. 0lory6 )oth no.6 Same tone( All the noetic orders re1oice .ith us, and, united as a spiritual choir, they see the "ady and 9ueen o! all, .ho is $lori!ied y the !aith!ul under many names. 3he souls o! the ri$hteous also re1oice, seein$ (isions o! her prayin$ in the air, stretchin$ out her all2pure hands and askin$ !or peace !or the .orld, !or the con(ersion o! the land o! )ritain, and !or the sal(ation o! our souls. Apostikha as for Sunda . 0lory6 Tone !( As .e cele rate today the annual commemoration o! our holy kinsmen, let us .orthily less them. /or they truly passed throu$h all the "ords )eatitudes* -hen stripped and poor, they ecame rich in spirit: ein$ meek, they inherited the land o!

the meek: they .ept, and .ere com!orted: they hun$ered !or 1ustice and ri$hteousness, and .ere satis!ied: they sho.ed mercy, and o tained mercy: ein$ pure in heart, they sa. 0od as !ar as it is possi le: ha(in$ een peacemakers, they .ere $ranted ;i(ine adoption: ha(in$ een tortured and persecuted !or the sake o! ri$hteousness, they no. e&ult and re1oice in hea(en: and they pray !er(ently to the "ord to ha(e mercy on our land. )oth no.6 Tone 5( "et us no. lo. the trumpet o! son$, let us chant in harmony to the de!ender o! our land, our 9ueen, the Mother o! 0od* 7e1oice, thou .ho hast cro.ned our country !rom ancient times .ith thy !a(our and sho.ered thy $race upon it< 3here!ore our )ritish Church ri$htly cele rateth thy most precious #rotection and the memory o! thy miracles. 3ake not thy mercy !rom us also no., % "ady. "ook do.n on our sorro.s and a!!lictions and raise us up y thy mi$hty intercession. "un# Dimittis. ,oly 0od6 %ur /ather6 Troparion to the Saints of $ritain% tone 8( As a eauti!ul !ruit o! the$ o! 3hy sal(ation, the land o! )ritain o!!ereth to 3hee, % "ord, all the Saints that ha(e shone in it. )y their prayers keep the Church and our land in deep peace, throu$h the Mother o! 0od, % Most Merci!ul %ne.

MATINS #t the "ord is 0od, Sunda Troparion twice. 0lory6 Troparion to the Saints of $ritain. )oth no.B Theotokion( % 3hou -ho !or our sakes .ast orn o! a Vir$in, and su!!ered cruci!i&ion, % 0ood %ne, and despoiled death y death, and as 0od didst re(eal the 7esurrection* ;espise not those .hom 3hou hast created .ith 3hine o.n hand: sho. us 3hy lo(e !or mankind, % Merci!ul %ne: accept the 3heotokos .ho ore 3hee and .ho intercedeth !or us: and sa(e 3hy despairin$ people, % our Sa(iour. #fter the Po& e&aion% the 'agnifi#ation( -e ma$ni!y, .e ma$ni!y you, % all ye Saints o! the land o! )ritain, and .e honour your holy memory, !or ye pray !or us to Christ our 0od. Select 'salm( ,ear this, all ye nations: $i(e ear, all ye that d.ell upon the earth.

Then the ()&ogitaria and the * pakoe of the tone. The +athisma of the Saints, tone 8( 'llumined y the li$htnin$2!lashes o! the Saints, as i! enterin$ a eauti!ul #aradise, .e en1oy torrents o! deli$ht. And seein$ their .onder!ul coura$e, .e emulate their (irtues, cryin$ to the Sa(iour* )y their prayers, % 0od, make us sharers in 3hy 5in$dom. Tone 1( "ike a ri$ht sun, like a rilliant mornin$ star, the precious memory o! the Saints .ho shone in the land o! )ritain has da.ned, enli$htenin$ all o! us, and .armin$ our hearts to imitate their li!e and emulate their zeal. 0lory6 Tone 8( 'n memory o! 3hy Saints, % "ord, all )ritish elie(ers keep !esti(al, the hea(ens are $lad, and the ends o! our land re1oice. )y their prayers $rant to our souls $reat mercy. )oth no.6 Same tone( % All2Merci!ul "ord, -ho lookest do.n !rom the hei$hts and recei(est the poor, (isit us .ho are ede(illed y sin, and y the prayers o! the Mother o! 0od and all the )ritish Saints, $rant to our souls 3hy $reat mercy. Ana,athmoi of the tone. Prokeimenon of the tone. "et e(ery reath6 Sunda -ospe&. Psa&m 5.. 0lory6 3hrou$h the prayers o! the Apostles6 )oth no.6 3hrou$h the prayers o! the 3heotokos6 8esus, ha(in$ risen6 /anon to the 0esurre#tion in the Sunda tone. /anon to the 'other of -od. /anon to the Saints of $ritain, tone 8( Ode 1. Irmos( "et us, % people, send up a son$ to our mar(ellous 0od, .ho deli(ered 'srael !rom sla(ery, and let us chant a son$ o! (ictory and cry* -e chant unto 3hee, our only "ord. 0efrain( % all ye Saints o! )ritain, pray to 0od !or us<

