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10 Tips for Reading Body Language

20:39 thomis len No comments Attention is the basis for effective interpretation of non-verbal communication. Constantly watch the gestures, facial expressions, postures of the person. It is the only way to be able to consolidate and improve this skill.You need to remember that the signs of cheating as such do not exist: there is no single gesture, facial expression or involuntary muscle contractions which by itself would mean that the person is lying. Gestures, posture, facial expressions, voice, expressing the fear and anxiety of an innocent person can be observed in a liar. It is the observation in the context that helps distinguish the fear of groundless accusations from the fear of being exposed.Some movements are almost impossible to control. Such as pulling down the corners of the mouth, which is very difficult...
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Your Subconscious Mind Can Do Anything: How to Use Its Power

20:34 thomis len No comments The most important thing about the subconscious mind you need to know is that it is always on.

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That is, it is active day and night, regardless of whether you are doing. The subconscious mind controls your body. You cannot hear this silent inner process with your conscious effort. You need to start taking care of your subconscious mind. It is vital to maintain your mind in a state of expectation of only good events and make the usual mode of your thinking based solely on loyalty, justice and love.Faith and belief are the foundation of the subconscious. Do not forget that you will be rewarded according to your faith.A Protestant minister who suffered from lung cancer wrote about his methods of transferring thoughts of perfect health into his subconscious mind: Two or three times a day,...
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10 Real Reasons That Lie Behind Your Negative Emotions

20:31 thomis len No comments When you do not get what you want, you can unconsciously cause a sense of anger in you in order to force another person to submit to you. So, anger helps you take control of the situation. Anger helps take the upper hand in the dispute, or take revenge for your failures. Anger can also be used to protect your rights. Anger helps us give the enemy to understand that he must retreat. Anger with yourself can be a way to force yourself to do something, get down to a task.This is our way of expressing dissatisfaction with ourselves, our achievements. It can also be a form of manifestation of compassion. For example, when you sympathize with what happened to someone and use sadness to express your attitude and reaction.This is a weak form of anger. It occurs when someones behavior provokes you...


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CMECE Benefits Drugs Women Finds cancer Legal About

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5 Habits That Will Boost Your Willpower

20:28 thomis len No comments We all struggle with ourselves at times. Many times it is hard for us to make decisions, and finally we get stuck in life situations unable to find the way out.In her new book, the author Katie Morton analyzes the habits that strengthen willpower. Here they are:How can you know if you should give in or resist if you do not first know what the desired result of what you seek is? Clear

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Obamacare Patient Prevent Questions Suggests Supreme Symptoms Teens Treat charitable decision events immune improve infection problems research targets Abdominal Addiction Alert Approved Benefit Break Breast Capitol Certain Clause Clinical Colon Combo Commerce Coverage Current Deaths Depression Doctors Donts ERISA Emotions Exchange Exchanges Found Fungus Guidelines Helmet Hopkins Imaging Important Johns Journal Legislative LowDose Lucky Managing Meeting Mental Negative Often Painkiller PodMed Power Protection Raise Reasons Regimens Releases Rheumatoid Roundup SLEEP Services Single Smart Spring Stress Surgical Takes Things Updates Vaccine Victory Violates Virus While Yourself activity artificial audio bedroom condom delivery detects effects elderly enable engineers gives having human implants investment microscope monitoring needed orgasms particles paves practice promise receives rehabilitation revealed round shale stroke tests track 5Drug Access
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goals leave no room for negotiations.We cannot control everything, but we can control ourbehavior. The truth comes from within, and our choices reflect our beliefs. If you believe that something is too difficult to accomplish, then you will probably do likewise and will not to see any results.Changes make us feel uncomfortable, and when faced with an obstacle we usually give up. In fact, we see it as an excuse...
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5 Simple Components of a Perfect Morning

20:24 thomis len No comments Cannot bring yourself to wake up and go to work? Each morning turns into a nightmare? Tired of looking for a suitable motivation technique for waking up and still every morning you hate the whole world? To make your morning good, these 5 simple but effective components are needed:It is not necessary to immediately turn into a professional athlete and put a bunch of unrealistic goals such as the number of sit-ups and push-ups or a certain distance to run. Start simple: each morning in all weather and at any mood, 10 minutes after waking up out of bed do a little workout with smooth movements, and then gradually increase the pace. The load, number and variety of exercises should be gradually increased every 3 days by adding new elements and movements. Strength exercises and heavy loads should...
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People Treat You According to What You Think about Yourself

20:20 thomis len No comments Once Sir Francis Galton, one of the most notable figures in the history of psychology, decided to conduct a kind of experiment. Before his daily walk through the streets of London, he persuaded himself: I am a disgusting person and everyone in England hates me! After that, he concentrated on this belief for a few minutes and then went for a walk as he usually did.However, it just seemed that everything was going as usual. In fact, the following happened: at every step, Francis caught queasy and contemptuous glances of passers on him. Many turned away from

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Haptic Harder Headaches HealthCaregov Healthier Heard Heartburn Hearts Helping Hepatitis HighCalorie Higher Hints Homeowners Hormonal Hydrocodone Hydrogel Impairment Impending Hospital Hospitalized Hospitals ICD10 INVITE Immigrantsapos Implant Implanted Implement

him, and a couple of times he heard coarse language in his address. In the port one of the movers, when Galton passed him by, hit the scientist with his elbow so much that he plopped down in the mud.It seemed that even the animals had this...
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8 Weird But Effective Exercises for Brain Power

20:17 thomis len No comments In 1936, the American writer Dorothy Brandt in her book Wake Up and Live offered some fun exercises for the brain training to help you make your mind sharper and more flexible. These exercises are aimed to get you out of your usual environment, show a different perspective (even a different reality, if you want) and create a situation that will require ingenuity and creative solutions.1. Spend 1 hour a day without saying anything, just answering direct questions in your usual surroundings, without creating the impression that you are offended or in a bad mood. Behave as normally as possible. Do not make any comments and do not give in to attempts to extract information from you.2. For 30 minutes a day, think of one and only subject, being completely focused on it. You can start with five...
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