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SMA PRISMA Bahasa Inggris XI / 1 Listening 2 x 40 menit ( 1x pertemuan ) Narrative 7

Standar Kompetensi 2. Mendengarkan Memahami makna teks monolog pendek sederhana berbentuk narrative dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari. Kompetensi Dasar 2.1 Merespon makna yang terdapat dalam monolog pendek sederhana secara akurat, lancar, dan berterima untuk berinteraksi dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dalam teks berbentuk narrative. Indikator Pencapaian Kompetensi 1. Mengidentifikasi makna dalam teks monolog yang didengar. 2. Mengidentifikasi tujuan komunikasi dan langkah retorika teks monolog yang didengar. 3. Mengindentifikasi ciri kebahasaan teks monolog yang didengar. I. Tujuan Pembelajaran 1. Siswa dapat mengidentifikasi makna dalam teks monolog yang didengar. 2. Siswa dapat mengidentifikasi tujuan komunikasi dan langkah retorika teks monolog yang didengar. 3. Siswa dapat mengindentifikasi ciri kebahasaan teks monolog yang didengar.

Karakter siswa yang diharapkan: Percaya diri (confidence) Kreatif (creative) Kerja sama (cooperative) Cermat (careful)

II. Materi Pokok Definition Narrative text is text which contain about story Purpose of narrative text - to entertain the reader with a story - to deal with actual /imaginative experiences in different ways Kind of narrative text Fairy stories Folk tales Romance Horor stories

Text organization - orientation : sets the scence: where and when the story happened, introduces the participants of the story - complication : tells the beginning of the problem which leads to the crisis (climax) of the main participants - resolution : the problem (the crisis) is resolved, either in a happy ending or in a sad ending

Language Feature of Narrative text 1. The use of saying verb: Asked, said. 2. The use of action verb: Arrived, ate, went. 3. The use of noun phrase: The crocodile, a big old tree. 4. The use of time connectives: one day, long time ago, once upon a time. 5. The use of simple past tense Example: - A monkey wanted to cross a river - The crocodile was very angry

Wacana monolog berbentuk: narrative contohnya: THE LEGEND OF MOUNT TANGKUBAN PERAHU Dayang Sumbi was a girl from West Java. She was beautiful, smart and clever. Her intelligence made a prince from Kayangan kingdom fell in love with her and married her. Soon, a baby boy named Sangkuriang was born. The king of Kayangan kingdom found out that the prince had married a simple girl not a princess. As a punishment, the king turned the prince into a dog. Years passed, and Sangkuriang grew up to be an obedient boy. Everyday, he would hunt for food with the familys dog. One day, he went int o the wood and couldnt find any food. Night was falling and he didnt want to disappoint his mother. He looked around and not knowing that the dog was really his father. He killed him and brought home the meat. Dayang Sumbi was glad to see him back but she said that Tumang didnt come with him. When Dayang Sumbi asked where Tumang was, Sangkuriang told her the truth. Unable to control her emotion, Dayang Sumbi struck Sangkuriangs head with the weaving tool she was holding. In the mid of anger, she made Sangkuriang leave home. Because of her deep sadness, the God granted her eternally. After years in exile, Sangkuriang decided to return home. Both mother and son didnt recognize each other. As time passed, Sangkuriang fell in love with Dayang Sumbi. He planned to marry her. But when Dayang Sumbi saw the scar on Sangkuriangs head, she realised that the person she was about to marry was her own son. In order to prevent the marriage from taking place, Dayang Sumbi asked Sangkuriang to do the impossible thing. She asked him to build a dam on the river citarum and build a large boat to cross the river both to be done before the sun would rise again. Sangkuriang gathered all his power and he was able to build the dam and the boat for Dayang Sumbi. When she saw that the tasks were almost completed, she called all the villagers to spread red silk cloth east of the city to make Sangkuriang think that the sun was rising and that he had failed at the task. Sangkuriang believed her lie. And his anger, he kicked the dam and caused a great flood. And then he kicked the large boat and it landed up side down to create mount Tangkuban Perahu.


Metode Pembelajaran/Teknik: 1. Three phase technique Pre listening Whilst listening Post Listening

2. Tanya Jawab


Langkah-Langkah Kegiatan Pembelajaran Kegiatan Awal (5) a. Mengucapkan salam dengan ramah kepada siswa ketika memasuki ruang kelas (nilai yang ditanamkan: santun, peduli) b. Mengecek kehadiran siswa (nilai yang ditanamkan: disiplin, rajin) c. Mengaitkan materi/kompetensi yang akan dipelajari dengan karakter d. Dengan merujuk pada silabus, RPP, dan bahan ajar, menyampaikan butir karakter yang hendak dikembangkan selain yang terkait dengan SK/KD e. Melakukan apersepsi dengan cara bertanya-jawab tentang hal yang terkait dengan materi yang akan dibahas Kegiatan Inti (70) Eksplorasi Dalam kegiatan eksplorasi guru: Memberikan stimulus berupa pemberian materi monolog berbentuk: narrative Mendiskusikan materi bersama siswa (Buku : Look a head 2 mengenai monolog berbentuk: narrative Memberikan kesempatan pada peserta didik mengkomunikasikan secara lisan atau mempresentasikan mengenai monolog berbentuk: narrative Elaborasi Dalam kegiatan elaborasi guru:

Membiasakan siswa mendengar teks monolog berbentuk: narrative Memfasilitasi siswa melalui pemberian tugas mengerjakan latihan soal yang ada pada buku ajar Bahasa Inggris untuk dikerjakan secara individual.

Konfirmasi Dalam kegiatan konfirmasi guru: Memberikan umpan balik pada siswa dengan memberi penguatan dalam bentuk lisan pada siswa yang telah dapat menyelesaikan tugasnya. Memberi konfirmasi pada hasil pekerjaan yang sudah dikerjakan oleh siswa melalui sumber buku lain. Memfasilitasi siswa melakukan refleksi untuk memperoleh pengalaman belajar yang sudah dilakukan. Memberikan motivasi kepada siswa yang kurang dan belum bisa mengikuti dalam materi mengenai monolog berbentuk: narrative. Kegiatan Akhir (5) Siswa dan Guru melakukan refleksi terhadap kegiatan yang sudah dilaksanakan. Melakukan penilaian pembelajaran. Siswa diberikan pekerjaan rumah (PR) berkaitan dengan materi monolog berbentuk: narrative. 8.Sumber/Bahan/Alat 1. Buku Look Ahead 2 2. Gambar yang relevan 3. OHP and Sound


Penilaian I. Indikator, Teknik, Bentuk, dan Contoh.

NO Indikator 1




1. Mengidentifikasi makna dalam teks monolog didengar. yang

Tes Tulis

Fill blank


the Listen to the following story and

complete the text correctly

2. Mengidentifikasi tujuan komunikasi

Tes Tulis


Answer question


dan langkah retorika teks monolog yang didengar.

based on the text

3. Mengindentifikasi ciri kebahasaan teks monolog didengar. yang

Tes Tulis


Answer question


based on the text

II. Instrumen Penilaian I. Listen to the following story and complete the text correctly. The Legend of Malin Kundang

Long time ago, an old woman and her son lived in a small ............ Her son was called Malin Kundang. They were very ........... but they loved each other very much. One day Malin Kundang told his mother that he would go to ........... and work there. At first his mother did not............. him but finally she let him go with ............. Malin Kundang worked hard in a big town and in a short time he ............ a rich man. However he completely ............... his poor old mother.

Some years later he sailed to a ................... near his village. When his mother ............... about this ............. she came to meet him. Malin Kundang ............... not to know her. He said, You are not my mother. Go away! His mother became very ........... and before she went she said, Oh, Malin Kundang, you are a ................ son. Youll never be ........... now. You and your money will turn to ............... Some days later his ............. left the harbor. The sea was ............... but when he reached the open sea there was a great ............... The ship was drowned. Malin Kundang and his ............. changed into a stone. Now people call it Batu Si Malin Kundang. We can see the stone from Air Manis, a village on the coast of West Sumatra .............. Padang. II. Answer the Question Based on The Text Above 1. What is the story tells about? 2. Who was involved in this story? 3. When and where did the story happen? 4. Why malin kundangs mother was very sad when she met with her son? 5. How did the story end? happy or sad ending?

III. Identify the Text organization above! Answer: I. 1. Village 2. Poor 3. Town 4. Allow 5. Tears 6. Became 7. Forgot 8. Harbor 9. Heard 10. News 11. Pretended 12. Sad 13. Wicked 14. Safe 15. Stone 16. Ship 17. Calm 18. Storm 19. Money 20. Near

II. 1. The story tells about the Legend of Malin Kundang 2. Malin Kundang and his mother 3. Long time ago in the small village 4. Because her son (Malin Kundang) did not know her as his mom 5. The story end when the mother curse Malin Kundang. So he and his money changed into a stone. Sad ending III. First paragraph is orientation Second paragraph is complication Third paragraph is complication Fourth paragraph is resolution

III. Pedoman Penilaian No I II III Uraian Isi benar Isi benar Isi benar Tidak menjawab Skor 2 5 35 0

Jumlah skor maksimal bagian I : Jumlah skor maksimal bagian II: Jumlah skor maksimal bagian III: Penilaian:

20 X 2 = 40 5 X 5 = 25 1 X 35= 35

Jumlah skor bagian I + jumlah skor bagian II: 40+25+35=100

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