7e1oice, % holy Apostles, .ho planted the sta!! o! !aith in our land< 7e1oice, !or the lood o! your martyrdom has ecome the seed o! Christian $enerations< +e(er cease to look .ith !a(our on us, your children. !. +ot !earin$ the tyrants threats, thou .ast scour$ed and eheaded !or Christs sake, % holy #rotomartyr Al an. 3o$ether .ith 8ulius and Aaron and all the Martyrs o! )ritain, pray unceasin$ly !or our souls. !. O lessed ,ieromartyr o! Christ Au$ulus, to$ether .ith your no le company, !or$et not thy !atherland* anish !amine and oppression, and deli(er all .ho hope in thee !rom ci(il .ar and all manner o! sin. !. 3rained y the $reat Martin, thou didst emulate his missionary zeal in the Scottish land, % holy )ishop +inian. And in -hithorn didst thou uild the !irst stone church in )ritain in his name, shinin$ .ith the purity o! the (irtues. !. Carried to 'reland y pirates in thy youth, thou didst return as her lessed Apostle, % #atrick, $lorious !ruit o! the )ritish Church. #ray that .e .ho honour thee may e $ranted $reat mercy. !. 'n Man .ast thou the !irst to so. the -ord, % holy ,ierarch 0ermanus, rin$in$ !orth a rich har(est to Christ. -ith your !ello. ishops Mau$hold and ;achonna, pray that .e .ho honour thee may e $ranted $reat mercy. 0lory6 3hou .ast a chronicler o! the deeds o! the martyrs, and chastiser o! the sins o! thy people, % .ise 0ildas. And as !rom sacred 0laston ury thou didst preach repentance, so no. pray that .e e $ranted remission o! our sins. )oth no.6 -ith the ranks o! An$els and Archan$els, % "ady, .ith the (enera le and $lorious #rophets, .ith the supreme Apostles and Martyrs, and .ith all the Saints, pray to 0od !or us sinners .ho $lori!y thee in the land o! )ritain. Ode 3. Irmos( 3here is none holy as the "ord, and none ri$hteous as our 0od. And all creation chants to ,im* 3here is none ri$hteous ut 3hee, % "ord. 0efrain( % all ye Saints o! )ritain, pray to 0od !or us< A andonin$ thy princely !athers home, thou didst seek a hermits li!e in the ;e(onian land, % +ectan, lessed Martyr o! Christ. And .ith thy holy rothers and sisters thou dost rei$n no. .ith Christ in $lory. !. A rock o! !aith .ast thou, % #etroc, re1oicin$ o! the Cornish Church. -ith Constantine, 5in$, Monk and Martyr, and .ith all the Saints o! Corn.all, do thou intercede !or our souls. !.

3hou didst tra(erse the .estern lands, amazin$ all y thy (irtue, % holy Samson. /illed .ith the ,oly Spirit, thou didst dri(e out e(il spirits !rom the hearts o! men, and dost intercede !or all .ho honour thee. !. 3hou didst assem le a $reat company o! Monks, % ;a(id, $lorious archpastor o! Mene(ia. And raisin$ thy (oice on hi$h thou didst silence the ra$in$s o! #ela$ius !ollo.ers. 3o$ether .ith the holy )ishops ;y!ri$, 3eilo and ;einiol, pray that .e too may e deli(ered !rom all heresy. !. /rom 'reland didst thou come, % do(e o! the cells, most $lorious Colum a, and all Scotland didst enli$hten .ith thy miracles. And to En$lands %s.ald didst thou appear a!ter thy repose, promisin$ $lorious (ictory. -ith thy !riend, the holy ,ierarch 5enti$ern, do thou pray !or our souls. 0lory6 % ri$hteous #rinces, Martyrs, Monks and ,ierarchs o! the Celtic lands< 4e did make the .estern desert a city, and y your .onder!ul li(es ye ha(e tau$ht us to take the cross upon our shoulders and to !ollo. Christ. )oth no.6 )ehold the time has come !or the inter(ention o! the Most ,oly Mother o! 0od, !or scandals and temptations a ound. +o. is the time to o!!er our si$hs to her, % rethren. So let us cry .ith all our heart* % "ady, our 9ueen, help thy people. +ontakion to the Saints of $ritain% tone 1( 3oday the choir o! Saints .ho pleased 0od in our land standeth e!ore us in church and in(isi ly prayeth !or us to 0od. -ith them the An$els $lori!y ,im, and all the Saints o! the Church o! Christ keep !esti(al .ith them. And they all pray to$ether !or us to the eternal 0od. 2ikos( 4e ha(e pro(ed to e !ruit!ul and eauti!ul trees o! the #aradise o! Eden, % Saints, producin$ !ra$rant !lo.ers o! teachin$s and the !ruit o! $ood .orks, y .hich our souls are nourished and our spiritual hun$er is allayed. Come, then, let us ha(e recourse to their protection, and let us less them as the 1oy and adornment o! our land, and as an e&ample and model !or our li(es, !or they ha(e recei(ed incorrupti le cro.ns !rom the eternal 0od. +athisma% tone !( Christ the Sun o! 7i$hteousness sent you as rays to enli$hten the land o! )ritain, % ser(ants o! 0od .ho ha(e sprun$ !rom our stock. So enli$hten my darkened soul y your di(ine prayers, % lessed Saints o! 0od. 0lory6 )oth no.B Same tone(

"et us run, % ye !aith!ul, to the di(ine and healin$ Cross o! 0od our Sa(iour, -ho .as pleased to ascend upon it and y ,is )lood redeem us !rom sla(ery to the enemy. 3hen let us thank!ully cry to ,im* Sa(e our ,ierarchs and spiritual leaders, and protect all 3hy people y thy precious Cross, and sa(e our souls, !or 3hou are the "o(er o! men. Ode 4. Irmos( 3he #rophet .ith di(ine insi$ht sa. 3hee, % -ord, desirin$ to ecome incarnate o! the o(ershado.ed mountain, the only Mother o! 0od, and .ith a.e he praised 3hy 0efrain( % all ye Saints o! )ritain, pray to 0od !or us< 7e1oice, % Au$ustine, $reat 0re$orys most .orthy son< 7e1oice, Apostle o! the En$lish land< 7e1oice, !irst )ishop o! the Church o! Christ at Canter ury, and our intercessor e!ore the 3hrone o! 0od< !. 4our sound hath $one out into all the land, destroyin$ the .orship o! idols and plantin$ the true /aith in the hearts o! the En$lish, % holy ,ierarchs o! Canter ury and 4ork "aurence, Mellitus, 8ustus, ,onorius, ;eusdedit, #aulinus and 8ohn. !. Armed .ith the o! the Cross, thou didst con=uer Christs enemies, % holy 5in$ %s.ald. And remainin$ constant in prayer and alms$i(in$, thou didst merit a Martyrs cro.n. -ith the holy Martyr25in$s and, pray !or our souls. !. /rom 'onas lest isle didst thou come, % hum le Aidan, and .ith the milk o! thy teachin$ didst nourish the hearts o! the En$lish. -ith all the Saints o! "indis!arne, pray that .e e $ranted remission o! our sins. !. 3hou didst spurn a mortal ride$room !or the 'mmortal )ride$room o! our souls, % Eans.ythe, !irst !ruit o! .omens monasticism in the South. And no. .ith your holy rothers Ethel ert and Ethel richt, thou dost re1oice !or e(er in the hea(ens. !. %! hells dark a odes .ast thou $ranted (isions, and .ith !ear didst thou con!irm the !aith o! the people, % our holy /ather /ursey. And .ith the holy /athers Se i and )otulph and the ri$hteous )ishop /eli&, thou didst plant the monastic li!e in East An$lias land. 0lory6 3hou .ast raised !rom the dead, % Vir$in -ine!rid, and to all didst sho. the -ay and the "i!e. 3o$ether .ith the holy /athers )euno, 'lltyd, Cadoc and Cy i, and all the Saints o! -ales, cease thou ne(er to pray !or our souls. )oth no.6

% Vir$in Mother o! 0od, hope o! Christians, $rant us also thine ancient mercies .hich our !athers en1oyed, and protect and keep us !rom all e(il. Ode 5. Irmos( ,a(in$ redeemed us !rom the darkness o! the passions as !rom deepest ni$ht, $rant that my spirit may $reet the da.n o! the dayli$ht o! 3hy commandments, ' pray, % Christ. 0efrain( % all ye Saints o! )ritain, pray to 0od !or us< Stren$thened in thine old a$e y the $race o! 0od, !rom 3arsus didst thou come like a second #aul, % holy ,ierarch 3heodore. -ith thy companion, the holy Adrian, pray that %rthodo& Christians may e preser(ed in unity. !. E(en a!ter thy sacred repose, thine incorrupt ody $ushed !orth healin$s !or the !aith!ul, % $lorious Cuth ert. /or thou .ast $reat in asceticism and a !aith!ul shepherd o! thy !lock, % ri$ht li$ht and intercessor !or our land. !. "ike a pillar o! !ire thou didst shine in !en2$irt Ely, % royal Vir$in Etheldreda, .here!ore thy ody dost remain incorrupt e(en till no.. -ith the holy priest ,una and thy holy sisters Se& ur$a, -ith ur$a and Ermenhilda, pray !or us all. !. % holy A esses ,ilda, E a, %sith, Ethel ur$a and -er ur$a, ha(in$ ac=uired a stinence and humility, .isdom, !aith and per!ect lo(e, ye attained the 5in$dom immo(a le. !. A peacemaker .ast thou, and $lorious peace didst thou o tain !rom the 5in$ o! #eace, % Erken.ald, $reat "ondons oast and holy hierarch. -ith your !ello. ,ierarchs Chad and Cedd, do thou intercede !or our souls. 0lory6 3hy tears in the .ilderness rou$ht !orth !ruit an hundred!old, % holy /ather 0uthlac, and y the .eapon o! thy prayers thou didst con=uer demons and recei(e !rom hea(en the $race to heal the diseases o! those .ho honour thee. -ith your holy sister #e$a, pray !or our souls. )oth no.6 3he choir o! the holy ones and the souls o! all the !aith!ul less thee, % most pure one, !or a o(e mind and understandin$ thou didst $i(e irth to the ;i(ine -ord. And no. a$ain, % "ady and 9ueen, e a protection and de!ence !or the land o! )ritain, and sa(e us !rom all attacks o! our enemies. Ode 6. Irmos( 7ecei(e me, % "o(er o! men, oppressed y many !alls. And sa(e me as ' !all do.n e!ore 3hy compassion like the #rophet, % "ord.

0efrain( % all ye Saints o! )ritain, pray to 0od !or us< % holy Mildred, comin$ !rom /rance thou didst impress thy seal on 3hanets shore, and .ast taken up as a seal on the heart o! the hea(enly 5in$. -ith thy holy sisters Mild ur$a and Mild$ytha, pray !or our souls. !. 3hou .ast adorned .ith eauty o! speech, % (enera le )ede o! 8arro., !or thou didst appear as a di(inely .ritin$ scri e. As thou didst $lori!y the En$lish Saints y thy .ords, so no. has the "ord $lori!ied thee. -ith thy holy /athers )enedict and Ceol!rid, intercede !or us no.. !. 3hou didst contend .ell !or the sacred canons, and didst enli$hten the pa$an darkness o! Susse&, % -il!rid. -here!ore, .ith the holy ,ierarchs E$.in and Aldhelm, Acca and Alcmund, .e all honour thee. !. 3o the ;utch thirstin$ !rom the drou$ht o! polytheism thou didst rin$ the "i(in$ -ater to drink, % di(inely .ise -illi rord2Clement. #ray that to us may e $i(en the s.eet .ine o! contrition. !. ,a(in$ destroyed the temples o! the idols, thou didst rin$ a multitude to the /aith o! Christ, % )oni!ace, Enli$htener o! 0ermany. -here!ore .ith the holy Eo an and a company o! thy disciples, thou .ast counted .orthy o! a Martyrs cro.n. !. ,earkenin$ to the cry o! your eni$hted kinsmen, ye did a andon all and $o to the lands eyond the sea, % holy si lin$s -illi ald, -une ald and -al ur$a. -here!ore .ith the di(ine "eo a and 3ecla, ye no. re1oice in the hea(ens. 0lory6 /rom 'reland didst thou come, % holy ,ierarch /er$us, rin$in$ the $race o! the ;i(ine -ord to the Scots. And .ith the ri$hteous /athers Adomnan, ;rostan, /illan and Maelru a, thou didst rin$ !orth a rich har(est o! souls. )oth no.6 % most holy Vir$in, !er(ent intercessor !or those .ho ha(e recourse to thee and hope o! those .ho trust in thee, see the oppression o! thy people and sho. us a si$n o! thy mercy, % most pure one. +ontakion for the Sunda .

Ode 7. Irmos( %n the plain o! ;eira, the tyrant once placed a !urnace to punish the 0od2 earers, in .hich the three children praised the %ne 0od, cryin$* % 0od o! our /athers, lessed art 3hou. 0efrain( % all ye Saints o! )ritain, pray to 0od !or us< -earin$ the purple o! your o.n lood, ye e&chan$ed your sceptres !or the Cross, % holy #assion2)earers Ethel ert, 5enelm and -istan. -here!ore the miracles at your tom s proclaim your innocence. !. -hen the sa(a$e +orthmen appeared o!! )ritains shores, ye o!!ered yoursel(es as s.eet2smellin$ sacri!ices to Christ, % holy ,ieromartyrs Adrian and Stal rand. -ith )laithmaic o! 'ona and all the Martyrs o! the Vikin$ yoke, pray !or our souls. !. 'n -inchesters royal city thou didst shine .ith the $race o! humility, % holy ,ierarch S.ithun. -here!ore the "ord did e&alt thee on the summit o! hi$h miracles many years a!ter thy repose. !. -ith the $reat S.ithun ye appeared in $lory, % holy ,ierarchs )irinus and )irnstan. -here!ore the land o! -esse& doth e(er en1oy your protection. !. Althou$h the heathen trans!i&ed thee .ith arro.s, thou didst not renounce s.eet 8esus, % 5in$ amon$ Martyrs Edmund. -here!ore thy ton$ue did still speak a!ter thy repose, and thy ody .as resplendent .ith the $race o! incorruption. !. %n .itnessin$ thy rothers hea(enly $lory, thou didst renounce the $lory o! the .orld, % lessed Ed.old, and y thine ascetic stru$$les in the .ilderness thou didst attain the 5in$dom on hi$h. -here!ore .ith the holy hermit Cuthmann, do thou intercede !or our souls. 0lory6 'n En$lands darkest hour thou didst repro(e the ri$hteous 5in$ Al!red and com!ort him .ith thy sa$e counsel, % $reat amon$ #riests +eot. And .ith the holy 0rim ald, thou didst $uide him in the restoration o! %rthodo&y in our land, cryin$* )lessed art 3hou, % "ord, the 0od o! our /athers. )oth no.6 3hou art the oast o! Christians, % "ady, thou art a .eapon a$ainst our enemies and a .all !or those .ho ha(e recourse to thee, % 9ueen. "et not thine enemies .ho praise not thee nor thy Son, % Mother o! 0od, rise up a$ainst thy people. ;o thou con=uer them and sa(e our souls.

2de 8. Irmos( Victors y 3hy $race o(er tyrant and !lame, the youths clun$ !ast to 3hy commandments and cried* )less the "ord, all ye .orks o! the "ord, and praise and e&alt ,im a o(e all to all a$es. 0efrain( % all ye Saints o! )ritain, pray to 0od !or us< As emulators o! the apostles in la ours and (i$ilance, ye ha(e presided o(er the people o! the Church, % holy ,ierarchs Alphe$e and %da. -here!ore .e ma$ni!y you in psalms and hymns. !. Countin$ all the splendour o! thy royal inheritance as dun$, thou didst press !or.ard to the mark o! a hea(enly callin$, % Vir$in Ed ur$a, per!ect e&emplar o! the monastic li!e. !. ,a(in$ !irst morti!ied thy !lesh y a stinence and la ours, and ha(in$ assem led a multitude o! monks y thy teachin$, thou hast appeared as a di(ine and all2sacred intercessor e!ore the 3rinity, % holy ,ierarch ;unstan, rock o! %rthodo&y. !. )ein$ o edient to thy spiritual !ather ;unstan, thou didst .in the prize o! o edience in an innocent death, % holy #assion2)earer 5in$ Ed.ard. -here!ore thy shrine dost $ush !orth miracles o! healin$. !. E(er $uardin$ thysel! .ith the si$n o! the Cross and pierced y ;i(ine lo(e, thou, % sacred Vir$in Edith, didst .ound .ith the arro.s o! a stinence him that .ounded E(e. -ith your holy $randmother El$i(a and the Vir$ins -ul!hilda and Ethel!leda, pray !or our souls. !. 3akin$ up prayer as a s.ord and shield, thou didst (an=uish the pa$an darkness, % "ide, lessed ascetic o! the Scilly isles. And +or.ays 5in$ %la! didst thou con(ert y thy .isdom. 0lory6 "ike unto Moses, the holy ,ierarchs Ethel.old, %s.ald, 4(o and -ulsin ha(e ascended the cloudy mountain o! passionlessness and ha(e o tained the noetic la. o! $race, cryin$* ,ymn the "ord, all ye .orks o! the "ord, praise and e&alt ,im a o(e all to all a$es. )oth no.6 0rant us help y thy prayers, % all2holy Mother o! 0od. /or trou les come upon us, sorro.s multiply, and our enemies are armin$ themsel(es. )ut intercede !or us and deli(er us, % most pure one. "ay lo. the arro$ance o! our enemies and $rant us (ictory, that all .ho do e(il to thy ser(ants may e put to shame. 'agnifi#at.

2de 3. Irmos( % Mother o! 0od, per!ection o! (ir$inity, thou e&altest .ith $lorious chants the !easts that cele rate thy $races. And no. e(en more on this day in thy (ir$inal memory thou adornest .ith the mystic enli$htenment o! thy -ord those .ho ma$ni!y thee. 0efrain( % all ye Saints o! )ritain, pray to 0od !or us< /or thy !lock and country didst thou lay do.n thy li!e, % holy ,ieromartyr Alphe$e. -here!ore !rom the Chie! Shepherd didst thou .orthily recei(e the hi$hest accolade. As thou no. re1oicest in the hea(ens, pray that our souls may e sa(ed. !. /rom sacred 0laston ury didst thou set out, % holy ,ierarch Si$!rid, and didst make the sa(a$e S.edes $entle lam s o! Christ y thy teachin$. -ith the Martyr >l!rid and thy martyred nephe.s, pray !or our souls. !. ,a(in$ een ound and tortured, thou didst surrender thy pure soul into the hands o! thy Creator, % holy #rince Al!red. -here!ore thy tom .as illumined y the $race o! miracles. !. As darkness descended upon the -est, thou didst shine .ith the li$ht o! .isdom, % chaste 5in$ Ed.ard, .arnin$ thy people o! the .rath to come. -here!ore 0od preser(ed thy ody in incorruption. !. % holy Martyrs o! the "atin yoke, ye did not !ear the !alse popes threats, nor o. your necks to the tyrants rule. #ray that .e e(er remain stead!ast in the %rthodo& /aith. !. % $reat /athers and Mothers, named and unnamed, kno.n and unkno.n, .ho ha(e attained the hea(enly ?ion and ha(e recei(ed $reat $lory !rom 0od, ask !or com!ort and stren$th !or us .ho are in trou le, raise up our !allen country, and recei(e !rom us as our $i!t this chant o! thanks$i(in$. 0lory to 3hee, % 0od, Most ,oly 3rinity< % Most ,oly 3rinity, accept all the Saints .ho ha(e pleased 3hee in the land o! )ritain, recei(in$ them as !irst2!ruits and choice incense. And y their prayers keep our land !rom all harm. )oth no.6 % Vir$in, !ull o! $race, the icons o! .hose countenance ha(e enriched our cities and (illa$es .ith si$ns o! thy !a(our and $ood.ill, accept our thanks$i(in$, and deli(er our homeland !rom all (iolent ad(ersity. /or .e all ma$ni!y thee as a mi$hty protection o! all %rthodo& Christians. (4aposti&arion for the Sunda . 0lory6 Then of the Saints(

"et us praise and e&tol in chants the un.anin$ li$hts o! the land o! )ritain, the mystics and initiates o! the ;i(ine -ord. And let us $lori!y Christ -ho enli$htened and lo(ed them, and -ho $a(e them as our helpers in trou le. )oth no.6 Theotokion of the Sunda . :or the #raises, four of the Sunday, and four of the Saints, Tone 1( 3hou didst send do.n 3hy Most ,oly Spirit, % "ord, into the intelli$ent soul o! Ethel ert, to kno. 3hee, the %ne 0od in 3rinity. 3hen, ha(in$ enli$htened the people entrusted to him, 3hou didst rin$ them y !aith into 3hy Church* % our 7edeemer, $lory to 3hee< Tone 2( "et us .ho ha(e $athered to$ether less the li$hts o! the land o! )ritain, the $lorious Martyrs and holy ,ierarchs, Monks and 7i$hteous, and let us cry out to them* % all ye Saints o! )ritain, pray to Christ our 0od to $rant us ,is $reat mercy. 5erse( The ri$hteous cried, and the "ord heard them. % holy /athers, ye .ere spiritual !lo.ers o! the land o! )ritain, our praise and stren$th and a calm ha(en !or all. /or o! you our land oasteth, ha(in$ ac=uired you as an ine&hausti le treasure. And no. thou$h your odily ton$ues are silent, yet miracles ear .itness to the "ord -ho $lori!ied you. #ray to ,im to $rant our souls ,is $reat mercy. 5erse( %lessed are all they that !ear 3hee, % "ord, and .alk in 3hy .ays. Tone !( ,a(in$ heard the call o! the 0ospel, and urnin$ .ith apostolic zeal, ye rushed to instruct the un elie(in$ pa$ans, % di(inely lessed hierarchs #atrick, Samson, -illi rord, )oni!ace and Si$!rid, pioneers o! the enli$htenment o! the lands eyond the sea. 3here!ore .ith all the rest .ho la oured in the 0ospel o! Christ, ye are ri$htly called lessed. 0lory6 (othinon. )oth no.6 Most lessed art thou6 -reat Do4o&og .

LITURGY #fter the ntry, Troparia of the Sunda and of the Saints% +ontakion of the Sunda . 0lory6 +ontakion of the Saints. )oth no.6 % un!ailin$ intercessor o! Christians. Prokeimenon of the Sunda % and of the Saints( Tone -( #recious in the si$ht o! the "ord is the death o! ,is Saints. Apost&e of the Sunda and of the Saints( *e,re6s **.99.*0.0( )rethren, all the Saints y !aith6 -ospe& of the Sunda and of the Saints( 'atthe6 D.0E.E.*0. /ommunion h mn( #raise the "ordB and of the Saints( 7e1oice in the "ord, % ye ri$hteous: praise is meet !or the upri$ht.

@0lory to 0od in the hi$hest, and on earth peace to men o! $ood.ill, ecause a $rain o! .heat, !allin$ into the earth, has died that it mi$ht not rei$n in hea(en alone A e(en ,e y -hose death .e li(e, y -hose .eakness .e are made stron$, throu$h -hose lo(e .e seek in )ritain !or rethren .hom .e kno. not, y -hose $i!t .e !ind them .hom .ithout$ .e sou$ht.B St. -regor the -reat% pope of 0ome and apost&e of the (ng&ish% to St. Augustine% first ar#h,ishop of /anter,ur .

@Althou$h this itter sorro. tortures our heart, ne(ertheless a certain triumphant, e&ultant 1oy so!tens and =uiets our $rie! as .e recall the .ondrous A nay, the ine!!a le A $race o! 0od and render thanks that the En$lish people .ere !ound .orthy, !orei$ners thou$h they are, to send out this $i!ted student o! hea(enly learnin$, this no le soldier o! Christ, .ith many pupils .ell tau$ht and trained, to !ar2o!! spiritual con!licts and !or the sal(ation o! many souls throu$h the $race o! Almi$hty 0od6 -here!ore, in our $eneral synod at .hich .e took counsel to$ether re$ardin$ those other matters .hich .e ha(e rie!ly set !orth to your ,oliness, .e decided to cele rate annually the day o! his martyrdom and o! the company .ho perished .ith him. -e desire him to e our especial patron, to$ether .ith St. 0re$ory and St. Au$ustine, and .e surely elie(e that he is such e!ore Christ our "ord, -hom he so lo(ed in his li!e and so $lori!ied in his death as to e .orthy o! ,is $race.B Ar#h,ishop /uth,ert of /anter,ur to $ishop Lu&&us of 'ain7% on the mart rdom of St. $onifa#e% en&ightener of -erman .